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There are a billion reasons to playBillionDollar Robbery slots! This classic slot is equipped with thebestslot features around – free spins, your choice of line countand ofcourse bigger max bets! So do yourself a favor, download andstartplaying NOW!

Game Features

► Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine with realistic slot machinehandlethat gives you the Classic Vegas slot experience!!
► The biggest MEGA wins on mobile!
► Choose up to 3 bet lines – you’ll be hitting multi-line wins innotime!
► Wild Symbols that replaces any Symbol and Bonus Coins – Every4hours!!
► Brilliant HD graphics and premium sound effects – onlythebest!
► You really can't lose so rack up those jackpotsandauto-spins!
► This slot is a wild ride so prepare for Fast stops!andWildcards!
► Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!

When it comes to classic slots, there are none more soughtafterthan Billion Dollar Robbery! That’s right, this classic slotisknown for taking from the rich and giving to you! Beat thecasinoby doubling down on your MEGA WINS! If you like winning, thenthisslot is for you – and the best part is, it’s FREE!

Robbery has never looked so good! With hand paintedgraphics,premium sound and the best realistic slot handle outthere, youwill never want to stop spinning! There are so many waysfor you towin, you couldn’t lose if you tried!

Have you ever tried to plot your own robbery? Bet it wasn’tabillion-dollar robbery! Well don’t worry, you don’t have toplananything – we have done that for you! All you have to do isstartspinning and start winning!

If you are a lover of classic Vegas slots, then BillionDollarRobbery is the slot for you! Let this slot take you back totheglory days of Vegas, where money won felt as good asabillion-dollar robbery! And, of course, let’s not forgetthisslot's incredible features! Prepare your boost multiplier andgetready for some BIG BONUS COINS!

