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«New Testament» - is the application thatcontains the stories from the Bible King James. New Testament issimple and the most convenient application for reading of textsfrom the Bible King James. The New Testament app allows you to readthe stories from the Bible King James and to find easily thedesired section.

A brief description of sections of the application is specifiedbelow.

The main theme of the Gospel of Matthew is the life andpreaching of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The Gospel of Matthew isdesignated for a Jewish audience.
The Gospel of Mark is the second book of the New Testament. Mark isthe most concise among the four Gospels.
Luke is the third book of the New Testament. In the text of theGospel of Luke there is any indication on the identity of theauthor. The ancient tradition of the Church believes that theanonymous author of the Gospel is, Luke, a disciple of the ApostlePaul.
The Gospel of John differs in content from the other Gospels of theNew Testament. According to legend, the disciples of John theEvangelist asked his teacher to write about the life ofJesus.
«Acts of the Apostles» - the book of the New Testament that tellsus about the events that took place after the evangelical.Traditionally, it is believed that the author of Acts is theApostle Luke.
The Romans addressed to Christian community of the capital of theEmpire, which consisted mostly of converted pagans. The Romanscontains many important provisions, which had great significancefor the development of Christian theology.
Epistle to the Corinthians is the book of the New Testament,addressed to the Christian community of the Greek city of Corinth.The Epistle to Corinthians contains Paul's intention to go toCorinth the second time.
Epistle to the Galatians is written by the Apostle Paul andaddressed to the Christian community and Galatia. Epistle to theGalatians directed against Jewish Christianity.
Epistle to the Ephesians is addressed to the Gentile Christians ofAsia Minor city of Ephesus. Ephesians was written during Paul'simprisonment at Caesarea.
Epistle to the Philippians is written in Rome. In Epistle to thePhilippians is stated that Paul sends greetings from the «Caesar'shousehold».
Epistle to the Colossians is the instruction for Colossianscommunity in the faith in Jesus Christ.
Thessalonians was written after a visiting of Athens by Paul.Epistle to the Thessalonians was known by the ancient fathers ofthe Church.
The main theme of the Epistle to Timothy was a struggle with falseteachers and exhortations of a decent Christian life. Also from theEpistle to Timothy can be seen that the church hierarchy wasclearly stood out in the Ephesian church.
Epistle to Titus is usually called pastoral letter, because itcontains the instructions. Epistle to Titus dates from 66year.
Epistle to Philemon is the shortest epistle of the Apostle Paul; ithas only 335 words. The authenticity of the Philemon is not indoubt.
Epistle to Hebrews is addressed to the baptized Hebrews in order toconfirm them in the faith. Hebrews contains numerous warningsagainst apostasy.
The central idea of the Epistle of James is «faith without works isdead». Epistle of James shows that true faith must necessarily beexpressed in works of charity and Christian love.
The author of the Epistle of Peter calls himself in the first verse- Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ. Peter is addressed toChristians of Asia Minor, whose faith was severely tested.
The main theme of the Epistle of John is love of God and teachingsof Jesus. Epistle of John is addressed to wide circle ofChristians.
Jude is one of the shortest books of the New Testament and consistsof only one chapter. Epistle of Jude is addressed to JewishChristians.
The Revelation is the name of last book of the New Testament. TheRevelation describes the events preceding the Second Coming ofJesus Christ to the earth, to be followed by numerous disasters andmiracles.

