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DEVELOP A DEADLY GUARD USING BJJ PRINCIPLESThe BJJ Guard and BottomGame Formula contains more than 2 hours of in-depth BJJ instructionthat’ll give you a huge advantage on the mat. You’ll get acomplete, scientific and systematic guide to the guardposition.You’ll learn how to control your opponent from the guard,how to prevent his guard passes, and proven attack formulas tosweep or tap out your opponent.The guard is the most complexposition in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. There are many different guardpositions and variations, and each position has hundreds oftechniques available to you. Trying to memorise each of thesetechniques is a losing battle. It's all too much to remember, andit's too slow to access all that information in the heat of thebattle.But by showing you the underlying principles and concepts ofthe bottom position it makes learning the guard MUCH easier. Soyou'll learn techniques faster and remember them easier if youstart with the principles and concepts that underly all ofjiu-jitsu.Mechanical principles like leverage, framing and movementdon’t change from position to position, they’re the sameeverywhere, and once you know them you can apply them all over theplace. Every technique, every transition, and every strategy inthis app is based on those fundamental principles. We'll show youexactly how those principles apply and how to use them so you canthen apply them in other situations.In the BJJ Guard and BottomGame Formula Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts Rob Biernacki andStephan Kesting take you through their entire guard formula,starting with how how to control your opponent so he can’t easilypass your guard or disengage and run away.Next you’ll learn themovements and principles of guard retention: these techniques willmake your guard virtually impassable no matter what kind of guardpass your opponent uses.Then you’ll learn how to sweep and submityour opponent, even if he already knows the techniques you areusing. The most important thing to realise is that against aquality opponent you rarely just catch him with ‘a technique’.Instead you have to first set it up so that he’s off balance andout of position. We’ll show you how to systematically dismantle hisbody alignment before launching your sweep and submission attacks.Finally you’ll also learn the revolutionary new drills that’ll haveyou moving on the mat and attacking your opponent like an advancedplayer after just a few sessions.ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTORS; ROB ANDSTEPHANRob Biernacki is the creator of the renowned BJJ BackAttacks Formula and BJJ Top Game Formula. He's a BJJ black belt andtravels extensively to compete and train with many of the topjiu-jitsu instructors active today. Rob's ability to identifyand teach the underlying principles of jiu-jitsu has made hima very popular seminar instructor, and many competitors havecredited him for their critical competition breakthroughs.StephanKesting is a BJJ black belt, a Combat Submission Wrestlinginstructor and the founder of Grapplearts.com. He has been trainingin the striking, grappling, and weapons-oriented martial arts forover 30 years.  A master teacher, Stephan has helped thousandsof grapplers improve their skills through his clear and easy-to-useinstructional apps, DVDs, and online videos.

