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A chalk on blackboard will be displayed in LAP!A stopwatch make itfeel like classroom.

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    Blackboard Stopwatch
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    May 7, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    〒810-0001 福岡県福岡市中央区天神2-3-10 天神パインクレスト1101 a22宛
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おーぷん2ちゃんねる 専用ブラウザ「OPENch」新2ch 1.4.0 APK
OPEN2ch専ブラ。2ch.scにも対応。>検索機能Android端末のメニューボタンから全板検索、板内検索、本文語句検索に対応。>しおり機能前回まで読んだ場所から閲覧可能。(お気に入りと履歴のスレのみに付きます。)>ツリー表示・レス順表示機能初期設定はツリー表示設定。>カスタム機能文字サイズ・背景色・文字色など、カラーバーで好みの色に変更可能。>お気に入り機能・履歴機能現在「open2ch/2chsc」合わせて200件までお気に入り登録可能。お気に入り板・履歴板から1秒間長押しで削除。履歴は合わせて60件まで>お絵かき機能キャンパスサイズ、ペン色、太さ、戻る機能など。>画像貼り付け機能(opne2ch.netのみの機能です。)メニューの 「画像貼付」 または 「お絵かきのカキコ」 から端末内の画像を貼付け。さらに貼り付ける画像にお絵かき可能。>レスをタップした時のメニュー機能・画像を表示・このレスに返信・このレスをコピー・このIDのレスを非表示・このコテハンの非表示>画像保存機能保存したい時は、画像を1秒間長押しで「OPENch」フォルダに保存。>サムネイル機能サムネイルをOFFにしたい方は「Setting」ボタンから設定可能。>Refreshボタン新しい板の追加、板のリンクがおかしい場合など「Refresh」ボタンで直ります。>非datモードONにすると通常のスマホブラウザと同じようにブラウザ接続して閲覧可能。(カスタムなど不可になります。)OFFにするとdat読み込みで閲覧可能。(カスタムや様々な機能が利用できます。)初期設定はOFF。>注意接続先・dat取得先の「open2ch.net」「2ch.sc」は、第三者のサイト様になりますので自己責任において当アプリをご利用下さい。>おーぷん2ちゃんねるの固定トリップについて(例)(1)名無しで投稿する場合「#〇〇〇〇←任意のパスワード」を名前欄に入力。(2)名前をつけて投稿する場合「(名前)#〇〇〇〇←任意のパスワード」を名前欄に入力。>2chscの投稿について投稿前に一度画像認証する仕様になっております。(例)画像認証時に表示されたトリップを仮に「##smart(xxxx)」とします。(1)名無しで投稿する場合、「##smart(xxxx)」を名前欄に入力。(2)名前をつけて投稿する場合、「(名前)##smart(xxxx)」を名前欄に入力。(3)固定トリップをつけて投稿する場合、「##smart(xxxx)〇〇〇〇←任意のパスワード」を名前欄に入力。(4)名前&固定トリップをつけて投稿する場合、「(名前)##smart(xxxx)〇〇〇〇←任意のパスワード」を名前欄に入力。要望・お気づきの点がありましたら、レビュー欄・メール等で、ご報告して頂ければ助かります。できるだけ対応するように致します。2014年03月12日リリース【各種メディアの方々へ】当アプリはどなたもご自由にレビューして頂いて構いません。https://androider.jp/developer/6940a2840218b8cb59051af9104002e1/このアプリの開発者は、安心・安全なアプリの開発者であるとしてアンドロイダーの公認デベロッパーに認証されています。http://exdroid.jp/d/68475/転載禁止騒動で注目「おーぷん2ちゃんねる」専用“閲覧アプリ”が登場EXドロイド(エックスドロイド)で掲載されました。OPEN2ch dedicatedbra.Also supports 2ch.sc.> Search functionFrom the menu button of Android terminalAll plate search, plate in the search, and corresponds to the textword search.> Bookmark functionViewable from the location where you have read up to the last time.(Which attaches only to the favorites and history do.)> Tree display-less order display functionThe default setting tree display settings.> Custom functionSuch as font size, background color, text color, can be changed toyour favorite color bar color.> Favorites function and history functionCurrently "open2ch / 2chsc" At the same time favorite can beregistered up to 200 items.Deleted in one second long press from your favorite plate andhistory plate.History Together to review 60> Drawing functionCampus size, pen color, such as thickness, Back function.> Image Paste function (opne2ch.net It is a function ofonly.)And pasting the image in the terminal from the "image sticking" or"painting of Kakiko" in the menu. The painting possible to imagefurther paste.> Menu function of when you tap the less• To view the image- Reply to this less- Copy this less· Hide less of this IDAnd non-display of this Kotehan> Image storage functionIf you want to save, save the image in the "OPENch" folder in onesecond long press.> Thumbnail functionIf you want a thumbnail to OFF can be set from the "Setting"button.> Refresh buttonAdding a new plate, we repaired the "Refresh" button, such as thecase is strange link plate.> Non-dat modeJust as you browser connected viewable with If you ON the normalsmartphone browser. (It becomes impossible, such as custom.)Available on dat read When to OFF. (Custom and various functions itwill be available.)The initial setting is OFF.> NoteThe destination · dat acquisition destination "open2ch.net""2ch.sc", please Use of this application at your own risk becauseit becomes to third party sites like.