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Bible Names and Meanings 1.0 APK
Bible is the most read and most quoted book inthe world. Therefore, the names that are mentioned in are familiarfor each of us. But few of us know the meaning of these ancientBible Names. However, all Bible male and female names have deepmeaning and contain a fairly complete characterization of theirfirst bearer. In particular this applies to the Hebrew names. Inthe classical Hebrew words there is the hidden content and arerelated to the essence of things and phenomena. The similarity ofessence of the person and the name he bears is distinguished bymany Bible Names.In Old Testament times a person's name meant a lot. Usually it wasa whole sentence, which describes a description of qualities thatparents want to see in their child. These meanings show the temperof future personality or its behavior in the particular lifesituations. Name affects all aspects of life such as work,marriage, relationships with others. In short, the name representsreputation of the person.The translation of the Bible Names gives a fairly accuraterepresentation about those with whom we "deal." Many names havesymbolic meaning, which is often explained in the Bible text.With the spread of Christianity the Bible Names become the propertyof other nations. First of all, it concerns the main characters ofthe New Testament. Subsequently, these names were additionallyrecorded in the church calendar, and eventually become part of themedieval European nomenclature.The Old Testament names were not so lucky. Despite the fact thatsome of the characters of the Old Testament are revered by theOrthodox and the Catholic Church on a par with the saints, inEurope for a long time, these names were common mainly among theJewish population. The exceptions were the names of some of theprophets, archangels, and the name of the first man - Adam.At the same time, a certain amount of Bible Names used and enjoyedpopularity in the Muslim world. Islam recognizes the value of theOld Testament books of the Gospel, although it is believed that theultimate divine truth was open only to the Prophet Muhammad.Therefore, in the Islamic world along with purely Islamic (Arabic)names are also common names of biblical characters, considered thepredecessor to Muhammad and mentioned in the Qur'an.Our application contains a list of the Bible Names, occurring inthe Old and New Testament. And also gives the most accurate BibleNames Meanings.Our application also can help parents to choose the name for theirchild, based on the Bible Names Meanings. It is believed that thechild will have the same qualities as the character from the Bible,in whose honor it was named.Our application contains a huge collection of names, and the mostaccurate deciphering of the Bible Names Meanings.The Application Bible Names and Meanings will be very useful andinformative for you.
Biblical Apocrypha KJV 1.0 APK
«Biblical apocrypha» is the application thatallows us to get acquainted with the stories that can not be seeneither in the New or in the Old Testament. These stories can befound in the Bible King James and they will be instructive for bothchildren and adults. It is very simple and the most convenientprogram for reading texts from Biblical apocrypha. In thisapplication, ease of use coupled with a beautiful interface. Thesetwo features allow you to read the stories from the Bible KingJames without distracting for anything else. The «Biblicalapocrypha» includes a number of categories, which are brieflydescribed below.The first chapter is devoted to Esdras - the Jewish high priest,returned after the Babylonian captivity to recreate a Jewish stateon the basis of the law of the Torah. Esdras tells you about thoseevents that occurred in the period between the V and VI centuriesBC.The Book of Tobit tells about the blind Tobit and his son Tobias,whose guide was the angel Raphael. The Book of Tobit was written inthe second century BC.The book of Judith tells of a Jewish widow who saved her nativecity from invasion of the Assyrians. The text of the Book of Judithwas written on the basis of earlier oral traditions in the middleof the II century BC.Additions to the Book of Esther is the stories which were notincluded in the canonical Bible. However, these additions to theBook of Esther survived and you can read them thanks to ourapplication.The Book of Wisdom of Solomon contains ancient didactically wisesayings. The author of the Wisdom of Solomon is presumed to KingSolomon.The total content of Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach anciently wasconsidered as deeply instructive book for those seeking lessons ofwisdom and piety. Fathers of the Church often used the expressionsfrom the Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach as confirmation of theirdidactic thoughts.Prologue to Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach was written by thegrandson of the author of Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach. Prologueto Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach gives some explanations thatrelate to this book.The Book of Baruch was written