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A best friend is the one person in the world you know will alwaysbe there. Regardless of your flaws and the situation, they will bewith you and help you through it. They are the ones who you cannotlive without and is not temporary, as nothing can separate bestfriends. Best friends are always honest for their friend's owngood, they can make you laugh even in your bad days and are withyou when you write the best moments in life. A best friend issomeone who you have shared both good and bad memories with, butyou just can't help but cherish each of them. True friendship ishard to come by, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. BestFriend Forever Quotes provides you with the best Friendship Quotesand Poems collection that will help you understand how deep yourfriendship really is. Our collection of BFF quotes and images willcertainly help you cherish them even more. They deserve it so thebest you can do is tell them how much you love them through theseimages. Don't worry when you don't have the words to show how muchyou care for them, this app will help you out as it features a lotof quotes on friendship and their meaning. BFF Quotes app can beused as: + Best Friends for Life Quotes + Friendship Images +Friendship Quotes and Poems + Friendship Verses + Best FriendQuotes Best Friend Forever Quotes contains inspirational quotesabout life which can be motivational for your friendship. Lovequotes may help you show your love to your friend and funny quotesmay make you laugh together. Our app contains beautiful and famousquotes about friendship for all occasions. Friendship is arelationship of mutual affection between two or more people and isa stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. Downloadour Best Friend Forever Quotes today and pick your best friendquotes decorated by lovely flowers, sceneries, nature and more!Here is are some friendship quotes and poems that beautifullyexplains how precious a friendship can truly be. Best Friend byLuminous Lunar The day we met is still very clear, both were shybut not too shy. Both were smiling and laughing, and just like thatour story began. They say that true friendships are rare, knowingyou, I firmly believe this. Having you as a friend is surelylovely, and something that I forever will cherish. As we growthrough life, we each write our own story in the pages, whileothers were part of my story, you were there helping me write mystory all along. Our friendship is forever, never will I forget howmuch you mean to me. True friendship will pass the test of time,and with you I'm a better person. The world could use more peoplelike you. It would certainly be a better place. I'm not perfect andyou're not too, but we love each other nonetheless. My best friend,I thank God every day for having you as my friend. Our story willcontinue to grow, and we will be just that and so much more. Wesincerely hope that our humble Best Friend Forever Quotes app andall the best friend quotes it offers which may have helped enrichyour life in one way or another. Please leave some feedback if youlike our app so we will keep on improving developing quality appsexclusively for our users. Wishing you and your best friend all thebest in life!

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Selamat Hari Raya 2018 adalah aplikasi yang terbaik untukmengucapkan ucapan Hari Raya kepada saudara-mara anda, ibu, bapa,kakak, abang, kawan-kawan, terutamanya kepada yang tercinta. RaikanSyawal, bulan yang penuh dengan keriangan dengan kebahagiaan dankeriangan. Koleksi kad Selamat Hari Raya 2018 tahun ini bukansahaja cantik, namun juga lebih cerah dan mengambil perhatian darisegi grafik dan kreativiti. Kad ucapan Hari Raya Aidilfitri yangtedapat dalam aplikasi ini merupakan antara kad ucapan yang terbaikuntuk kegunaan anda. Ucapkan ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’menggunakan aplikasi ini kepada kawan dan sanak saudara anda.Selamat Hari Raya 2018 memudahkan anda menghantar kad ucapanSelamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada yang tersayang. Keunikanaplikasi ini termasuklah: * 100% aplikasi percuma * Susun aturapplikasi yang mesra pengguna * Banyak pilihan grafik resolusitinggi * Mudah digunakan dan sesuai untuk semua lapisan umur *Mudah berkongsi atau menghantar kad kemana-mana laman sosial *Kongsi kad raya bersama yang tersayang melalui Facebook, Instagram,Wechat dan lain-lain. Applikasi ini sangat mudah dan 100% percuma.Anda boleh memilih berbagai kad ucapan Hari Raya haji dan kad SalamRamadhan yang cantik. Kad Ucapan Hari Raya