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Not only the selection of colors and theme birthday alone,determines the design of the cake with all of accessories, alsoequally important. If you plan to bring a cake on your birthday, ofcourse you have to pay attention to many things. Birthday is thehappiest moment to be celebrated together. Selection of the cakecould also choose various stores birthday cake is everywhere.Currently, there are many types, models as well as the contents ofan assortment of cakes. Probably not too difficult or easy inchoosing a birthday cake that fits. Here are abeberapa tips forchoosing the right birthday cake for your special day. 1. Choose areputable pastry shop Delicatessen which already have a highreputation in the field, usually will treat customers well try asmuch as possible to meet the demand. Generally, specialist cakeshops that already have names his staff divide into two categories.One of the usual birthday cake orders, one more special for thewedding. They also usually separate area of regular customers and acouple bride and groom to facilitate discussion about the design ofthe cake as desired. Although the price is slightly expensive,pastry shop in good standing will be a guarantee of quality. 2.Rasacake In addition to design, make sure you also have a taste of thecake. Make a cake tasting at least three kinds of cake before youorder. If in one cake contained some sense, you have to tryeverything. To be safe and to make sure you, your family and allthe guests loved your birthday cake, choose common sense such aschocolate, strawberry or vanilla. 3.Sediakan special time Youshould have started picking the cake between three to six monthsbefore the H. Once completed determine the color theme and weddingvenue, immediately select the appropriate design of the cake. Asone of the attractions at a birthday party later, the design of thecake should be considered carefully and detailed as possible. 4.Choose creative design Play with your birthday cake, can match thedesign of the cake with the theme of your color or other creativeideas. In essence, choose designs creatively as possible to be moretraction on the day later.

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Aquaculture Louhan 2.0 APK
Louhan fish are generally divided into two types of fish and fishLouhan types Bonohead Louhan types of Waterhead. Fish Louhan typesBonohead on umumya have kelada are not too jenong or commonlyreferred to jenong stones, and fish Louhan this type usually willnot have a significant jenong. While Fish Louhan types Waterhead orcommonly called the Fish Louhan Air Jenong Jenong usually havefairly large. 1.Pilihlah Louhan healthy fish, do not buy fishLouhan who are sick, usually Louhan sick fish will be marked withpatches of white spots or fungus attached to his body 2. If buyingfish Louhan Louhan saplings then choose fish with head Jenong,because puppies are jenong Louhan Fish Fish Louhan it will growwith considerable Jenong 3.Pilihlah Louhan fish that have short andstout body, because IkanLouhan like this tend to be aggressive andhas a special attraction 4.Pilihlah Louhan fish with scales contrascolor (bright) and a dark blackish 5.Selanjutnya choose fish Louhanaggressive and have become accustomed to humans, this is done toavoid the stress of Fish Louhan Types of fish Lohan Based on thetype, fish Louhan divided into six types: 1. CHINWA 2. CENCU 3.MARKING FLY 4. GOLDEN BEST 5. CLASSIC 6. FREE HEAD louhancultivation tips: treatment Lohan Flowerhorn Cichlid required to bestored at a temperature of 80-85 ° F water, and a pH of less than7.4-8.0. They need a minimum of about 20-30 gallon tank to grow. Ifaggressive and territorial, two or more flowerhorn is typically notstored in groups, but the contents of the tank they can be dividedby dividing acrylic or egg crates. Aquarium to maintain louhanAquarium should be adjusted to the size louhan as a comparison, formeasuring 40-50cm louhan preferably aquarium size is 200x170x80cm.Aquarium good for louhan should include: Aerator and Filter,Heater, Hiding Place, Rocks, Water Plants and sufficient lighting.Tips for Choosing Louhan The characteristics of good qualityLouhan: * The fins on the bottom and tail balanced * Black spotsfirmly on the base of the tail to the gills * Circle of goldenmetallic silver color encircling the blackhead * Looks pearl spotsin almost all body * The base color is bright red body and brightyellow * Fin and the tail broke widened and intact * Nongnong inthe head appear proportionately * The red eye in a full circle FeedTo Louhan Natural foods and home-made food. Natural food consistsof: Artemia, Air Ticks, Mosquitoes Flick, hair and silk worms,blood worms, Earthworm and shrimp. Artificial food pellet can begiven special Louhan Interspersed with worms or shrimp. OvercomingDisease / Pests Diseases that often attack Louhan is a fungaldisease, symptoms seen in louhan body is shrouded body like a finethread. How to cope with this disease are: * Avoid Fish wounded *Soaking Lohan into a solution of Malachite Green oxalate with aratio of 1 cubic 3g of water. Marinated fish less than 30 minutes *Once completed the louhan enter into a tank that had been cleanedand replaced with new water.
