1.5.3 / June 6, 2019
(4.7/5) (186903)


***The Best Bingo Experience for FREE!*** Bingo by IGG combines HDgraphics, tons of Collectibles and fun-packed Bingo action to bringyou hours of fun! Play across the globe at famous landmarks withmillions worldwide! With wild Boost items, special rooms, engagingBonus Games, and fun-packed Slots, Bingo by IGG is sure to be yourNo. 1 bingo stop! Join the fun today! Game Features: * UpgradableBoosts. * Special rooms with special odds. * Gorgeous Slots. *Unlock Bonus Games to win even MORE! * Complete Collections to winGems! * Free Daily Bonuses. * Massive Bingo Jackpots. * LuxuriousVIP benefits. * And much more to come! Like us on Facebook and keepup to date with the latest BINGO news!https://www.facebook.com/bingobyigg

App Information Bingo by IGG: Top Bingo+Slots!

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    Bingo by IGG: Top Bingo+Slots!
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    June 6, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    80 Pasir Panjang Road #18-84 Mapletree Business City Singapore 117372
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  • 1.4.9 (104090)
  • 1.4.7 (104070)
  • 1.4.6 (104060)
  • Bingo by IGG: Top Bingo+Slots! 1.4.9 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /12/27
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 20.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Sha1: 584b577dbe3936a78ed66a4be799c142b4366e0f
    APK Signature: 472ef647dba7a861eff911acc40dcce26c4e2107
  • Bingo by IGG: Top Bingo+Slots! 1.4.7 APK File

    Publish Date: 2016 /11/29
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 20.5 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Sha1: e8fb258798facaf6f41fc1bacac97dd44ddba263
    APK Signature: 472ef647dba7a861eff911acc40dcce26c4e2107
  • Bingo by IGG: Top Bingo+Slots! 1.4.6 APK File

    Publish Date: 2015 /12/24
    Requires Android: Android 2.2+ (Froyo, API: 8)
    File Size: 20.5 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Sha1: 91586844e03bb0e251cd2507fe7b408e73bf238f
    APK Signature: 472ef647dba7a861eff911acc40dcce26c4e2107

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Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US 1.5.61 APK
5 years on, the epic Clash continues! Assemble your forces for abigger, better Clash! Packed with exciting combat and fast-pacedmultiplayer strategy, Castle Clash is a game of epic kingdom wars!Hire powerful Heroes and equip them with legendary weapons to leadyour mighty army of mythical creatures. Fight your way to becomethe world's greatest castle warlord. Put your strategies to thetest in dungeons, raids, wars, arenas, and missions! With over 100million players worldwide, it's always time to clash! Are you readyto conquer the world in these clan wars, defeat enemy coalitions inbattle, and build the most powerful and fearsome empire? Join theepic adventure to lead your realm’s legendary soldiers in war.Build an impenetrable fortress and crush encroaching enemy armiesin the battle of clans. Invade and attack rival kingdoms toincrease your power, and use different epic war strategies todefeat opponents great and small on the battlefield. Upgrade yourHeroes and their weapons. Create or join a guild to defend yourcastle and conquer other lands and dungeons in this action-packedmultiplayer strategy game. Build a base to generate resources forwar, upgrade your army, and improve your defenses to protect yourmedieval village. Build a legendary fortress to protect your castleand kingdom in battle. Plan your defense wisely while you sendbrave knights to dominate and conquer distant civilizations. Becomethe ultimate lord of an epic fantasy empire. Test your skills in awide array of PvP and PvE game modes. Play solo, or in co-op modeswith friends and guild mates. Forge the strongest alliances andgather your best squad. Attack, and victory shall be yours! Win thefortress war! Play Castle Clash now and duel with players allaround the world. What you can expect in Castle Clash: * Strengthenyour Heroes with mighty Hero Skins! * Build an impenetrablefortress in an epic medieval high-fantasy realm! * Produceresources to upgrade your village's castle and buildings! * Obtainand augment weapons for your warriors so they will be stronger inwar! * Choose from an array of troop units to create the ultimatearmy for the battleground! * Collect and evolve dozens of powerfulHeroes and legendary weapons! * Assemble your favorite warriors for""Squad Showdown""! * Become best buds with adorable