1.0 / May 10, 2017
(3.4/5) (9)


BicReversi is a new rule boadgame.Waiting for a confidentchallenger.BicDisc have the game in one's hands.Features -+ SinglePlayer or Two Players.+ 3 Levels.+ 8x8 Board and 6x6 Board.+Intelligent AI.

App Information Bic Reversal

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    Bic Reversal
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  • Updated
    May 10, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.2 and up
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    cocolo-bit Inc.
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    Saito Building 4F 1-7-5 Shimoochiai Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 161-0033 JAPAN
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おすなよ! 絶対おすなよ!やかん投げるなって!!!やかんを投げて棒人間を熱湯風呂に落とすアクションパズル!頭脳とテクニックを駆使して100ステージクリアを目指せ!!全ステージ1発クリアできたら天才だ!Namale! Absolute pressure,!Kettle throw Na me! ! !Action puzzlethrowing kettle drop the stick man in hot water bath!Aim the 100stage clear by making full use of brains and techniques! !It'sgenius After all stage one shot clear can!
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がんばれ!ルルロロとcocolo-bitのコラボゲーム登場!おいしそうなスイーツを積み上げよう!◆あそびかた◆お皿の上に美味しいスイーツを積み上げてね。落とすスイーツをスライドしてね。落とす位置を決めたら指を離して落とそう。タッチする画面はどこでもOKでしょ。スイーツをお皿から落とすとゲームオーバー。Gofor it! Collaboration game appearance of cocolo-bit andRururoro!Let Tsumiageyo sweets delicious!◆ ◆ How to PlayI built upa delicious Suites on top of the dish.I slide the Suites todrop.Let Otoso Release the finger Once you have decided thelocation to drop.Screen to touch probably OK anywhere.Game OverDropping from the dish Suites.
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早撃ちガンマン 1.0 APK
西部劇である早撃ちの決闘。ガンマンになりきって銃を抜け!2人で遊べるモードもあります。お約束のフェイントやられも!◆遊びかた◆!マークが出たらSHOOTボタンをタッチ。Earlyshot of duel is western. And exits the gun is fully become agunman!There is also the play mode two people.Even beaten feint ofpromise!◆ play how ◆! Touch the SHOOT button If you get marks.