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World's Most Favorite Hunting Jungle Birds Game "Birds Hunter 2017"brings real birds hunting experience to you. Play Birds Hunter 2017for improving your hunting jungle birds skills in the jungle. YouBirds Hunter 2017 you can Hunt various birds during playing thegame. You can select the bird from Eagle, Duck, Crow, Seagull,Sparrow, pigeon and hunt them within time limit. Privacy Policy :-We do not collect any personal user information for our use or anyof our partners. Details can be checked from here:http://www.gunfiregamesstudio.com/privacy.html

App Information Birds Hunter 2017

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    Birds Hunter 2017
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    October 27, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    GunFire Games
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    Siddique Trade Center, Lahore, Pakistan
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Archery game is now on mobile! Archery hunting wild jungledangerous animal attack game is the best and most realistic archerhunting simulation game for you. Archery Hunting delivers realisticarchery experience that features stunning 3D graphics, amazinganimations of animals and simple intuitive Archery simulationhunter's controls. Shoot arrows at targets to kill them and getrewards. Hunt the animals with Archery is the best deer bow huntinggames ever! Hunt the animals with Archery in this amazing huntinggame. Aim and Shoot with Archery! Hunting wild jungle animals witharchery is fun when one is a professional safari hunter as abeginner will endanger his life in trying to kill furious beasts.Bow hunting lets you hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals inthe world. You are avatar with a special precise Archery hit toshoot furious wild animal shooting. Archer hunting gives realisticarchery safari hunt simulation experience that lets you hunt thebeast and dangerous animals in the world of jungle. Enjoy thejungle hunt with archery as new animal hunting game style forjungle hunt lovers. For the time being you have kill stag but innext versions you will be able to kill other animals like tigerbear, boar, wolf and other beast animal attack game of jungle. Whensomeone gets into jungle for animal hunting games they take it asan invader. So the Archery hunter should hold his breath and bepatient. While arrow hunting stags, deer, bear and wolf be aware,they will become alert if you found near them and they will attackon you in no time and if you will not so hurry to kill these beastanimals, they will kill you and the game will be over. In this gameyou have You are an archer-er riding an horse in jungle and youhave many missions is to hunt the different animal shooting witharrows. Player can move by using joystick and swipe screen forrotation. In every mission different beast and dangerous animalattack game that you have to hunt to complete the game as a safarihunter in limited time and if time limit expired then game will beover. Practice your archery hunting skills and become a master ofarchery king safari hunter. Embark on a lifetime animals bowhunting games and bloody archery animals hunting action adventureand Good luck!!! ★★★ How to Play ★★★ ★ Use Joystick on left bottomfor movement of player. ★ Swipe screen to rotate player. ★ Useshoot button for hunting animals. ★ Complete the level within timelimit. ★ In each level hunt multiple animals. ★ Timer at top showcurrent time. ★★★ Game Features ★★★ ★ Realistic graphics andambient jungle sound. ★ Realistic 3D stunning and amazinganimations. ★ Real-time Archer-er Arrow throwing physics. ★ Smoothand simple controls. ★ User friendly interface and interactivegraphics. ★ Multiple levels with different Missions.
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The most realistic and exciting death racing rivals 3d game is outnow. Get yourself ready to experience the realistic version offurious death racing with advanced features and action fury roadgame. Wild and furious death racing 2018 – shoot with heavy guns toopponent racers bring you the most dynamic version of excitingdeath racing rivals 3d with the variety of shooting and attackinginstruments and dead race vehicles. Brace yourself with 3D carracing fever and death race shoot the rival’s traffic. Action andshooting experience with wild, even more hard-core opponents'around you midst on the highway roads full of destruction and deathracer action environment. Be the mad max driver, race and shoot, ofthe car death race after destroy the opponent vehicles in crazyaction environment of city, snow and desert roads. Dominate thetracks and opponent racers in an intense, fast-paced 3D mad carracing adventure. Experience the heavy and fast deadly r deadlyracers fire as a best dangerous driver and shooter while racingagainst the opponent. Gear up for the most thrilling and realisticdeath road shooting simulation and be the best among the races ofworld. Let’s show best racing and shooting skills on fury roadsbecause vehicles are loaded with lethal weapons like rocketlaunchers and bullets in your arsenal and also there are multiplevehicles to play in this game of death. Get ready to play thetwisted metal race and to shoot the other racer in the mostthrilling of all death race action game in the modern combat rushrivals death road. With extreme and fast paced race it is challengefor you to shoot and destroy the all enemy racing rivals with