Pets! * Duelfearsome bosses in this action strategy game with friends inkingdoms around the world! * Exciting co-op and PvP/PvE combatmodes, more than any other mobile strategy game! Conquer a castle,enemy soldiers and kingdoms while you establish a defensivestrategy for your own castle and village. Unleash your troops' epicpotential in thrilling clan wars and campaigns. Gather and upgradepowerful Heroes to become the ultimate ruler in this amazingfantasy realm. The might of your empire shall know no bounds! Thefight for supreme rule requires both great offense and defense.Raise your army, ready your swords and shields, and prepare a magicspell or two. Are you ready to face epic challenges and battlehordes of enemies in these castle games? Are you ready to Clash?Note: This multiplayer strategy game requires an internetconnection. Visit us on Facebook!http://www.facebook.com/CastleClash
Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle 1.0.285 APK
A top 10 strategy game all around the world! 4.5 stars! A top-ratedgame! Are you ready to step into the pit and punch someone? Yourfavorite Clash of Lords 2 Heroes are fighting in a free-for-allfrenzy against a force of frightening fiends! Control the actionand become the greatest warlord in all the land. To survive you’llneed wit, will, and we couldn't think of a word for strength butyou get the picture. It's time to Clash! Clash of Lords 2 is astrategy game with fun and innovative twists on the genre. Recruitover 50 Heroes and their mercenaries, build and defend a base, andfight alongside your friends in over 10 PvE and PvP modes! Getready to Clash! Game Features: ✔ You control the action! ActivateHeroes’ skills in real time! ✔ Pair Heroes and Troops with ourunique Mercenary system! ✔ Play it Your Way! With over 10 PvE andPvP modes, there's always something fun and different to do! ✔Fight alongside your friends! Join a Guild, and clash with playersfrom all over the world! You can even battle against players fromdifferent countries! ✔ Free to Play! Log in every day to win freeHeroes and Jewels! Note: This game requires an internet connectionto play. Visit our Facebook Fanpage at:https://www.facebook.com/clashoflords2
Castle Clash: Epic Empire ES 1.5.21 APK
🇪🇸 🇪🇸 This is the optimized version of Castle Clash in Spanish. Fora better user experience, we recommend you to download the Englishversion of the game through the following link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igg.castleclash&referrer=utm_source%3DES%26utm_campaign%3DEN●●● Assemble your troops for an epic MMORPG combat! ●●● With morethan 100 million players around the world, Castle Clash is a gameof epic proportions! Recruit Warriors and legendary heroes for yourknight armies and fight to become the mightiest warlord of thisempire! Conquest the rival king castle, test your combat strategyin a dungeon or battle against powerful swordsmen, elves and alsodragons in this RPG with PvP mode. Join this epic combat now! Planthe defense for the Civilization of a medieval empire against theenemy invasion or jump into war on the side of a clan fighting forinvading and the conquest of a kingdom. Build an impenetrablecastle to defend your empire or use the best strategy to attack andinvade the village of an enemy knight. Customize your weapons,armour and fortress in this MMORPG multiplayer role-playing PvP orPvE game. Conquer a castle and build a village to get resources andimprove your forces for the battle. Create the best fortress toprotect the castle. Plan the batlle strategy to defend the empireand send your troops to invade and conquest kingdoms from othercivilizations. Become the king of this medieval battle realm. Trainyour armies for attacking and defending and upgrade your forces forconfrontations in dungeons. Play solo or in co-op beside yourfriends in this MMORPG campaign. Forge a powerful empire realmalliance and fight against enemy hordes along your best squad. Ifyou like castle games, play Castle Clash now: The fortress castleempire game along role-playing players worldwide. Collect the bestheroes, upgrade their skills and plan the strategy to become thelegendary king of this MMO empire in war! Features of this MMORPGgame: * Build an impenetrable medieval castle to defend andconquest the kingdom! * Are you an empire knight, a clan summoneror a guardian paladin for the war realm? You choose! * Hit themythical dragons with armies full of troops of archers and mages! *Collect gems and customize your legendary heroes, from elves anddwarfs to orcs and ogres! * Join your