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Bringing you the top 2016’s BlackJack Paradise free game thatoffers a reality like betting experienceSet their own bet, choosebetting money and take stand on their own without any influence ofthe dealer. The best thing this game can teach you is the trick ofdealing with the dealer. The joy of busting dealer becomes doublewhen you go double down in the game. In love with casino games andespecially blackjack and Got no time or money to hit nearby casino?Why not set up your own blackjack experience with this fabulousauthentic feel BlackJack Paradise for absolutely free game? Takeyour hands on a real tough BlackJack table and draw your own decksby beating the dealer in every single game. Features:• Unlimitedhints by the dealer for new comers• Easy to learn; hard to master•Lots of new and different themes of betting table• Follows rules ofa real casino BlackJack game• All features including double down,split, hints, Hit and Stand available• Easy to use interface withlots of colorful cards• Up to 8 decks can be used in the game• Freeto play game and enjoy all its features• Game includes detailedstatistics feature to check your high scores any time• Getinsurance to trick the dealer in the game• Use double down featureto win big money• All money in the game is virtual not real• Gameis designed to kill your boredom and increase your on-line bettingskillsThe easy to use interface of the game allows you to increasebids, Hit or take stand and score near to or exact 21 to win thegame. Busting dealer in a few sets will help you in getting theblackjack.

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    BlackJack Paradise
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    March 6, 2016
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Casual Games Freaks
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Enter the Nile delta as another one of the ancient Egyptians. Herein Cairo, it is your job to oversee the management of the jewelswithin the pyramids. Most importantly you must organize them fromthe vast wealth that flows in from all corners of the kingdom.There're tons of levels to play through and in each one, you onlyhave so much time to clear and get the star that falls into thebottom of the screen. Each one of these levels will progress youfurther on your journey throughout Egypt in one of severalbeautiful high definition Ancient Egyptian themed environments.There is also the classic game that has nearing unlimited gameplayand only goes as long as you can. Slide more than a combination ofthree for unique combination pieces that further alter gameplaygiving it another layer of depth that is sure to keep youenthralled. Each piece is inspired by real life Egyptian gems andartifacts for an authentic experience. if you are a fan of theancient Egyptian Kingdoms and addicting puzzle games, then youshould download Pyramid Treasure Jewels.
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Join the utilizing a balance of action, puzzle-solving andexploration lair of Vampire Bubble Shooter. In this mysteriousaddition to our Casual Games Freaks free games, we introduce to youa special and free Vampire Bubble Shooter puzzle solving adventure.Over the years vampires have always been hunted down by humans tothe brink of extinction. Every night at dawn, blood-thirstyvampires leave their coffin and appear secretly to meet in theshadows to brainstorm and find a solution against the upcomingfinal attack. Become Kain - the last line of defense against humansby undertaking missions to save Vampires around the world todominate or utterly destroy your enemies.Distract the human’sattention with the special vampire bat cannon by shooting specialcolorful bubbles to create group of 3 or more same colored bubblesmaking them pop and unleash bats for a counter attack. There aretoo many puzzle and arcade levels to complete till morning! Anendless night waits you. Be quick and use stealth shooting thebubbles otherwise, the Vampire Council will be very angry at youand you will be written in the Vamp history books as the failure ofthe entire hidden race.From your castle, aim and shoot thesecolorful bubbles to the same color groups of bubbles. Whileovercoming the constant feel of being haunted.Lovers of mystery andbubble shooting games can come together to play and compete againsteach other in this bubble puzzle game with vampire, bat, owl,raven, and coffin images. Vampire from around the world are readyto suck your blood if fail. The special Arcade mode is a bigbrain-teasing where you need to blast shoot and pop bubbles muchmore quickly and professionally. The arcade mode pushes yourvampire skills to the max.Features:- Free bubble pop game- Almostunlimited arcade levels - Bubble genre with a mystery theme-Colorful shiny bubbles- Friendly user interface- Internationalleaderboards- Thousands of arcade and puzzle levels- Resume to lastplace feature- Great for all vampire’s fans!
