Bible King James / July 22, 2016
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This is the King James Bible, the original version. It is writtenin big text for easy reading. Font size will accomodate to alwaysstay big in any screen from small smartphones to big tablets.TheKing James Bible is a "must have" reading material for allChristian scholars and students. You can follow each Bible Chapteras a spiritual guidance and biblical study.New Feature: You canleave a comment below any Bible chapter. Your comment will bepublished and shared among all our readers. We may all grow on ourfaith, while contributing with our own feelings, knowledge andappreciations about the Word of God.Please note: You need to havean Internet data connection in working condition to successfullyuse this application, as the Bible content resides in our serverwhile only the chapter you are currently reading is streamed intoyour Android device, along with its latest comments.

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Biblia Lenguaje Sencillo Biblia Lenguaje Sencillo APK
La Santa Biblia en su versión de lenguaje sencillo, en español.Cada capítulo está escrito con letra grande, que se ajustará altamaño de su pantalla automáticamente para una fácillectura.Imprescindible material de guía y enseñanza religiosa, quese dispone en forma gratuita para usted, en este caso en unaversión de fácil lectura, permitiendo la comprensión a cualquieredad, sin vocabulario complejo.Nuevo: Puede dejar un comentariodebajo de cualquier capítulo de la biblia. Su comentario serápublicado y compartido con todos los lectores. Podemos crecer todosen nuestra fé con las contribuciones de sentimientos, conocimientosy agradecimientos en la Palabra de Dios.ATENCIÓN: El contenido dela Biblia de lenguaje sencillo proviene desde nuestro servidor porlo que deberá tener acceso a internet activo para poder consultarcada capítulo, el cual se envía a su dispositivo Android, junto conlos comentarios más recientes, cuando usted lo selecciona.The HolyBible in its plain language version in Spanish. Each chapter iswritten in large letters, which will be adjusted automatically tothe size of your screen for easy reading.Essential guidancematerial and religious education, which is available for free foryou, here in a version for easy reading, allowing the understandingat any age, without complex vocabulary.New: You can leave a commentunder any chapter of the Bible. Your comment will be published andshared with all readers. We can all grow in our faith through thecontributions of feelings, knowledge and acknowledgment of God'sWord.WARNING: The content of the Bible in simple language comesfrom our server so you will need an active internet access to checkeach chapter, which is sent to your Android device, with the mostrecent comments, when you select it.
Test de Velocidad de Internet Velocidad de Internet APK
La forma de medir la velocidad de internet en tu móvil o tablet másprecisa es haciendo el cálculo en base a una transferencia de unarchivo apropiado desde un servidor con suficiente ancho debanda.Esta aplicación Android de medidor de velocidad haceexactamente eso: Determina la velocidad entre tu dispositivoAndroid y nuestro servidor colocado en Chicago, USA.El proceso demedición de velocidad puede ser visto en 3 partes distintas:1) Laaplicación genera un reporte preliminar de velocidad para ver deque tamaño razonable tiene que ser el archivo a transferir pararealizar el cálculo efectivo.2)Realiza el cálculo con un archivoapropiado3) Retorna los resultados en megabits y kbytes porsegundo, contrastándolos con una gráfica más abajo que compara lasdistintas velocidades comerciales contra la lograda desde tudispositivo Android.La totalidad del proceso de medición deVelocidad de Internet no puede demorar más de 10 segundos, y laaplicación en todo momento informará en que parte del proceso seencuentra.Por último, visualmente no es muy vistosa porque no creoque tenga sentido agregarle gráficos y fondos a un dato que debeser 100% funcional en su resultado, pero quizás en el futuroagregue algunos elementos cosméticos.The way to measure the speedof internet on your mobile or tablet is making more accuratecalculation based on a transfer of an appropriate file from aserver with enough bandwidth.This Android application speedometerdoes exactly that: Determines the speed between your Android deviceand our server placed in Chicago, USA.The speed measurement processcan be seen in 3 distinct parts:1) The application generates apreliminary report of speed to see that reasonable size must be thefile to transfer to perform the actual calculation.2) Performscalculation with an appropriate file3) Return the results inmegabits per second and kbytes, contrasting with a graphic belowthat compares different commercial speeds achieved against yourAndroid device.The entire process of measuring speed Internet cannot take more than 10 seconds, and implementation at all timesinform that part of the process is.Finally, visually is not veryshowy because I do not think it makes sense to add graphics andbackgrounds to data to be 100% functional outcome, but maybe in thefuture add some cosmetic items.