to show the Jews that all theirdisasters, such as the Babylonian captivity and the burning ofJerusalem, were sent to them for their sins and their fathers’sins, to encourage them to repent and promise to console bytemporal and eternal freedom. The book of Baruch containsremarkable prophecy about the new spiritual glory of Jerusalem,whose children will be gathered from the west unto the east by theword of the Holy.The Letter of Jeremiah ironically describes how to create idols,how to maintain it, including removal of dust, and tells aboutpriests, benefiting from all this. As a result, the author of theLetter of Jeremiah comes to the idea that good people will notengage in such a vain thing.One of the most interesting sections of our application is thePrayer of Azariah. The Prayer of Azariah is the meaning of theprayer of the Jewish people, punished and penitent.The legend tells of how during the Babylonian captivity a beautifulJewess Susanna was falsely accused by two senior horny old men,peeping at her. However Susanna was justified because of thediscrepancies in the testimonies of the elders.In the first chapter of the book of Bel and the Dragon Daniel byingenious way opens deception by which the priests of Bel wereforcing to think that the idol devours food and drinks brought tohim. In the second part of the book of Bel and the Dragon, Danielkills the dragon, throwing him dough consisting of resin, fat, andhair into the jaws; after swallowing of this dough the dragonbursts.Prayer of Manasseh glorified Lord's omnipotence, His mercy to thepatriarchs of the Jewish people and to all the repentant people.Also Prayer of Manasseh reminds Manasseh’s own excessive sins andhis remorse.Books of the Maccabees tell us about the Maccabees - leaders of therevolt of the Jews against the Seleucid dynasty.
Best Stories 1.0 APK
The «Best Stories» is a free application thatallows us to become familiar with different interesting storiesboth fascinating and instructive. This program allows you to getacquainted with the selection of stories without any effort fromyour side. Depending on your mood, you can read this or that storyat any time by using the “Best Stories”. The application is verysimple to use and have many useful functions.This application contains the following categories ofstories:1. Bedtime Stories2. Enlightening Stories3. Funny Stories4. Heroic Stories5. Inspirational Stories6. Love Stories7. Motivational Stories8. Romantic stories9. Survival Stories10. Tragic StoriesBedtime Stories are very useful category if you have children.It’s very easy to take your smartphone or tablet and read one ofthe Bedtime Stories to your children before they will fall asleep.Moreover, all of your Bedtime Stories will also be interesting foradults.Enlightening Stories is a category of texts which can teach you howto act in a given situation. Enlightening Stories show us what weshould not do and what we can expect if we do not obey theseedifications.Everybody loves Funny Stories and our application would not becomplete without them. Our category “Funny Stories” will make yousmile for a long time after reading.Heroic Stories tell us about the exploits of known and unknownheroes. This category will show us that there is a hero in each ofus. In addition, the Heroic Stories are very interesting andexciting.People should draw inspiration from somewhere. To read one of theInspirational Stories is the easiest way to get it. InspirationalStories will help you to find new goals and strength to achievethem.Love Stories are interesting for romantic souls. The application“Best Stories” gathered the most impressive Love Stories for apretentious reader.Every one of us needs motivation. Motivational Stories will helpyou to find the urge to start doing something. The “MotivationalStories” category is useful for those looking for the courage anddetermination.Romantic Stories are one of the first genres in literature.However, they are still popular and demanded. The “RomanticStories” category collected best texts on this topic.The Survival Stories section will tell us how people can survive inharsh environments. Many of these Survival Stories will teach ussomething new, that could be necessary in extreme situations.The “Tragic Stories” category is for you if you enjoy reading textsthat contain an element of tragedy. Choose one of the TragicStories and let the words fill your heart.The application has good functionality that makes it easy to choosethe right story and share it.The main functions of the application «Best Stories» are:1. Display a list of all the stories.2. Select a category of the stories.3. Display the selected story entirely.4. The possibility to send the selected story to a friend by SMS orusing social networks.5. The possibility to add a story to your favorites list.6. Display a list of selected stories.Wide functionality and simplicity of management of operation ofthis application will not leave you indifferent. It was never beenso easy to search and read interesting stories. To do this you justneed to install our application.This application is constantly updated to improve functionality andto add new stories.
