1.0.2 / April 7, 2017
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Free the Birds with Swapping and Grouping!Bird Fever Mania is anextremely addictive game which keeps you glued to the screen totap, swap and win. The objective of the game is to swap between twonearby birdies and group them in numbers of three or more in a lineto free them. When you group four birds of same kind, you will berewarded with a sparkling bird. You can use it to free a lot ofbirdies at the same time. You do not have to worry about the numberof switches that you make. And when you feel that you don’t knowwhere you can swap anymore, then just search for the hint on thescreen.The game features a clutter free interface with perfectbackground music to keep you motivated to reach your target score.It has 2 gaming modes: Arcade and Classic with around 300 levels ineach mode. Each puzzle at each level is different from all theother ones. It will keep you busy when you are getting bored andwant to play some game which is easy and fun. The game isabsolutely free to download and does not need you to be connectedto the internet while playing. It can be played by people of allage groups. So, do you think that getting three stars at each levelis really easy for you? Then download the game and challenge yourfriends and family to beat your score!

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    Bird Fever Mania
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    April 7, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Free Games Arena
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Bubble Shooter Dog 1.1 APK
This beautiful bubble shooter game is being presented for free andit offers you a great deal of joy and entertainment in your boringtime. The bubble blast gaming experience is really fun and you willlove to explode different colored bubbles during the game. The gameoffers a simple, elegant and easy to handle interface with abeautiful background. The bubble shoot game features a beautifuldog theme making it a dog bubble shooter game that likes to enhancethe challenging game play. This Dog themed bubble shooter game isjust like any other bubble shoot games where you pop similar colorballs by shooting them using a bubble gun. But a dog themedbeautiful gaming interface, amazing game physics, different coloredballs and super challenging game play makes it unique andtrendy!Game Play:This Dog bubble shooter game is a real funaddictive game that offers you with an immense joy and pleasure.The game play is significantly similar to the other shooting gamesbut the unique crafting of shooting gun and different colors of toyballs makes this game a perfect play time. The special dogcharacter handling the shooting gun allows you to point towards theright direction and shoot the toy balls to bubble pop similarcolors balls. You need to focus on three similar color toy balls tofire upon and pop them up. The more balls you will pop together,the higher scores you will enjoy. The game physics are quite simpleand smooth. You can easily navigate the direction of bubbleshooting gun according to your desire. Always target two or morethan two similar color balls to pop them up and enjoy high scores.The cute little dog with a cannon allows players to hit similarcolor toy balls quickly. Being a friendly master of your little dogbubble shooter, you can take lots of fun out of this pretty littlegame. The game is designed to please you in your free time. Onceyou play it, you will get addicted to its extremely enjoyable funloaded game play. This cute dog bubble shooter game offers multiplelevels. Each level is different, challenging and tough than itsprevious level. Features:The beautiful country life background ofthe game accompanied with an amusing background sounds makes thisgame a must try for everyone. The game has simple interface withfew buttons to choose from. You can always start a new game,continue with a game you left between an hour ago or choose anyunlocked level. The game also offers an “Arcade mode” where youhave to react fast and shoot bubbles quickly in right direction. InArcade mode, you are supposed to control your little dog and gunswiftly. Make quick moves by popping or blasting similar colorbubbles. Being late in arcade mode results in “Game over” with awall crushing whole interface. This beautiful dog game is really anaddictive bubble shooting experience. Try this and we bet you wontbe able to take your hands off your device. This free dog bubbleshooter game can be downloaded at any Android device.Features:Match 3 dogie toy balls! Aim Carefully!Blast as many ballsas you canSwift & super fast game physicsArcade mode to enhancegame playFun loaded addictive game playCute little dogcharacterFree to downloadAvailable on all Android versions
Blocks Maze Match 1.0 APK
Don't get lost in Blocks Maze Match. Download this addictive mobilepuzzle shape matching game today and start to fit and match.Prepare yourself for the never ending downpour of four coloredblocks that come falling in all sorts of different arrangements foryou to place perfectly. It's up to you in this high energy puzzlegame to place them just where they belong and make sure they don'treach the top, because if they do that's where the road ends andyou've lost.A left and a right arrow let you control just wherethis block is going and a rotate button in the center lets you getthat orientation just perfect. Make the matches and not a maze inthis exciting puzzle game and once you've got the block just right,press the down button and make the blocks go racing to their newspot. With a host of colors for the blocks to choose from playBlocks Maze Match just the way you want it. Sign in with GooglePlay once you start so you can see just how well you compare on theleader board and race to the number one spot. Download now to jointhe fun and start making matches in Blocks Maze Match.
