1.2 / February 24, 2017
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A simple concept that presents enough of a challenge to stayengaging. Clever block is a great and fun puzzle game, brickgames.The goal is very simple: move various blocks and bricks tofit them all in the gray background.★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★- Greatgraphics and music- Time mode and endless mode.- Time mode withthree difficulty level: easy, medium, hard.- endless mode with 9difficulty level from beginer to legendary.- 6000 level toplay.Enjoy Block Clever now and give us your review to itbetter.Contact us: [email protected]

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    Block Clever
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    February 24, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Ashburn, United States
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Pinball classic is a type of arcade game and it same Pachinko game,usually coin-operated, in this Pinball games points are scored by aplayer manipulating one or more steel balls on a play field insidea glass-covered cabinet called a pinball machine. Pinball isPachinko in Japan like other "pinball games". The primary objectiveof pinball free is to score as many points as possible. Points areearned when the ball strikes different targets on the play field. Adrain is situated at the bottom of the play field, partiallyprotected by player-controlled plastic bats called flippers. A gameends after all the balls fall into the drain. Secondary objectivesare to maximize the time spent playing (by earning "extra balls"and keeping the ball in play as long as possible) and to earn bonusgames (known as "replays").The key attribute of a successful"pinball" pro game is an interesting and challenging layout ofscoring opportunities on the playfield. Many types of targets andfeatures have been developed over the years.Pinball machines, likemany other mechanical games, such as "bingos". The primary skill ofpinball hd involves application of the proper timing and techniqueto the operation of the flippers, nudging the playfield whenappropriate without tilting, and choosing targets for scores orfeatures. A skilled player can quickly "learn the angles" and gaina high level of control of ball motion, even on a machine they havenever played. Skilled players can often play on a machine for longperiods of time on a single coin.★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★- Very precisephysics.- Gorgeous graphics.- Easy to see the ball- 5 pinballmachine map free, each machines has a unique play style.- 5 hightscore rankings for each machine.- 5 LeaderBoard social Google.-Pinball in the digital age.- Pinball and gambling.You will not findany better or cool games than Pinball 2018 ! What are you waitingfor? Download Pinball free now!
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Pool 8 Ball, Snooker Billiards is a ball game. In this billiardgames, you can play billiards snooker and 8 ball pool.SnookerBilliards or Cue sports (sometimes written cuesports), also knownas billiards sports, are a wide variety of games of skill generallyplayed with a cue stick which is used to strike billiards balls,moving them around a cloth-covered billiards table bounded byrubber cushions.- 8-ball pool often called Blackball (pool) orEight-ball (often spelled 8-ball or eightball, and sometimes calledsolids and stripes, spots and stripes in the UK or, more rarely,bigs and littles/smalls or highs and lows) is a pool (pocketbilliards) game popular in much of the world)- Eight-ball is playedwith cue sticks and 16 balls: a cue ball, and 15 object ballsconsisting of seven striped balls, seven solid-colored balls andthe black 8 ball. After the balls are scattered with a break shot,the players are assigned either the group of solid balls or thestripes once a ball from a particular group is legally pocketed.The ultimate object of the game is to legally pocket the eight ballin a called pocket, which can only be done after all of the ballsfrom a player's assigned group have been cleared from the table.-Snooker Billiards like other snooker games. The object of the gameis to score more points than one's opponent by potting object ballsin the correct order. At the start of a frame, the balls arepositioned as shown, and the players then take turns to hit shotsby striking the cue ball with the tip of the cue, their aim beingto pot one of the red balls into a pocket and thereby score apoint, or, if this is not possible, to at least hit a red ball soas to avoid making a foul shot. If the striker pots a red ball, heor she must then pot one of the six "colours" (in snooker, the termcolour is understood to exclude the red balls). If the playersuccessfully pots a colour, the value of that ball is added to theplayer's score, and the ball is returned to its starting positionon the table. After that, the player must pot another red ball,then another colour, and so on. This process continues until thestriker fails to pot the desired ball, at which point the opponentcomes to the table to play the next shot.★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★-Great graphics and music.- Snooker mode, Billiards mode- 8 ballmode.- Billiads Snooker play with 1 vs 1 with three difficultylevel: easy, normal and hard.- Pool 8 ball and snooker with timemode to free train.- Leaderboard to save your score with snookerand pool 8 ball mode.- Offline Single Player with free poolgame.Snooker and 8 ball pool billiards pro make you a legend playerof billiard.What are you waiting for? Play 8 Ball pool BilliardSnooker now!Enjoy 8 Ball pool Billiard Snooker now and give us yourfeedbacks to it better.Contack us: [email protected]
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Spider solitaire 2016 is a solitaire card game or you can know withname Patience game and Klondike. The main purpose of the game is toremove all cards from the table, assembling them in the tableaubefore removing them.Every time you play solitaire, you competewith yourself for your best high score. Play card games for freewhenever you like when at work, school, or home and make all yourfriends jealous with your ever-increasing solitaire skills!★ ★ ★FERTURES ★ ★ ★- Fun graphics, a great soundtrack.- Better than therest offering smooth game play and an undo button!- Three modes:Solitaire, Spider, Freecell.- Freecell mode can select map form1-1000000 to play.- Spider mode can select number of elements(from1-4).Enjoy Spider solitaire 2016 now and give us your review to itbetter.Contact us: [email protected]
Brick Puzzle Classic 3.0 APK
Brick Puzzle Classic game is a in most brick games with the shapeseach consisting of several squares, that are falling down the well.One turns them or moves left and right when falling block, tryingto arrange the shapes in a line. When a line of squares makes aline from edge to edge, it disappears and all the pieces move downby a square. When the well is filled up, the player loses.Seemslike it's quite easy to play Brick Puzzle Classic game, but aslevels progress, you feel that playing Brick Puzzle Classic gamemay be a real challenge. ★ ★ ★ FERTURES ★ ★ ★- Great graphics andawesome music- Classic, challenge and adventure mode for you.-Adventure mode with three different difficulty level: amatuer,professional and master.- Get the highest score to compare withyour friend via 5 LeaderBoards.- Play by button or gesture(slideleft, slide right, silde down and touch to rotate blocks).-Forecast area of blocks.Enjoy Brick Puzzle Classic now and give usyour review to it better.
