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In this application you can see many videos about the world ofbeekeeping, a world full of bees. In the world of beekeeping youcan learn at the speed you choose, as you can see the videoswherever you want without any cost. This application is completelyfree and takes up very little space. Beekeeping and the world ofbees is awesome as you learn a lot of things from them. A bee hiveis a spectacular collective brain, perfectly organized, the mostproductive on the planet. Beekeeping is a millenary tradition thatconsists of caring for a swarm of bees within hives, obtaining fromthem a surplus, honey. Other natural products such as propolis,pollen, royal jelly and medicines are also obtained. The beekeeperis a herd of bees, cares and multiplies. Download it and vote it,you will not regret it.

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Spinning 1.0.0 APK
Spinning Videos is an application that brings together the bestvideos to practice this sport at home. We know how important usersare and for that reason whenever they recommend us a video, andpass our quality control, we will be happy to include it.SpinningVideos Include:- Spinning Course- Indoor Cycle Course- Videos ofCicle Indoor- Spinning Sessions- Spinning at Home- SpinningMusicThe Spinning application allows all lovers of this sport to bein shape always at home through this sport.WHY USE SPINNING VIDEOS-NO HIDDEN COSTS: Spinning Videos does not cost anything.-MULTIDISPOSITIVO: You can use it in your mobile or Tablet.-TRAINING ROUTINE: Follow the training routine in a singleapplication.People are practicing more Spinning at home because itis cheaper than going to a Gym and also saves time, since one ofthe great hits of the Gyms are the time that is lost in thedisplacement, therefore always it is good to have tools to practicethis sport at home and have a toned body and in action.
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In this application you can see and have fun with all themonologues, many comedians making you laugh at any time, your bestmonologues that you can teach friends and family anywhere and atany time.These monologues will be renewed without cote some andwithout you have any concern. Listen to the monologues that markedhistory by its theme, content and grace. Dani Rovira, Buenafuente,Santiago Segura, Dani Mateo, Eva Hache, David Guapo, ErnestoSevilla, Esther Gimero, Faemino and Cansado, Goyo Jiménez, LeoHarlem, Paco León, Patricia Conde, Santi Millán and many more.
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Aplicación de chistes buenísimos, fácil de manejar, con chistesnuevos en cada instante. chistes para aprenderte para luego hacerreír a amigos y familiares. Con estos vídeos de chistes pasarásmomentos muy divertidos en los que no podrás parar de reír.Applyingreal good, easy to use, with new jokes jokes at every moment. jokesto make people laugh then learning you family and friends. Withthese videos of jokes you'll spend very funny moments where you cannot stop laughing.
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If you are looking for a free app for Android with the bestcollection of videos with aerobic routines to lose weight at homeand with the best workout routines to lose weight this app is foryou. In this fantastic application of intuitive design you can findaerobic exercises with routines to lose weight, exercise routinesat home and routines for gym. There is no better way to start theday and lead a healthy and healthy life than doing exercise bydancing. Aerobic sessions to burn fat are for all beginner andadvanced levels. The classes have been carefully chosen by aerobicsexperts to help you lose weight and have a slender figure. Losingweight with aerobic cardio exercises and dancing with aerobic dancemoves is easy and simple. Follow the classes routines available inthis free exercise app. If you are looking to lose weight fast ouraerobic exercises are the best routines for women. Our weight lossand cardio improvement routines are selected to work out at homeand also to do gym routines. Do not hesitate, your health isimportant, aerobic exercise is necessary to practice on its own orto complement with other classes like Zumba, spinning, HIIT, yoga,pilates and even martial arts. Slimming without diets is possible,practice aerobic classes with constancy and you will see theresults. the combination of dance with music and exercise helps tokeep the motivation high listening to latin music, zumba rhythms,dance music, reggaeton and much more. Do not hesitate, slimmingwithout diets is possible by doing cardio exercises while dancingwith the best music. Download the app and start your home or gymexercises, find the motivation you need and enjoy!
