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Welcome to the Holy Bible Darby's Translation Version: Includes bigfont for easy reading. Font size will automatically accomodateitself so it always stay big in any screen from small smartphonesto big tablets. The Holy Bible on it's Darby's Translation is a"must have" reading material for Christian scholars and students.You can follow each Bible Chapter as a spiritual guidance andbiblical study. New Feature: You can leave a comment below anyBible chapter. Your comment will be published and shared among allour readers. We may all grow on our faith, while contributing withour own feelings, knowledge and appreciations about the Word ofGod. Warning: You need to have a data connection in workingcondition to successfully use this application, as the Biblecontent resides in our server while only the chapter you arecurrently reading is being streamed into your Android device, alongwith the latest users comments.

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La Santa Biblia en su nueva versión internacional, en español. Cadacapítulo está escrito con letra grande, que se ajustará al tamañode su pantalla automáticamente para una fácil lectura.Imprescindible material al día en su nueva versión, una guía yenseñanza religiosa, que se dispone en forma gratuita parausted.Nuevo: Puede dejar un comentario debajo de cualquier capítulo dela biblia. Su comentario será publicado y compartido con todos loslectores. Podemos crecer todos en nuestra fé con las contribucionesde sentimientos, conocimientos y agradecimientos en la Palabra deDios.ATENCIÓN: Necesita conexión a Internet: Cada capítulo que ustedelige en su Biblia Nueva Versión Internacional se envía al momentodesde Internet hacia su Android, junto a los comentarios, paraestar siempre actualizados.The HolyBible in its new international version, in Spanish. Each chapter iswritten in large letters, which will be adjusted automatically tothe size of your screen for easy reading.Essential material on the new version, guidance and religiouseducation, which is available free of charge for you.New: You can leave a comment under any chapter of the Bible.Your comment will be published and shared with all readers. We canall grow in our faith through the contributions of feelings,knowledge and acknowledgment of God's Word.NOTE: Internet connection required: Each chapter that you choosein your NIV Bible when sent from the Internet to your Android, withcomments, to be always up to date.
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Actualizamos periodicamente las mejores fotos de autos. Incluímossupercarros, carros híbridos, autos deportivos y autos tuneados. Labelleza increíble de estos autos singulares directamente desdenuestra web, te sorprenderá cada día. Además, cada foto de autoviene acompañada de una breve información técnica y anecdótica paraque aprendas los detalles de cada modelo. Si presionas sobre unafoto, y dejas presionado, se descargará a tu dispositivo Android,para que luego si quieres, puedas utilizarla como fondo depantalla. Recuerda que las fotos de Autos se mantienenactualizadas: Esta aplicación requiere de acceso a Internet, conlos eventuales costos que esto signifique.
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This is an extensively cross-referencedinteractive English - German Dictionaries search engine, includingexamples taken from classic literature passages depicting the usageof most used words in both languages.Our graphic interface is simple and up to the point, you justtype the word in need of translation and either press MEANING orBedeutung for either English or German translation.About the dictionary files: Published under GNU General PublicLicense as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2 orlater, downloaded from the project.About the excerpts used to depict usage of most common words:Extracted from books written by William Shakespeare, Franz Kafka,and other classic authors both from English and German literaturesourced from public domain repositories.We dedicate our website and Android App to the figure of KonradDuden: During his entire life, Konrad Duden strove toward theunification and simplification of the German orthography.His 1880 dictionary marks the start of the Duden series, whichincluded 28,000 words on 187 pages on it's first edition. In 1902,the German parliamentary upper house declared his rules fororthography mandatory in official state documents.Austria, Hungary and Switzerland followed.One hundred years after his death, the Duden dictionary keepsit's beacon as the authoritative source for German orthography.(Source: Wikipedia)
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Compendio de los Santos Católicos incluyendo unas 1500 fichasinformativas. Cada Santo tiene su historia y obra. En la mayoría seincluye una ilustración, estatua, cuadro o fotografía del Santo,así como también otros datos accesorios. Toda la información hasido extraída de la Wikipedia, curada para su simplificaciónvisual, buscando obtener una herramienta de valor a la hora deestudiar e interiorizarse en la vida y obra de cada Santo Católico.Este es un material educativo de referencia e interés no solamentepara la Comunidad Católica, sino que además presenta información deinterés histórico general. Esta aplicación incluye toda lainformación en su interior, por lo que no requiere conectividad dedatos de Internet. Además puedes activar la función de HABLAR en sumenú contextual de Android, para que al ingresar a una ficha, te lalea en voz alta. Esto es ideal para escuchar mientras realizasotras tareas que demandan tu atención visual, mientras manejas tuvehículo otras tareas.
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WARNINGS: FIRST: If your Android device uses a XENON flash orsimilar technology that won't cope with repeatedly discharging inrapid succession, then you may burn your flash out. In any case,you are responsible for any hardware problem that may occur byusing this Android App. SECOND: The repeating bright light patternsmay be harmful for epileptic people. This means that the exposureto the flash output from this application may eventually trigger anepileptic attack on anyone around you or yourself. Again, this isentirely under your own responsibility. The audiorythmic lanternwill listen into ambient sound through your Android device'smicrophone and brighten the screen (or the led FLASH on the back ofyour Android device) accoding to the sound level it registers. Itis an attempt to get the effect of an accurate audiorythmic light.You can place the phone or tablet near a speaker and watch it'seffect for fun: The Android's screen will iluminate it's screenaccordingly to the ambient sound level being perceived. You canconfigure some aspects: The light effect can be white light orcolored light. On the colored light side, you can choose for RED,BLUE or GREEN channels. Also if this App detects that your Androiddevice carries a LED FLASH (or any kind of flash) it will give youthe option to use it for the audiorythmic effect. You can also setup the sampling speed (in milliseconds). This parameter isconfigured at 100 ms by default, but you can shorten this value forbetter effects, provided you have a powerful Android device. Youcan also leave dynamic levels at autosetting, or turn on manualtuning of minimum volume value, which is used to trigger theaudiorythmic effect. ¿Why did I create this Android App ? Isearched for something similar in Google Play Store but could notfind anything. This prompted me to develop such app by myself. Ideveloped it at first only for my personal use. I use it on atablet which has an HDMI output, which I hook into a DLP projectorpointing at a mirror ball (disco ball). The result in my case isvery good. It is not an easy task, due to some rather externalproblems: 1) Processing power: Your Android device needs to haveenough processor to do a decent sampling speed, which is 100 ms orless. >My phone starts going south at about 60 ms or less.Anyway, when the app starts skipping sampling frames, it just keepsthe screen black, so the problem may not be too apparent. 2)Microphone quality and bias: Most phone's microphones are finetuned into human voice, but then this app needs the whole soundspectrum to achieve the most realistic audiorythmic effect. On theother hand, Tablet's microphones are overall better for such task.3) Algorithm vs hardware: My app tries to adjust itself to thelowest and highest volume, so it can get the correct usable volumeframe, but some Android devices also include a hardware autodamp /autolevel for the microphone input, which competes with the app'salgorithm. This is why you can turn off the auto limit for thelowest volume necessary to trigger the audiorythm effect.
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