favorite heroes for a newchampionship: magicians, warriors, bowmen… * MMORPG: join yourfriends and clashers from all over the world to combat and attackin the battlefield against powerful swordsmen! * Combat in thealliance wars and the fortress battle clash! * Better co-op and PvPmodes than any other RPG strategy game! Battle against enemykingdoms and conquest territories without forgetting the defensestrategy for your own castle. Manage the clan resources from yourvillage and upgrade the gear of your warrior troops. ¡Remember toturn your castle in an impenetrable fortress! Get ready to live thebest role-playing action and medieval war MMORPG. Assemble yourarmies, dominate magic, prepare your castle and conquest the empireto rule a whole civilization and to destroy your enemy. Your knightforces await. ¿Ready for the ultimate kingdom clash? Please note:This game requires an internet connection Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CastleClashEs Google+:https://google.com/+CastleClashEs Twitter:https://twitter.com/CastilloFurioso
Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG 1.98 APK
The world is much changed after the first emperor's death. Drivenby their ambition and greed, Lords seek power and shatter the peacethat once reigned. The Land has been split into myriad clashingkingdoms, many declaring themselves the rightful heirs to thethrone. Countless monsters have risen from the depths to wreakhavoc across the battle-scarred lands. The endless king wars forglory and power have begun, and the time for a battle hero to riseup has come... Explore the exotic magical lands of LORDS MOBILE,which have been thrown into war and chaos by terrifying monsters,powerful warlords, and cunning enemies. Restore the balance ofpower in this RPG conquering game by creating the greatest castleempire ever! Recruit soldiers, heroes and warlords, forge alliancesand fight for victory! Defeat your foes and conquer and expand yourkingdom's territory in these battle games! Fight your way throughmany epic battles and establish yourself as one of the world'sgreatest warlords in this real-time strategy war and mobile MMORPGempire game! ☆ Open-World Kingdom MMORPG: Build and Conquer toCreate a Mighty Empire ☆ Explore, conquer, and clash in the arenawith other players in this MMO in order to save your castle andachieve victory! Join a guild and battle millions of players in anopen world on a mobile platform! ☆ Defend Your Kingdom's Territory☆ Secure your battle troops and war heroes, fight a dragon, defeatyour warlords' opponents, and defend your empire's castle fromdestruction at any cost to achieve victory. A perfect war strategyrequires an invulnerable defense! ☆ Find Friends and Clash! ☆ Fightand attack with your kingdom's allies and tactics, and ride intothis epic multiplayer battle as a guild to crush your enemy in amobile MMORPG! ☆ Rule as Emperor of the Warlords ☆ Emergevictorious in a MMO multiplayer strategy battle royale for thekingdom, and claim the throne in this empire game! Will your legacyas a conqueror and emperor be just or cruel? ☆ Clash with PowerfulHeroes ☆ Recruit and upgrade your war heroes and kings withlegendary skills to clash in the battle arena! Let them attack,conquer enemy kingdoms, fight for victory, and match them tocomplete an RPG campaign! ☆ Master Your War Strategy as an Emperor☆ Plan your tactics for the battles ahead! Use different armylineups and perfect your multiplayer battle strategy forcounterattacks! Discover the best way to conquer enemy warlords inthis mobile war MMORPG! ☆ Epic Multiplayer Battles: Different TroopTypes ☆ Lead your warriors and soldiers as king-emperor in theseclan wars! Choose the type of troops and survive the battle arena:infantry, cavalry, archers, siege, or a mix! ☆ Switch Kingdoms ☆Establish your empire on new lands by moving to any server you wantwith a simple tap in this combat war strategy and kingdom MMORPG! ☆Choose Your Battle Path: Fight or Trade ☆ Create an economic empirebased on trade, treasures, and alliances with friends, or become anoffensive player that attacks and conquers enemy kingdoms! Will youliberate prisoners of war? Or will your army crumble to dust? It'sall about planning your battle strategy and warfare tactics! Nokingdom can stand in your way in this village builder and battlegame! Gather your military allies and make use of different tacticson the battlefield to achieve victory in LORDS MOBILE, amultiplayer war strategy RPG. Attack and conquer new territory,plan your battle strategy with your heroes and warlords, and buildan epic empire! Your kingdom awaits. Are you ready for thelegendary showdown in this MMORPG challenge? Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LordsMobile