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The Adventure bubble shooter is a new free Bubble pop game thatoffers immense joy and adventurous game play to the players. Enjoythe ever changing ball colors, exciting new levels and completefantasy land with multiple progress area and lots of other stuff.The game is developed to offer fun loaded, addictive game play foryour leisure time. We bet you won’t get bored with this bubbleshooter game for hours. Game Play:The Adventure bubble shooter gamefeatures a different and unique bubble shooting game-play with lotsof different scenes and awesome background display. Unlike theother regular bubble shooting games, Adventure bubble shooteroffers a different and adventurous feel where you have to selectlevels before you start the game. The background of the game ispretty interesting with lots of farm life aerial views. You canhave a look at the overall map of the game before you start playingit. The game is loaded with fun, addictive game play, tough gaminglevels and high scores rewarding stuff. What makes it a special andunique game is that its interface is simple yet attractive. The useof high quality graphics and excellent game mechanics make thisgame an addictive one. Unlike other bubble blast games, Adventurebubble shooter allows you to select a character before you startplaying the game. You can select your character from four differentcharacters available. Each character is assigned with a level likebeginner, medium, tough etc. Once you select your character, youare presented with a game map with different levels. Select yourdesired level and tap Play to start the game. The Adventure bubbleshooter offers you with multiple colored balls and each balls has adifferent thing inside it. Different graphical expertise is used toenhance the game-play. By adding different jewels and other thingsin different colored balls, developers have increased its charm andfun. Character based game play:In this free bubble blast game, yourcharacter throws the ball towards your pointed direction. While inother bubble shooter games we have a cannon gun to shoot bubbles orballs, here we have multiple characters to throw the ball. You canpoint towards similar color balls and your player with throw theball in that direction. Each level has new colors of balls andevery level comes with a different difficulty mode. Game getsinteresting and challenging with each level and players arerequired to pay more attention to the game play. This freeAdventure bubble shooter game also has bonus balls to offer youmore scores. Any dull color ball has some points in it and wheneveryou drop a dull colored ball to ground, you will earn bonus scores.Time based game play:While other bubble shooter games keep ondropping bubble’s wall to the cannon gun, this adventurous andaddictive bubble blast game has a timer that allows you to completea level in the given time. If you won’t be able to complete a levelwithin given time, you will have to play it again. Players can alsoselect different boosts at the time of starting the level. Theseboosts help players in clearing levels quickly. Play the Adventurebubble shooter to your best and clear each level with 3 stars toget access to new levels and new characters. The game isadventurous, full of amazing options, offers extended joy and acompetitive entertainment level for every player. Download it NOWto enjoy a brand new bubble shooting mania with lots of candies,bubbles and items loaded balls. This free game is available for allandroid versions. Features:• Extended fun loaded game play•Multiple exciting new levels• Character based game play• Time basedgame-play• New balls with different items crystallized in them•Different and interesting game play• Available for all androidversions• Different prices and Boosts
Hamster Bubble Shooter 1.0.6 APK
Protect Johnny the hamster against the terror of Jake the snake!After taking an early noon nap at his comfy burrow, furry Johnnyhamster woke up to a sudden loud boom. Frightened, he ran outsideto his garden to find a super cool outer space laser beam gun and aspecial mysterious bubble shooter cannon. Little that he knew, itwas actually his future hamster grandson coming back from thefuture to bring him an advanced bubble shooting weapon to fightagainst his family sworn enemy, Jake the snake, who's been tryingto catch, destroy and eat little Johnny garden and family! Byhelping Johnny aim the bubble shooter cannon, shoot and group 3 ormore similar bubbles to pop, clear and complete levels as quicklyas possible defeating Evil Jake. Hamster Bubble Shooter gamefeatures include: • Brand new custom made hamster bubble HighDefinition graphics• Advance feature for choosing of the nextbubble to shoot beforehand• More than 1990 challenging levels and •Special Arcade mode for the thrill seekers!• Revolutionary flawlessgame engine • Always start from last point and be able to go backto previously conquered levels.• International worldwide HamsterBubble Shooter leader-board.• Hidden Achievements throughout thegame.• Simple share button to invite your friends to play If youliked Hamster Bubble Shooter as much as we did, please share itusing the share button inside the game. Have fun and enjoy!