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Submissions for BJJ & MMA 1.1.3 APK
TAP OUT YOUR OPPONENTS MORE OFTEN! This app gives you step-by-stepinstruction for the highest percentage submissions in BrazilianJiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling on your Android device.StephanKesting is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt, an instructor in CombatSubmission Grappling, and has over 30 years of experience in themartial arts. He also operates Grapplearts.com, one of the mostrespected grappling sites on the web.In this app Stephan takes youthrough the most effective and highest percentage submissiontechniques that can tap out any opponent.Grapplearts Submissionsincludes:* 42 techniques broken down using video instruction intoeasy-to-follow steps * Additional 'Details' videos for everytechnique, taking you through the advanced points to make thesubmissions truly effective.* All the material is shot highdefinition video so it looks great on your Android phone or tablet*Position-based menus get you to the technique you need quickly andeasily* This is a universal app, which means that it works on bothyour phone and your tablet - you don't need to buy differentversions for each type of device* This app is self-contained; onceyou have downloaded it you do NOT need an internet connection toview the step-by-step techniques or the detail videosTECHNIQUELIST:CLOSED GUARD 1-Methodical Armbar2-Fast Armbar3-TriangleChoke4-KImura Armlock, 5-Guillotine Choke, 6-OmoplataArmlock,7-Anke Lock (from top), OPEN GUARD 8-Triangle Choke,9-Armbar, 10-Ankle Lock (from top), 11-Ankle Lock (from bottom),12-Kneebar (from top), 13-Kneebar (from bottom), HALF GUARD14-Kimura (from top), 15-Kimura (from bottom), 16-Kneebar (fromtop), 17-Kneebar (from bottom), 18-Anklelock (from top), SIDEMOUNT19-Americana / V-Armlock, 20-Kimura / Chicken Wing, 21-Armbar,22-Arm Crush , 23-Head & Arm Choke, KNEE MOUNT24-Kimura /Chicken Wing, 25-Spin Armbar, FULL MOUNT26-Floating Armbar,27-S-Mount Armbar, 28-Americana, 29-Head & Arm Choke, REARMOUNT30-Rear Naked Choke, 31-Armbar, 32-Crossed Ankle Lock,TURTLE33-Straight Armbar, 34-Armbar Using Legs, 35-Rolling Kneebar,STANDING36-Standing Guillotine, 37-Standing Kimura, 38-FlyingArmbar, GI-BASED 39-Cross-Collar Choke 40-Sleeve Coke, 41-ClockChoke, 42-Bow & Arrow Choke,
BJJ Roadmap by Stephan Kesting 1.0 APK
THE FASTEST WAY TO LEARN BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU!Do you want learnBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu the right way? Then grab the BJJ Roadmap appand let the pieces of the puzzle immediately start coming togetherfor you. BJJ is the most effective grappling system in the world,but it can be very confusing for your first couple of years oftraining. But BJJ can, and should, make sense! The BJJ Roadmap appis the perfect tool for getting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu right, rightfrom the start. - Master the sense of overwhelm so you canconfidently navigate your way among the different techniques andsubmissions in BJJ - Learn exactly how the different groundpositions fit together so that you never feel lost on the mat again- Find out what exactly you should do next to get better atgrappling - Discover the missing components you need to get yourtechniques to work in a real life sparring situation Using highquality video instruction this app will give you the strategies,tactics, techniques and training methods you need to get good atBJJ as fast as possible. WHAT YOU'LL GET IN THE FREE SECTION OF THEAPP - A complete overview of the major BJJ positions and how theyfit together - A detailed breakdown of the Closed Guard, Open Guardand Half Guard positions - Guard sweeps that take you from thebottom to the top - Guard passes you can use to cut your waythrough your opponent's defences - How to avoid the most commonmistakes made on the top and the bottom WHAT YOU'LL GET IN THE PAIDSECTION OF THE APP - Four more positions to round out your BJJgame, including Side Mount, Knee Mount, Rear Mount and the TurtlePosition - Advanced details to take your game to the next levelquickly and easily. - The best transitions to improve your positionso you can keep your opponent continually on the defensive. -Effective escapes you can use even if your opponent is bigger thanyou - Overviews of the most common, most effective submissions fromeach position - How to avoid the mistakes that can lead to injuryor months of wasted time and effort as you do the wrong thing againand again. This app covers a complete system for learning BJJ. Itstarts with the Roadmap concept so that you get the complete bigpicture of the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (along with the concepts,techniques and strategies used by almost every advanced player). Iwant you to know the ‘why, where, when, who and what’ of everythingyou learn in BJJ, which is why in this app we cover: - Why certaintechniques work better than others. - Where your arms and legs MUSTbe to avoid giving your opponent an easy submission!f - When is thebest time for trying specific moves? - Who is best suited forcertain positions and submissions? - What the critical take-homedetails are, without which your technique just won’t work! Many BJJstudents never end up learning the fundamentals of the art properlybecause these basics are so ‘obvious’ to their instructors thatthey don’t bother to pass them on to their students. But if theconcepts, strategies and tactics of BJJ get laid out for you in aclear, concise and interesting manner (instead of you having tofigure it all out through trial and error) then your skills willliterally jump to a new level overnight. ABOUT STEPHAN KESTINGStephan Kesting is a BJJ black belt and an instructor in CombatSubmission Wrestling. In addition to his grappling certificationshe also has a Black Belt in Kajukenbo Karate and is a certifiedInstructor in Dan Inosanto’s Filipino Martial Arts, Majaphait Silatand Jun Fan JKD. With his series of best-selling apps, DVDs, andinstructional programs he has helped tens of thousands of martialartists lift the level of their grappling game.
Sub Defense 1.0 APK
TAP OUT MUCH LESS OFTEN WITH THE GRAPPLEARTS SUBMISSION DEFENSEAPPGrapplearts Submission Defense is the first app dedicated tohelping you NOT tap out to submissions on the ground. Learn how toprevent, defend and escape even the most powerful submissions.Stephan Kesting is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt, an instructorin Combat Submission Grappling, and has over 30 years of experiencein the martial arts. He also operates Grapplearts.com, one of themost respected grappling sites on the web. Grapplearts SubmissionDefense includes: * 36 Submission Defenses and Escapes, broken downinto easy-to-follow steps. Become 300% harder to tap by learningthe 3 levels at which every submission can be countered. * 24additional 'Key Points' videos, taking you through the advancedaspects of the submission defenses to make them truly effective. *Principles and concepts to make the techniques easy to learn, andtricks that allow you to escape and turn the tables on youropponent even for the most powerful submissions. * All the materialis shot in high definition video and professionally edited so itlooks great on your Android phone or tablet. *This app isself-contained: once you download it you do NOT need an internetconnection to view the step-by-step techniques or the detail menus* This is a universal app, which means that it works on both yourphone and your tablet - you don't need to buy different versionsfor each type of device* SPECIAL BONUS: Purchase of this app alsoentitles you to receive a lesson on shutting down your opponent'soffense from the guard from the Black Belt Grappling ConceptsCourse. entirely for free! TECHNIQUE LIST: 1. Armbar from Guard:Awareness and Prevention 2. Armbar from Guard: Lion Kill Defense 3.Armbar form Guard: Ninja Star Escape 4. Armbar from Top: Awarenessand Prevention 5. Armbar from Top: Clear & Bridge Counter 6.Armbar from Top: Hitchhiker Escape 7. Triangle Choke: Awareness andPrevention 8. Triangle Choke: Stack and Spin Escape 9. TriangleChoke: Foot in Armpit Escape 10. Omoplata: Awareness and Prevention11. Omoplata: Cartwheel Escape 12. Omoplata: Rolling Counter 13.Guillotine Choke: Awareness and Prevention 14. Guillotine Choke:Run Around Counter 15. Guillotine Choke: Arm Over Shoujlder Escape16. Arm Triangle Choke: Awareness and Prevention 17. Arm TriangleChoke: Reguarding Counter 18. Arm Triangle Choke: Leg Grab Counter19. Rear Naked Choke: Awareness and Prevention 20. Rear NakedChoke: Block and Slide Counter 21. Rear Naked Choke: Unwrapping theRNC 22. Americana Armlock: Awareness and Prevention 23. AmericanaArmlock: Elbow Push Counter 24. Americana Armlock: Straight Arm andSpin 25. Kimura from Guard: Awareness and Prevention 26. Kimurafrom Guard: Taking the Back Counter 27. Kimura from Guard: HandSandwich Counter 28. Kimura Shoulderlock: Awareness and Prevention29. Kimura Shoulderlock: Half Guard Defense 30. KimuraShoulderlock: Grip Strip Counter 31. Kneebar: Awareness andPrevention 31. Kneebar: Triangle and Crossface 33. Kneebar: Leg PryEscape 34. Straight Footlock: Awareness and Prevention 35. StraightFootlock: Standup Counter 36. Straight Footlock: Hip Hop Counter
Grapplearts Guard Sweeps 1.0.4 APK
ADD POWERFUL BJJ GUARD SWEEPS TO YOUR GAME RIGHT NOWStep-by-stepinstructions for 26 of the best Guard Sweeps that get you from thebottom to the top starting in a wide variety of guard positions.Useable with and without the gi in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, SubmissionGrappling, and MMA.

