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Bird Hunting is a shooting game you can shoot as many as possiblebirds, if you misses to hit bird you will lose one life maximum 3life having in this game. You can easily aim birds by using zoominglenses, try to beat your high score and enjoy hunting birds.Features: *Easy to Play *Nice Forest Environment *Good flying birdswith nice animation How to Play: *Aim the birds using zoominglenses. *Fire the gun when bird comes to exact centre position ofyour aim.

App Information Bird Hunting

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    Bird Hunting
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    February 20, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Out thinking Pvt Ltd, #415, 3rd floor, Near Dominoz Pizza 5th main road, OMBR Layout Kasturinagar, Bangalore- 560043 Landline: 080-69999317
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Audio Converter 1.7 APK
Audio converter(only for audio's) is one of the good converterapplication from one form of audio to other different forms.....like .mp3, .aac, .wav and .m4a......and this is very easy to usealso... How to use:- * Take one audio song from gallery and justpress convert button it will show options like .mp3, .aac, .wav,.m4a... * we can select which format we want to convert......thenits automatically converts.... * and we can save that convertedaudio song/format in our sd card with file name...... * We can setas a ring tone to your device..... * We can share that convertedaudio via Bluetooth, Gmail and Whats app....... * this is the bestway to convert from one format of audio file to other formats........
Ghost In Photo 2.4 APK
Hi friends use this "Ghost in photo" application to scare yourfriends by placing ghost in any picture from your collection. Ghostin photo app enables us to have different pics of ghosts in thephoto thereby creating a funny ghost scary effect. Use this newghost app pro or photo ghost app, to create a horror ghost photowith ghost photo effects like never before. Select your favouriteghost girl character among the ghost characters available, tocreate a ghost background for your pic, using this ghost pictureapp and scarry photo app, or ghost maker and ghost on camera app.Wanna include a ghost pic or ghost pictures in your photo? Thinkingof adding a ghost and demon to your pics? Want to give your pic ascary effect by placing a ghost photo in it. Then ghost in photo isthe ideal ghost photo creator or ghost photo editor app to do so.So it's time to get, the ghost and spirit app free download onandroid, and create a ghost photo with a scary ghost effect.Install this ghost picture camera app or ghost photo backgroundapp, to create, a ghost face photo or scary photo, in order toscare your friends and to have fun. Key features of ghost in photo1) This ghost photo editor or ghost photo maker app allows you tochoose images either from camera or gallery. 2) Once you choose theimage you can add any of the real ghost pictures which we haveprovided in this funny ghost app and ghost editor in pictures, orghost and spirit real app new. 3) You can also change the opacityof the chosen ghost picture or ghost image as per your requirement,using this ghost in picture photo app or scary background app. 4)Finally you can share the ghost in your picture, with your friendson social networking sites like "Facebook, Gmail, g+, Instagrametc, using this scary app and ghost in picture photo app or, scaryghost and evil ghosts photo app. 5) Install this scary app to scareyour friend and have fun, using this ghost and spirit app or ghosteditor app. 6) Save the ghost picture or ghost photo to the phone'sgallery, using this real ghost camera app or original ghost app andscary photo app. Ghost in photo is the best photo ghost app orghost photo maker, for creating a ghost photograph or ghost picturewith a ghost effect. Download this top ghost apps free and create aghost image for a scary ghost effect. Get ghost app free downloador ghost app download on android.
Video Compressor 3.7 APK
Best Video compressor app! compress large video files, Compress mp4video online, Compress movie,reduce video size online withoutlosing quality. Mobile video compressor is a professional videocompressing app, which enables us to reduce the size of a video, bycompressing it, Use it to compress mp4 video and reduce datausage.

Best video compression format Thinking how to compress avideo for email, Website, Social networks such as whatsapp,Facebook , google + etc. video size compressor free for android appfor reducing video size. Select a video format and compress of yourchoice, save videos for Android iPad, iPhone, compress a video filefor a duration in seconds.
 Video compressor tool will convertvideos to MP4 and free up lots of space, Upon compressing, sharethe video with your loved ones through social media platforms likeFacebook, Whatsapp, Gmail and so much more. 