heavylethal weapons in this action-game. This game is based on realisticand exciting multiple shooting missions. Death rally is verycustomize at the moment. Multiple and brand new guns loadedvehicles here you have choice to select different models of cars toplay death race games action. There are different environments toincrease your interest in death games like desert and snowyenvironment with beautiful and realistic background sound effects,high definition 3d graphics and immersive physics gameplay, easyand smooth control. Download car battle games and get more actionand excitement. Features: Exciting multiple shooting missionsIntense high speed racing Realistic damage destruction anddeformation High definition 3d graphics Realistic car shooting andattacking simulation Immersive physics gameplay Differentenvironments to increase interest Beautiful and realisticbackground sound effects
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If you are an actions games lover then try this new army snipershoot strike elite killer 3D game is made just for you that is thebest action. You can play this army sniper shooting battle game,with full of joy thrill and action. In the game, you are hired asthe best commando and now it’s your duty to accept the mission todestroy the terrorists in the city because they have attacked inthe different cities and army camps. In this lethal elite snipershoot strike battleship game become the best sniper shooter andshoot many high profile criminals and terrorists in the dangerouswar environment and shoot the country enemies. Destroy the illegalactivities from the criminal side, eliminate the terrorist’s dangerand make the country peaceful. Take the best shot of your snipergun to take down the target and eliminate every hidden crime in thecountry. Enjoy the most thrilling enemy shooting game and realmilitary commando attack game in the 3d city and military basesenvironment. Addictive gameplay that will take you in the amazingthrilling crazy war environment with realistic action and with usesof different kind of advanced military sniper weapons. Show yourrealistic lethal aiming and shooting power, eliminate terrorism anddo anything to get rid of crime from your country.Try this newdeadly city sniper fury action game from one of the best actiongames. Shoot with your ultimate gun and get experience the mostepic adventure of crazy city fight against the high-profiletargets, terrorist and criminals. To fight alone against thedangerous criminals and terrorists in the city and military areasis not easy so you have to show some extraordinary shooting, andbest aim the target by using modern sniper weapons skills toeliminate the dangerous terrorists and country enemies. Do not showyour presence to enemies they are very clever terrorists escape orcan run away, your mission is to destroy them on the way they leaveand do not let them escape otherwise you can lose the mission. Soas a best elite killer you to prove that you have the best sniperand hunting skills.In this escape deadly sniper strike attack,there are a number of challenging shooting missions to getadventure and thrilling entertainment. There are multiple advancedarmy sniper weapons in the store where you can select a specificgun for taking revenge from the enemies to take them down. Elitekiller 3d game is the most interesting action game where you canget the amazing experience of shooting criminals. So be carefullytake your point of the criminals and pull your trigger in giventime. If you aim not properly or miss fire then they can run away.So take aim properly and take down enemies in the first shot. Aftercompleting your level you will get your reward in this amazingaction game with realistic background sound effects, amazing andhigh definition 3d graphics, easy and smooth control, immersivegameplay physics that makes your interest in this crazy sniper furyshoot strike game.Features:Multiple amazing and thrillingmissionsRealistic animations and multiple advanced militaryweaponsAmazing high definition 3d graphicsImmersive gameplayphysicsRealistic background sound effects Easy and smoothcontrolCity challenging battlefield environment
Archery Wild Animals Hunter 1.3 APK
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Archery simulation game world is now having number one archeryhunting game. Hunting and shooting with a gun is quite differentdoing this with a crossbow. Though it is a primitive and ancienthunting way but it is more addictive. Your aim to the target mustbe more precise, accurate and quick other wise you will lose thetarget, or the animal you are trying to hunt , may hunt you.ArcheryWild Animals Hunter is a unique game which employs bow and arrowinstead of using a sniper gun. It may take you some time to mastershooting with bow and arrow, but when you get used to it, it willbe fun to target, aim and shoot with a crossbow to hit the bull’seye. You have to be a perfect archer to aim at the moving target,like an animal moving in a jungle, it might be more thrilling asthe animal will attack you if you fail.The gameplay of this bowarrow hunting game is quite interesting. You have to save some farmanimals like cow, goat and sheep from the attack of wild jungleanimals like bear, boar, fox, wolf, lion and rhino in the firstlevel while other levels contain merely shooting furious beastsfrom the jungle. You have to shoot these wild animals with yourcrossbow and arrow to save yourself. Use your finger to pull arrow,aim and release to shoot wild jungle animals. Play this game againand again to be a champion archer.FEATURES - Cool 3D environment. -Realistic archery game controls. - Multiple camera views. - True tolife graphics. - Simple yet addictive gameplay.Privacy Policy:http://www.gunfiregamesstudio.com/privacy.html