Car Racing 2018 2.1 APK
Car Racing 2018 is a car racing games free or car game (also knownas Auto racing, motor racing or automobile racing) , you can knowwith name Road Fighter, F1 racer in series Classic Games play witha racing car.The goal is to reach the finish line within the stageswithout running out of time, hitting other cars or running out offuel (fuel is refilled by hitting a special type of car)In thisreal racing game, the player has a limited amount of fuel and canearn more by touching special multi-colored cars. If the playercrashes into any other car or slips on occasionally appearingpatches of oil, the car will begin to spin out and if not correctedmay crash into the side railings.- This is Car Racing. The ultimateendless race in the city streets, countryside roads and seashores,featuring amazing vehicles, addictive gameplay and intense trafficcompetition. Barrel through packed streets, avoid crashes, takedown traffic cars, pick up coins and perform dynamic, high-speedaerial stunts! The game will challenge even the most skilled racingfans.Car Racing 2018 not a car racing 3d game but you'll feel likedriving a real racing car. Car Racing will challenge even the mostskilled racing fans. Play hard and drift your car through theunique Car racing tracks. Fastest cars are going to burn up thestreets.★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★- Classic graphics and funny sound.- 10level free waitting you. - Racing car Auto run or touch to run. Candisable Auto mode in Settings- Control updide down.- Stock Carracing 3 modes control: tilt you phone, touch to left or right,swipe.- City-to-city climb racing- Fast racingOvercome youropponents with your racing car and became the king of the racetrackwith "Car Racing" 2018 now!
Sokoban Panda 2.0 APK
Sokoban (倉庫番 sōkoban?, warehouse keeper) is atype of Sokoban type game, in this sokoban free game the playerpushes box or crates around in a warehouse call boxman or pandaman,trying to get them to storage locations. The puzzle is usuallyimplemented as a video game.Sokoban free games is played on a board of squares, where eachsquare is a floor or a wall. Some floor squares contain boxes, andsome floor squares are marked as storage locations.Play Sokoban classic, The player is confined to the board, andmay move horizontally or vertically onto empty squares (neverthrough walls or box). The player can also move into a box, whichpushes it into the square beyond. Boxes may not be pushed intoother box or walls, and they cannot be pulled. The puzzle is solvedwhen all boxes are at storage locations.★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★- Funny graphic.- 800 level for free.- 5 modes to play: two boxes, three boxes, four boxes, five boxes,+four boxes.- Move by joypad or slide on your screen.- 7 achivements and leaderboard high score.- Undo when you move wrong.- Suggest when you stuck.What are you waiting for? Download Sokoban Panda now!Contack us: [email protected]
Brick Block Classic 1.2 APK
Brick Block Classic game is a in most brickgames with the shapes each consisting of several squares, that arefalling block down the well.The objective of the game is to arrange the blocks in such a wayto fill the blank space completely with the blocks. As you fill theblank space without any gap the filled line will disappear and youwill get points.Brick Block Classic is capable of single and double clears. I,J, T, S, Z and L are able to clear triples, maybe clear four linessimultaneously.To play the game you touch to screen to rotate the falling box,slide right to move to right , slide left to move the box to theleft and slide down to drop the box fast.Slide Left - move leftSlide Right - move rightTouch to screen - to rotateSlide Down - drop the box fast.★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★- Great graphics and music- Classic, puzzle and time mode.- LeaderBoards to save your high score.- 4 slots to save current status and you can reload it to playcontinue.Enjoy Brick Block Classic now and give us your review to itbetter.Contact us: [email protected]