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Bleach sensitive areas with these simple tips If you haveskinaround the shirt that is dark and too dark that the rest ofthebody prevents you from wearing your bikini or swimsuit onthebeach, do not worry anymore, here are simple tips towhitensensitive areas naturally and effectively. to know morebetweenhere ...

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first aid 1.2 APK
Give the alert correctly, help an unconscious person or about tochoke, protect the victims of a road accident while waiting forhelp ... Some simple actions can save lives if they are practicedquickly and correctly. Although nothing replaces the practice,Doctissimo gives you the keys to act effectively.Secure, monitor,alert and actto know more about first aid between here ...supportus in us note 5 *****
Colon Cancer 1.2 APK
How long is the human colon?The human large intestine (colon) isabout 6 feet long.What is colorectal cancer?Cancers of the colonand rectum (colorectal cancer) start when the process of the normalreplacement of colon lining cells goes awry. Mistakes in celldivision occur frequently. For reasons that are poorly understood,sometimes mistakes occur that escape our editing systems. When thisoccurs, these cells begin to divide independently of the normalchecks and balances that control growth. As these abnormal cellsgrow and divide, they can lead to growths within the colon calledpolyps. Polyps vary in type, but many are precancerous tumors thatgrow slowly over the course of years and do not spread. As polypsgrow, additional genetic mutations further destabilize the cells.When these precancerous tumors change direction (growing into thewall of the tube rather than into the space in the middle of it)and invade other layers of the large intestine (such as thesubmucosa or muscular layer), the precancerous polyp has becomecancerous. In most cases this process is slow, taking at leasteight to 10 years to develop from those early aberrant cells to afrank cancer.Once a colorectal cancer forms, it begins to grow intwo ways. First, the cancer can grow locally and extend through thewall of the intestine and invade adjacent structures, making themass (called the primary tumor) more of a problem and harder toremove. Local extension can cause additional symptoms such as painor fullness, perforation of the colon, or blockages of the colon ornearby structures. Second, as the cancer grows it begins theprocess of metastasis, shedding thousands of cells a day into theblood and lymphatic system that can cause cancers to form indistant locations. Colorectal cancers most commonly spread first tolocal lymph nodes before traveling to distant organs. Once locallymph nodes are involved, spread to the liver, the abdominalcavity, and the lung are the next most common destinations ofmetastatic spread.Colorectal cancer is the third most common causeof cancer in the U.S. in both men and women. It affects almost135,000 people annually, representing 8% of all cancers. About 4.4%of people will be diagnosed with colon or rectum cancer at somepoint in their livespour savoir plus entre ici....
Blood Cancer 1.1 APK
What is Blood Cancer?Blood Cancer is a cancer that originates inblood stem cells. Stem cells are basic cells that transform intodifferent types of cells that have distinct functions.Blood stemcells become lymphoid stem cells or myeloid stem cells. Lymphoidstem cells turn into lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell.Lymphocytes help fight infections and destroy abnormal cells. Thethree types of lymphocytes are B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes andnatural killer cells (NK). Myeloid stem cells become red bloodcells, granulocytes, monocytes or platelets. Red blood cellstransport oxygen to all tissues in the body. Granulocytes andmonocytes are types of white blood cells that destroy bacteria andhelp fight infections. Platelets form clots in damaged bloodvessels to stop bleeding.By developing, blood stem cells becomeblast cells (blasts), which are immature blood cells. In the caseof leukemia, there is an overproduction of blast cells. These blastcells develop abnormally and do not become mature blood cells. Overtime, blast cells take the place of normal blood cells, preventingthem from performing their tasks. When leukemia is diagnosed, theseblast cells can be called leukemic cells.There are many differenttypes of leukemias. They are first classified according to the typeof blood stem cell from which they develop. The lymphocyticleukemia (also called lymphoblastic leukemia) originates in theabnormal lymphoid stem cells. Myeloid leukemia (also calledmyelogenous leukemia) comes abnormal myeloid stem cells.The typesof leukemias are then subdivided according to the speed at whichthe disease develops and evolves. Acute leukemia begins suddenlyand develops in a few days or weeks. Chronic leukemia developsslowly over months or even years.The four main types of leukemiaare acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), acute myelogenous leukemia(AML), chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and chronic myelogenousleukemia (CML).In adults, the most common leukemias are CLL andAML. There are many different subtypes of leukemias.to know morebetween here ...
High Blood Pressure 1.2 APK
What is high blood pressure?High blood pressure is a commoncardiovascular disorder. It concerns more than 10 million people inFrance. Usually, blood pressure - blood pressure in the arteries -is about 12/8 cmHg (centimeters of mercury). The first numbercorresponds to the blood pressure measured during the relaxationphase of the heart (diastolic pressure). The second digit, to themeasurement taken during the contraction phase of the heart(systolic pressure).Blood pressure varies during the day. In asituation of stress or intense emotion, it rises naturally. Whenthe blood pressure remains high, beyond 14/9 cmHg, we talk abouthigh blood pressure.Untreated hypertension can cause manycomplications: stroke, heart attack, heart failure or renalfailure, retinopathy, arteriosclerosis, erectile dysfunction ...In90% of cases, we do not know the cause of hypertension. But we knowthat age, heredity, lack of exercise or overweight ... More rarely,hypertension is secondary to disease or taking medication(anti-inflammatory, bronchodilators ...).During pregnancy, highblood pressure may also appear. This is called "gravidic"hypertension. This hypertension must be monitored because it cancause problems in childbirth.to know more between here ...