Weight Loss Recipes & Plans 1.0 APK
«Weight Loss Recipes & Plans» contains alarge variety of Weight Loss Recipes of healthy and wholesome foodand contains Weight Loss Plans that will help you to lose weighteffectively. Using this application you can create a menu for eachmeal and share your recipes with friends. The application «WeightLoss Recipes & Plans» is extremely simple to use and isunderstandable for every user. The proper use of our applicationwill help you to lose weight and feel healthy.These Weight Loss Recipes are very diverse and includes differentingredients. Using Weight Loss Recipes from our application you canverify its usefulness in 2 weeks.Our app will show you the healthiest way to harmony and beauty.This application includes such categories as:1. Breakfast Recipes2. Dinner Recipes3. Flat Belly Smoothies4. Indian Recipes5. Lunch Recipes6. Weekly Diet Plan Week 17. Weekly Diet Plan Week 2The breakfast is an obligatory meal. The Breakfast Recipescategory contains useful recipes of healthy breakfasts that willprovide you with energy for an active start of the day. TheBreakfast Recipes category will discover to you a variety of newhealthy foods and dishes.«Dinner Recipes» is one of the most important categories, becauselunch should contain the most quantity of calories than othermeals. In «Dinner Recipes» you’ll find recipes that will notcontribute to the storage of fat in the body.«Flat Belly Smoothies» - this is a section where you can find therecipe of smoothie that will suit your taste. Flat Belly Smoothieswill help to gain energy for physical exercises or just to satisfyyou hunger. Flat Belly Smoothies contain no cholesterol and transfats.«Indian Recipes» - is the section of exotic cuisine for weightloss. From the section of Indian Recipes you will learn recipesthat will help you to cleanse the body and improve your digestivesystem. Indian Recipes are very popular among people who want tolose weight.The «Lunch Recipes» section is the section of easy recipes to staveoff hunger using a minimal amount of calories. In the category of«Lunch Recipes» the exceptional dishes and ingredients arecollected that combine benefits and taste.Weekly Diet Plan Week 1 is your plan for the first week of weightloss. Weekly Diet Plan Week 1 includes all the necessary materialsfor your body and takes into account all the needs of the organismin food.Weekly Diet Plan Week 2 is a category that helps you to diversifyyour diet. Weekly Diet Plan Week 2 has significant differences fromthe Weekly Diet Plan Week 1 however it is not less effective.The above-mentioned Weight Loss Plans were designed very carefullyby the professional nutritionists and eliminate any healthproblems. These Weight Loss Plans will also help you to choose themost effective diet.The main functions of the application «Weight Loss Recipes &Plans» are:1. Display a list of recipes/plans.2. Select a category.3. Display the selected recipe/plan entirely.4. The possibility to send the selected recipe/plan to a friend viaSMS or using social networks.5. The possibility to add a recipe/plan to your favoriteslist.6. Display the list of the favorite recipes/plans.Wide functionality and simplicity of management of operation ofthis application will not leave you indifferent. It was never beenso easy to lose weight. To do this you just need to install thisapplication.This application is constantly updated to improve functionalityand to add new recipes and plans.