Castle Clash: Pasukan Perkasa 1.5.2 APK
●●● Susun pasukanmu agar Clash tambah seru dan menarik! ●●● CastleClash adalah game yang epik, penuh dengan strategi cepat danpertarungan menarik! Berjuang untuk menjadi Panglima Perang terbaikdi dunia, rekrut Hero perkasa untuk memimpin pasukan fantasimu, ujistrategimu di fitur Penjara dan Penjarahan, dan masih banyak lagi!Kini terdapat lebih banyak cara untuk memodifikasi Hero-mu! Ubahtampilan mereka dengan Skin Hero! Tingkakan kekuatan Hero denganPeralatan unik dan buat kombinasi sihir dan karakteristik untukPeralatan barumu! Dengan lebih dari 100 juta pemain di dunia, pastiselalu ada lawan untukmu! Kini tersedia dalam bahasa Prancis,Jerman, Spanyol, Italia, Rusia, Jepang, dan Korea. Fitur Game: *Bangun benteng yang tak terkalahkan! * Buat pasukanmu dari berbagaipilihan unit! * Kumpulkan dan evolusikan berbagai Hero perkasa! *Perkuat Peralatan unik dengan sihir dan karakteristik khusus untukmembuka lebih banyak keahlian! * Ubah tampilan Hero-mu dengan SkinHero yang cantik! * Berteman dengan Peliharaan yang lucu! * Rakithero favorit untuk Bentrokan Pasukan! * Gabung ke PerseteruanBenteng untuk bersenang-senang antar regu! * Tantang para bos yangmenyeramkan bersama teman dari seluruh dunia! *Lebih banyak modeco-op dan PvP daripada game mobile lainnya! Catatan: game inimembutuhkan koneksi internet. Kunjungi Facebook kamidi:https://www.facebook.com/CastleClashID/ Terima kasih atasdukungannya! Organize your forces in order Clash ●●● more excitingand interesting! ●●● Castle Clash is a game of epic, filled withrapid strategies and exciting battles! Striving to be the bestWorld War Commander, recruit mighty Hero to lead the troopsfantasies, test your strategy and Looting Prison features, and muchmore! Now there are more ways to modify Hero-mu! Change their lookwith Skin Hero! Tingkakan strength Hero with unique equipment andcreate combinations magic and characteristics of your newequipment! With more than 100 million players in the world, mustalways be opposed to you! Now available in French, German, Spanish,Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Korean. Game Features: * Build aninvincible fortress! * Create your troops from a wide selection ofunits! * Collect and evolusikan various mighty Hero! * Strengthenthe unique equipment with magic and special characteristics tounlock more skills! * Change your look with Skin-mu Hero Herogorgeous! * Make friends with Pets cute! * Raft favorite hero toclash Forces! * Join feud fort for fun among team! * Challengecreepy bosses with friends from all over the world! * More modeco-op and PvP than other mobile game! Note: This game requires aninternet connection. Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CastleClashID/ Thank you for your support!
Deck Heroes: Legacy 12.5.0 APK
Construct the ultimate deck with an amazing horde of Heroes andmagical Creatures to save a threatened kingdom. With hundreds ofcards to collect, every deck is unique. Feast your eyes onspectacular HD graphics, get lost inside thrilling battles, anddelve into majestic and mysterious lore! War has come to the worldof Deck Heroes! The Neander, Human, Faen, and Mortii are marchinginto battle! Build your very own faction from Heroes of all races,and lead them to glory! Enter the world of Deck Heroes: Legacy!FEATURES ✔ FREE TO PLAY ✔ Non-Stop Gaming! Innovative game play,endless battles, and countless tactics are guaranteed to have youhooked! ✔ Worlds at War Align your army with the four factions -Human, Fae, Mortii, and Neander. ✔ Magnificent Artwork! Elegant andexquisite designs paired with flamboyant, vibrant colors bring yourHero and Creature cards to life! ✔ Adventure Calls! Intricatelydetailed maps, mazes, trials, and more, await those bravewanderers! ✔ Global Action! Millions of gamers worldwide experiencethe suspense of a thrilling card adventure! ✔ Adrenaline PumpingAction! Raids, competitions, and more; this is a player versusplayer haven! CONTACT US Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/deckheroes/ Forum:http://dh.forum.igg.com/
城堡爭霸 - 陣營守護神 1.6.72 APK