> For a fixed trip of open two-channel(Example)(1) If you want to post in the nameless and input "# 〇〇〇〇 ← anypassword" to the name field.(2) If you want to post it with the name you entered "(name) # 〇〇〇〇← any password" to the name field.About Posts> 2chscIt has become a specification to once image authentication beforeposting.You have (for example) image trip if that is displayed at the timeof authentication "## smart (xxxx)."(1) If you want to post in the nameless, and enter the "## smart(xxxx)" in the name field.(2) If you want to post it with the name, and type "(name) ## smart(xxxx)" in the name field.(3) Input If you want to post it with a fixed trip, the "## smart(xxxx) 〇〇〇〇 ← any password" in the name field.(4) The name and if you post it with a fixed trip, type "(name) ##smart (xxxx) 〇〇〇〇 ← any password" to the name field.If you have any requests and notice of the point, in the reviewrun-mail, etc., and will be saved if it is possible to yourreport.I do it as much as possible corresponding.March 12, 2014 release[To people of various media]This app is anyone does not care if I have reviewed yourfreely.https://androider.jp/developer/6940a2840218b8cb59051af9104002e1/The developer of this app, has been certified to the officialdevelopers of andro Idah as a developer of safe and secureapplication.http://exdroid.jp/d/68475/Attention "open two-channel" private "browsing app" appeared inreprint ban uproarIt was published in the EX Droid (X Droid).
Retro Cyber StopWatch Pro 1.2.0 APK
You can be used as a sports track Records and kitchentimer>Simple way to useLeft Button: Start / LAPRight Button:Stop / Reset>Lap time functionScrollable LAP screen.>Countingin the background, It to reduce the consumption of the battery andterminal burden.It to reduce the consumption of the battery andterminal burden.Because, It have to calculate the time untilapplication startup from the application at the end. Thus, It wasmade to resume the count.As long as you do not press the stopbutton, App will measure the time.>WidgetDisplays an analogclock and a stopwatch at the same time.Usually used as a clock,one-touch start the stopwatch.*If you want to use the widget,please move the app to phone.If there is a app in other storage (egSD card),Not be able to use the widget.>Function to suppress theburden of battery power and processing capabilityRecorded the starttime, to calculate the time by inverse operation.Also measure yourtime as you stop the device / app.>Stopwatch timer that canmeasure until 1/1,000,000,000 second. [Note]Case of settingbillionths of a secondWhen the application task is terminated, thetime being measured are reset.Not recommended,measuring by sleepdevice or background.Case of setting thousand of a secondTime willbe measured, even in the device sleep and background.>FontsettingCurrently,You can choose from three types of fonts.>AlarmSoundYou can choose from three types of alarm sounds, and selectionof sound from the SD card.Volume setting is usually an alarm, butit will change to the media volume when you plug in the earphonejack.>Timer FunctionTo the elapsed time specified, the alarm isactivated.+/- button: Press and hold to fast forward.Setting alarmsound of loop / once.Easy one tap timer setting function.>Colourvariations and DesignYou can set color of choice in colorbar.if youwant erase the bottom line of the ad, It becomes invisible whencolor to black in the settings.>Application Launch From theStatus Bar.Can be call TRONICA from the status bar. ( Selectable on/ off ) Do you know how much time is being spent in that works?Ifyou can know the time you have spent on it,the work efficiency andself-management of time will improve!(In the case of such usage,this app's widget is very useful. Because there is no effort tolaunch the app.)