Stephan Kesting is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsublackbelt, an instructor in Combat Submission Wrestling, and hasover 30 years of martial arts experience. He operatesGrapplearts.com, one of the most respected grappling sites on theweb.

In this app Stephan takes you through the most effective highpercentage sweep techniques, starting from the closed guard, openguard, half guard, butterfly guard, X guard and spider guard. Everytechnique is presented with the intention of giving you an easy andeffective way to get to the top position where you can dominate amatch.

This app - Grapplearts Sweeps - includes:

* 26 highpercentage guard sweeps broken down using high quality videoinstruction into easy-to-follow steps* 6 detailed breakdowns and mytop training tips for the most common guard positions. 

*'Additional Details' videos for every technique, taking you throughthe advanced points to make that technique truly effective

* Allthe material is shot in high definition video so it looks great onyour Android device

* Position-based menus to get you to thetechnique you need easily and quickly

* This app isself-contained. Once you've downloaded it you do NOT need aninternet connection to view the step-by-step techniques or thedetail videos

* This is a universal app, which means that it workson both your phone and your tablet - you don't need to buydifferent versions for each type of device* BONUS: by purchasingthis app you also become eligible to download Stephan'shighly-reviewed 'Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu' book forfree!


1 - Tips for the Closed Guard
2- Back Climb
3 - Single Hook Sweep
4 - Hip Buck Sweep
5 - PendulumSweep

6 - Tips for the Open Guard
7 - Balloon Sweep
8 -Lumberjack Sweep
9 - Tripod Sweep
10 - Tomahawk Sweep
11 - OmoplataSweep

12 - Tips for the Half Guard
13 - Back Climb
14 -Bridging Sweep
15 - Foot Grab Sweep
16 - Rollunder Sweep
17 -Butterfly Lift

18 - Tips for the ButterflyGuard
19 - Butterfly Sweep
20 - Armdrag
21 - Ankle Pick
22 -Modified Lumberjack Sweep
23 - Idiot Sweep

24 - Tips forthe X Guard
25 - Standup Sweep
26 - Far Leg Buckle
27 - Back TripSweep
28 - Banana Peel Sweep