Features of VideoCompressor • Video compressor without losing quality • Compressvideo for Iphone, Ipad and Android • compress video for website •video compressor online • Fast video compressor • Compress videofile online free • Video compressor for mac • Free videocompression software • Compress large video files Video CompressingProcess • This video compressor supports android version 3.0onwards. • Select a video from the gallery to be compressed usingthis video editor. • Set the duration in seconds to which, thevideo can be compressed • This video compressor or video editorsupports mp4, 3gp and AVI video formats. • Preview the video beforesharing or saving it using this video editor. • Share thecompressed video through social media platforms like Whatsapp,Gmail, Facebook etc. using this video editor. • Save the compressedvideo to your phone's SD card using this video editor. 
Videocompressor is the best video editor for compressing videos.Download this top video compressor app and compress as many videosas possible, all for free.

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Video Converter 1.7 APK
Video converter is an effective video format converter, whichenables, you to quickly convert your favourite videos, to variousformats. Select a video, you like, convert it to a format of yourchoice, preview the video and share and save it, using this videoeditor and video converter android app, or 3gp video converter andmp4 video converter. Convert the videos from mp4 to 3gp, mp4 to aviand many more formats, using this video editor app and videoconverter best app, or video file converter for android and freeconverter app. Want to convert a video from one format to another?Then video converter is the ideal video editor app to do so.Features of video converter 1. Select a video from the phoneísgallery, using this video file converter app and Mp4 to avi videoconverter, or video convertor app and mp4 to 3gp converter app. 2.Convert a video, effortlessly to many formats, using this videoformat converter for android and avi to mp4 video converter, or 3gpto avi converter and mp4 to 3gp converter for android. 3. The videoformats supported by this video editor are mp4, 3gp, avi, mkv, movand flv. 4. Preview the video on conversion, using this best videoformat converter app and Mp4 to flv video file converter, or mp4 toavi converter for android and converter video app. 5. Share thevideo through different platforms like Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebooketc., using this video format converter and video converter forandroid, or video converter free app and video converter software.6. Save the video to the phone's SD card, using this video editorand video convertor android app, or video converter hd app andvideo converter new version. Video converter is the best mp4 to 3gpvideo converter app and video converter mp4 app. Download this topmp4 to avi converter app and convert video from one format toanother. Get this video converter download on android, for free.
Background Remover 2.0 APK
Background Eraser - Not just an ordinary photo editor app, it’s asmart photo background eraser app for your android devices. Withour photo background Remover app you can smartly erase backgroundcolor or object easily. Instead of downloading many photobackground remover apps, download our photo Background Remover appand easily remove or add background to your image. Key Features ofour Background Eraser App: 1. Smart Crop option:- Most of theapplication provides default square crop option, but in this photoediting app we custom crop option. With our smart crop tool you canselect crop location by marking crop location by using your finger.2. Erase Image Background:- Use the background eraser option ofthis photo background remover app to erase photo background. 3.Fill Erased Location back:- Mistakenly erased some other location?then don’t worry. You can always fill erased location back tonormal by using our fill tool. 4. Magic Tool:- Remember Magic toolon Adobe Photoshop software? With our Pic Eraser app you can getMagic selection tool so that you can easily select particularregion on your image by just one click. 5. Region selectionIntensity:- This option works with magic tool. If our magic tool isselecting only small region then you can increase the intensityusing this option. 6. Zoom:- Some times small areas also matterswhile editing, that time you can use our zoom option of this photoeditor to work with your image carefully. 7. Increase or decreasebrush size:- Select erase or fill tool and click on setting to getthis option and drag the slider to increase or decrease brush size.8. Increase or decrease offset size:- To get this option selecteraser or fill tool and click on settings. With this offset sizeyou can make brush far away from the working location so that youcan easily see the location which you are editing. 9. Reset:- Don’tlike the changes made from this photo background remover app? thenuse the Reset option. 10. Image Editing option:- In this tool youwill get smoothen, brightness, opacity, contrast and saturationtools. 11. Change Background:- In this photo editor app you willalso get an option to change background. You can choose-withoutbackground, take background image from camera, pic color from colorpicker or use background images provided by the app itself. 12.Save or Share option:- Once you are done with editing using thisphoto editor app, you can save image to camera roll or share it onany social networking site like Instagram, Facebook. Finally, thisis one the best app to consider for working with removingbackground in the image. Background remover is one of the bestphoto editors for background removal. Download this top backgrounderaser app for free to erase photo backgrounds. 12. Save or Shareoption:- Once you done with editing you can save image to cameraroll or share it on any social networking site like Instagram,Facebook. Finally, this is one the best app to consider for workingwith removing background in the image.
