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You can try free version (with ads) of this app - "BibleConcordance & Strongs" which you find in my apps.It's almost"Strong's Exhaustive Bible Concordance" - I made my own search bythe Bible ( it supports search by several words)You find in thisapp: Alphabet index of all words from the Bible (total in app12839) ("the, and, of" are excluded - don't use them in searchquery)Bible Concordance - also you can search by several biblicalwords using space between themStrong's Hebrew and GreekDictionaries with information from Hebrew and Greek Lexicons. Usenumbers in search query to find them. Excluded some Greek wordswhich not used in the Bible - G1400, G1418, G2717, G3203-G3302,G4452 and G5104Strong's Concordance- the concordance you find belowinformation of the Strong's numberAll bible verses in concordancewith clickable strongs numbers!I hope this app will be your perfectcompanion in the study of the Bible!Also I hope you will not haveto carry a heavy book and spend much time on the search.You needabout 18Mb on your phone and about 47Mb on your SD card.Feel freeto contact me if you want to improve or have any problems with thisapp.

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Biblia Takatifu - Swahili Bible 5.6.1 APK
Igor Apps
Biblia Takatifu ya Kiswahili (Swahili Bible) Biblia ya Kikristo nimkusanyo wa maandiko matakatifu ya Ukristo. Maandiko hayombalimbali yanaitwa tangu zamani sana "vitabu" tu, inavyomaanishwana neno "biblia" ambalo ni uwingi wa neno la Kigiriki "biblos"yaani "kitabu". Hutofautishwa na Tanakh ambayo ndiyo maandikomatakatifu ya dini ya Uyahudi na ambayo pengine inatajwa kwa jinalilelile la "Biblia", hasa katika matoleo ya Biblia ya Kiebrania .Vitabu vyake vimo katika sehemu ya kwanza ya Biblia ya Kikristo kwajina la "Agano la Kale". Biblia ya Kikristo hugawiwa sehemu mbiliambayo ni Agano la Kale na Agano Jipya. Agano la Kale lina maandikoyaliyoandikwa kabla ya Yesu Kristo na vitabu vya Agano Jipyaviliandikwa baada yake. Agano la Kale Kimsingi vitabu vya Agano laKale ni vilevile vya Biblia ya Kiebrania, ingawa madhehebu yaKikristo hutofautiana kidogo katika hilo. Ni kwamba wakati wakutokea kwa Ukristo palikuwa na tofauti ndani ya Uyahudi kuhusuvitabu vilivyohesabiwa kuwa maandiko matakatifu. Suala hiloliliondolewa kuanzia mwaka 80 BK wataalamu wa Wayahudi wa hukoJabneh (Jamnia) walipochukua msimamo mkali dhidi ya wafuasi waYesu. Kwa wakati huo Wakristo walikuwa wamezoea tayari toleo laKigiriki la maandiko matakatifu yaliyotafsiriwa katika karne ya 2KK ambalo linajulikana kwa jina la Septuaginta na kuwa na vitabukadhaa visivyokuwa vimetunzwa katika lugha asili ya Kiebrania walaya Kiaramu, au vilivyoandikwa moja kwa moja katika lugha yaKigiriki. Hivyo Biblia ya Kikristo ilikuwa na vitabu 7 (viwili vyaWamakabayo, Yoshua bin Sira, Hekima, Tobiti, Yudith na Baruku,pamoja na sehemu za Esta na Danieli) visivyokubaliwa baadaye naWayahudi. Vitabu hivyo 7 vikaja kukataliwa na Martin Luther katikakarne ya 16, halafu na Waprotestanti wengi, lakini vinazidikutumiwa na Kanisa Katoliki na Waorthodoksi kwa jina laDeuterokanoni. Agano Jipya Kuna vitabu 27 vya Agano Jipya. Vinnevya kwanza ni Injili nne zinazoleta habari za maisha, matendo namaneno ya Yesu. Vingine ni Matendo ya Mitume, Nyaraka za Mitume,hasa Mtume Paulo, na Ufunuo wa Yohane. The Holy Bible in Swahili(English Version) The Christian Bible is a collection of sacredtexts of Christianity. These texts range from the very old arecalled "books" only, inavyomaanishwa the word "Bible" is the pluralof the Greek word "biblos" or "book". Hutofautishwa and Tanakh,which is the sacred