Haji dan Kad SalamRamadhan juga antara pilihan yang terdapat dalam aplikasi ini. Jadiyang pertama untuk menghantar ucapan kad raya kepada keluarga danrakan-rakan sekarang! Tahukah anda mengapa tarikh Hari Rayadirayakan berbeza setiap tahun? Umumnya, tarikh Hari RayaAidilfitri adalah sentiasa tetap dan sama mengikut kalendar Hijrah.Namun begitu, tarikhnya sentiasa berubah mengikut kalendar Masihikerana kalendar Hijrah mengikut peredaran bulan manakala kalendarMasihi pula mengikut peredaran bumi mengelilingi matahari. Olehitu, tarikh Hari Raya adalah berbeza daripada tahun ke tahun,dengan beza lebih kurang antara 10 hingga 15 hari. Hari Rayamerupakan perayaan di mana mereka yang menyambutnya dapat meluangmasa dan saling bermaaf-maafan bersama orang-orang tersayang.Sambutkan raya tahun ini dengan hati yang bahagia. Kad Selamat HariRaya Aidiladha dan Eid Mubarak juga antara pilihan yang terdapatdalam aplikasi ini. Semudah memilih kad ucapan yang tersuka dantekan kongsi! Tunggu apa lagi? Hantar kad hari raya aidilfitri andasekarang! Kami berharap kamu menyukai aplikasi kami ini! SelamatHari Raya 2018! ENGLISH TRANSLATION Selamat Hari Raya 2018 providesmany Hari Raya images and wishes. All of our hari raya cards areuniquely designed professionally. These beautiful hari rayaaidilfitri images come in a vast range of colors and choicesavaliable all for free! Share these festive raya cards via Email,Bluetooth, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook and more!. Thesebeautiful raya cards are created for everyone to share and remindeach other the utmost importance of wishing each other duringRamadan and the joy of the coming Syawal. Our simple also containsHari Raya Aidiladha and Eid Mubarak cards. We hope you find our appuseful and enjoy using it. May Raya this year be filled with joyand happiness always.
com.luminouslunar.apologizeandsorryimages 1.5 APK
In life, we might encounter situations where we have to do one ofthe most difficult things, saying that I am sorry and asking forforgiveness from the people we hurt. When we unknowingly go aboutand hurt the people we care about, in the end we both suffer thesame hurting pain. Admitting our wrongs and saying sorry is veryhard, especially when said in person. However, our Apology andSorry Cards Images provides you with only the best Sorry Cards andPicture Messages that can help you express your apologies and say"I am sorry" properly. When you have realized that yourrelationship is going bad due to some disagreements,misunderstanding or quarrels, the only thing to make it better isto ask for forgiveness from that person. Do not let your egodestroy your relationship with a good person. Apology and SorryCards Images key features: • 100% FREE application for all •Lightweight and very easy to navigate • Choose sorry messages andquotes with HD quality • Every apology messages is unique • Featurebeautiful words and warm colours • Easily one of the best apps todownload! It takes real courage for someone to admit their faultsand say sorry. To say, "Forgive me my love" to the person theylove. You may use these apologize quotes to anyone you have wrongedin your life, including your siblings, parents, husband, wife,girlfriend or boyfriend. Misunderstanding a situation is very easy,asking for forgiveness is very difficult. With our app, we want tohelp you get forgiveness from your loved one. We want to help youwhen words are so difficult to say, with these meaningful apologyimages. Gossip, being made fun of, talking behind someone’s back orbeing mean – whatever the reason for your relation going sour,don’t let a good person of your life walk away. Never let your egoget in the way of apologizing to your friends, relatives and loveone. If you do, you might eventually regret it in your later years.Apology and Sorry Cards Images will be very useful for youespecially with those that feel very sad because of hurtingsomeone's feelings. Apologize sincerely and say sorry with theseapology quotes, it will certainly help heal the receiver'sfeelings. Saying I am sorry and forgive me my love does not meanyou are weak, it means that you value your relationship with thatperson more than your ego. It is an act of true love and the desireto fix and better the current relationship. Apology and Sorry CardsImages are perfect for that specific reason. We sincerely hope thatour humble sorry cards and picture messages app has helped fix yourrelationship with your loved one. Please leave some feedback if youlike our app so we will keep on improving developing quality appsexclusively for our users. Wishing you all the best in life!
