1.0 / January 27, 2015
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Blocky Bird is all set and ready to fly high and set the pixelworld on fireGet your pixel bird suited up for an adventurousthrilling journey, inspired from classic retro games the blockybird is what you should download ,become the adventurer feel thepower collect the treasure spread on the open sky. . Rush and racein the blue space sky, challenge yourself collect for the cutiebird the highest coins, achieve the most distance and highestscore. Join the epic hero of sky Birdie on the endlessaction-packed escape of the lifetime! Start off as soon as possiblerace and dash rush against the time while dodging,electric shockpoles, big rainy clouds ,naughty monsters on your quest for thegold rich treasure . Enjoy this joyride in the blue rainbowskiesWhile flying through the sky, simply touch the screen to makethe cute birdie fly for the quest of treasure. Unlock the hiddenpowers , force field, magnet and extra lives , shield power up.This is one epic legendary escape in challenging pixel world. Flyas far as you can. Explore the pixel world on this amazing joyridebut beware of the evil threat...mega orange monsters. Steal awayall the treasure the coinsWhile flying, if you hit an obstacle youcan always use backup power up of extra life get ready for thechallenge of your lifetime!Blocky Bird 2015 Flying Game

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    bird flying games free
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    January 27, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Lazy Jam Games
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Red Alert, Red Alert the enemies are making a chaos in the city Theworld's most powerful deadly fighter helicopters are waiting foryour next moveBecome a pilot and play like a brave army man,soldier and fight the enemy country..You in danger your Apachehelicopter has broken down and surviving the attack of enemies,torpedoes, mines, bombs, tanks and rockets. The helicopter is sobadly damaged that it requires health packs to get through theworld war and reach the destination safely.The moment you start thegame, you will lose yourself in the excitement of this armymilitary war action game.Different powerups to destroy your enemy.New super weaponsbest fighter gameYou need to kill all theenemiesWorld's destiny depends on your braveryEscape the hot flamesof battleRace against the time and become more excited in therealistic war like environmentFly through the destroyed city escapethe enemies and reach your goalAchieve the highest scoreCollect asmany health packs as you canbuy Awesome power upsrealistic lightingand special effects Watch out for the oncoming obstacles,hindrancesInfinite endless journey to the other part of theworldConquer the enemy and become the king fight everybody Anamazing Copter Flight simulator set in battlefield facing counterattack from the enemy fighters. You need to fly your super chopper,patrol in stealth mode to escape the shooting rockets and forcefulenemy. Fly like a professional pilot and escape the oncomingattacks,Target the enemies, avoid crashing in the mines andbombs.Your copter has the swat army people with all their weaponslike machine guns, bombs, rifles ready too take out the enemy inthis worst case scenario. Your Black hawk is bringing the grimreaper back and is the Hell Copter of todays world as it isbringing the crazy maniac soldier in you. Survive the deadlyassault and combat strategically. Some Features:Save yourNationPerform Missions to earn health packsEpic audio-visualeffectsEnjoy gorgeous graphicsSimple and easy-to-use tap interfaceBeautiful GraphicsRealistic sound environmentRealistic physics Freeto playJust tap and playShow NO mercy Kill everybodyAre you readyfor the thrill? Let us WAR together Commander
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The best animal simulator is now available onandroid. You are just a stupid clumsy Goat but you need to make thebiggest rampage in the old farm city and high mountains. Get yoursneakers on, your red cape feel like a superhero and fly throughthe village like free bird.Make the lives of the village people a miserywatchout from the electric wires, the anguish blue bird.Do whatever you feel like - You are a goat you have all thesuperpowers show off themShow off your magnet power up, the shield of bubbles power up,the super sonic power up like a nitro booster car...Features of this free goat simulator game:- Smooth and easy controls- Hidden secret features- Optimized performance- funny animal simulatorAchieve the highest scoreClear exciting missionsFly and dash your way through village and mountains with thecrazy, funniest and stupid GoatThis game comes with free in app purchase shop and store for easypurchasesThis the ride of your lifethere are sheeps, scarecrows too to support you through yourmissionShow off your craziness loose yourself become the ultimatedestruction master.. Go mad and break all the stuff flying in thesunny farms and mountains will be fun because you are super goatwith super awesome powers.. You dont feed on the green grass itsthe gold coins you feed on so rise shine you do not need a jet ortractor or a plane to fly you are just a goat open up your wings ofhope... Get your red cape and fly just touch the sky youfoolish.Download the best goat simulator game available on adnroidplaystore today
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Candy Swim ScubaDive ChallengeA cute vibrant colorful kid becomes ascuba diver and dives underwater to collect the candies of thecandy wonderland..the kid is hungry and likes sweet candies andgoes on the delicious underwater journeyKid huntscandies,chocolates,cupcakes,ice-creams as it his fantasy.. the kidis crazy for sweet candies and he swims like a clown fishunderwater and hunts down the red mints and sweets..the goal of thegame is to collect as many candies as you can in the underwatercandy wonderlandDownload to PLAY your new endless swim game SweetLollipop Candy FrenzyAre you a candy lover? Enjoy the swim game“Sweet Lollipop Candy Frenzye” in candy themed world. Collectcandies and unlock amazing candy powerups, achieve the highestscore. Feel the cartoonish 2D environments and jelly themes. Unlocksweet power upgrades for more FUN Swim.Sweet Lollipop Candy FrenzyFeatures:Exciting obstacles to swim acrossExplore differentworlds100% FREE gameplay.mind blowing game playEasy to play fun forall agesSuper tasty graphicsExplore whole new candy worldIn gameshopTasty magical powerupsSoothing kid musicFight the crazy yellowcute octupusCrazy candy fans out there start your endless swim runNOW!Download Sweet Lollipop Candy Frenzy
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Ever wondered a duck which is dumb ..? and the best part it flieslike a bird in the open sky .. with beautiful clouds...the dumbduck birdie flies like a sky high plane with full force..while theduck gets her way to reach the sky she collects the shiny brightcoins your cute pet duck is flying to protect herself from beinghunted by the hunters who are with snipers, shot guns.,and areangry sharp shooters who want to kill as many ducks they can..butyou got to save the poor duck from being shot and killed..the duckfly high to save herself from being killed...she collects coins getenergy the duck has got many power ups to choose from .. shieldpower up, boost nitro power up, bubble power up..DUMB DUCK has gotrainbow on her back.. the colorful rainbow to makes her fly morebeautifully ..prevent yourself from the duck hunt and kill downloadSuper Dumb Duck Hunting Dies today