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Bees are a large group of insects known as gregarious even thoughnot all the bees are so. All the bees into the tribal / familiaApidae (order Hymenoptera: membrane-winged insects) .lebah can alsobe cultivated, most of the bees are cultivated is pis dorsata, ApisLaboriosa, Apis mellifera, Apis Florea, andreniformis Apis, Apisand Apis Cerana Koschevnikovi, the majority is bees are beneficialto humans and has a high economic value, especially in the honey.In the world there are approximately 20,000 species of bees and canbe found on every continent except Antarctica.You don’t have to bea beekeeper to hear the amazing sounds made by tiny littlehoneybees. With this app, you can experience bee sounds without anyworry of being stung!Experience the strange and interesting soundsof bees! See if you can tell the difference between different typesof buzzing!

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