29 - Tips for the SpiderGuard
30 - Leg Reaping Sweep
31 - Baiting Sweep
32 - Double BicepsBalloon Sweep
Advanced BJJ Fundamentals 1.3 APK
"HOW TO USE THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF BJJ TO BUILD AN EFFECTIVE,ADVANCED GAME..."Jiu-jitsu has thousands of techniques; this canseem totally overwhelming, but there is a secret solution.You see,if you break down Jiu-jitsu into its fundamental components, thenyou really just see a few fundamental movements being used againand again. These movements are the building blocks that underly allof jiu-jitsu, and most ‘new’ techniques are really just puttingthese relatively basic building blocks together in a new way.Eventhe craziest, most advanced techniques are built from certainfundamental movements that you probably already know.It’s not aquestion of re-inventing your jiu-jitsu again and again for eachnew move you learn – instead it’s all about being able to hone inon the underlying movement patterns.The ‘Advanced BJJ Fundamentals’app for Apple, Android and Kindle devices breaks this all down foryou so that your game will instantly improve with thisinformation.In the app world BJJ champion Brandon ‘Wolverine’Mullins Brandon breaks these movements down for you (including howyou can drill them on your own) and then shows you how those verysame movements can be used again and again in ever-more advancedapplications.This app will build a super-strong foundation for thenext ten years of your jiu-jitsu training.Plus you’ll learn somereally cool techniques that I guarantee you haven’t seen beforetoo.The Advanced BJJ Fundamentals app will give you... *Step-by-step instructions on using the building blocks ofjiu-jitsu to sharpen your techniques, make them more effectiveagainst better quality opponents, and also make it much easier toadd new techniques to your game * A TON of material: 2hours and 4 minutes completely filler-free instruction * Completemenus for easy navigation * Competition footage showing how thetechniques you're learning are used in competition * A completepackage: after the initial download an internet connection is NOTrequired to view the videos * The same app plays on both your phoneand your tablet, so you don't need to buy different versions foreach type of deviceIt's an amazing BJJ resource you can carryaround with you in your pocket, referring to it whenever you want,and turning downtime into productive jiu-jitsu time!
2, Double Biceps Spider Guard 1.2 APK
GET AN UNSTOPPABLE MODERN BJJ GUARD GAME.SPIDER GUARD MASTERCLASSAPP 2 OF 5: A Complete Gameplan for a Modern Double Biceps SpiderGuard. ABOUT THIS APPNow, for the first time, you can have an exactblueprint for one of the most essential Spider Guard variations andan essential component of modern competitive BJJ.This app will giveyou a complete gameplan, complete with techniques, drills, andstrategies, for the modern double biceps Spider Guard. This is NOTjust a random collection of techniques; you'll be getting acompetition-proven system for building an aggressive,attack-oriented guard.In this second of five apps you'll get aexact blueprint for the modern interpretation of the classic doublefeet on biceps version of the Spider Guard position.First you'lllearn how to move correctly and how to properly establish yourgrips and hooks in Double Biceps Spider Guard. Then you'll learnhow to get to your new home base from any position, starting withbasic entries from the closed guard, and progressing to moreadvanced entries used by high level competitors.But that's only thetip of the iceberg... The lion's share of this volume is dedicatedto the interconnected sweeps, submissions and combinations thatmake the Double Biceps position a lethal weapon.From the simplefour part formula to use when starting out, to the advancedpass-prevention techniques that'll leave your opponents thwartedand frustrated, there's enough material here to give you an edgeagainst any opponent for a long, long time.And as always, crazyflexibility and athleticism are NOT required.Volume 2 of SpiderGuard Masterclass is simply the most detailed, comprehensive, anduseful resource ever produced on this fundamental and widely-usedvariation of Spider Guard.ABOUT SPIDER GUARDThe Spider Guard is oneof the most important positions of modern BJJ. Using your hooks andgrips to create pressure makes it incredibly difficult for someoneto pass your guard, and you can use your control to launch a hugeassortment of powerful sweeps and attacks to keep your opponents onthe run. The