●●● 城堡爭霸5週年,精彩仍在延續!●●●恢宏的史詩級巨作,極富策略與趣味性的線上策略遊戲!城堡爭霸將快節奏的戰爭展現得淋漓盡致,充分地再現了兩支軍隊交戰波瀾壯闊的場面。你將扮演一名領主,帶領麾下英雄與士兵們征服其他領主來發展壯大自己的實力,在各位傳奇英雄的率領下,利用強大的魔法,去征服敵人的城鎮。建立起屬於自己的恢宏帝國,最終成就不朽偉業,書寫你的華麗篇章!遊戲特色: ✔ 英雄時裝強化,讓您的英雄兼具美貌與實力! ✔ 多樣化的城鎮升級規劃路線,將你的城鎮打造成不破堡壘! ✔極簡的操作,絢麗而強大的魔法,在你的指尖凝聚,為你摧毀一切阻礙。 ✔ 招募各具超凡能力的英雄,經過戰鬥的磨礪,他們將為你建立不朽功勳。✔ 戰爭來去,軍人長存,戰鬥中未陣亡的士兵將光榮回歸領土。 ✔ 在競技場中與其他玩家的英雄一分高下,爭奪最強霸主的稱號。 ★全新魂器系統,使你的英雄擁有強大的戰力。 ★ 多樣的皮膚和時裝系統,帶來豐富的視覺體驗。 ★爭奪聖火、搶佔據點、聯盟爭霸只為獲得無上榮耀。 ★ 和好友揪團組隊,團結協作共同挑戰多人副本。 ★同仇敵愾,全服合作一同抗擊湮滅將軍來襲。 ★ 開啟萌寵紀元。在細心的培養下,它們將在戰場上一展風采。 ★最強王者對決中一決勝負,檢驗英雄搭配能力。 注意!本遊戲需要網路連接。官方Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/CastleClashTw ●●● Castlehegemony 5th anniversary, wonderful still continues! ●●●Magnificent epic masterpiece, full of strategy and fun onlinestrategy game! Castle hegemony will fast-paced war demonstratedmost vividly, fully reproduce the two armies fighting magnificentscene. You will play a lord, to lead soldiers under the command ofheroes and conquer other lords to grow their own strength, and withyour legendary heroes, led by powerful magic, to conquer enemytowns. Established his own magnificent empire, the ultimate successimmortal Albert, write your gorgeous chapter! The game features:        ✔ strengthen herofashion, let your hero both beauty and strength!        ✔ diverse urbanplanning upgrade path, you will not break the fortress townplaying!         ✔minimalist operation, brilliant and powerful magic, gather at yourfingertips, you destroy all obstacles.        ✔ recruit heroes,each with extraordinary ability, honed through fighting, they willgive you establish immortal feats.        ✔ wars come and go,soldiers forever, not killed in combat soldiers will return toglory territory.         ✔with other players in the arena of a hero to compete, to competefor the title of most dominant.        ★ new soul system,so that your hero has a strong fighting force.        ★ variety of skinand the fashion system, brings a rich visual experience.        ★ contention torch,to seize the stronghold, the Union hegemony only to get the supremeglory.         ★delegations and friends pulling team, unity, cooperation and commonchallenges more than a copy.        ★ united in thefight against annihilation full-service cooperative with generalstrikes.         ★ openMeng Chong era. Under the careful cultivation, they will show theirpresence on the battlefield.        ★ King strongestshowdown showdown, with the ability to test hero.        note! This gamerequires internet connection. Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CastleClashTw
Castle Clash: Pelotão Valente 1.4.81 APK
●●● Junte-se a milhões de jogadores em uma batalha de poder einteligência! ●●● Embalado por um combate emocionante e estratégiade ritmo acelerado, Castle Clash é um jogo de proporções épicas!Contrate poderosos heróis para conduzir seu exército de criaturasmíticas.Lute a sua maneira para se transformar no maior mestre daguerra de todo o mundo. Coloque em teste suas estratégias emmasmorras, ataques e muito mais! Com mais de 100 milhões dejogadores em todo o mundo, é sempre hora do combate! Agoradisponível em francês, alemão, espanhol, italiano, russo, japonês ecoreano. Características do Jogo: * Construa uma fortalezaimpenetrável! * Escolha entre várias unidades diferentes para criaro exército perfeito! * Colete e evolua dúzias de heróis poderosos!* Junte os seus heróis favoritos para o novo Desafio do Pelotão! *Torne-se o melhor amigo de mascotes adoráveis! * Batalhe contratemíveis chefes com amigos de todo o mundo! * Junte-se a Fortalezapara diversão dentre as guildas * Emocionante co-op e modo PvP,mais do que qualquer outro jogo de estratégia móvel! Nota: Estejogo requer uma conexão com a Internet. Visite nossa Página doFacebook em: http://www.facebook.com/CastleClash ●●● Join millionsof players in a battle of power and intelligence! ●●● Packed by anexciting and fast-paced combat strategy, Castle Clash is a game ofepic proportions! Hire powerful heroes to lead his army ofcreatures míticas.Lute your way to become the greatest master ofwar around the world. Put on test your strategies in dungeons,attacks and more! With over 100 million players worldwide, it'salways time combat! Now available in French, German, Spanish,Italian, Russian, Japanese and Korean. Game Features: * Build animpenetrable fortress! * Choose from several different units tocreate the perfect army! * Collect and evolve dozens of powerfulheroes! * Join your favorite heroes to the new Challenge Squad! *Become the best friend of adorable pets! * Battle against fearsomebosses with friends from all over the world! * Join Fortaleza forfun among the guilds * Exciting co-op and PvP mode, more than anyother mobile strategy game! Note: This game requires an Internetconnection. Visit our Facebook page at:http://www.facebook.com/CastleClash