NEWSch 11.0.1 APK
2ちゃんねるまとめサイトなどの新着情報を取得するニュースアプリ。10個のチャンネルがすごく便利。テレビのチャンネルを変えるかのような操作で、ニュースの各ジャンルを変更する快適機能。>カスタム機能文字の大きさの変更。背景色・文字色・ボタンなど、カラーバーで好みの色に変更。>画像保存機能記事内の画像を保存したい時は、画像を1秒間長押しでダウンロードフォルダに保存。>注意※表示される記事は、第三者の各サイト様になりますので、自己責任においてご閲覧下さい。リリース日2012/09/12News app to get the newinformation such as a two-channel together site.10 channels is very convenient.In operation, such as if changing the channels of TV, comfortableability to change each genre of news.> Custom FunctionsChanging the font size.Such as background color, text color, button, change the color ofthe favorite color bar.> Image storage functionIf you want to save the image in the article, the saved image todownload folder with one second length Press.> Note※ article to be displayed, it will be at each site like a thirdparty, please browse at your own responsibility.Release Date 2012/09/12
TRONICA Retro Cyber StopWatch 1.2.1 APK
Retro Cyber stopwatch -TRONICA-"TRONICA" is stopwatch applicationwith timer of retro-cyber design.You can be used as a Sports TrackRecords and kitchen timer>Lap time functionPress and hold numberof LAP ,show the LAP MENU>Counting in the background, It toreduce the consumption of the battery and terminal burden.It toreduce the consumption of the battery and terminal burden.Because,It have to calculate the time until application startup from theapplication at the end. Thus, It was made to resume the count.Aslong as you do not press the stop button, App will measure thetime.>WidgetDisplays an analog clock and a stopwatch at the sametime.Usually used as a clock, one-touch start the stopwatch.*If youwant to use the widget, please move the app to phone.If there is aapp in other storage (eg SD card),Not be able to use thewidget.>Colour variations and DesignYou can set color of choicein colorbar.if you want erase the bottom line of the ad, It becomesinvisible when color to black in the settings.>FontsettingCurrently,You can choose from three types offonts.>Application Launch From the Status Bar.Can be callTRONICA from the status bar. ( Selectable on / off ) Do you knowhow much time is being spent in that works?If you can know the timeyou have spent on it,the work efficiency and self-management oftime will improve!(In the case of such usage, this app's widget isvery useful. Because there is no effort to launch the app.)
Aqua Relax 4.0.0 APK
Aqua Healing AppUse your smartphone like a projector, projectingthe water in your room.At the night in bedtime,this is anapplication to make you relax by representing underwater and watersurface.Also to heal you with various water sounds,voice ofdolphins and whales.【Description】・Select the item, press it for 1sec to split item and the video will be shown up.・"SOUND" button toselect a sound.(You can combine sounds.Please find your ownfavorites.)・"SLEEP TIMER" button to set a sleep timer.・Fixed theterminal at approximately 45 °, reflect the light toward theterminal to white wall at an angle. (Please sticking to a wallfit.)【Attention】・This application is completely invisible with alittle brightness , please use it in complete darkness at thenight.2011/10/14 Release
Crisis Alert 5.0.1 APK
When you are confined somewhere, please use this.Loud sound tellswhere you are.Using high volume, you can also be used as a securitybuzzer.【HowToUse】In case of emargency,Please press and hold the redbutton for 1 sec.If you want to stop the alarm,Please press the redbutton again.Press the EXIT button to Quit app.【Caution】The highestvolume, sound is pretty big.Please use caution and at your ownrisk.【SOSmail Function】Available only sound is alsopossible,without the setting of SOS mail function.In case ofactivating SOS mail(The default setting is OFF),your presentlocation, etc. will be output to mailer(Gmail etc...)from MENU -[SOS mail].It is possible to specify destination and text from MENU- [Setting]. *Please complete the preset SOS mail. In order to usequickly in an emergency.2011/10/02 Release
Advantage of Using White Noise[Sharpening Concentration Power]Whitenoise enables you to focus your attention on the work (the effectmay vary depending on individuals). It comes in handy when yousuffer from the lack of concentration power during study orwork.[Reducing Noise]White noise consists of every sound, thusreduce the annoyance level of the surrounding noise. It enables youto read in a noisy place or take a nap at your workplace (pleaseuse headphone for these circumstances).[Masking Tinnitus]Whitenoise is believed to have effect in alleviating the auditory cortexhypersensitivity, a likely cause of tinnitus (earringing).[Relaxing Effect]White noise resembles to the sound apre-born baby hears in the womb, therefore is known to appeasecolicky babies.(When using it on a baby, please take necessarycaution to keep a safe distance between the baby’s ear and thesource of sound to avoid harmful volume level)[Helping GoodSleep]It eases the uncomfortable silence of bedrooms and creates anatmosphere ideal for inducing sleep.A variety of noises areavailable, from pink noise, more closely likened to the sound ofwomb, to the brown noise, a friendly sound favored by mostpeople.*Note: the effects may vary between individuals. The productdoes not guarantee all the effectiveness described asabove.[Instructions]Touch the bucket to start the noise.Touch thewet rag to stop the noise.Press “Home” button to use otherapplications (e-books, etc.) while listening to the noise asbackground.SLEEPTIMER : Press and hold for 1 second therag.WAVEMODE : Press and hold for 1 second fallen bucket.This appcan save / start other storage such as microSD. (SinceOS2.2)[Caution]Might be sound skipping by transfer rate (Class) ofmicroSD.OS4.0 The sound may be interrupted when the loop.The soundmay skip when the processor of your terminal device isoverloaded.Contents of application like a user interface or a soundsource may be changed depending on the future update.
Retro Tuning 3.0.1 APK
This app does not have the function of tuner.You are listening tothe base of A, and tuning.There are no unnecessary function.Folkguitar Violin etc...You can use it in various musical instruments.