texts of Judaism and which probably refers tothe same name of the "Bible", particularly in the Hebrew Bibleversions. His books are in the first part of the Christian Bible inthe name of "Old Testament". The Christian Bible is divided as twoparts which are the Old Testament and the New Testament. The OldTestament contains texts written before Jesus Christ and the NewTestament books were written after it. Old Testament Basically theOld Testament is the Hebrew Bible as well, although Christiandenominations differ little in it. It's that time of occurrence ofChristianity there were differences within Judaism aboutvilivyohesabiwa books were Scripture. The issue was removed fromthe year 80 AD Jewish professionals in Jabneh (Jamnia) were takinga tough stance against the followers of Jesus. At that timeChristians were used ready version of the Greek section of the texttranslated in the 2nd century BC known by the name of theSeptuagint and have several books to less reserved in the originallanguages ​​of Hebrew and Aramaic, or written directly in the Greeklanguage . So the Christian Bible was a book 7 (two of theMaccabees, Joshua son of Sira, Wisdom, Tobiti, Yudith and Baruch,as well as parts of Esther and Daniel) visivyokubaliwa later andJews. 7 These books came to be rejected by Martin Luther in the16th century, then by many Protestants, but rapidly applied to theCatholic Church and Orthodox in the name of Deuterokanoni. NT Thereare 27 books of the New Testament. The first four are the fourGospels diffuses biography, works and words of Jesus. Some are Actsof the Apostles, the Epistles of the Apostles, especially Paul, andthe Revelation of John.
Bible Concordance & Strongs Offline 5.0.7 APK
Igor Apps
King James Study Bible Offline with Strong's Numbers, BibleConcordance and Strong's Concordance This improved Strong'sExhaustive Concordance will be reliable and faithful companion inyour Bible Study! KJV Study Bible with Strong's Clickable Strong'sNumbers (show/hide mode) Canonical, historical and chronologicalReading Plans for 1 Year, 180 and 90 Days Audio Bible(text-to-speech) Daily Verses with notificationsBookmarks/Notes/Highlights and more.. Strongs Concordance Strong'sHebrew and Greek Dictionaries with information from Hebrew andGreek Lexicons. Use numbers in search query to find them. Ex."2424"or "G2424" Excluded some Greek words which not used in the Bible -G1400, G1418, G2717, G3203-G3302, G4452 and G5104 All Bible Versesin concordance with clickable Strong's Numbers! Bible ConcordanceAlphabet index of all words from the King James Bible (total in app12839) ("the, and, of" are excluded - don't use them in searchquery) You can search by several words, use comma between them. Ex.- "Jesus Mary" I want to thank the wonderful people - Lynn Mooreand Lulu Couture (Maria) - who really helped me in the making ofthis Study Bible app - a huge thanks to them! I hope this app willbe your perfect companion in your Study of the Holy Bible!
Tagalog Bible (Ang Biblia) 5.6.1 APK
Igor Apps
Beautiful, fast & convenient! Features of the app * smartdesign by Android Guidelines * full day and night support * fast,easy navigation to get to a particular verse * highlight/underlineverses * add notes/bookmarks * convenient settings: change font,fontsize, linespace, italicized words, red letters * share bibleverse or several verses via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, email, SMSand etc * search the Old & New Testaments to find versescontaining an entered keyword * screen stays lit during entire AngBiblia reading * landscape & portrait support Make your readingTagalog Bible easy and pleasant with this app!