stylish bag 2.0 APK
a woman must have liked the items that can support the appearance,the goods shall dipunya women who are bags, shoes, clothes, andaccessories. Besides must be owned by women, these items have theirrespective functions. Various kinds of bag lady has a function.Some functions of the bag are: 1. Backpack Backpack or usedbackpacks on their backs and can contain many items. Backpacksusually a favorite all people, children, parents, youth, andothers. Backpack or backpack is very simple and you can use in anyactivity. 2. Hand Bag Typically used for formal events. Hand baghas a lot of models. Told hand bag because he did not have a longstrap even no straps at all, allowing only carry in hand. 3. ToteBag Generally tote bag can carry goods in large quantities. Totebag is large enough and still comfortable to carry wherever you go4. Sling Bag This bag is usually called with the sling bag, largeand small sling bag has a long strap so that you can use anytimeanywhere you go. 5. Shoulder Bag Shoulder bag is almost equal tothe difference is the hand bag shoulder bag has straps longer thanwith a hand bag, usually used when traveling but still lookstylish. And many other bag models. The most important items arebags because the bags can carry wherever we go. Bag lady mostpreferred because it can be the most supportive woman's appearance.
Tattoo Body Art Designs 1.0 APK
not the least we see people who decorate his body with the words,pictures or symbols or what we often call with tattoos. In general,the tattoo is the art of decorating the body by using a special inkmade from certain types of materials with the help of various typesof tools.tips on how to make tattoos for beginnersIf you want toexperiment with the art of painting the body without changing yourskin permanently, temporary tattoos are the best solution. You cancreate your own temporary tattoos using a few household items andobjects that are available in craft stores. Learn the fourtechniques to create temporary tattoos: use an eyeliner pencil, usea stencil, printing on paper, and using a Sharpie (a brandmarker).1.Buatlah tattoo design. To make a good tattoo, think ofthe design before you stick it on the skin. Use pencil and paper topour your ideas in sketches, follow these guidelines:Eyelinertattoo would look better if the lines are thick and simple. Thelines are thinner and more intricate designs tend to fade and hardto spot. We recommend that you choose the forms are clear.Determinethe size of the tattoo you want. Tattoos sized looked as if ahand-drawn, while the smaller tattoos seem more "authentic". Designyour tattoo according to the effect you want to get.2. Selecteyeliner. Go to a cosmetic store and buy regular eyeliner pencil,which must be sharpened. Select the pencil which does not cause orgreasy luster. Pencil that can be used to draw lines will produce adry and evenly tattoo is more durable and does not fade.Jet blackeyeliner can produce a temporary tattoo that looks flashy, but ofcourse you can choose more than one color. Try emerald green,purple, and blue sapphire for the entire design or just theslightest touch.Avoid liquid eyeliner. This type is more difficulteyeliner stick body parts other than your eyelids.Practice drawingwith a pencil eyeliner tattoo design of your choice on a piece ofpaper. Familiarize your fingers with the pressure necessary tocreate a smooth line.3.Gambar designs on your skin with an eyelinerpencil. Spend enough time and make sure the design is exactly asyou want. If you do not like it, you can rinse and redrawing.Youcan draw a tattoo on any part of your body, but the area is notcovered with hair a lot easier to draw. Make sure your skin isclean and dry when drawing your design.Use a cotton bud to mixcolors and create color gradations.4.Semprot design with hairspray.Chemicals that normally makes your hair hardened act as a seal, toensure the tattoo is not falling for several hours. You do not needto spray it got wet; just spray a mild course.5.Bilas. This tattoocan last about one day before began to fade. You can clean iteasily using warm soapy water. You may need to remove it before bedso as not to contaminate the sheets eyeliner.