com.luminouslunar.investmentstipsandguide 1.2 APK
Investing is a way to set aside our money and have that money workfor us, without having to put so much effort into maintaining it. Away we can fully reap the rewards of our labor in the future.Investments Tips and Guide app provides you with the best financialinfo and tips when it comes to making your first investment. Thisapp provides users with the essentials of advantages,disadvantages, what's and why's of investments. Learn the manytypes of investing vehicles so you will be able to choose which onesuits you best. Investments Tips and Guide key features: • 100%FREE application for all • Lightweight and very easy to use •Priceless professional tips • Simply scroll to navigate • Beautifulgraphics and animations • Simple language and grammar for all •Easily one of the best apps to download! What are Investments? Aninvestment is a mean of generating an alternative stream of incomeby utilizing your current stream of income. Usually, one is alwaysasked to do two things with their money: spending and saving.Saving is given utmost importance as it allows you to tackle futureuncertainties. Investments provide a third way out where yoursavings do not remain stagnant. They have the potential to grow. Ingeneral, to invest is to distribute money in the expectation ofsome benefit in the future. Like many things, there are so manytypes of investment vehicles but we have provided the top mostimportant and essential ones to help you better understand thetopic. These useful financial info and tips in our Investments Tipsand Guide app include: + How to invest money + Unit TrustInvestments + Investing in Fixed Deposits + Investing in Mutualfund + Investing in Real Estate + Peer to Peer Investments + Goldand Precious Metals Investments + Investing Risks Read throughthese useful financial info and tips and you will learn advices onhow to invest money. Also, learn the important points to pay extraattention to so that you will get your money's worth becauseinvesting is more than just learning how to buy stocks. There areso many types of investments available, each with their own prosand cons. Which one suits you would depend on the type of investoryou are, whether you are the type to take the risk and expecthigher returns or would prefer lower risk investments with mediumreturns. Choosing the right investment vehicle for yourself mightbe a bit confusing a first but once you know the basics andessentials, you may discover investing really isn't thatcomplicated. Follow these tips so that you know where to getstarted. We sincerely hope that our humble Investments Tips andGuide app has helped you better understand what investment optionsyou have. Please leave some feedback if you like our app so we willkeep on improving developing quality apps exclusively for ourusers. Thank you and happy investing! DISCLAIMER The developersmake no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy,applicability, fitness, and completeness of the content of thisapp. The information contained in this app is strictly meant to beused for educational purposes. If you wish to apply the ideascontained in this app, you are taking full responsibility of youractions.
Fake People Quotes 1.6 APK
Fake People Quotes will be very useful for you especially withthose that feel very sad because of being hurt by the fake peoplearound them. These quotes about fake people will certainly help youdeal with their negativity and serve as a little sarcasm for thosefake friends. True friends are diamonds, while fake ones are merelyshattered glass that will only hurt us. Learn to identify which iswhich. False friends will make us unhappy, because they will neverbe sincere in everything they do, they will stab us in the backuntil they make fun of us. Fake People Quotes App Features: • 100%Free Download • Compatible with 99% of mobile phones worldwide •Requires only small space on device • Very user friendly as it isvery easy to select, scroll and navigate • Vibrant and beautifuldeep life quotes images • Share via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook,Snapchat and more • Can also be shared via Pinterest, Bluetooth,Email and Message Fake people are only nice when it's convenientfor them or they usually have a hidden agenda. Genuinely nicepeople go out their way to help others and they have an honestheart. Stick with the ones who never let you down and keep theirpromises. You can't fake being genuine. Who are fake people? A fakeperson is someone who is not genuine and will do whatever it takesto make themselves look good. A person who has differentpersonalities and acts different around other people for their ownpersonal gain. How to deal with their negativity? Go through theseQuotes about Fake People and you will just learn how better you'llbe not having them in your life. Be inspired and learn to makebetter choices and friends. Fake people are not to be trusted andshould be avoided at all cost. Some of these quotes include: 1.Without fake friends, you never know who the real ones are. 2. Ididn’t lose a friend, I just realized I never had one. 3. Realsituations always expose fake individuals. Pay attention. 4. Anopen enemy is better than a fake friend. 5. It's not about who isreal to your face. It's about who stays real behind your back. Inlife, everybody faces difficulty at some point in their life. Thebest we can do is to face these difficulties with our heads heldhigh and have faith that its only temporary, to not worry about itand to just keep moving on. All you will require is your mobilephone because this application is of simplicity. This applicationis available for any Android users. Just download the link, chooseyour preferred lessons in life quotes, tap it and share it withyour family, friends or loved ones. These quotes about fake peoplecan also serve as deep life lessons quotes for us to not live ourlife like fake people. We hope our Fake People Quotes in some wayor another. Feel free to leave some feedback if it helped. Thankyou and we wish you only the best.