La Bible. Commentaires 2.4 APK
Igor Apps
Commentaires Bibliques et La Bible Louis Segond (Bible Commentaryin French) Aussi je vous recommande "Concordance Biblique" - voustrouver dans mes applications. Commentaires Bibliques, expliquanten détail chaque livre de la Parole de Dieu, et convenant pour uneétude plus sérieuse de la Bible. Ce commentaire a été écrit parplusieurs serviteurs du Seigneur. Les auteurs sont indiqués en têtede chaque livre. Bible commentaries and Bible King James Version(Bible Commentary in French) Also I recommend "BiblicalConcordance" - you find in my applications. Biblical comments,detailing each book of the Word of God, and suitable for a moreserious study of the Bible. This commentary was written by severalservants of the Lord. The authors are in top of each book.
english.tagalog.bible 5.6.2 APK
Igor Apps
English Tagalog Bible Offline and Free King James Version - AngBiblia (Tagalog TLAB) - Canonical, Chronological and HistoricalBible reading plans for one Year, 180 and 90 Days - Daily Verses:Daily Psalm, Gospel - you can create your own Verse of the Day! -Red letters and italicized words! - and many more! Read EnglishTagalog Bible every day!
tepteev.ihar.la_biblia_at.AOUGBEWUVNKRBFSK 5.6.2 APK
Igor Apps
Biblia Católica de Jerusalén. Antiguo Testamento y NuevoTestamento. Muchas gracias a Germán Salgar, que él ayudó a crearesta aplicación. LECTURA DE HOY Plan de Lectura Bíblica por un año,180 y 90 días. ¡Notificación Diaria le ayuda a no olvidarse de lalectura de hoy! Leer la Biblia Católica Jerusalén en un Año!VERSICULO DIARIO Evangelio de hoy, Salmo de hoy - usted puede crearsu propio verso diario de tu libros de la biblia preferidos! LABIBLIA EN AUDIO Audio compatible con la función de texto a voz.Sólo toque el verso - verá icono de audio. ¡Audio funciona OFFLINEe incluso cuando la aplicación está cerrada! ¡Escucha la BibliaJerusalén cuando no puedes leerla! GRATIS y OFFLINE ¡Todas lasfunciones funcionan fuera de línea y absolutamente de formagratuita! La Biblia de Jerusalén (BJ, francés: Bible de Jérusalem)es una versión católica de la Biblia elaborada en francés bajo ladirección de la Escuela bíblica y arqueológica francesa deJerusalén. La BJ ha sido traducida al español y otras lenguasvernáculas, ya sea en el texto bíblico o solo la parte decomentarios e introducción. Es valorada por sus introducciones,notas a pie de página, y riqueza de sus paralelos en el margen. Sela considera una Biblia de excelencia para la exégesis bíblica y laLectio Divina. Historia La Biblia de Jerusalén fue publicada enfrancés en 43 fascículos entre 1948 y 1955. La versión francesatuvo una revisión en 1973 y una edición en 1998. En español hansalido ediciones y revisiones de la BJ en 1967, 1975, 1998 y 2009.La versión en español es impresa por la editorial Desclée deBrouwer (Bilbao). Fuentes La Escuela bíblica y arqueológicafrancesa de Jerusalén usó los textos originales en hebreo, arameo ygriego para su versión en francés, en vez de la Vulgata de SanJerónimo. Para la versión en español, un equipo de traductoresespañoles emplearon también los escritos originales en hebreo,arameo y griego para el texto bíblico; mientras que lapresentación, títulos, introducciones, notas y apéndices fuerontraducidos de la versión francesa de la BJ.En las siguientesediciones de la BJ en español (católica) se han incorporadonovedades en las introducciones y notas como resultado de laactualización de la investigación bíblica. Catholic JerusalemBible. Old Testament and New Testament. Thank you very much GermánSalgar, he helped to create this application. READING TODAY BibleReading Plan for one year, 180 and 90 days. Notification Everydayhelps you not to forget reading today! Read the Catholic JerusalemBible in a Year! Daily