Bible Old Testament KJV 1.0 APK
Old Testament KJV application helps you tostudy the Bible every day and explore it from Genesis to the Bookof Malachi in King James version (KJV). King James version is acutefrom the 17th century.You will be able to get acquainted with poetic Psalms andProverbs, along with other sections that are mentioned below.Psalms are unique as it is the biggest part of the Bible. The bookof Proverbs is often called the most interesting part as thesayings of the wise are always valued.Description of categories:Five books of Moses starts with Genesis and also include Exodus,Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Leviticus. You will be able to startstudying Exodus, after which Leviticus follows, and, certainly, thecategory of Deuteronomy, an important book of the Bible.Joshua narrates the events of the Israel settlement in Canaan andthe book of Judges does that too. Joshua tells of Israelites’ entryto the land and the book of Judges describes continued strugglesthere.The book of Ruth is an interesting narration of love, where Moabitewoman Ruth was converted to Judaism. Esther is another strongwoman, the Bible tells us about. You will learn more about thiswoman of dignity in the book of Esther.The story of Samuel is inspiring for some people. Samuel prayed forson and God answered his prayers.Ezra emphasizes rebuilding of the Temple. No less captivating isthe Book of Nehemiah. The Book of Nehemiah is actually a sequel tothe Book of Ezra.Ecclesiastes gives a vision of life when the person looks at theworld through human eyes and then accepts God’s vision. The famousassertion that “all is vanity” is taken from Ecclesiastes1:2.Song of Solomon is also known as Song of Songs. Song of Solomon isone of the most poetic parts of the Bible you will certainlylike.Isaiah gives us the most detailed prophetic account of Jesus life.He announces the coming of God’s son to this world in the OldTestament.The book of Jeremiah includes sketches of his biography. He alsowrote the Book of Lamentations that includes poetic laments aboutJerusalem destruction. The Book of Lamentations has 5 poems.Ezekiel was the major prophet along with Isaiah and Jeremiah. Thebook of Ezekiel is interesting to study.The biblical account of Daniel starts from the period of captivity.Holding the prominent positions, Daniel still understood his humanweakness and power of God.The Bible also includes the Book of Hosea, which is full ofmetaphors. It is written by Hosea, who prophesized in dark timesfor Israel history.Just like the previous one, the Book of Joel enters the list of theTwelve Minor prophets, so Joel was the minor prophet and atraditional author of the book.The list of Minor prophets also includes:* Amos, who was a farmer and herder and acted according the God’swill. Amos was the first who mentioned the doomsday.* Obadiah continued the theme of the doomsday and added detail toit. Obadiah says that there would be no survivors in the house ofEsau.* Jonah wrote a narrative book that distinguishes the book of Jonahfrom the rest.* Micah also said about judgment, restoration of Zion and expressedhope in the book of Micah that people would obey God.* Nahum did not only describe the events of that time but showedthe majesty of God in the book of Nahum.* Habakkuk like many other authors showed evolvement of personalityfrom doubt and perplexity to absolute trust in God. You will alsobe able to read the discussion between Habakkuk and the God.* Zephaniah uses phrases and phraseology like other prophets. TheBook of Zephaniah is relatively short but no less important thanother books of the Old Testament.* Haggai is the author with unknown biography. He wrote the Book ofHaggai, where he called people to rebuild the Temple but did notdescribe his life.* Zechariah was concerned about purity in the Temple.* Malachi follows Book of Zechariah and is the last book of theTwelve Minor Prophets.
Amazing Facts 1.0 APK
Amazing Facts catch our attention and neverlet it go! This is how we find unusual sides of life. Sometimes afact is more significant than the whole article or even the book!It can be eloquent and tell much more in a short way. Interestingfacts are loved by people with capacious mind. This greatentertainment expands the horizon of users so they spend free timewith use.The application is user-friendly and has convenient interface withmany features: favorites, social network sharing, and arrangementinto categories.The facts and features are often updated so download the app tolearn more!Here are some words of the categories included:1. You will get much fun from the category Animal Facts. Whatcan be cooler and kinder than unusual animal facts? There are manyamazing facts about dangerous African animals, sea creatures, andincredible birds of all colors, wild animals and pets. Explore theunknown in the category Animal Facts.2. Our body is like the most complicated machine you canimagine. It is studied for many centuries and not everything isstill clear to us. People learn Anatomy Body Facts with pleasure asthey help us to understand this complicated mechanism better. Wehave collected the most exciting Anatomy Body Facts in thisapplication. The category Anatomy Body Facts can reveal many newthings to you.3. Weird and interesting facts about different spheres of lifeare found in the Awesome Facts. Every time we learn something new,we hear the inner “wow!” and want more awesome facts as they arefantastic. The category Awesome Facts will satisfy your quest forknowledge.4. If you think that Girl Facts are for girls only, you aremistaken! All truths about the girls are placed to Girl Facts. Theyinclude knowledge that will help to understand girls better and actaccordingly. The recommendations are useful for all. Make your owncollection of girl facts adding the ones you like to favorites.5. Some