Live 4D Draw Results 1.4 APK
Check Live 4D Results results in Malaysia & Singapore! AllResults are updated instantly daily! Fast & Real Time update ,number by number update! Live 4D Draw Results features: + 100% FREE+ Fastest results + Super Instant results as early as 7:00pm +Lightweight applications + Easy to use and navigate + Past ResultsLive 4D Draw Results supported: + Magnum 4D + SportsToto + Damacai1+3D + Cash Sweep + Sabah Lotto 88 + Sandakan Turf Club + SingaporePool + Grand Dragon Lotto (Daily draw results) Live 4D Draw Resultsprovides you with only the fastest and best 4D results for puntersin Malaysia and Singapore! Please leave some feedback if you likesour app so we will keep on improving developing quality appsexclusively for our users. Wishing you good luck and all the bestin life!
Eye Makeup Step By Step 1.5 APK
Eye Makeup Step by Step provides you with the best steps to guideyou on how to efficiently apply easy eye makeup to you for alloccasions. These beautiful looks are explained via simple makeuptutorials, super easy to learn from. Learn these beauty tips andtricks to achieve the most stunning eye makeup. You can choose yourfavorite selections and learn how to apply them in real life. It isvery easy, simple and practical, just download our app, choose yourfavorite, grab your powder pallets set and start honing yourskills. Browse through the many categories and improve your skills.Choose your pick among the Beautiful Classics, ColorfulCollections, Glitter and Glamour, Natural and Neutrals and SmokeyCollections. No matter what your eye type and color, you can wearany eye makeup look you desire, whether you want to sport a darksmokey look for the night or something more natural for the day.Simply choose which one you like and follow along the steps. EyeMakeup Step by Step unique features: + 100% Free app + Compatiblewith 99% android smartphones + Requires only small space on phone +Easy and simple user interface + Suitable for all ages + Beautifuldesign of many categories + Simplicity at its best, simply browseand pick your favorite Knowing the right shade for your eyes isvery important. The right colors and contours can make you lookglamorous, naturally beautiful or strikingly beautiful. If youprefer to look glamorous for dinners, then use glittery eyeshadows. If you like the natural looks, then you can opt forneutral natural looks. In other words, there are so many looks youcan achieve with our Eye Makeup Step by Step app. As we all know,eye shadow helps re-contour the eyes and add emphasis to them,enhancing your features. Why not learn to experiment with colorsand textures and learn along the way, right? This app has 5 maincategories: * Beautiful Classics * Colorful Collections * Glitterand Glamour * Natural and Neutrals * Smokey Collection * Simplemakeup looks * Bold Baddie Collections Browse through all thesecategories and choose which look suits you the best. Your beautifuleyes could express your mood today and these simple guides youstand out even more! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional,you’ll learn how to apply makeup, from smokey tutorial toglittering colors and more, you will look stunningly better. Withthis application, you can make get the most beautiful tones andachieve stunning outcomes. We also have a collection of naturallooks, colorful selections and more. Just download the app andenjoy our limitless easy steps, it's simple, easy and free. Wesincerely hope that our humble Eye Makeup Step by Step app hashelped enrich your life and guided in improving your skills. Pleaseleave some feedback if you like our app so we will keep onimproving developing quality apps exclusively for our users.Wishing you all the best in life and stay beautiful!