Verse Gospel today, Salmo today - you cancreate your own daily verse from your favorite Bible books! THEBIBLE IN AUDIO Audio function compatible text to speech. Just touchthe verse - you will see audio icon. Audio works OFFLINE and evenwhen the application is closed! Hear the Bible Jerusalem when youcan not read it! FREE and OFFLINE All the functions work offlineand absolutely free! The Jerusalem Bible (BJ, French: Bible deJerusalem) is a Catholic version of the Bible produced in Frenchunder the direction of the École Biblique. BJ has been translatedinto Spanish and other vernacular languages, either in the biblicaltext or only the part of comments and introduction. It is valuedfor its introductions, footnotes page, and richness of itsparallels in the margin. It is considered a bible of excellence forbiblical exegesis and lectio divina. History The Jerusalem Biblewas published in French in 43 installments between 1948 and 1955.The French version had a review in 1973 and an edition in 1998.Spanish editions and revisions have left BJ in 1967, 1975, 1998 and2009. The Spanish version is printed by the publishing DescléeBrouwer (Bilbao). Sources The École Biblique used the originaltexts in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek for French version, instead ofthe Vulgate of St. Jerome. For the Spanish version, a team ofSpanish translators also used the original writings in Hebrew,Aramaic and Greek for the biblical text; while the presentation,titles, introductions, notes and appendices were translated fromthe French version of the BJ.En the following issues BJ in Spanish(Catholic) have been incorporated in new introductions and notes asa result of updating the biblical research.
Malayalam Bible Stories 1.0 APK
Igor Apps
Bible Stories for children and adults in Malayalam
Alkitab 5.6.2 APK
Igor Apps
Alkitab dengan Rencana Membaca dan Ayat bacaan Alkitab (IndonesianBible). Terjemahan Baru. Perjanjian Lama dan Perjanjian BaruAlkitab adalah sebutan untuk kitab suci umat Kristiani. Alkitab itumeskipun umumnya dicetak sebagai satu jilid buku, sebenarnyamerupakan kumpulan dari 66 kitab yang secara resmi diakui oleh umatKristen sebagai kitab yang diilhami oleh Tuhan Allah. Kadang-kadangdipakai sebutan Injil untuk kitab suci orang Kristen, tetapi initidak benar, karena yang disebut sebagai kitab-kitab Injil ituhanyalah empat dari 66 kitab termaksud, yaitu empat kitab pertamadalam bagian Perjanjian Baru. Kata "Alkitab" berasal dari bahasaArab, Al dan Kitab , yang secara harfiah berarti "kitab itu" atau"buku itu", di mana kata Al merupakan kata sandang khas dalambahasa Arab. Dalam Kitab Suci agama Kristen sendiri, istilahAlkitab (yang berasal dari istilah Arab) tidak dipakai, karenaKitab Suci agama Kristen diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesiadari bahasa aslinya, yaitu bahasa Ibrani, Aram dan Yunani. BibleReading Plan and Verses Bible (Indonesian Bible). New Translation.The Old Testament and the New Testament The Bible is thedesignation for the holy book of Christians. Bible althoughgenerally printed as one volume, is actually a collection of 66books that are officially recognized by Christians as a bookinspired by God. Sometimes used the term gospel to the Christianscriptures, but this is not true, because the so-called Gospelswere only four of 66 books referred, namely the first four books ofthe New Testament passage. The word "Bible" comes from Arabic, Aland the Book, which literally means "the book" or "book", in whichthe word Al is a typical clothing word in Arabic. In the HolyScripture of Christianity itself, biblical term (derived from theArabic) is not used, because the Bible is Christianity translatedinto Indonesian from the original languages, namely Hebrew, Aramaicand Greek.