1.02 / February 4, 2016
(3.8/5) (533)


Bingo Adventure is a classic adventure game!

In order to take back Barzo’s eyebrow, you will explore in thismysterious land to smash various obstacles!

Both scenes and roles in game are 3D style. The graphics arelovely and novel. You will love it once you play it.

It adopts the traditional operation mode. Same way to usebuttons of Jump, Forward and Attack! You will be skillful tocontrol the game easily and experience the fun in game!

In order to help Barzo get back his brows, you have to step onthe journey full of traps, cliffs and dreadful monsters.

You will fail if you fall into the ravine or touch obstacles ormonsters.

How long will you go in this fantastic journey? Come on and havea try!



★★★★★ Exquisite 3D graphics

★★★★★ Traditional operation mode

★★★★★ Novel story and plot

★★★★★ Elaborate level

App Information Bingo Adventure

  • App Name
    Bingo Adventure
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  • Updated
    February 4, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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  • Developer
    Serkan Bakar
  • Installs
    100,000 - 500,000
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Bingo Adventure Version History

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  • 1.01 (2)
  • Bingo Adventure 1.01 APK File

    Publish Date: 2015 /8/21
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 27.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API: 21)
    File Sha1: 5aa1f547820e0e33b65a3e71be4c8334e2d5afcc
    APK Signature: 093ea5f4deddf04868840a56db99a7b87d5e1af4