com.luminouslunar.teachersdaygreetingcards 1.3 APK
Happy Teachers Day is a day for many people to show theirappreciation towards their teachers. On this day, many people sendgifts or Teacher Day greeting cards to their favourite teacher,thanking them for all their hard work in educating them. Thank yourteacher for taking care of you, guiding you and mentoring you, forteaching and inspiring you. Give appreciation to them for being thebest teacher in the world by sending them heartfelt Teachers dayquotes that can really warm their hearts and put a smile on theirface. Teachers Day Greeting Cards is the perfect app that can helpyou to send beautiful teachers day wishes. With our simple app,users are provided with a quick way to send beautiful teacher daycards to teachers. Just choose your favourite as our app containsmany choices of many colours. Unlike many International Days, theprimary reason why this celebration is celebrated on different daysis because Happy Teachers' Day is also celebrated to represent animportant milestone in education for different countries of theworld. As a student, how do you express your gratitude andappreciation towards your teacher who has worked so hard to educateand teach you? Do you remember all of your teachers, or at leasteven their name? You can share the greetings through Facebook,WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and the list goes on. These teachersday greeting cards are more convenient for all Android users. Thisfree Happy Teacher Day wishes app helps you send the mostappropriate and thoughtful ecards to your friends via WhatsApp,Facebook, Twitter, Mail or MMS or any social network installed inyour device. Our app can be used fo rmany purposes, inclduing: +Teachers day greetings cards + Teachers day quotes + Teachers daysayings + Teachers day images There are over 10000+ types of HappyTeachers Day ecards all around the world and we have composed ofonly the very best and created top quality Teachers day greetingsexclusively for our users. All you will require is your mobilephone because this application is of simplicity. Just download thelink, choose your preferred teachers day wishes card, tap it andshare it with your family, friends or loved ones. Tell your teachertoday how much they mean to you! It's easy to tell her via ourhappy teachers day messages application. Simply choose your pick ofteachers day ecards and share! A wonderful teacher has a specialgift for learning. With a heart that deeply cares, they add a lotof love to everything they teach. They are patient, they are kind,and they love us. A good teacher educates children and motivatesthem to reach their true potential, to never give up and achievetheir goals in life. A teacher is a common occupation, but a greatteacher takes someone special and is a very honourable profession.We sincerely hope that our humble Teachers Day Greeting Cards apphas helped enrich your life in one way or another. We hope yourteacher will be happy receiving these beautiful greetings from you.Please leave some feedback if you like our app so we will keep onimproving developing quality apps exclusively for our users.Wishing you all the best in life!
Strong Life Quotes 1.4 APK
Strong Life Quotes provides you with a collection of only the verybest stay strong quotes on life and wisdom. Choose only the bestdaily quotes wishes and you can take all the motivational andinspirational quote and share them! Staying strong can often seemlike a hard thing to do and these Courage & Strength Quoteswill help you to do so. At times it seems as though you cannot bestrong. It seems as though everyone and everything is against you.Sometimes you feel like maybe everyone else is right and you shouldjust give up. When this happens, please do not give up. Please, doyourself the favour and stay strong. There will come a time whenyou will have to step up and help take care of a loved one. Whenthat time comes, you need to be strong physically and mentally.Courage & strength quotes provides you a lot of amazing quotesfor you to face any challenges in life. Sometimes all we need is asimple encouragement to decide and stand up for ourselves. Everygreat dream begins with the dreamer. Always remember, you havewithin you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach forthe stars to change the world. Strength and growth come onlythrough continuous effort and struggle. Choose your favourite deeplife quotes among beautiful and professionally designedinspirational and motivational quotes and sayings. Strong LifeQuotes key features: • 100% FREE application for all • Lightweightand very easy to navigate • Choose picture quotes with HD quality •Every deep life quotes is unique • Best quotes statuses and sayings• Easily one of the best quotes apps to download • Quotes suitedfor all ages • Very user friendly as it is very easy to select,scroll and navigate • Share on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook,Snapchat, Line and to many more social medias Strength is somethingthat comes from inside yourself. You could get your strength fromsomeone you admire. You could get your strength from a situationyou were a part of. It may just be part of your nature. Sometimesin your life where you’re challenged, everything going to wrong,and you think you are break into many pieces. These experiencesleave us feeling very weak and much hopeless. These quotes aboutbeing strong, power and self-confidence will help you find your ownstrength. We all should learn to be strong. If not for someoneelse, do it for yourself. Browse through these courage and strengthquotes to help you on the way. Strong Life Quotes comprises of manypositive quotes, love quotes, motivation quotes, face yourchallenge quotes, don't give up quotes, be brave quotes, findstrength in pain quotes, finding yourself quote, battling sadquotes, love yourself quotes and many more life lessons quotes withsayings and images. Staying strong does not mean that you nevercry. It does not mean that you never show emotion. It does not meanthat you will never have days when you are down. It does not meanthat you will never have days where you question your strength. Itdoes not mean that you will not have days when you are not thestrongest. You can still be "weak" even when you are strong. Allyou have to do is to just pick your favourite life lessons quoteson life that suits your current situation and have the courage toface your problems. We sincerely hope that our humble Strong LifeQuotes app has helped made users stronger in a sense. Please leavesome feedback if you like our app so we will keep on improvingdeveloping quality apps exclusively for our users. Thank you!