Spider Guard is the favourite tool of many BJJchampions and top competitors including Cobrinha, Keenan Cornelius,Tinguinha, Draculino, Romulo Barral, Marcelino Freitas, MichaelLanghi and Leandro Lo.Now for the first time, in the GrappleartsSpider Guard Masterclass 5 volume series of apps, you can have anexact blueprint for this essential BJJ position.Your instructorsare BJJ black belts Elliott Bayev and Stephan Kesting, known fortheir friendly and informative teaching styles. Their approach tothe Spider Guard will make it easy for you to learn and absorb thematerial, and then unleash it on your training partners andopponents in competition.CONTENTS:.Intro to Double Biceps SpiderGuardDouble Biceps Spider Guard Entries:* from Closed Guard* fromStanding: Basic Guard Pull* from Standing: Durinho Guard Pull* fromStanding: Langhi Guard Pull* from Open GuardBasic Attacks:* KiteSweep* Stomping Triangle* Stomping Omoplata* Basic BalloonSweepIntermediate Attacks* Swinging Kite Sweep* Kite Sweep vs.Standing* Ostap Triangle Choke* Shin to Shin Triangle* de La RivaWilliams Twist* de La Riva Sit Down Sweep* de La Riva CurtainSweep* Romulo Kite Sweep* Advanced Balloon Sweep Concepts* BalloonSweep Armbar* Slingshot Sweep* Transition to Collar & Sleeve*Transition to Spider XAdvanced Attacks: * Fundamental Roleta Sweep*Sleeve Push Roleta Sweep* New Spider Sweep* Romulo Center HookBalloon Sweep* Open Guard Roleta* de la Riva Backtake* Berimbolo*Advanced Sit Down Sweep Finishes
BigStrong9, BJJ Gamechangers 1.3 APK
A BJJ WORLD CHAMPION'S INSTANT BJJ GAMECHANGERSThis is the ninthapp in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponentseries.‘Instant BJJ Gamechangers’ gives you the tricks andtechniques to change your grappling game overnight.It’s full to thebrim with the ‘AHA!’ moments that allowed BJJ black belt Brandon‘Wolverine’ Mullins to become a world champion.In your trainingyou’ll repeatedly encounter problems that completely stall out yourprogress. A certain aspect of your game just won’t develop becauseyou don’t have solutions to a particular obstacle that you keep onrunning into. It’s not that you’re stupid – you just need someanswers.With Brandon’s bite-sized gamechangers you’ll leapfrogright over many obstacles that hold you back. You’ll essentially behacking the learning process by getting easy solutions to the mostcommonly-encountered problems on the mats.Teaching in his typicalcharismatic and entertaining style, Brandon shares the techniques,concepts, tricks, and strategies that instantly made his skills onthe mat jump up several levels. And the good news is that thisknowledge is transferable to you, potentially accelerating yourlearning progression by years.As with all the other apps in thisseries, the techniques and strategies taught are especiallyeffective against opponents who are much bigger, stronger, and moremuscular than you. You’ll also learn how to stay safe and avoidinjury on the mats when rolling with heavier grapplers.ABOUTBRANDON MULLINS & STEPHAN KESTINGBrandon Mullins is a BJJ blackbelt based out of Houston Texas. A very active competitor, Brandonhas tested himself in well over 200 competition matches at BJJ,no-gi submission grappling, and Judo tournaments.He has compiled aphenomenal record, both with and without the gi: he’s won goldmedals at the Black Belt division at the No-Gi World Championships…And multiple gold medals in the Advanced division at Grappler’sQuest… And medals at the Mundials, the Pan-Ams, the US Open, andthe Gracie World’s.Stephan Kesting is a BJJ black belt, and aCombat Submission Wrestling instructor. He has been training in thestriking, grappling, and weapons-oriented martial arts for over 30years.A master teacher, Stephan has helped thousands of grapplersimprove their skills through his crystal-clear instructional apps,DVDs, online videos and articles at his flagship websiteGrapplearts.com.FEATURES* 2 hours and 2 minutes of game-changinginstruction* Every technique, strategy and training drill isfocused on allowing you to survive and thrive while grapplingagainst opponents much larger than you on the mats* All the footagehas been professionally filmed and edited for maximum ease oflearning* The app includes complete menus for easy navigation* Youcan create a list of your favourite techniques and drills using ourone-click ‘favourite’ feature* This is a universal app, meaning itworks on both your phone and your tablet - you don't need to buydifferent versions for each type of device* The app is designed