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Bubble Shooter is a new stylish themed shooting game! BubbleShooter is a one of a kind game type that will enlighten your timein the most enjoyable way, without spending a nickel. No matterwhere you are, this game will be right alongside of you to provideyou the enriching satisfaction feeling that your mind eagerlycraves for.Do you dig bubble shooting games? Then you will surelyenjoy this all in one package as well! Explore beautiful nightclubthemed worlds with your cool bubbles DJ friend as you try to getthe highest results.Clear all the note bubbles from the discoworlds as fast as possible in order to win, in thousands of uniquelevels that will test your competitive abilities and cognitiveskills. Tune into the colorful arcade mode where you can solveremarkable quests or engage in a unique challenging mode that willtest your every instinct as you try to move up the high ranks,attempting to get the best score possible. Regardless to the gamemode you will choose, you are without a doubt in for a lot of fun,as Bubble Shooter is here to make sure you instantly get theperfect and most pleasant gaming interaction.On top of a stunningdesign and great bubble shooting algorithm the game also deliverscleverly created levels that are here to test all your high endabilities and commitment to solve the puzzles. Thanks to itsexclusive concept, Bubble Shooter manages to stand out and offerthe ultimate bubble shooting experience that can be found in therecent evolving ambitious gaming world.The controls design inBubble Shooter is comfortably familiar to the one you can find inmany other bubble shooting games, with flowing tapping methods youwill certainly enjoy. You can even resume a previously started gamewithout losing any progress, so once you get into the game you arein for a wild ride. If you are an ambitious type of guy that likesall bubble shooting titles, then you absolutely try this one rightaway!Instructions:You will need to create groups of 3 or morebubbles containing the same color by finding the right angle andthe right timing to shoot the relevant bubble. Shooting is donesimply by tapping the screen with your finger to pop away thebubbles. Surely the more bubbles you will excel to pop will alsogrant the opportunity of receiving higher scores at the end. BubbleShooter is very fascinating thanks to the enormous number oflevels, the beauty of the graphics and the day to day relaxingpleasure it offers with its own additional replay ability. If youwant to try out an exclusive, uniquely interesting bubble shootinggame, then you are obliged to try this game right away! Maximizeyour abilities and get the highest score, in one of the best bubbleshooting games out there!
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Protect your "hood" gangster style! With the new High DefinitionGangster Bubble Shooter.In Gangster Bubble Shooter you'll get achance to become the most talked about gangster leader of theterritory. By taking on the Italian mob gangster Mr. VincenzoBronco (AKA "Smokes") in his own turf (the local Sicily cafe at thecorner of the street) you have the opportunity to earn huge load ofstreet cred. Use the special TNT cannon to aim, tap, shoot andmatch 3 or more bubbles making them blow up, pop and scare the hellout of Vincent. In Gangster Bubble Shooter you'll get a chance Showyour real leadership skills as a true powerful gangster whileenjoying these game features: * Two Game Modes – Single mode withmore than 2000 levels and special Arcade Mode with hardcoregangster fast challenge.* Free unlimited updates for life.* Uniqueand completely original bubble gangster animation* Prove yourskills against other Gangster Bubble Shooter users by getting allhidden achievements.* Auto progress save - so you could always getback to the last spot you've been to before.* Choosing the nextbubble color shooter* become an toughest gangster on theInternationale gangster leader-boards. If you liked our GangsterBubble Shooter, use the friendly in-game share button to send theword to your friends, every comment or rating is greatlyappreciate! Thank you and… Peace out!
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Step into the kitchen of a famous Japanese Sushi restaurant andmatch the different food to get the highest score possible in SushiMatch 4 Master. Each level you play comes with a different score toreach, and you must reach it in a certain amount of time for eachlevel.The bigger the combinations, the higher the score, and thatscore is multiplied across each sushi roll you highlight. Acombination too small may get you a points penalty, but if it setsyou up for an even larger combination, it may be beneficial.Careful strategy and planning become a hallmark in Sushi Match 4Master. Based on your score for each level up to three stars may beawarded. Even after you've beaten every single one of the dozens oflevels go back and try your hand at maximizing your star score foreach level.The ability to retry for a high score and the swatchesof levels that come with the game allow for an almost unlimitedgameplay experience. The HD graphics are breathtaking in SushiMatch 4, and the music keeps you calm and focused on maximizingyour score. If you're looking for an original matching game with agreat theme, download Sushi Match 4 Master.
Witch Mania 1.0.0 APK
Welcome to Witch Mania, Witches and witchcraft have been around forthousands of years, and can be traced as far as when man discoveredfire, and would spend the nights by its mystic flame preparing allsorts of concoctions. The word itself comes from “wicca,” meaning“the wise one”, and yet, witches have always been considered asdemonic.Witch Blocks Mania is a game that is more than just anordinary collection of image connect challenges: thanks to a smoothengine, intuitive game-play and fascinating theme combining arsenalof weapons that was used to capture mythical witches, it eventuallybrings both children and adults back in time to the dynamic cultureof more mysterious times.After being accused of witchcraft andfound guilty, Cassandra banished into the Black Woods Forest wherethe townspeople left her, hanging from a tree, to succumb to theelements. Although her precise fate was never determined, it isassumed that Cassandra’s spirit returned and manifested itself intothe area leaving puzzles of that must be solved in order to findher true whereabouts.The rules are simple:Connect the similarweapon images to make them disappear clearing and beating thelevels, but don't run out of moves or time!