Video Rotate 3.7 APK
Video rotate is an effective video editor app, which can be used toquickly rotate and view, a video, in different angles like 90, 180,270 and 360. Choose a video duration and an angle for your video,preview your video, and also save and share it, using this videoeditor app. Have fun, watching a video, sideways or upside down,using this video rotate editor app. Do you want to watch a video indifferent angles? Then video rotate is the ideal video editor to doso. Key Features 1. Select a video from phoneís gallery using thisvideo editor. 2. Set, a video duration for the video to be rotatedusing this video rotate editor. 3. Rotate the video in differentangles like 90, 180, 270 and 360. 4. Preview the rotated video,before sharing or saving, using this video rotate editor. 5. Savethe rotated video to the phoneís SD card, using this video editor.6. Share the rotated video through different platforms likeYoutube, Facebook and Whatsapp, using this video rotate editor app.Video rotate is the best video editor for changing the orientationof a video. Download this top video rotate editor app, and view thevideo in different angles, all for free. Twitter page Follow us onTwitter at https://www.facebook.com/outthinkinggames/ Facebook pageLike us on Facebook at https://twitter.com/outthink_games
Add Audio to Video 3.10 APK
Add audio to video is a professional video editor and audio mixer,which enables, you to customize your video by adding your favouritebackground music. This audio editor or music editor supportsvarious audio and video formats to mix audio with video. This videomixer application is for changing background music of a video.Using this video editor and video maker, you can add or mix anyaudio to a video. If the audio's length is bigger, then it willautomatically trim the audio to video's duration. If the audio'sduration is less than video then audio will be concatenated tovideo's length. These operations are done with high speed. You canshare these videos to social networks like Facebook, Gmail etc.using add audio to video app and music editor maker, or audio mixerand editor. Mix audio with video by using the various options ofthis video editing app and audio editor music app, or video mixerand editor. Thinking of customizing your video by adding abackground music to it? Want to mix audio with video with variousaudio and video formats? Then add audio to video app is the idealvideo editor to do so. It is time to get this audio mixer appdownload and music editor download, or audio mixer download andmusic editor app download, on android. Share the video with musicamong your loved ones, using this video mixer with audio and audiovideo mixer hd app, or audio video mixer software, which is one ofthe best audio video mixer apps. Features of Add audio to video 1.Choose your favourite background music for your video, using thismusic editor new app and audio editor for android, or video mixersoftware and music editor mp3. 2. Record an audio, the way youwant, which can be added to a video, using this music editor andmixer free, or best audio editor app and video mixer audio app. 3.Trim the audio or use it in original form using this video editorand music editor for android, or audio video mixer editor and videomixer with song. 4. Have a preview of the video, to which thebackground music is added, before sharing or saving it, using thismusic editor for youtube and audio mixer software, or video audiomixer app and best audio video mixer. 5. To mix audio with video,the formats supported by this music editor for videos are mp4, wmv,avi, flv, 3gp and that for audio are mp3, wav and aac. 6. Save thevideo to the phone and also share it through different platformslike Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp etc. using this music editorsoftware and audio video editor app, or video audio mixer softwareand audio mixer for android. Add audio to video mixer app is thebest video editor app and audio editor tool, or video mixer editorand audio editor software, for background music for videos.Download this top music editor app and audio editor mp3 app, oraudio mixer editor and video mixer with music, to mix audio withvideo, all for free. Get this audio editor download and video mixerapp download, or audio video mixer download and one of the bestaudio video apps download, for free.
Mirror Magic 1.9 APK
The most beautiful mirror app in android for free.Mirror MagicNowyou can enjoy with Mirror Magic App.Mirror Magic app provides agreat tool for putting makeup on, styling yourhair its digital zoomhas an impressive detail and you can also freeze theimage to take aclean look. In addition, you can also capture, save andshare imagesof yourself with a single touch.