How Hair Braiding 4.0 APK
How to braid hair is very easy, if we know the model braid what wewill create. There are so many models of braid that you can learnand practice in your life. So you can try it out one by one,whether it was to hang out, go to a wedding and more. If you are ata loss to know how to braid hair, here are some images that you candownload and learn more. Here is a picture a picture that has beenprovided to you. Model Hair Weaving is one type of hair that isoften used by women of this modern. This hairstyle is used becauseit has its own allure that add beauty to the appearance of women.It is not easy to make a model of modern braid. For starters, youhave to ask for help from others to braid your hair. But if youhave a regular and continued practice, you'll get used to make abraid your hair. Hair braids easy to be made by beginners is a sidebraid hairstyles and short hairstyles braids. Although easy tomake, for people who are not used to braid his hair still had toask for help. Model Hair Weaving New - this new model braid hairinto a hairstyle that is very trending in the wider community. Younot only get to choose the style of modern braid that has beenthere, but you could also try - try and experiment to make hairbraid styles that suits yourself and your taste. Model braid has anadvantage that is a bit different from other hair models. Thismodern braid hairstyle can give the impression of a round on theround face and adds an oval in the oval-faced. Quite interesting isnot it? Therefore braid style is very suitable for people who wantto maximize performance. In this world, style hair braid dividedinto two major parts of the side braid hairstyles and short hairbraid models. While in development, two models braid was developedinto some kind of braid hair braid hair again as a model in theforehead, transverse braid, bun braids, ponytails and braids,ribbons and braids buckling. You can start experimenting to findother types of hair braids. There was nothing before you startexperimenting making side braid hairstyle or braid hairstyle short,you have mastered the basics - basic hair braiding. Here is how tobraid hair: Splitting your hair using a tool like a comb. Begin tomake the foundation according to the type of braids hair you want.Divide your hair into sections equally. Folding or crosses left andright sides of your hair to the middle and continue until you areleft short hair. Tying your hair in order to be limiting and endbraid your hair. Here is an example - a model example of modernbraid which is becoming the trend of society.
Musical Instrument 2.0 APK
Based on the classification, musical instruments that exist in theworld can dikasifikasikan into three parts, which are: based on howto play a musical instrument, based on the source of the sound ofmusical instruments, and based on the function of musicalinstruments. Based On How to Play a Musical Instrument Windinstruments, namely musical instruments memainkanya way by blowingthe instrument, examples of this instrument include: harmonica,recorder, tuba, flute, flute, Bason, horn, trumpet, pianika,saxophone, clarinet and others. Stringed instrument, the instrumentthat means memainkanya by swiping the instrument, examples of thisinstrument are: violin, fiddle, cello, violin, contra bass, violaand others Stringed instruments, namely how to play a musicalinstrument with me-picking the instrument, examples of which thismusi instruments: guitar, bass, mandolin, harp, zither, banjo,sasando, ukulele, and others. Musical instruments press, ie how toplay a musical instrument by tapping the instrument, examples ofwhich this musi instruments: piano, organ, keyboard and others.Percussion instruments, namely how to play musical instruments byhitting the instrument. Percussion instruments are of two kinds:Percussion instruments which have a tone, for example: Kulintang,gamelan, calung, vibraphone, arumba, xylophone, bellira,glockenspiel and others. Percussion instruments have no tone, forexample: drums, ketipung, tambourine, tambourine, symbal, tympani,triangle, castanets, gong, pauken, drum sets and others. Based OnSound Source Musical Instruments Based on the resulting soundsources, musical instruments can be classified into five.Aerophone, namely musical instruments where the sound source isderived from air vibrating by blowing or pumped. Example: flute,flute, recorder, tuba, melodeon, clarinet, and horn saksophone theway to play it is blown. Accordions with pumped. Idiophone, namelymusical instruments where the sound source is derived from metalbars or wooden beaten or the source of the sound coming from thetool itself. Example: bellira, calung, angklung, kulintang,gamelan. Elektrophone, namely musical instruments where the sourceof the sound comes from electronic circuit contained in the device.Current technological developments make this tool canmengeluarkankan sound of berbgai kinds of musical instruments.Example keyboard. Electric organ, electric guitar, electric bassand others. Membranophone, namely musical instruments where thesound source is sourced on a vibration in a thin membrane made ofleather or plastic which reads by being hit. Example: tambourine,tambourine, drum, drum set, ketipung, bongo, Konga, tympani andothers. Chordophone, namely musical instruments where the soundsource is derived from a series of strings that vibrate byplucking, swiped or suppressed. In quotes: guitar, harp mandolin,ukulele, banjo, zither, lute bass and others. At swipe: violin,viola, cello, double bass, fiddle On tap: an acoustic piano
Fish Pond Minimalist 2.0 APK
