2.0 / October 15, 2018
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App Information BIG SCREEN Cinemas Caloundra

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    BIG SCREEN Cinemas Caloundra
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    October 15, 2018
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    Android 8.0 and up
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    CertainEdge Pty Ltd
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BIG SCREEN Cinemas Caloundra 2.0 APK
First2Click Schools Worker 2.1.0 APK
Want to work in Schools? Get First2Click now.Don’t go from schoolto school handing out your resume, download First2Click and selectthe schools where you want to work on your phone. First2Click givesyou access to apply to work at any Queensland Public Schoolnow.First2Click is a unique way to find work that makes life easierfor job seekers. Instead of waiting for jobs to be advertised, youcan register with the schools you want to work at now! Schools areconstantly looking for quality support staff and reliefworkers.Enter your experience and competencies and the schools willfind you! They can offer you an interview via a notification onyour phone.Once you are on a schools relief pool, you can pick upextra shifts as you want them by being first to click!Know whereand when you have to be at work – your shifts for all schools thatyou work at will appear on your phone.Your work roster appears onyour phone and when you can’t work, simply register as unable towork your shift with the click of a button.With First2Click youcan:Set up your profile including: • Personal details • Location •Photo • The types of work you do • The Schools you want to work at• Specify the days and times you want to work and any upcomingleave/holidays • When a School offers you an interview you canaccept or reject it with a reason • See your roster on your phone •Register as unable to work your shift • Pick up extra shifts bybeing first to clickFirst2Click is free to use. However, futurereleases may require a subscription fee to be paid to use certainfeatures.
First2Care Support Worker App 2.2.7 APK
The First2Care Support Worker App is designed to enable SupportWorkers to connect with Employers (registered Providers, Carers orpeople with a disability) who wish to employ you to provide supportservices.Once you’ve completed your Support Worker Profile, it willappear in searches for the support types you offer and accreditedto provide, and uses geographical filters to promote you toemployers local to you. These Support Profiles will be listed in areal-time job market for you to be shortlisted and approved, using‘values based’ criteria and skills, referrals andrecommendations.Once shortlisted, you, as the Support Worker willbe contacted via the app, which connects to the First2Care webapplication, and offered an interview. Employers can then approveand connect with you, before engaging and rostering your supportand publishing these to the Support Worker App. First2Carefeatures:• The Support Worker can connect to one employer or workwith many• Employers are able review worker profiles and basicskills• Directly manage the interview process via the App•First2Care supports online scheduling and rosters, pushnotifications and emails Support Workers, showing availability,conflicts and warnings.• Shift availability can be published to oneperson or many pre-approved Support Workers, with the first workerto click the shift picking up work• Able to manage the emergencyreplacement of Support Workers automatically or manually.•Available shift notification – triggered by Support Workers notbeing able to work – published to relief pool with the first toclick gaining the shift.Support Workers can manage their work lifebalance and find rewarding, new employment opportunities in therapidly growing disability support market. Through First2Care,Healthcare and Support workers can:i. Build a Professional Profile(displaying their work type, competency, experience and references)and be found by employers who are wanting to employ Support Workersor fill a roster in real timeii. Pursue flexible employmentopportunities as a Support Worker for one employer and on theRelief Pool for anotheriii. Be seamlessly connected to NDISParticipants and Service Providers looking to directly engageSupport Workers or build their emergency relief pooliv. Readilyview work rosters, client information and times that they arescheduled to work on any given day v. Point themselves at multipleemployers for full-time, part-time or casual shifts so they have agreater chance of gaining work and alleviating the problem ofunderemployment, and vi. Access vacant shifts and receive emergencyreplacement shift notifications when they are first publishedYouremployer prequalifies Support Workers based on:i. Distanceii.Qualificationsiii. Availability iv. Values-based ‘match making’criteria Subscription to the First2Care Support Worker App isfree.A ‘real-time’ competitive job market for both Non-Accredited(Personal Carers and Support Workers) and Accredited HealthcareWorkers (Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists,Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Nurses, Dentists and other healthprofessionals).The First2Care Support Worker App seamlesslyconnects Participants, Support Workers and Providers, enablingchoice and control at every step of the journey. Dream of therewarding career you want. Plan and pursue your opportunities withFirst2Care. Live the beautiful life you want to live.
Belle Property Erich Conradie Sherwood 1.1.132 APK
Welcome to Belle Property Erich Conradie Sherwood app. This app isall you need to receive promotions and offers from your local BelleProperty real estate agent Erich Conradie and local businesses.Within this app you will be able to see all the Upcoming Events inthe local area (e.g. fetes, sporting group sign-on and functions,charity events, festivals, shows, et al); Location map to finddirections to key facilities and businesses; Promotions and offersand local community news. The speciality suburbs are: ChelmerGracevilleSherwoodCorindaOxleyTennysonShare the app with yourfriends and get excited about awesome promotions and offers fromBelle Property and the local businesses. Make sure you allownotifications for the app and you’ll never miss one of our amazingoffers. Features:- Shows you what’s on within our specialitysuburbs- Let you know of upcoming events, activities and news inthe local area- Notifies you of upcoming events and exclusiveoffers- Show cases Belle Property Sherwood Open Homes for you toattend- Let’s you know of recent property sales in your area-Receive Notifications on your selected Profile Preferences- Use themap to find places of interest
uniDap Hotel 1.2.164 APK
The uniDap Hotel app is a demonstration app for owners, managersanddecision makers of hotels and accommodation businesses. Itallowsthem to view some of the many features and functionalitiesthat areincluded in the developer’s licensed mobile appsstraightout-of-the-box with no additional customisation fee chargesorhidden development costs. They can simply determine whichfeaturesand functions they would like available without an accountbeingcreated, those features, functions and offerings that theywouldlike only to become visible once an account has been created.Theyget to choose the order and change the names for thevariousbuttons they wish to create. They can also play with thecolourpallet to determine which colour scheme combinations wouldbestsuit their brand. It would prompt them to assemble theircontentartifacts prior to completing their own custom app prior toitbeing submitted to the app stores.This demonstration app is agreatway for those aspiring to have their own business’ custom appto bedeveloped using this demo app as a means to get theircreativejuices engaged with the process. It gives you avisualrepresentation of the app and how it will work for yourbusiness.It is an opportunity to experience firsthand some of thegreatusability features and functions that will be available foryourown client/customer/guest or user groups. The uniDap Hotel apphasdeliberately used the hotel/motel accommodation industry sectorasits target example for this demo app, however it could beutilisedfor other industry user groups. Standard Features of theappinclude:- Access to Premium Wi-Fi - each time a guest returnstothe Hotel their Wi-Fi, if turned on, will automaticallyconnect.-In-app brochures for everything you would use physicalbrochuresfor. They have the advantage of being conveniently on theguest’sphone, hard to lose, and able to integrate themselves withGoogleMaps or a Website for more information or actions to be takenifneeded. They can also be updated online, rather than bygettinganother batch printed – so ideal for short term eventsandattractions. - Ability to make Direct Bookings through the appforeither in-venue events and offerings or alternativelyforsurrounding establishments that may be of interest to them e.g.forevents, eating, entertainment, chauffeur drivers, tourguides,local attractions, night clubs et al. - In-app specialOffers andrewards exclusive to the hotels app users- Ease ofcompleting aTrip Advisor Review- Direct Web Links to nearbyactivities andbooking systems- QR Codes for more information andspecial offers-Communication via Push Notifications - Communicationvia SMSMessaging- Analytic Reporting and dashboards