Paris City Crime 1.2 APK
GunFire Games
Paris city very beautiful city is now under attack of terrorist youhave to stop this crime in city. In Paris Crime City you are apolice officer and you need to stop these criminals activities. Tostop these criminals activities of terrorist you have to complete alot of missions. Privacy Policy:http://www.gunfiregamesstudio.com/privacy.html
Elite Sniper Combat Killer : Army Civil War 1.9 APK
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Enjoy the biggest unique shooting and addictive action elite snipercombat killer army civil war game on 2018. Become a deadly sharpenemy shooter and enter into the war environment to shoot or takedown the dangerous enemies with test your best army weapons skillsand show your real army commando experience. In this modernterrorist shoot combat fury war you are walking alone in thebattlefield, equipping with unique military killing weapons, aimingat the powerful dangerous and brutal terrorists are in your countryin different locations. This wonderful action fight game is herefor your great enjoyment time with multiple astounding and actionlevels and on every level there many thrilling and adventuresmissions with stylized stunning high definition 3d graphics, easyand smooth control, amazing background sound effects and realisticthrilling environments. You can also feel marvelous affectivesounds of multiple advanced army weapons shooting in this addictiveaction game. The deadly army civil war sniper combat is full actionbase addicting game and it’s absolutely free.An immersive snipershooter action is presented again. Aim the target and shoot usingyour sniper shooting skills in this first person shooter game. Youwill find this game one of the best action oriented games ever onGoogle play.Being an experienced and well trained special forcecommando equipped with all modern weapons and guns you have tocomplete every mission you are assigned for to counter evilintentions of the enemy. There are four missions in this actionpacked game.Your mission is to eliminate all the enemies and clearall areas captured by invading forces. Here you need a cool headand heart and fast, aggressive, accurate sniper shootingtechniques, allow yourself to calm down, to enjoy this challenginggame now!★ Level 1Your city is under enemy’s attack. They havecaptured the area. You are assigned to shoot all enemies one by onewith your sniper gun and clear the city from them. You are sent inas a secret agent, enemy is unaware of your presence. Aim thetarget and shoot all of them.★ Level 2After taking control of thecity, now you are assigned to clear the army base by killing allcommandos who invaded your dear homeland. Making use of your snipershooting skills kill all of them, take the base control back andmove on to next assignment.★ Level 3After being defeated by yourextreme defensive skills now they have invaded your army base inthe desert. Improve your defense strategy and remove them allclearing your base. ★ Level 4Prepare for the final mission in adeep and vast jungle where they have captured your land. Find everyhidden enemy and shoot them all.★★★ FEATURES ★★★★ Beautiful reallooking environments.★ Rich weapon store. You can choose a gun ofyour choice.★ You can also switch to endless mode where number ofenemies re coming from all over and you have to survive by killingthem.Privacy Policy: http://www.gunfiregamesstudio.com/privacy.html
Death Moto Racing 3D 1.3 APK
GunFire Games
'Death Moto Racing 3D' Most extreme and endless arcade racing forAndroid!Drive your moto with extremely dangerous weapons throughthe highway and city traffic earn cash cash and buy new one withupgraded weapons. Moto shooting with very simple smoothcontrol,realistic graphics and Environment.★★★ How to Play★★★Endless racing of moto racing and shooting is now redefined!Usenitrous button to accelerate more and tilt to control yourdirection!Shoot the traffic to earn more cash using shootbutton!Buy new one moto with upgrade weapons!★★★ Best Game Features★★★★ Different kind of motos to choose from.★ Just swap your phoneto control moto direction★ Tap the screen to accelerate the moto★Exciting background music★ Stunning 3D graphics★ Gorgeous visualeffects★ Smooth and realistic moto handling★ Realistic graphics andEnvironment like forest, snow mountain, bridge, City.Privacy Policy:-We do not collect any personal user information for our use orany of our partners. Details can be checked fromhere:http://www.gunfiregamesstudio.com/privacy.html
Fruit Crush 2016 1.1 APK
GunFire Games
Fruit Crush 2016 is very addictive and match-3 puzzle game!Connect3 or more same fruits to score points, Connect lines of fruit tomake more combos in this puzzle game!How to play:1. Connect 3 ormore same fruits to clear them and gets points.2. Archive thetarget points within given time to level up.3. Eliminate the morefruits can get more combos and extra scores.Features:● Over 120addictive levels.● Many powerful items and combos to completelevels.● Cool graphics, and realistic animation effects.PrivacyPolicy :-We do not collect any personal user information for ouruse or any of our partners. Details can be checked fromhere:http://www.gunfiregamesstudio.com/privacy.html