/ August 8, 2019
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An AR App to collect the height of children and babies

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Peak Flow Meter Reader 2.3 APK
The Peak Flow Meter Reader allows users to easily digitize readingsfrom a normal peak flow meter. After the user aims the camera atthe peak flow meter, the app automatically records the reading andsaves it and the date to the file. The user is also shown acomparison between their measurement and population normals.Thisapp enables the following capabilities:* Telehealth - Peak flowmeter readings can be transmitted to a remote physician.*Longitudinal tracking of a patient - A patient or doctor can lookat a patient's peak flow meter readings over time. These values canbe easily viewed inside the app or sent using email or text messagefor external analysis.To use the peak flow meter, you will need tomodify it with an Augmented Reality target. Please visitmobiletechnologylab.com for more information.
Lung Sound Recorder 4.0.0 APK
The Lung Sound Recorder allows users to record lung sounds fromeleven different recording locations on the body. These sounds aresaved on the phone and can be listened to by the user or analyzedusing lung sound algorithms. This app enables the followingcapabilities: * Telehealth - Recorded sounds can be transmitted tophysicians in remote locations. * Longitudinal tracking of apatient - Sound files can be saved as part of patient record,allowing a physician to assess health by comparing lung soundsacross visits. * Canonical sound databases - Typical sound files ofeach type can be collected and can be directly compared to newpatient recordings to improve lung sound recognition. * Developmentof training databases - Large numbers of lung sounds can be easilycollected and compiled into a training database for students andresidents. To make recordings, you will need an electronicstethoscope. A tutorial on how to build your own is available atopenlungsounds.com.
Thermal Screener 2.1 APK
** For this app to work correctly, you must have a thermal camera** This app allows images to be taken simultaneously with visuallight and infrared cameras. By combining the visual light andthermal image, the temperature of different body parts can becompared. This app is a prototype version. It has not be tested onmultiple phones or versions of Android.
Thermal Pulmonary Screener 4.0.0 APK
App that uses a thermal module to capture anterior, posterior andlateral views of a patient while inhaling and exhaling
Lung Sound Trainer APK
This app will help you to learn to identify a number of differentlung sounds, including healthy breathing, wheezes, crackles, andpleural rubs. The sounds in this application were collected usingthe Lung Sound Recorder (available in the Android Play Store) andthe hardware described at openlungsounds.com. If you have anyquestions about using the app, please email us atmobiletechnologylab@gmail.com.
Pulmonary Naapp 2.0 APK
Pulmonary Naapp allows users to create patient profiles with somedemographic information, and allows users to call and perform allthe measurements from our other pulmonary apps from the same homeplace.
Pulmonary Screener 2.4 APK
This app was developed by analyzing data from healthy volunteersand patients at the Chest Research Foundation in Pune, India. Theresults may not be accurate for patients that are not similar tothe original population.
PPG Recorder APK
This app allows users to record a study participants'Photoplethysmogram signal with their mobile phones. After insertingthe participant's Name and ID they will be given a set ofinstructions on how to use the app. Subsequently they will bebrought to a screen where the recording may be completed.