1.31 / November 11, 2020
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To send Business V card ,Business Profile to yourleads.AutomaticFollow up of lead. Send whatsap profile to leds.

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Syncnetic Partner 1.8.11 APK
This application allows to create leads and let the userdistinguish them in 3 fields i.e Prospects, Opportunity, Customer.It also allows user to add it's Partners.
myApp 3.8 APK
"myApp" is the Android app for Syncnetic LeadCube customer, throughthis app company will demonstrate their Vision, Mission,Achievement, Clients & Testimonial. This app also help companyto communicate with their customer by sending notification &the best part of its notification module is application maintainall the notification in his memory. This app also help customer todemonstrate their products & service with flashy look &feel.
BizID 1.31 APK
To send Business V card ,Business Profile to yourleads.AutomaticFollow up of lead. Send whatsap profile to leds.
Syncnetic HRSmart 2.2.166 APK
Advantages of HRSmart : ★ By adding a human resources department,you won't need to be as directly involved in time-consuming taskssuch as recruiting, benefits administration and developing andimplementing personnel policies and procedures ★ You can focus moreon big-picture items such as increasing revenues and gaining marketshare ★ You enter information only once for many HR-relatedemployee tasks. And, similarly, you need to update only one placewhen employee information changes Features of HRSmart ★ E-Info ★Leave Management ★ Attendance Management ★ View Employee Details& Attendance ★ Expense Logging System And many more ......
LCSupport 1.0.65 APK
LeadCube is full CRM solution for mobile. It helps manageyourcontacts, create tasks, send SMS, email all from yourAndroiddevice. LeadCube will help you track the performance ofYourEmployees' and also track of revenue generated for You. Therearemany outstanding features which are distinct from otherCRMsolutions available. App Features : ★ Add new Leads fromyourmobile. ★ Create Unique Business Profile for your lead ★ Trackallyour leads & tasks. ★ Create new customer profilesdirectlyfrom the app. ★ Send SMS & Email through app to yourcustomers.★ Single screen to Manage all the Lead ★ Import Lead data&Send Business Profile ★ Customer Feedback System ★ComplaintLogging System ★ Secure User Management ★ Expense Logging★ AddEnquiry and View the Enquiry allotted to a particular User. ★Viewand Add Payments related to Customers. ★ Graphical Reports togiveyou a gist of the activities currently in progress. ★★ Call Log-Added feature which can keep a track of Your Employee whoisresponsible to attend Enquiry from Desk.