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Ever wondered about witchcraft and its darkmysterious world? It’s time to enter the real world witches regionby downloading free Witch Bubble Shooter Mania. A classic funloaded bubble shooting experience that allows you to explore theinner depths of witch world and see how witches perform theirrituals and find skeletons in graves. Take a tour of scary witchworld in this bubble blast game and forget about the real world.Game play:Unlike the other regular bubble blasting games available in playstore, the special and new Witch Bubble Shooter Mania offersplayers with a unique, innovative game play that involves real timewitches and their unusual magic. The mysterious dark world ofIzmeralda and her witch friends will show you how its like toposses such magical power in every single level of the game. Thegame play differs from other regular bubble shooting games bypresenting players with a completely new whole bubbles shootingexperience.The game features a unmatched, creative interface with a flash likebubble shooting gum and bubbles in different colors with a demon orwitch captured inside of it. Your goal in the game is to take atour of witch craft world and by blasting three or more similarcolored bubbles, release lots of demons in the world to create anew empire of powerful witches and demons. Every new bubble has ademon captured inside it and you are required to match threesimilar color balls to pop up and free all demons.The game provides you with a demons and witches bubble shootingexperience including a perfect arcade style Halloween themedbackground graphics experience. The more bubbles you pop together,the higher number of demons and skeletons you are going to releaseat once. The game challenges with a difficult yet unique gamingexperience in every new level of the game. With each new level youaccomplish, the game gets more challenging and tough which forcesyou to respond more quickly.Play this extremely fun loaded bubble shooting mania that will takeyou on a tour of the witch world fro graves to real time witchhouses. Experience the scary dark world with lots of demons andwitches hovering all over the screen in free Witch Bubble ShooterMania download now. The game offers unique and innovative gamemechanics that, make sure you get addicted to it within a game playof few minutes. Play it once and we bet you will never take offyour hands for weeks to come.The game is available for all android supported devices, includingsmart-phones, tablets and phablets.Unique features:• Uncover the real tough witch loaded gaming experience• Increased difficulty in every new level of the game• A perfect way to cheer up your mood in cheerless moments• Kill your boredom with free Witch Bubble Shooter Mania• More than 119 exciting levels with scary witch scenes in everylevel• Challenging game play for every new level• New levels added every week• Perfect graphics accompanied with high quality Halloween themedbackground music
Frozen Candy Mania 1.0.2 APK
Colorful frozen and delicious - enter the frozen candy worldkingdom.Loved by everyone, young and old and can make any dayspecial. whether you have one special favorite or like to try newcandy treats, these candies take you on a very tasty quest. Raiseyour hands if you also like to enjoy this yummy desserts! FrozenCandy Mania takes the classical match 3 game to a new level andturn your wish into reality. An epic candy matching game, loadedwith colorful frozen candies. Simply make a group of 3 or moresimilar colored candies and earn rewards. From the yummy lookingorange candy to mouthwatering ice cream cone, enjoy your time withcolorful frozen candies. To enter the surreal land of frozencandies, download the app and start playing. Frozen Candy Mania canbe played into two modes – Arcade and Classic. Both the modesconsist of endless levels waiting to be unlocked. Swap neighboringfrozen candies to make horizontal or vertical groups of 3 or moresimilar candies. Watch them vanish from the board and earn points.As you progress further, you can win bonus points with specialcandies like star or multicolor Popsicle. Challenge best scores andbecome a Match 3 gaming pro with this brain freezing game! The appguarantees colorful levels to take you on a yummy journey candyland. Get it today for free!