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When it comes to birthdays, most peoplewillsay one of the best things about them is the opportunity toeatcake.

This is especially true when it comes to children, who often endupwith the most extravagant (and delicious) cakes.

With this in mind, FEMAIL has rounded up some of the bestkidsbirthday cakes to be seen, so try not to drool.

When it comes to children's cakes, characters are oftenbigfeatures. Kids want their favourite book, television, game ormoviecharacter front and centre on their birthday, including onthedessert.

This can be shown in a number of ways, from a printed icing decaltoa giant model of Cookie Monster surrounded by chipcookies.

Or, if you're a Star Wars fan, a detailed cake in the shapeofbeloved character R2D2, like one baker made for asix-year-oldnamed Jacob's birthday.

Another favourite way of incorporating characters into cake isbycolour and fondant models, like one Captain America-themedcakedid.

Other incredible examples can be seen in Cat in the Hat andThomasthe Tank Engine cakes, photos of which were postedonInstagram.

Another notable cake is a Disney-themed one, where the cake makesupthe dress of animated character Princess Sofia.

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