todownload to your phone or iPad; an internet connection is NOTrequired to view the videosBONUS: ‘The Roadmap for BrazilianJiu-Jitsu’ book for free!INDEX1. Instant BJJ Gamechangers2. MMAKickpass3. Carlos Machado Repummel vs Half Guard4. Submission-ProofGuard Passing & Taking the Back5. Draculino Double Grip Pass6.The Step Out Defense7. Best Mount Attacks8. Total ControlRearmount9. The Kimura Backtake10. Knee on Belly Arm Trap11. TheDraculino Bump12. Roger Sweep Guard Defense13. Leg Scissor OmoplataFinish14. Rolling Omoplata Finish15. Defeating the Over-Under Pass116. Defeating the Over-Under Pass 217. Russian Roll Armbar18.Defeating Double Underhooks19. Clock Choke Defense20. Bow and ArrowChoke Defense21. Sperry Choke Defense22. Brabo/Anaconda ChokeDefense23. Kneebar Defense24. Wrapup
5, Invincible Spider Guard 1.3 APK
GET AN UNSTOPPABLE MODERN BJJ GUARD GAME.SPIDER GUARD MASTERCLASSAPP 5 OF 5: A Complete Gameplan for Shutting Down Your Opponent'sGuard Passing Attempts!ABOUT THIS APPThis app presents you with allthe techniques you need to defend your guard against even the mostdetermined guard passer. You'll get a complete gameplan anddetailed step-by-step techniques for maintaining Spider Guardagainst high level opponents who are trying to pass yourguard.First you'll learn the deceptively simple grip and hookretention 'cheats' that shut down the guard pass before itstartsBut then you'll also get powerful techniques to recover theguard even when your opponent is almost past your legs. Finallyyou’ll also get drills, tips and mindset strategies for shuttingdown the guard pass.This app will save you years of frustrationtrying to figure all this stuff out on your own.Volume 5 of SpiderGuard Masterclass is simply the most detailed, comprehensive, anduseful resource on guard retention ever produced. Check out what'scovered below!ABOUT SPIDER GUARDThe Spider Guard is one of the mostimportant positions of modern BJJ. Using your hooks and grips tocreate pressure makes it incredibly difficult for someone to passyour guard, and you can use your control to launch a hugeassortment of powerful sweeps and attacks to keep your opponents onthe run. The Spider Guard is the favourite tool of many BJJchampions and top competitors including Cobrinha, Keenan Cornelius,Tinguinha, Draculino, Romulo Barral, Marcelino Freitas, MichaelLanghi and Leandro Lo.Now for the first time, in the GrappleartsSpider Guard Masterclass 5 volume series of apps, you can have anexact blueprint for this essential BJJ position.Your instructorsare BJJ black belts Elliott Bayev and Stephan Kesting, known fortheir friendly and informative teaching styles. Their approach tothe Spider Guard will make it easy for you to learn and absorb thematerial, and then unleash it on your training partners andopponents in competition.CONTENTS:.Intro to Guard PassCountersIntro to Sideways Spider Guard Twist Down HookStripCounters: -Toe Point-Roleta/Slingshot-Stomping Omoplata-Rotateto Superarmbar-Leandro Lo GripIntro to Sideways Spider Guard TwistUp Hook StripCounters: -Heel Point-Leg Pullaway & Reset-Spin toArmbar-Leandro Lo Grip-Situp & Stiffarm vs ShuckIntro toSideways Spider Guard Knee Spike Hook StripCounters: -SideSwitch-Roleta Sweep-Roleta Pressure to ResetIntro to SidewaysSpider Guard Knee Pike Hook StripCounters: -Side Switch-Hip Lift toSide Switch-Romulo Center Hook & Shin to Shin TriangleIntroSideways Spider Guard Leg Stomp Hook StripCounters: -SideSwitch-Hip Kick & ReloopIntro Centered Spider Guard Twist DownHook StripCounters: -Toe Point-Roleta Sweep / Lumberjack Combo-ShinCheck-Shoulder Check-Transition to Spider X-Cross Bicep CatchIntroto Centered Spider Guard Double Rainbow PassCounters: -Heavy Legs& Reloop-Shoulder Walk-Toe Post-Roll to Knees-Knees toChestIntro to Centered Spider Guard Double Underscoop PassCounters:-Heel Point-Shoulder Walk-Toe Post-Rolling Guard PullIntro toCentered Spider Guard Forced Sitting Guard PassesCounters:-William's Sit-Armdrag / Arm Shuck-Break Grips & SpiderPull-Collar DragIntro to de la Riva Guard PassesCounters: -ShoulderPush / Lasso-Forced Walk to Reset-Transition to Reverse de laRiva-Pre-emptive Berimbolo-Knee Shield Space Creation-Reverse HalfGuard Sweep-Elbow Post to BackIntro to the X Pass / BullfighterPassCounters: - Spin Under- Shin CheckIntro to the Leg Drag GuardPassCounters: -Reloop-Collar Push-Forearm Push-GuillotineIntro tothe Leg Shuck Guard PassCounters: -Situp & Sleeve Push-ElbowPost & Shin Check-Granby vs Wrist Grip Switch-Reloop vs PantGrip Granby Counter