Flamenco music 1.0.0 APK
Flamenco is a style of music and dance typical of Andalusia,Extremadura and Murcia. Its main facets are the cante, the touchand the dance, counting also with its own traditions and norms. Aswe know it today it dates from the eighteenth century, andcontroversy exists about its origin, since, although there aredifferent opinions and slopes, none of them could be proven inhistorical form. Although the dictionary associates it especiallyto the gypsy ethnicity, 1 is more than perceptible the fusion ofthe different cultures that coincided in the Andalusia of the time.Of all the hypotheses about its origin, the most widespread thesisis the one that exposes the Moorish origin, only the culturalmestizaje that at that time occurred in Andalusia: native, Muslim,Gypsy, Castilian and Jewish.For lovers of flamenco guitar andflamenco instrumental music we have exclusive spaces to these idealtouches for the practice of gypsy singing, cante jondo and gypsydancing where the flamenco dancer and the flamenco dancer canexpress the best of Spanish dance to Rhythm of flamenco songs todance and delight the senses with the best flamenco artists suchas: Paco de Lucía, Vicente Amigo Girol, Tomatito, among otherreferences of flamenco guitar music and flamenco instruments.Hereyou will be able to listen to the flamenco flamenco singers andflamenco tapas more representative like the following artists offlamenco touch and cante in Spanish:. Falete, Ojos de Brujos,Manuel Lombo, María Jimenez, Clara Montes, Martírio, Javier Rubial,Manuel de Angustias, Pasión Vega, Parrita, La Hungarian, FlamencoFund, Los Rebujitos, Sinlache, The Train of Dreams, El Barrio,Vicente Amigo Girol, Marina Heredia, El Pele, Tomatito, AntonioMolina, Camarón de la Isla (José Monge Cruz), Paco de Lucía, LolaFlores, José Mercé, Manolo Caracol, Diego el Cigala, EnriqueMorente, Juanito Valderrama, La Niña de La Puebla, Miguel Poveda,Estrella Morente, Remedios Amaya, Lole and Manuel, Antonio Chacón,La Niña de los Peines, Carmen Linares, Antonio Mairena and ElLebrijano, as well as lesser commercial flamenco performers.Anideal place for those in love with romantic flamenco music whereyou can find countless romantic flamenco songs to dedicate,flamenco pop and new flamenco with the most popular songwriters ofthe moment for young audiences such as Fondo Flamenco, la Hunúnga,Los Rebujitos, Sinlache, The Train of Dreams, Niña Pastori and ElBarrio.We have put our best effort and dedication in bringingtogether in a single APP the best of Spanish flamenco. So do nothesitate, download it and enjoy it!
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Para pasar un buen rato de cachondeo, esta es tu aplicación devídeos graciosos para partirte de la risa. en esta aplicaciónpodrás ver todos los vídeos divertidos del momento con tan solodescargarla. aplicación muy divertida que te hará pasar unos muybuenos ratos distrayéndote. Aplicación de vídeos graciosos muyfácil de manejar.To have a good time messing around, this is yourapplication to break your funny videos laughter. in thisapplication you will see funny videos every moment with justdownload it. very fun application that you will spend some verygood times distracting. Funny videos application very easy tohandle.
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Esta aplicación es muy interesante sobre el mundo de los agapornis,en ella veras todos los vídeos sobre agapornis donde veras desde lacría, el manejo, trucos para enseñarle. En esta aplicación podrásver todos los vídeos sobre ellos.This application is veryinteresting about the world of lovebirds in it you will see allvideos on lovebird where you really from breeding, management,tricks to teach. In this application you can view all videos onthem.
VideosGraciosos 1.0.0 APK
Esta aplicación es muy divertida, en ella podrás ver vídeosgraciosos en cualquier momento, vídeos de risa para pasar unosratos buenos de risa.This application is fun, it will see funnyvideos anytime, videos of laughter to spend some good moments oflaughter.