App Information Billion Dollar Robbery Slots

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    Billion Dollar Robbery Slots
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  • Updated
    July 26, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Bluto Games
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Get ready for a dragon themed slot thatwillknock your socks off! The biggest bonus boost out there andseriouswinnings! If you love classic Vegas slots with seriousjackpotpotential, then you will love Dragon Domination! Downloadand PLAYNOW! FREE!Game Features► Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine with realistic slot machinehandlethat gives you the Classic Vegas slot experience!!► The biggest MEGA wins on mobile!► Choose up to 3 bet lines – you’ll be hitting multi-line wins innotime!► Wild Symbols that replaces any Symbol and Bonus Coins – Every4hours!!► Brilliant HD graphics and premium sound effects – onlythebest!► You really can't lose so rack up those jackpotsandauto-spins!► This slot is a wild ride so prepare for Fast stops!andWildcards!► Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!Many people are familiar with the legend of the twin dragonswhoruled over the ancient world. Few people, however, arefamiliarwith the triple dragon! Three dragons, who dominate classicslotjackpots! Spin three dragons and win big!The classic Vegas slot scene will never be the same! HanddrawnHD graphics combined with brilliant color schemes andpremiumdragon sound! This slot will have you seeing dragonseverywhere yougo! So what are you waiting for, download DragonDomination andstart using your bonus boost!Dragons have been known to visit Vegas now and again! Butdon’tfret, they are generally harmless! They are really justinterestedin Dragon Domination slots! They know it has the bestfeatures ofany dragon slot around! Multi-line spins, boostmultiplier, freespins and the biggest classic Vegas jackpots!Don’t wait, download the best fiery dragon slot comboaround!Once you start playing, you will forget what it means tolose! Rackup your jackpots and MEGA WINS – you will be on fire likedragonbreath!
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Swift Hit Plutonium Pokies is aSlotspowerhouse paying the most EXPLOSIVE JACKPOTS that you can getyourhands on anywhere. Freak out when you get a chain reaction ofgoodluck and ATOMIC ODDS to win big. This supercharged Pokies isfilledwith the characteristics and suspense of first-rate VegasstyledSlot Machines.★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★►This is the Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine you’ll want toplayagain & again!►The 3D slot machine handle takes your Slots experience to thenextradioactive level!►You’ll love the extraordinary HD Graphics & convincingHDSounds!►Auto Spin to your hearts content to score bona fideTOPNOTCHpayouts!►Appreciate the Multilingual UI when you choose your own languagetoplay!►Let loose & play all day choosing up to 3 bet linesforEXCEPTIONAL wins!►Everyone who plays longer is rewarded with Bonus Coins every4hours!►Split atoms with Wild Symbols Replacing ANY Symbol!Plutonium is an extremely rare element that can befoundnaturally in the Earth’s crust or isolated manually from asampleof uranium. This quick hit Slots has epic reels that containanexplosive amount of Free Spins, sevens, cherries, and specialWildsto hit jackpots that are apocalyptic in nature. Plutonium isusedin nuclear reactors and also as a source of power for spacecraftsand artificial heart pacemakers. Get your heart pounding withaPokies that gives you a Slots experience like you just steppedintoa Las Vegas casino. Let off steam with a Slot Machine thatbrings areactor full of awesome good luck so you can hit it rich.Blast offwith cosmic jackpots in a Pokies that keeps youentertained frommorning into the night. This Slots leaves a trailof radioactivesmoke behind it as you spin your way to win afterwin. There’snothing like a nuclear fallout of gold Bonus Coins tomake younever want to stop playing this Slot Machine. Plutonium isnamedafter the dwarf planet Pluto. In Greek mythology, Pluto wasthe godof wealth and money. Get ready for this Pokies to spoil youwithwinnings that are fit for a god. This is a Slots that is suretotake your breath away with its immersive gameplay. Make afortunewith this Pokies just by having fun. Play Swift HitPlutoniumPokies today and every day.
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Hot, classic slots and serious wins! Getreadyfor a lot with the biggest MAX BETS and an AUTO SPIN functionthatwill have you racking in the FREE SPINS and MEGA WINS! Don’twait!You know what to do! Download and WIN NOW!Game Features►Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine with realistic slot machinehandlethat gives you the Classic Vegas slot experience!!►The biggest MEGA wins on mobile!► Choose up to 3 bet lines – you’ll be hitting multi-line wins innotime!► Wild Symbols that replaces any Symbol and Bonus Coins – Every4hours!!► Brilliant HD graphics and premium sound effects – onlythebest!► You really can't lose so rack up those jackpotsandauto-spins!► This slot is a wild ride so prepare for Fast stops!andWildcards!► Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!Hot Burning Fives, that’s what we need alright! Spinthreeburning fives and you will see what it means to be alive! Somuchenergy and so much fun all in one slot! So take this blast fromthepast for all its worth! Because once you are on fire there willbeno stopping you! MEGA WINS and serious JACKPOTS!Get ready for a slot with so much flair that you can help butgetsucked in! Be prepared to double or triple your winnings intheblink of an eye! Spinning this slot will have you discoveringnewways to win at every jackpot! All you have to do is downloadandstart winning!Hot Burning Fives makes you feel like you’re spinning inthe1950’s – only this time you can take advantage of the multiplelinecounts! The sleek look and design of this slot is only enhancedbyits hand drawn HD graphics! And don’t forget about thepremiumsound that will have you dreaming of Vegas!Hot Burning Fives is the newest classic slot out there! Notonlythat, it’s so hot you won’t be able to help but find multiplewaysof winning! This slot is packed full with awesome featureslikeFREE SPINS, BONUS COINS and of course HUGE MAX BETS! Enjoy!
Free Slots: Run of the Buffalo 1.0 APK
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Run of the Buffalo Pokies Slots is whereyoucan stampede your way to GREAT PAYOUTS. Hightail it to thePlains,in America, where everything is bigger including thejackpots.Breathe in that fresh country air and rustle up your shareof MEGAWINNINGS with a Classic Slots just like you’d find in LasVegas.
★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★►Enjoy home on the range HD Graphics and the HD Sounds oftheAmerican Old West!►Giddy-up to win ENORMOUS payouts as you choose up to 3betlines!►MAMMOTH wins are coming your way with this Classic 3 ReelsSlotMachine!►The 3D slot machine handle makes this Slots a real casinostyledexperience!►Skedaddle over to the Auto Spin option and rack upthewinnings!►Mosey over to the Multilingual UI & choose what languageyouwant to play in!►Stay a spell and enjoy the grasslands to win Bonus Coins every4hours!►Have a thundering good time when Wild Symbols ReplaceANYSymbol!Centuries ago, millions of buffalo roamed the vast grasslandsofAmerica. Travel back in time with this Pokies to win money andseethese mighty beasts meander, in huge herds, across thePlains.Witness the power and the beauty of the buffalo in themajestic HDgraphics of this Slots. The American Buffalo could weighover 2,000pounds and they were the dominant species in theirhabitats with nonatural predators. Only the young, sick, and weakrisked beingtaken by predators like wolves and mountain lions. Ababy buffalocould run mere hours after being born. In this Pokies,anythingunusual could prompt these wild animals to stampede. Thiswillbring you a powerful storm of good luck and make you rich.Thisclassic Slots is running rampant with great odds and you’resure toround up piles of Bonus Coins and exceptional cash winnings.Withinseconds of playing, thousands of buffalo and Wild symbols areinmotion making this Pokies a satisfyingly good time. Thebuffalosnort and gallop across the grasslands towards the gold andthegiant fortunes you chase in Slots. Overhead, eagles fly inthedazzling blue sky as the buffalo thunder forward in theirendlesssearch for more Free Spins. This Pokies rumbles into yourheart asit storms past with a spectacular cloud of wins in itswake. Playnow and start your own stampede with Run of the BuffaloPokiesSlots.
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The Real King! Slot Machine is a Vegascasinostyled experience to swoon about. Snag a front row seat andGREATODDS where you can enjoy the King of Rock and Roll struttingpastthe reels. Make your dreams come true by scoring some oftheHOTTEST WINNINGS around. Elvis has not left the building!★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★►You’ll feel “Burning Love” for this Classic 3 ReelsSlotMachine!►This Slots features hunky HD Graphics & crooningHDSound!►Auto Spin is like a “Good Luck Charm” that getsAWESOMEpayouts!►Choose up to 3 bet lines & feel “That’s All Right Mama”whenyou hit MEGA wins!►Every 4 hours you’ll be dancing in your “Blue Suede Shoes”withloads of Bonus Coins!►Get “All Shook Up” with Wild Symbols that replace ANYsymbol!►Multilingual UI lets you play in the language that’s “StuckonYou”!►You “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with the 3D slot machinehandlethat mimics a real Vegas casino!A hush fell over the huge crowd and the lights dimmed intheclub. A spotlight illuminated the world famous Rock and Rollstarwho sauntered onstage clutching a guitar. A woman fainted inthefront row as Elvis Presley brushed aside a lock of jet blackhairfrom his eyes and said, “Since my baby left me, I found a newSlotMachine to play. It’s made me quite a fortune and I playiteveryday.” The crowd went wild and roared their approval.Getstar-struck with a Slots that delivers a rich experienceandheart-pounding payouts. This rockabilly Slots is theultimatetribute to the King of Rock and Roll. Turn up the volume,dancewith lucky sevens, and shake your hips when you win rockstarjackpots. You’ll feel your temperature rising for this SlotMachinewith its lavish amount of Free Spins. This Slots rewards youwithmore Bonus Coins than Elvis had gold records. Have the time ofyourlife listening to a real music idol while winning dreamyjackpots.You’ll never be lonesome tonight when you play this Slots.Enjoyextravagant jackpots playing a real casino styled Slots. Havefunall night long with The Real King! Slot Machine. VivaLasVegas!