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Usually for anyone who likes to catch birds they certainly have away or a typical method such as installing a trap, installing gummyfluid around a tree often encountered by beburung, using a net andso forth.However, some take shortcuts in order to catch the covetedbird no matter whether the bird can be captured alive or dead, someuse catapults, some use baits mounted on hooks and tied to trees ormousetrap.As for the birds can be captured by using the means here,then our hope to see these birds to continue to live very thin.because without we realize the possibility of injury in certainparts of the bird's body is not visible, and this would certainlybring the risk of death to birds we have caught it.

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Muay Thai Technique 1.0 APK
Muay Thai or Thai Boxing (Thai: มวยไทย, IPA: [muɛ̄j tʰɑ̄j]) is ahard martial art from the Thai Kingdom. Muay Thai is similar toother martial arts styles from Indochina, such as pradal serey fromCambodia, Tomoi from Malaysia, lethwei from Myanmar and Muay Laofrom Laos. Muay Thai is a national sport of the Royal Thai and aderivative of the ancient Muay Boran martial arts. Overview MuayThai and Kickboxing have similar battle techniques.Muay Thai one ofthe martial arts covers all sides. Because the technique is easy,can be used to take care when facing the perpetrators of crime.Muaythai is a type of martial art originally from Thailand, meaning theMartial Boxing of the Thai Tribe. This martial art has existed forabout two thousand years and is commonly used by the Siamese peoplein Thailand to fight the enemy with bare hands. Until now, muaythai began to evolve so that it can be used everyday withoutremoving the element of muay thai itself.Muay thai has a simpletechnique that becomes the basis of every movement. Generally,martial arts have their own distinctive stance that distinguishesit from other types of martial arts. But in muay thai everybody isfree to develop a martial movement with these basic techniques.Thebasic technique is called the 'Eight Limb Art' or 'Eight-LimbScience', in which the Nakmuay (the person who studies muay thai)uses eight body points as the center of attack. Namely the hand(fist), elbows, knees, and legs (kicks).
Fish Trap 1.0 APK
Fishing activities have started since 100,000 years ago. As thetimes progressed, fishing gear such as fishing hook, spear, net,and fish trap began to be used. Among the Malay community includingIndonesia, there is a traditional fish trap that is still useduntil now that is bubu.Generally, the bubu is made of woven bamboothat is shaped like a cylinder with the mouth of the bubu thatnarrows inwards. Bubu takes advantage of the attraction of the fishto the bait so that when the fish get into the bubu and eat thebait, the fish can hardly come out again and eventually get trappedinside. The shape and size of the bubu can be adjusted to the typeof fish to be captured so do not be surprised if you see a squareshaped, trapezoidal, semicircle, dome, and cone.Bubu was originallyused in freshwater areas such as rivers, reservoirs, irrigationcanals, and swamps. However, currently the bubu is also used in thesea and is divided into 6 types depending on how to use it. The sixtypes of bubu are the basic bubbles installed on the seabed usingballast, buoyant buoys mounted just below the surface of the oceanusing floats, drifted bubbles drawn by ships, and jermal, ambai,and apolo bubbles that take advantage of tides.Here are a varietyof fish traps that you can apply in fishing, May be useful.
