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Download Bird sounds and Ringtones and personalize yourAndroidsmartphone or tablet/device. This brand new app has acollection of45 high quality bird sounds. Each of the sounds is ofthe highestquality an can be assigned to your phones variousnotificationalerts. With this application you can easily assign anyof thesound effects to your phones ringtone, text alert,mmsnotification, email alert or alarm clock. The layout ofthissoundboard application is simple and easy to use unlikeothersoundboard apps. Press and hold on any of the Bird Sounds andthemenu appears. Features of Bird Sounds and Ringtones: Easy touselayout Assign any Bird Sound to ringtone, text alert,mmsnotification or alarm clock. All sounds are high qualityrecordings

App Information Bird Sounds and Ringtones

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    Bird Sounds and Ringtones
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    September 3, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    moblie tone apps
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    Mobiletoneapps 8520 107th Street Richmond Hill, NY 11418
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Extra Loud Ringtones application as an amazing collection of theloudest, high quality Loud Ringtones and sounds available on theAndroid market.Improve you Android phone or devices ringtone volumeusing our Loud Ringtones application by up to 200% ! Extra LoudRingtones allows you to personalize your android phone with anamazing collection of over 45 extremely loud ringtones andincredibly high quality Loud Sounds for free.If you need to hearyour phone, even in the nosiest environment, these very LoudRingtones will do the trick.You will never have to worry about nothearing your phone ring with super loud ringtones and notificationtones. This free to download, easy to use soundboard applicationcontains many of the most popular Loud Ringtones and sounds around.Use Extra Loud Ringtones and personalize your Samsung, LG, ZTE orother Android smartphones and stand out from the rest.Extra LoudRingtones contains sounds of various themes; Burglar Alarm,motorcycles, Very Loud Emergency Siren sounds, Loud notificationtones, Turbo car sound effects...- Boxing Bells- Loud Tornadowarning- Evo Turbo Car- DJ Air Horns- Fireworks- Loud ShotgunBlasts- Car Alarm- Loud Horns- Super Loud sirens- Extra Loud alarmsoundsand much more!Loud alarm sounds and notification tones arejust a few examples of what”s included.Use any sound from the ExtraLoud Ringtones collection and assign it to your phone’s ringtone,sms, mms, notification, email alert or alarm.Extra Loud Soundsfeatures:Easy to use layoutMore than 45 high quality super loudsoundsBest sound effects collectionFree to download and easy touse.Super Loud Ringtones includes some of the most loud sounds yourphone can make. Enjoy these free loud ringtones and soundeffects!With this app you can:Set Ringtones for:All calls(default)A contactFor AlarmFor NotificationThe loudest ringtonesfor your android device. Works on tablets too, use as a soundeffects soundboard !What are you waiting for ? Get a loud ringtonefor your phone or tablet now ! Download the most loud ringtonesoundboard application around !