Adivinanzas Adivinanzas para Niños APK
Te dejo aquí cien divertidas adivinanzas infantiles, para niños yniñas. ¡ Algunas adivinanzas vienen con trampa ! Papi o Mami, estaaplicación está divertida para tener en tu teléfono o tablet conAndroid: Puedes leerle tu en voz alta cada adivinanza a tu niño oniña, o puedes permitir que tu Android lo hable a viva voz.Hay unbotón para saber la respuesta: ¡ Veremos si han adivinadocorrectamente la adivinanza ! También puedes hacer que tu teléfonoo tablet diga a viva voz la respuesta, si quieres.Las adivinanzasaparecen de a una por vez, y cuando presionas el botón de "OTRA"esta aplicación elegirá otra adivinanza al azar y te lapresentará.Más adelante agregaremos un pack con nuevas adivinanzas,para que sigas divirtiéndote. Pero mira que cien adivinanzas ya sonuna cantidad: Tienes diversión asegurada en cualquier reunión conpequeños y grandes, por un buen tiempo!I leave here a hundredchildren fun riddles for children. Some riddles come withtrap!Mommy or Daddy, this app is fun to have on your phone ortablet with Android: Can you read aloud each riddle to your child,or you can allow your Android talk so loudly.There is a button toknow the answer: We'll see if they have correctly guessed theriddle! You can also make your phone or tablet loudly say theanswer, if you want.Riddles appear one at a time, and when youpress the button "OTHER" This application randomly choose anotherriddle and you submit it.Later we will add a pack with new riddles,to keep you having fun. But look a hundred riddles are already anumber: You're sure to enjoy any meeting with small and large, fora good time!
Biblia en Español Multi Opción Biblias en Español APK
Le presentamos aquí las versiones más populares de la Biblia enEspañol, incluyendo al final de cada capítulo la posibilidad dedejar su comentario o mensaje, asi como de leer los mensajesdejados por otros lectores. Este es un material útil para elestudio de las escrituras desde sus diferentes perspectivas detraducción a lo largo de los siglos. Una referencia apropiada paracualquier Cristiano, en una presentación super sencilla ypráctica.ATENCIÓN: Debes tener conexión a Internet ya que cadacapítulo de cada Biblia que quieres leer se envía a tu dispositivoAndroid en ese instante. Las Biblias residen en nuestro servidorpara ahorrarte espacio y mantener sus comentarios actualizados.Wepresent here the most popular versions of the Bible in Spanish,including the end of each chapter the possibility to leave yourcomment or message, so as to read messages left by otherreaders.This is useful for the study of scriptures from theirdifferent perspectives of translation over the centuries material.An appropriate reference for any Christian, a super simple andpractical presentation.WARNING: You must have Internet access aseach chapter of each Bible you want to read is sent to your Androiddevice at that moment. Bibles reside on our server to save spaceand keep your comments to date.
Flash Grabber & Viewer Flash Grabber 1.4 APK
NOTE BEFORE INSTALLING: You need to have apowerful enough phone to run Adobe Flash, if you want to downloadand execute flash games and flash content.ATTENTION: First install Adobe Flash. You may not find AdobeFlash Player on Google Play because adobe decided to ditch thewhole flash thing back in october 2012, so you may have to googleabout it and find an alternative source for Adobe flash playerapk.Now for the story about this App:I developed this little utility for myself. As a friendsuggested to me, it might prove useful for you too:Flash Grabber & Viewer allows you to download flash files(games, presentations, tutorials, etc. in ".swf" flash format) fromany webpage over the internet and store it locally for youruntethered flash viewing and playing pleasure.The whole process is streamlined and automated, and -hopefully-bug free, although be warned: this is the first version :)Usage example:PROBLEM: You like to play a flash game but you hate to navigatewith your Android into it's website and then wait for the flashgame to download each time you want to play.SOLUTION: You feed the game's URL (whatever you type in yourbrowser to start the game) and FLASH Grabber & Viewer will tryto download and place it in your device. From now on, you will haveall your flash games and flash applications available to play withthe flash viewer component of this application, even withoutinternet access.FEATURES:The Flash Grabber component will check for internet accessbefore trying to grab a flash file and if there is no Internet, itwill warn you and ask you to activate your network access.When analyzing a web URL in search of flash files, the FlashGrabber component might find just one flash file and thusautomatically download it and return you into the main flash viewerfiles list (with the just downloaded file added to it).If the analyzed webpage mentions inside its code more than oneflash file, then Flash Grabber will list you all those found flashfiles and let you select which one should it download.Flash Grabber & Viewer will let you edit the local filenameof any flash you have stored locally: You only need to long-clickover it in the main flash files list to open the Flash propertieswindow.Flash Grabber & Viewer will also let you erase any or allflash files.You may start the Flash Viewer component by clicking on anyflash name available in the main flash list.The Flash Grabber component will detect whenever the runningflash file attempts to redirect your interfase into an externalwebsite, and ask you if you want to allow or deny such action.Please leave a nice review and / or score, if you find thisapplication useful.