Guy Facts can be surprising and change our viewsconsiderably. The category of Guy Facts forms behavior patterns aswe can see what stands behind this or that actions. Do you want toread the guy’s mind? Probably, Guy Facts will help you in that.6. History Facts give lessons of history better than a pile ofhistorical books or textbooks from school. The main thing in studyis to make the person interested so history facts cope with thistask brilliantly. The best history facts attract users of differentage.7. The category Human Body Facts presents interesting factsabout the organism of the person. Human body facts tell of aperfect system that makes body function flawlessly when the personis healthy. Learn the basics beginning from cells to interactionwith environment in Human Body Facts.8. One-direction facts, fantastic Weird Facts and PeopleUnbelievable Facts are different categories but they are equallyimpressive.Choose One Direction Facts to see the whole category. There are somany interesting statements in it that they will keep youentertained. You can also SMS the ones that you consider curiousfrom the category One Direction Facts.9. People Unbelievable Facts will tell about famous people andinformation that may not be known to public. You will be shocked bysome of them and surprised by others. It is easy to share PeopleUnbelievable Facts through social networks with your friends.10. You can find out many curious things in the Weird Factscategory. Weird Facts can keep you amazed for hours. Besides, theyare easily remembered. For instance, extraordinary information isalways used in mnemotechnics.11. Places Facts are preferred by lovers of geography and thosewho want to travel in mind. Learn more about the places you havenever visited via Places Facts category. You will find out things,which are not told on geography lessons. Not ready to wait untilthey emerge? Just open the list of Places Facts and read themall!
Kid's Bible Story 2.0 APK
Bible is one of the most complicated booksever written. Though version for kids is easier, the applicationwith stories about its heroes will make it more understandable. Theapplication «Kid's Bible Story» is a collection of the mostexciting stories from the Bible.The following functions are available:* Output of the list of all stories contained in the «Kid's BibleStory».* Choice of the category.* Choice of the story in the category.* Easy social sharing of the story you liked.* Favorites.The whole history starts with Adam. Adam is the first man, whobecame the father of all humankind. Let your child see how Adamwalks in the Eden garden with Eve.Downloand the «Kid's Bible Story» to meet Abraham, a father of theJewish nation. The promise given to Abraham becomes the promise toall Jews. The kids can follow his exciting life through colorfulillustrations and interesting twists Abraham goes through.Daniel is one of the main prophets from Babylon who unveiled thehistory of old times. The story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den is veryliked by kids. Category devoted to Daniel is one of the mostexciting.David was the man after God’s heart and your kid will also likethis character. Following the God’s will David became prosperous.Let your kid learn more about King David through this convenientapp.Jesus is the key figure of the Bible. God sacrificed his only sonJesus to save the humankind and give people hope.Jonah is one of the most interesting persons who became one of thebrightest symbol of human faith, which is tested with time. Thestory of Jonah and the whale catch the attention of kids and makeBible the extraordinary book. Why not use such sincereinterest?Joseph is also important personality for understanding of the God’swill. Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob and was tooself-confident just as many of us are. His life was full of ups anddowns and he was lost for his family, but the story ended withreunion of a father and a son, which is symbolical: each of God’speople will eventually come to his Father.Joshua became the faithful man of God after ordeals of slavery.With time Joshua became a military general. His victories in thePromised Land were blessed by God.  Joshua obedientlyperformed the tasks and did everything to please HeavenlyFather.The story of Moses is incredible. He evaded death many times as itwas destined for him to bring Hebrews to Canaan. Life of Moses isfull of miracles. Do you know how the Red Sea parted in front ofMoses and his people? Follow the app’s stories to find out!Noah is known to all, even to the people who have never read theBible. Noah is associated mainly with the Noah’s Ark. It can bevery interesting to learn how Noah saved the humankind.Paul persecuted Jesus first but then he became one of the mostfaithful disciples of Jesus. After his conversion on the Damascusroad Paul became zealous in everything he did. The apostle Paul isknown now as one of the greatest evangelists of all times.There is much to learn from the story about Samson who hadincredible potential. Samson was the strongest person and thisstrength was given to him by God. But his wife Delilah weakenedhim. Samson had many hardships in life – he was captured,humiliated, blinded, but did not lose his faith.What can be compared with wisdom of Solomon? Solomon was rich andpowerful but he understood that wisdom is more worthy in this life.Solomon is shown as a true man of God who prays for more wisdom.And he shares it with us.The story of Zacchaeus, a former tax collector, always attractsattention. Tax collectors were not respected at that time as theycheated much. Zacchaeus was dishonest as well. He came to Jesus outof pure curiosity. However, heart of Zacchaeus was responsivetherefore he accepted faith and became a Christian.Want to learn more? «Kid's Bible Story» is full of otheradventures you will like!