Pond Fish Simple Design has become one complement to your dreamhome. In addition to beautifying the house, has a fish pond in thehouse indeed be a certain satisfaction. Often we find that there isa fish pond and garden kitchen garden of a house so that adds anelegant and beautiful at home. Well for those of you who areconfused in designing a fish pond in a minimalist home, we have aguide to how to make a simple fish pond in the yard, and certainlynot costly. 1. Design Swimming Fish Minimalism. First you mustmenentiukan fish pond design as what you want to create. If yourhouse is minimalist, make sure the fish pond design you want tocreate harmony with the design of your home. Generally for aminimalist home, square-shaped fish pond is the most appropriatechoice. In addition to simple, square-shaped fish pond Juka willreinforce the impression of minimalism in home. Additionally linesand square corners also reinforce the impression of a minimalistpool. In order not terihat monotonous, add natural stone todecorate. 2.Tata layout Pond Fish Next specify the layout of a fishpond, what wants are in the front garden, in addition to, or in thebackyard. Then adjust the placement, could be side by side with thewall, or in the midst of the garden. 3.Ukuran Pond Fish MinimalismBefore determining the size of the fish pond you want, you mustfirst adapt it to your home area. Do not let the size of the poolwhich added much ahan so the yard becomes narrow and restrict thespace for you. The key, the layout of the fish ponds should not bearbitrary and must be estimated before deciding to make it. 4.Bahanand Materials Minimalist Fish Pond More often we find a fish pondwith material of natural stone materials. In addition to morenatural, natural stone is also available with various types andmodels you can adjust to the atmosphere of a garden or yard thatyou want to make a pool. Basic ingredients you'd use cement andsand. If you want to play with other materials, to the stage ofcompletion that you can add to the decoration materials such asnatural stone or artificial stone. Remember, to not bother youshould not choose material that suits cleaned. 5.Perawatan PondFish Minimalism Once finished, it does not mean your job isfinished. Of course you have to be diligent cleaning to avoid themoss and the water murky. For that you need a special filter toclean the swimming pool maintained in a rather long time. Note thefilter size to fit the size of the pool, do not let your pool islarge enough while the filter is too small. For moss problem, thesimplest thing you can do is to brush it. Additional 6.Tips Thefish is most suitable in the pool water is koi, comets, goldfish,and ornamental fish. We recommend that if your pool is small not toput too much fish because it will affect the growth of fish.
Goldfish 2.0 APK
Goldfish are ornamental fish commodity that has been cultivatedcommercially. Goldfish is one of the ornamental fish that have higheconomic value. many variant types of goldfish are alreadycultivated. Here's how the chef fish farming. 1. Selection ofMaster Chef Step - Step How To Fish Farming Chef Mains were goodand ready dipijah has a body length up to 7 cm (minimum) or for aduck egg and have a lifespan take more than 7 months. Choose theideal stature, with a broad tail, fins upright when moving, smallheads and scales are beautiful or not fall out. To get the seedslarvae colorful, then the parent must have a body that is plain butdiffer between males and females, for example, white males femalesare yellow. Parent fish to breed the situation must be healthy.agile and ripe. 2. Feature Parent Males If in the abdomen can besorted out milky white liquid Terdapt small white bumps on the gillcover, or sometimes on the fingers of the first pectoral fins and asmall oval shape anal 3. Feature Females If massaged in the abdomencan be yellow liquid egg-shaped goldfish In the abdomen slightlyenlarged and rounded shapes rectum 4. How spawning chef Aquarium orpond clean by water then deposited approximately one day and onenight, then put the water hyacinth in them to attach eggs. Select aparent who has matured and included in the pool Spawning occurs inthe afternoon, usually the next morning the eggs are attached tothe water hyacinth. Then the parent can be transferred to theparent holding pond for spawning then 1 month again. Let the eggsuntil they hatch, in case that is not exposed to extremetemperatures and away from predators that exist. 5. Hatching EggsFish Chef The hatching process may take more than two days and whenthe eggs are hatched turns out there are not fertilized will decayand rotting menetas.Telur no longer have to be overgrown by thefungus. The water temperature for the eggs that undergo thefertilization process should also be considered, the temperatureshould only be ranged between 24 to 28 0C. If necessary, add theoxygen supply to the aquarium so that the larvae that are insidecan get sufficient oxygen intake.
Unique Sofa 2.0 APK
Things you should know before buying a sofa is a sofa and anunderstanding of the benefits of the couch. Here's a little reviewon the couch. on Sofa Sofa appears to be one type of furniture thatwas never absent in a dwelling. When first we filled the house, thefurniture is sure to be on the first list of furniture to bepurchased. This is not surprising given the relatively crucialfunction sofa. With the sofa we do not need to accomplish to standor sit on the floor sometimes cause an uncomfortable feeling whenwe sit for hours. Especially in today habit has shifted, and thesofa began to replace floor mats or chairs, although there arethose who defend the use of a mat or chair it until now. benefitsSofa Sofa preferred because it gives a sense of comfort whensitting on it. Not only that, the couch with some support capableof creating a more intimate atmosphere and warm for the people whouse them. For that reason the sofa is also widely used in theliving room and even in a shared room in a public building. Athome, this padded seat may fill almost most of the room, rangingfrom the foyer, living room, sitting room, bedroom, den until thecorners of the room may initially be abandoned. Knowingly or notthe presence of the couch a little more to make the atmosphere morecomfortable. Compared to a regular chair for example more prominentby-frame chassis is impressive hard and stiff. Sofa did have theimpression of a more intimate and warm.