Kickboxing Technique 1.0 APK
Kickboxing (in Japanese キ ッ ク ボ ク シ ン グ kikkubokusmingu) is amartial art that combines kicking and punching moves. This martialsport relies on intense physical contact such as kicking, punching,and avoiding punches that require strong physical and stamina.Thereare several advantages to be gained from kickboxing sports. Thisexercise is beneficial to lose weight, build muscle, train muscleflexibility, train speed and agility, coordinate between the eyesand hands, increase mental alertness, balance training, improveposture and increase confidence.Kickboxing uses a lot of handgestures such as punching, stabbing punches and avoiding punches.So almost all the muscles of the hand are used simultaneouslywithout having to repeatedly repetitive movements that tend to beboring (like sit ups and push ups).Kickboxing requires a goodbalance and speed of the foot to kick and move. If done regularly,this exercise produces a slender leg and tighten thebuttocks.Kickboxing is effective as an outlet for stress. Movementof punching, kicking and blocking attacks quickly requires fullconcentration so that problems in one's mind can be distracted fora moment.Kickboxing martial arts techniques today is a techniquethat is quite popular beladiri in various countries in the world,for those of you who do not know what the benefits of this onebeladiri, guess what? kickboxing can actually burn calories in yourbody up to 450 calories every hour, this has been proven andtested, it can help you to reduce anger / emotion and frustrationwhile also can improve the balance , resilience, coordination andflexibility.Not just limited to that alone, martial arts kickboxingis a great way to learn self defense, then how to practice ?, let'sdiscuss how to practice
Aikido Technique 1.0 APK
Aikido (Japanese: 合 気 道, aikidō) is a martial art that has itsroots in growth and culture from Japan. Aikido is a manifestationof the modernization of Japanese thinking with traditional Japanesecultural blankets. This made martial arts developed by MoriheiUeshiba around the 1800s (植 芝 盛 平 Ueshiba Morihei) to be in greatdemand among various circles in this modern age as a lifestyle. Theroot of aikido martial arts comes primarily from an ancient martialtradition that is hereditary only owned by a palace family, namely"Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu (or ju-jutsu)".In the old tradition "Jutsu"means an "art" or "art", so this old form has its own grip as atradition with a certain motion order. "Daito" is a name thatrefers to the name of a palace, namely Daito. "Daito" is a palacebelonging to the son of Emperor Seiwa named Minamoto GenjiYohimitsu. Yoshimitsu inherited this science by the sixth sonEmperor Seiwa is Prince Teijun who is very fond of martialarts.Morihei Ueshiba, commonly referred to as O-Sensei, studied thescience of "Aiki" from this science heir teacher, "Sokaku Takeda"."Takeda" is a family name that is nothing but the other name of the"Minamoto" family. With such a great talent, Morihei Ueshiba hasspread his disciples all over the world to introduce the beauty ofthis aikido martial arts science. Currently, aikido has grown to atleast 93 countries in Asia, Europe, America, Australia and parts ofAfrica.While other martial arts generally focus primarily onphysical speed and strength during practice. The preferredtechniques for this martial sport are throwing techniques (similarto dings), locks, and elakan. And instead kicks and punches aretechniques that are rarely used or even eliminated in aikidocolleges.Please note that this aikido is a martial that is widelyused for melee fights and also fast. The term of melee and fastfights is close combat and it is also important to know that inaikido martial arts each technique is known to be influencedby:Technique Toya Sword or YarijutsuSword or KenjutsutechniqueJujutsu's lock technique, especially Sokaku Takeda'sstyleJodoro Kano Kodokan Judo Handling TechniqueHowever, we need toknow the most common techniques practiced in aikido colleges. Herebelow will be a little reviewed what became a common technique forall of us can know.
Swimming Technique 1.0 APK
Basic swimming techniques should be mastered first before startingto practice swimming styles. There are some basic swimmingtechniques you should master before you learn and practice swimmingstyle. Basic swimming techniques are useful to make it easier andhelp you practice the swimming style. Basic swimming techniquesinclude breathing techniques, glide techniques, and floatingtechniques.Here are basic swimming techniques you should master:1.RespiratoryBreathing is a very important thing when swimming. Beingable to manage your breathing well when swimming is one of thesuccess factors in swimming. How to practice basic breathingtechniques by standing low on the edge of the pool with fixed faceposition on the water surface. take a breath through your mouth andhold it for a moment and then insert your head into the watersurface and breathe out through your nose. Repeat breathingexercise 15 times until you find your own respiratory rhythm.2.Glides onGlide is body movement horizontally below the watersurface. How to practice basic techniques glide is first into theshallow pool with the back to the wall of the pool. Paste one ofthe soles on the pool wall and the toes facing downwards thatserves as a repulsion to slide. Push the body through the movementof foot reps and glide as far as possible with the position of bothhands in front of andparallel. Keep your head in water and earsparallel to your arms and hands. Repeat this movement 15 times tofind balance for your body.3. Floating or FloatingFloating orfloating is a movement of the body hovering under the water whilethe head remains on the surface of the water with the impulse ofthe hands and feet as a counterweight. Floating or floating basictechniques are divided into 2 types:a. Floating AboveHow topractice floating movements supine by pulling the body backwardsuntil both ears are submerged in water. both hands are stretched toform a bracket while the wrist remains straight and relaxed. Thepalms are pressed down simultaneously or alternately so the bodyremains floated in the water. both feet moved to resemble theletter V.b. Floating Upright Straight VerticallyThe verticalfloating motion vertically is the most commonly used movement whenone is swimming. The motion of floating vertically vertically isthe movement of the body with the body position perpendicular belowthe water surface while the head position remains above the watersurface to the extent of the chin. Hands and feet are still movedto provide balance to keep the body floating on the surface of thewater. hand movements by stretching the hands to form the elbowswhile the wrist remains straight and relaxed. For the movement ofthe foot give the distance between the two feet and then push thebottom foot alternately. You can do this exercise by the pool byutilizing the iron grip by the pool as a handle. This exercise isuseful to exercise balance and increase your courage to enterdeeper pools.So some way of doing basic swimming techniques, goodluck.
