1.0.5 / August 31, 2017
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Enter a fast-paced motorcycle race in Y8 Presents Bike Riders, anew 3D racing game that aims for a realistic biking challenge.Select your bike and the track to race on, and you’re all set for ahigh-speed challenge. Hop onto your bike and race down the highway,grabbing speed boosts and other power-ups as you fight to win therace and earn the best possible time.But watch out! You aren’t theonly ones on the road. Put your skills to the test and weavebetween other vehicles to avoid a disastrous collision. Don’t losetrack of the other racers! You’ll need speed and precision to makethe most of each moment and earn your victory.Will you claimvictory as the motorcycle racing champion?FEATURES6 exciting roadsto race on with their own feature and challenges6 motorcycles tounlock as you win each raceFast-paced, high-speed racingactionRealistic 3D graphics7 achievements to unlockAre you ready tochallenge yourself and win the race?

App Information Bike Riders : Bike Racing Game

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    Bike Riders : Bike Racing Game
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    August 31, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Web Entertainment Limited Unit 1038, 10th Floor, Central Building 1-3 Pedder Street, Central Hong Kong
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