Dicionário Português dicionário Português APK
Este é um dicionário Português que tem várias vantagens: Odicionário está completamente instalado no seu telefone ou tabletAndroid. Portanto, você não precisa de acesso à Internet parapesquisar e ler as definições. Este é ideal para uso em sala deaula e / ou em qualquer situação, especialmente quando não háacesso à rede. O dicionário permite que você ligue a leitura em vozalta e quando você pressiona a uma definição, o Android vai ler emvoz alta o significado dessa palavra. (Você precisa ser ativadaantes de sintetizador de voz em Português, em Configurações /Idioma no seu Android) Ao clicar em uma definição, ele é copiadopara o clipboard. Você pode colá-lo em qualquer outra aplicação quelida com texto, por exemplo, em uma SMS, a entrada Whatsapp ouFacebook. Em troca, porque o dicionário reside em seu Android,ocupa muito espaço (mínimo). O aplicativo ocupa 10 megabytes deinstalar e quando instalado isso aumenta um pouco. É o preço e pesodo conhecimento :) Este dicionário não se limita apenas a palavrasno idioma Português: Inlcuye também uma abundância de palavras emoutros idiomas. Quero dizer que é mais completo do que umdicionário convencional: É praticamente um dicionário multilingue!Em todos os casos, a descrição do termo é em Português.This is aPortuguese dictionary that has several advantages:The dictionary iscompletely installed onto your Android phone or tablet. Therefore,you do not need Internet access to search and read the definitions.This is ideal for use in class and / or room in any situation,especially when there is no network access.The dictionary allowsyou to turn reading aloud and when you press a definition, Androidwill read aloud what that word meant. (You need to be activatedbefore speech synthesizer in Portuguese, in Settings / Language onyour Android)Clicking on a definition, it is copied to theclipboard. You can paste it in any other application that dealswith text, for example, in an SMS to WhatsApp or Facebook entry.Inexchange, because the dictionary resides on your Android, occupymuch space (minimum). The application occupies 10 megabytes toinstall and when installed it increases slightly. It is the priceand weight of knowledge :)This dictionary is not only limited towords in Portuguese language: Inlcuye also plenty of words in otherlanguages. I mean that is more complete than a conventionaldictionary: It's practically a multilingual dictionary!In allcases, the description of the term is in Portuguese.
Tiempo en Santiago Clima en Santiago APK
El tiempo en Santiago de Chile para el día corriente y elpronóstico para los siguientes cuatro días. También se muestra elpronóstico del clima para las zonas adjuntas, incluyendo Viña delMar, Rancagua y Talca.Además tienes acceso a la imagen satelitalactualizada de Chile y América Latina y se incluye en forma escritaboletín meteorológico para todo el territorio de Chile. Toda lainformación es procesada e interpretada directamente desde laDirección Meteorológica de Chile.La información se extrae en tiemporeal desde Internet por lo que necesitas tener acceso a datos deInternet para poder visualizar el pronóstico, mapa satelital yboletín meteorológicos.The weather in Santiago de Chile for thecurrent day and the forecast for the next four days. The weatherforecast is also shown for the annexed areas, including Vina delMar, Rancagua and Talca.You also have access to updated Chile andLatin America and is included in written form weather report forthe entire territory of Chile satellite image. All information isprocessed and interpreted directly from the Meteorological Officeof Chile.The information is extracted in real time from theinternet so you need to access data from the Internet to view theforecast, satellite map and weather bulletin.
Magyar Szent Biblia Magyar Szent Biblia APK
A Szent Biblia magyarul: Az egyes fejezetek van írva nagy betűkkel,korrigálva a mérete a képernyő automatikusan a könnyebbolvashatóság érdekében.Alapvető útmutató anyagok és vallásioktatás, mely ingyenesen elérhető az Ön számára, itt olvashatóváltozatát, amely lehetővé teszi a megértést, bármely életkorban,anélkül, hogy bonyolult szókincs.Új: Tudod hagy egy megjegyzéstalatt bármely fejezet a Bibliában. A hozzászólás meg fog jelenni ésosztani minden olvasó. Mindannyian nő a hitünk, a hozzájárulások azérzelmek, ismeretek és elismerését az Isten Igéje.FIGYELEM: Atartalom a Biblia egyszerű nyelven származik a honlapunkon, ígykell egy aktív internet-hozzáférés, így ellenőrizni tudja afejezeteket.The Holy Bible in English: Each chapter is written inlarge letters, the size is automatically adjusted to thereadability of the screen.Basic guidance material and religiouseducation, which is freely available for you to read in versionthat allows the understanding, of any age, without complicatedvocabulary.New: You can leave a comment under any chapter of theBible. Your comment will show up and share with all readers. We allgrow in our faith, the contributions of emotion, knowledge andappreciation of the Word of God.WARNING: The content is derivedfrom the Bible in plain language on our site, so you need an activeinternet connection, so you can check the chapters.