1.8 / June 21, 2019
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Race your dirt bike over the beaches of Hawaii, doing all sorts offlips, tricks and stunts. Can you manage the hoops of death whereyou need to drive the bike all the way through? Fighting gravity todo a vertical loop. Can you reach the logs, hitting that jumpbottom and land without smashing your crosser into the ground? Wehave now added a store. You earn credits for each level complete.These can be used to unlock completely new bikes! No cost to you.It’s completely FREE. Simply earn credits by playing the game.Which dirt bike will you choose? Can you see the one you want toaim for? With a variety of prices and types, there’s a lot to pickfrom! Features: All new bike controls. We have added the abilityfor the bike to even jump in the air with the tap of a button. Togo along with the tilt controls, throttle and brake. Awesome 3Dgraphics that really make you feel like you’re riding over a realHawaiian beach. Bike store so you can race with the motocross rideof your lif

App Information Bike Tricks: Hawaii Trails

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    Bike Tricks: Hawaii Trails
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    June 21, 2019
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Mobile Agenda FZE LLC
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    B-1107-02, Grand Tower, Ajman, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
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