Hapkido Martial Arts 1.0 APK
Shin Son Hapkido is one of the martial arts that originated inKorea in addition to Taekwondo. Hapkido moves on the principle of acircle that harnesses the opponent's power. Techniques in Hapkidoinclude blows, kicks, locks, dings, stance, and weaponstraining.Learning martial arts is already a necessity for somepeople, especially those who live in urban areas. In addition tothe healthful for the body, martial arts menguasi deemed necessaryby many people to anticipate criminal acts that can happen at anytime.Hapkindo martial arts use the principle by utilizingopponent's energy to face the opponent who will attack. Hapkidouses blend attacks such as kicks, locks, kickbacks, punches andweapons use. However, Hapkido is thicker using locks and kickbacks.This martial arts technique is also most famous with AnjaduraKeokki, namely slamming and locking the opponent in a sittingposition.Hapkido martial arts is one of the most passive martialarts. According to Ade, martial arts that can be learned by allthese ages reacted not the same as the action given by others inmartial arts.Just like most other martial arts, Hapkido is amartial art that is not used to harm others and may be used whenthe owner gets into trouble.
Mechanical Engine Motor 1.0 APK
Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering is the engineeringscience concerning the application of the principles of physics tothe analysis, design, manufacture and maintenance of a mechanicalsystem. This science requires a deep understanding of the mainconcepts of the branches of mechanics, kinematics, materialengineering, thermodynamics and energy. Experts or experts ofmechanical engineering are usually referred to as engineers, whotake advantage of this engineering understanding in designing andanalyzing the manufacture of vehicles, aircraft, industrial plants,equipment and industrial machinery and so forth. Mechanicalengineering usually consists of:Mechanical Design andConstructionManufacturing Process and Production SystemEnergyconvertionMaterials Science / MetallurgyMechanical engineeringbegan to develop as a science after the industrial revolution inEurope in the 18th century. Then in the 19th century more and moredeveloped following the development of physics. Mechanicalengineering is increasingly sophisticated, and the engineers arenow developing themselves in the composite, mechatronic, andnanotechnology sections. It is also associated with aviationengineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, petroleumengineering, and chemical engineering.Do bikers including peoplehave the idea of ​​opening a motorcycle repair shop? If yes thenknow how to learn a motorcycle repair shop quickly if you includepeople who are still in service in this 2-wheeled vehicle. someonewho wants to open a motorcycle shop business should have basicknowledge about motorcycle maintenance and repair.Actually, myfriend does not need to follow an intensive training organized byeducational institutions since all you need is to learn self-taughtor yourself by starting a strong desire, coupled with maximumeffort.Now is the time to start buying installments for motorcyclerepair and maintenance equipment. Gradually fill in the bike shopwith tools that are worth considering such as wind pumps and othermachinery.Please apply the technique of motor engine quickly thatwe present this with your efforts and wishes you a success ya!
Judo Technique 1.0 APK
Judo (Japanese: 柔道) is a martial art, sport, and philosophy rootedin Japan. Judo developed from the ancient Japanese martial artcalled Jujutsu. Jujutsu which is an art survive and attack usingempty hands and short weapons, developed into Judo by Kano Jigoro(嘉納 治 五郎) in 1882. This sport became a model of the Japanesemartial art, gendai budo, developed from an old school (koryu).Judo players are called judoka or pejudo. Judo is now a popularmartial arts branch, it has even become an official Olympicsport.When talking about Judo sport, there is a basic Judotechnique that needs to be noticed and also trained if you want tobecome a Judo athlete.Technique Respect or known also with the termrei.Technical Banto Judo or known as nage waza. This techniqueconsists of flopping technique or waza sutemi and also standingtechnique or tachi waza. In the stand technique consists of 3, thetechnique of foot or ashi waza, groin technique or koshi waza, andalso hand techniques or te waza. While the falling technique isdivided into 2, namely the technique of falling to the side or yokosutemi waza and also the technique flopped backwards aka ma sutemiwaza.Judo Lock Technique or better known as katame waza. Thistechnique is divided into 3, ie technique of clamp or shime waza,technique of holding or osae waza / osaekomi waza, and technique ofconnection or kansetsu waza.Technique Attack Judo or better knownas atemi waza.