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Bingo Adventure 1.02 APK
Serkan Bakar
Bingo Adventure is a classic adventure game!In order to take back Barzo’s eyebrow, you will explore in thismysterious land to smash various obstacles!Both scenes and roles in game are 3D style. The graphics arelovely and novel. You will love it once you play it.It adopts the traditional operation mode. Same way to usebuttons of Jump, Forward and Attack! You will be skillful tocontrol the game easily and experience the fun in game!In order to help Barzo get back his brows, you have to step onthe journey full of traps, cliffs and dreadful monsters.You will fail if you fall into the ravine or touch obstacles ormonsters.How long will you go in this fantastic journey? Come on and havea try! ★Features★★★★★★ Exquisite 3D graphics★★★★★ Traditional operation mode★★★★★ Novel story and plot★★★★★ Elaborate level
Demonic Manor- Horror survival game 1.17 APK
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You have just found the #1 cartoony endlessrunner.Run away from a black tiger to save your life. Break, jump over,slide under and dodge obstacles for a non-stop run.İndiana Barzo, candidate to be the best 3D running game! Anaddictive game that you will not unhand.Perfectly designed venues, maps, excellent game physics, barrierand character.A rapid, fast an a hard adventure is calling you!!!DASH as fast as you can!DODGE the oncoming platforms!Indiana Barzo is the best free endless 3D running and jumpinggameSwipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins andbuy power ups, Shoot the vase, and see how far you can run! Allyour friends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?There are many dangerous obstacles here, and the kid must do herbest to run, jump and fly to pass it.More power-ups, diamonds and coins are waiting for you. UtiliseBarzo's powers to dodge hazards, jump over barriers and speedaround loop de loopsFeatures :- Simple and precise touch controls.- Colorful and vivid HD graphics!- Amazing graphic, sound effect funny!- New level mode- Shooting the objectHere we go!
Deadly Racing-spy cars 2.00 APK
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Deadly Racing-spy cars is a thrilling racinggame based on real physical model.Accelerate, reverse and brake, all of that you can do on the track.With the help of track, you can also flip and leap. Survive to theend is your goal!Tap right or left to control turning. Sprint to leap obstacles whennecessary!Does it sound easy to operation? Yeah, but it is not easy to raceon the tracks. Most attractively are the elaborate levels andtracks.Each level is the combination of skill and difficulty. You mustthink ways to complete. Don’t go out of the tracks, or game over! Reach the end withingiven time, or game over!Focus your mind and control the car to start your thrillingrace!★Features★★★★★★ Realistic physical model ★★★★★ Real 3D space ★★★★★ Interesting gameplay ★★★★★ Various levels
Goodbye Aliens Action Platform 1.96.2 APK
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The Future is now, interstellar travel existsthanks to the discovery of the wormhole, but this has createdWar………… as Zigor invades planet Earth and a clash of our clansensues.  Can you rid the planet of these invaders and save thehuman race?Get ready for this amazing adventure throughout 11 levels. GoodbyeAliens is a classic platform game that combines old school gameplay with modern arcade playability. Jump all over this beautifulworld and get as many coins as you can. Defeat different enemiesand try to complete every level in time. Enjoy the classic platformgame, now with enhanced playability!Jump and shoot at the aliens in this retro style, classic freeplatform game. Jump for coins, dodge the obstacles and kill enemies asyou make your way through the 11 exciting levels . The challengeawaits you!! - MISSION –Run, jump and shoot!Get rid of invading aliens.Save the Earth in this Retro Style Platform Game – Aliens in myBackYard!! -FEATURES-A realistically styled 3D & 2D World!11 addictive and challenging levelsCutting edge retro style graphics4 different World themesSuper simple controlsEndlessly addictiveLots of enemies to defeat.Intuitive controls.Smooth graphics and soundsClassic platformer game style.If you like retro style classic platform game then this is for youas free.
Ninjup endless runner 1.05 APK
Serkan Bakar
You are a ninja. Retro style arcade graphicsand cute music in this endless runner game . Do you want to bestrunner ninja? Lets playRun, jump and don't fall ! Your mission isto be the best runner ninja.Race your friends. Share yourscore.Diffucult platformsEasy controlsRetro style graphics
Super Barzo adventure platformer 3d 1.12 APK
Serkan Bakar
Alien Zigor, coming from 962 million light years away, landed tothe Barzoworld while Barzo was sound asleep. The place he landedwas the garden of Barzo's. His aim was to steal the middle of theeyebrow of the man who has the brushiest eyebrow in the world.Because he needed a brushy moustache to be able to look bad, morecharismatic. Because of he couldn't have moustache, his only hopewas Barzo. He came into his house sneakily and removed the middle ,which is the most vital part, of his eyebrow by rubbing withshaving blade and took it.He was achieved his goal. He hadmoustache now. He thought about staying for 2-3 days while he camebut he was about to do the biggest mistake of his life. Barzo wokeup and realized his eyebrow was stolen. Barzo learned the thief ofhis eyebrow from his neighbor, got so angry and now he was runninginto a big adventure to take his revenge from Allien Zigor. Fromnow the adventure had begun! Are you ready for the WILD CHALLENGESof this amazing adventure? Are you ready to save Barzoland andbecome the real hero of the day? It's not gonna be easy: you willneed to be quick, run and jump like a to save your World from Zigarthe wiked. For lovers of this old retro style addincting games,Super Barzo Epic adventure is the perfect challenge; hours and horsof fun for you and your friends, you can download and play thisamazing platformer game for FREE! The game has 11 amazing levels,with new enemies, creature,bat,traps, challenges and incredibleadventures. The incredible HD graphic designing great spaces andcrafted characters will drag you into this fantastic world, whereyou're gonna be the real hero fighting against the alien, Zigor thewicked. Even if you don't need to use INSANE WEAPONS to win thisfight, this is a real modern retro combat game style: our friendSuper Barzo, the hero of Barzoland , is the world's most eyebrowsbushy-browed man of all the times, and we can fight better .Jump onyour enemies head and smash them with the power and Charisma ofBarzo; thanks to his great skills, you will be able to overcomeevery enemy in front of you during the game, and to avoid alla ofthe traps that Zigar the alien placed on your path. Sometimes youcan escape from a situation, sometimes you have to take thechallenge and fight to save your world from an alien invasion. Ournew friend, Mr. Amazing Mustache Super Barzo, is ready to startthis incredible 3d platformer adventure, and is asking you to joinhim. He needs your help to jump and run trought these amazing 11levels, to share the glory of the victory with you and yourfriends. This new amazing game is already a legend!!! And now youcan download it for FREE Super Barzo Epic adventure game is veryeasy to play and has an amazing 3d platformer and 2D graphic,allowing the player to fully experience the amazing atmosphere ofthis fantastic world, Barzoland. You will easily learn all of thejumping and running options, to use all of the great skills of thisamazing hero and to win the challenge of this arcade platformergame. Features + Amazing 3d-2d graphics + 4 different fantasticworlds + 11 levels incredible levels + You can save your leveleverytime you stop the game + Funny and challenging + Differentjumping and running options + Gamepad support (Android gamepad)
Sor Bana Bilgi Yarışması 1.01 APK
Serkan Bakar
Sor bana bir bilgi yarışmasıdır.Genişsoruhavuzuna sahip çeşitli konular hakkındaki sorular iledilediğinizkadar ücretsiz olarak yarışabilir ve bilginizi testedebilirsiniz.4 adet seviyede, tarih coğrafya,matematik bilginiziölçüpdeğerlendirebilirsiniz. Genel kültür, edebiyat, sinema, spor,tarihve coğrafya konularında yüzlerce soru özenlehazırlanmıştır.GenelKültür, Tarih, Coğrafya, Kültür Sanat, Spor,Edebiyat, Müzik,Magazin, Sinema ve Çocuk kategorilerinde yüzlercegüncel soruçözmeniz için sizi bekliyor.Hem eğlenin hem de kendinizi geliştirin...You can race as freeasyou want to ask me questions about various topics withinformationyarışmasıdır.geniş question pool and you can test yourknowledge.There are 4 levels, history and geography, can measureand evaluateyour knowledge of mathematics. General culture,literature, cinema,sports, hundreds of questions on history andgeography carefullyhazırlanmıştır.genel Culture, History,Geography, Culture, Art,Sports, Literature, Music, Celebrities,Film and waiting for you toresolve hundreds of actual questions inthe children's category.Have fun both to improve yourself ...