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Distinguished from gulls Seagulls in Istanbul we know . How tobreak up?First is the birthplace and residence of Istanbul...Discovered in the cool waters of the throat , like every otherseagull flies . If the wheel does not find a place where fish find...Attaches to pursue the ferry stops each day exceeds thecontinents .As you know, maybe it is gulls throughout the world butnot here , is Istanbul 's edge trim ...The Seagulls SeagullsIstanbul Vok of our game was developed by subject matter wasdeveloped with a fun sense of humor .How to play,- To ensure thesurvival of you know by clicking on the screen and fly.- You shouldeat pretzels from in front of you . Vok of life and will give you.- You must avoid obstacles coming in front of you .- If you eat itwill give you extra Voke Medicinal wheel for a while , but cancause a decrease in your car .- You can earn points by Vokulapeople in the game.Have fun..

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    Bird Voku
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    April 9, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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