Delivery Baby 1.1 APK
All about childbirthThe big day is coming ... and you can not waitto meet your baby! What did not happen to you to be a little - alot - worried and ask you a lot more questions. A small panorama ofeverything that awaits you on the day of delivery.You are not veryreassured at the idea of giving birth. Shut up, you'renotEverything you want to know about childbirth. is heresupport usin us note 5 *****
Hair Dandruff 1.1 APK
Tips To Get Rid Of Dandruff PermanentlyDandruff is a common scalpcondition in which small pieces of dry skin flake off of the scalp.If you have dark hair or you’re wearing dark colors, you may noticethe flakes in your hair or on your shoulders. Dandruff may alsomake your scalp itch.Many people believe that dandruff is caused bypoor hygiene, but this is not true.
Healthy Eating 1.1 APK
The food balance is based on some fundamentals that, as their namesuggests, are essential. The 7 components of a healthy and balanceddiet, to incorporate as often as possible in your daily life.The 7basics of a healthy and balanced diet1. The fruits:Rich invitamins, fiber and minerals, fruits are excellent health allies.Peaches and apricots are full of antioxidants, while bananas andkiwis will give you the energy you need to avoid tiredness inwinter.2. Foods rich in fiber:Indispensable to the balance of thebody, dietary fiber has many benefits. They help lower LDLcholesterol (which must remain low). The fibers regulate theintestinal transit as well as the absorption of carbohydrates andlipids, clean the body and act on the arterial hypertension. Theyare found in nuts, whole wheat, fruits and vegetables, oroats.Consume about 30 grams of fiber a day. Discover our 7 tips toconsume more fiber per day.3. Fatty fish:A delicious commodity fullof benefits. Fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel) areinexpensive sources of protein, vitamins and omega 3 thatcontribute to the proper functioning of the heart. Enjoy thebeautiful days to eat in the form of barbecue, aperitif or grill.Fatty fish also help regulate LDL cholesterol.ANSES recommendseating fresh fish twice a week.4. Legumes:Rich in vegetableprotein, fiber and vitamins (and low in fat), "pulses" are anintegral part of a healthy diet and contribute to the effect ofsatiety. Legumes are many and varied: beans, lentils, soy, whole orbroken peas, chickpeas, beans, alfalfa or lupins, you'll be spoiledfor choice!5. The dried fruits:Excellent allies health to stayhealthy in everyday life. There are two types of dried fruits:naturally dried fruits (almonds, nuts) and dehydrated fruits(apricots, dates).Each dry fruit has specific benefits: datesprevent tiredness, while nuts help reduce LDL cholesterol.6. Whitemeat:Less fat than other types of meat, white meat (poultry, veal,pork, rabbit) is low in calories and high in protein. It is alsoeconomical meat and easy to cook with the menus of the week.According to some studies, white meat could also reduce the risk ofcardiovascular diseases and certain cancers (colon).7. Vegetableoil:Whether on toast or for frying food, many of us use butter inthe kitchen everyday. Yet this food is rich in saturated fattyacids. Use instead vegetable oils (rapeseed, olive) that containessential fatty acids, essential to our balanced diet and theproper functioning of the brain.All you want to know about HealthyEating is heresupport us in us note 5 *****
Basic Plumbing 1.1 APK
Here are few tips and tricks that every do-it-yourselfer needs toknow.Our guys at Hillcrest Plumbing want you to know some thingsthat they don’t teach in high school but they can save you hours oftime, hundreds of dollars, and certainly insurmountable amounts offrustration as you go about your plumbing projects as a beginner.1.PVC and CPVC pipes are two entirely different things. If you go tothe store and do not know which one to ask for, you risk buying apipe that will not be able to do the job that you need. Even theway we measure these pipes are different, so not only will the pipelikely not fit, they both do different things.2. CPVC pipe is muchmore preferable for hot water.Typically professional plumbers willuse PVC pipe for cold water and regular water lines and CPVC pipefor hot water lines or things like a dishwasher or a washingmachine that often have hot water running through them.3. They aremeasured differently. For PVC pipe, one would measure the diameterof the inside of the pipe. Whereas with CPVC pipe the measurementis taken based on the diameter of the outside of the pipe. A simplesolution to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking forwithout having to go the store over and over again purchasing thewrong product, is to take a small piece of the pipe that you arelooking to fit and replace. The people at the hardware store willbe able to tell you what type of pipe it is and the correctmeasurement.4. Another fun fact: When dealing with PVC, you mayfind that there are two of everything! If you look a little bitcloser at the fine print on the packaging there will be a littleindicator to tell the two apart. One will have the indicatorschedule 40 which is meant only for the use of pressurized hotwater lines. The other indicator will read DWV. DVW indicates thatthese pipes are meant for drains, valves, and waterlines.5. Thoughthere are many different types of pipes, they do make universalcutters for all of types that may be worth investing in.6. Itdoesn’t stop with different types of piping. There are alsodifferent types of products for each kind of piping as well. So ifyou need glue, you need to make sure that the glue coordinates withthe kind of pipe you intend on gluing, which of course means thatyou have to know that there are different kinds of pipes and thekind of pipe that you are trying to glue....to know more betweenhere ..