Daily Bible 2.0 APK
«Ultimately seek the kingdom of God and HisTruth, and all this will be yours» (Luke. 12, 31 March. 10)Daily Bible is an application-fund of knowledge left to us by God.This book is God’s revelation about the mystery of the Universe. Itopens the intention of God’s heart, His eternal purpose and amazingsense of human life. For a variety of reasons, this book takes aspecial place in human history.Daily Bible is an online version of the most mysterious book inthe world. During 2500 years thousands of researchers tried todiscover its mystery. According to their efforts, today we have gota translated and fully interpreted version of the Bible, that wecan really understand. Section Daily Bible Devotion of ourapplication includes various prayers that came to us thousands ofyears ago.Section Daily Bible Verse contains verses that were handed downorally from one generation to another during 2500 years and weretaken from the Bible. As we know praying is our dialogue to a Godand we shouldn’t forget about it. Even if you don’t have enoughtime, you can just listen or read section Daily Bible Devotion.So if you don’t have a book nearby to pray, download DailyBible, this is only book in the world, read or listened by peopleof all ages and nationalities, cultures and levels of education.Today, in 21 century it is the oldest book relevant the same as2,000 years ago. It is not old and not modern. It is just eternal!Is there another unique book written in this way? The answer isobvious.Functions of the application:1. Display of the list with verses and quotes.2. Selection of the category of Daily Bible: Identity In Christ,Uplifting Psalms, Wise Proverbs, Words of Apostles and Words ofJesus.3. Display of the selected verse or quote entirely.4. Possibility to send the selected verse or quote to a friend viaSMS or using social networks.5. Possibility to add verse or quote into the list offavorites.6. Display of the list with favorite verses or quotes.Identity In Christ Daily Bible – is the category that tell aboutthe identification of the Christ in our daily prayers and in theBible. As we know that God is everywhere, it is around usrepresented by God the Father, God the Son and God the HollySpirit. Identity In Christ Daily Bible category contains more than70 verses.Uplifting Psalms Daily Bible – is the category devoted toimprovement of your mood and strengthening of a spirit and faith.Uplifting Psalms Daily Bible category contains more than 70verses.Wise Proverbs Daily Bible – is the category that containsproverbs, statements and thoughts of Saints taken from the Bible.Wise Proverbs Daily Bible is the section that will give food foryour thoughts for the whole day. This category contains more than90 verses.Words of Apostles Daily Bible – is the category that includeswords, phrases and quotes of Apostles. The higher mission ofApostles is to help us find the right way in life. Download Wordsof Apostles Daily Bible and enjoy every day lived in accordancewith their advice. This category contains more than 70 verses.Words of Jesus Daily Bible – is the category-direction forreligious people and generations of all times. It is eternaltreasure left to us by God. Words of Jesus Daily Bible categorycontains more than 100 verses.