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"→ Binge eating disorder is a common eating disorders whereyoufrequently eat large amounts of food while feeling powerlesstostop and extremely distressed during or after eating.Bingeeatingdisorder typically begins in late adolescence or earlyadulthood,often after a major diet. During a binge, you may eateven whenyou’re not hungry and continue eating long after you’refull. Youmay also binge so fast you barely register what you’reeating ortasting. Unlike bulimia, however, there are noregularattempts to “make up” for the binges through vomiting,fasting, orover-exercisingYou may find that binge eating iscomforting for abrief moment, helping to ease unpleasant emotionsor feelings ofstress, depression, or anxiety. But then reality setsback in andyou’re flooded with feelings of regret andself-loathing. Bingeeating often leads to weight gain and obesity,which onlyreinforces compulsive eating. The worse you feel aboutyourself andyour appearance, the more you use food to cope. Itbecomes avicious cycle: Eating to feel better, feeling even worse,and thenturning back to food for relief. As much as you may feelpowerlessto break this cycle, there are plenty of things you can dotobetter manage your emotions and regain control over your eatingandyour health.¤ Binge eating disorder App features:What isbingeeating disorder?Signs and symptoms.Causes and effects.Bingeeatingrecovery tips.How to help someone with bingeeatingdisorder.Healthy Recipes.Weight Loss.SpecialDiets.MealPlans.Healthy Eating 101.Install this App NOW! And helpyourselfand your family members to stop Binge eating disorder.☺"

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"♥♥ Eating disorder recovery App shows you How to Overcome YourEating Disorder and Gain True Self-Confidence→ True recovery fromeating disorders involves learning to:Listen to yourfeelings.Listen to your body.Accept yourself.Love yourself.Whatdoes recovery from an eating disorder look like? What does it feellike? Taste like? It’s not always the pretty picture that you (oryour family and friends) might have hoped for. I wish it wassunshine and rainbows and kittens andice-cream-sundaes-whenever-you-feel-like-it, but that would be aterrible misrepresentation and would not expose the real depth andstruggle that “recovery” is. We decided to create this Eatingdisorder recovery App to help dispel some of the thoughts aboutrecovery, and to acknowledge the equally challenging struggle thatfamilies, friends, spouses, partners, neighbors, and coworkers facewhen someone they love is walking this journey of recovery. Theroad to eating disorder recovery starts with admitting you have aproblem. This admission can be tough, especially if you’re stillclinging to the belief even in the back of your mind that weightloss is the key to happiness, confidence, and success. Even whenyou finally understand this isn’t true, old habits are still hardto break. The good news is that the eating disorder behaviorsyou’ve learned can be unlearned if you’re motivated to change andwilling to ask for help. However, overcoming an eating disorder isabout more than giving up unhealthy eating behaviors. It’s alsoabout rediscovering who you are beyond your eating habits, weight,and body image. Eating disorder recovery App features:Reaching outfor support.Getting treatment.Coping with anorexia andbulimia.Developing a balanced relationship with food.Learning toaccept and love yourself.Tips for avoiding eating disorderrelapse.Helping Someone with an Eating Disorder.Eating DisorderTreatment and Recovery.Anorexia Nervosa.Binge eating disorder.HELPyourself and your family by Installing Eating disorder recovery AppNOW! "
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"Golf clubs App helps you to find clubs used to hit a golf ball inagame of golf.To find a Golf Clubs within the world, search byregionor search by clicking on the map. You can find:Clubs whichallowonline bookings and accept online paymentsMaps for directionstoclubsContact details for clubsMembership information aboutaclubCourse information at a clubGolf clubs App helps you tofindgolf equipment that matches your unique swing mechanics andplayingstyle. Move from a fairway wood or iron to an easier-to-hithybrid.Customize the lie and loft of your club to the uniquemechanics ofyour game. New adjustability settings let you dial inyour club fora more customized game.With the right club, you canenjoy your timeon the course. Outfit your bag with theseessentials: Golf driversfor launching it off the tee like neverbefore.Golf irons and ironsets for maximum playability.Fairwaywoods for breakthroughdistance and trajectory.Hybrid golf clubs forbridging the gapbetween your iron and fairway wood.Putters forpinpoint accuracy inyour short game.Install Golf clubs App now andfind out the bestclubs and equipements."