1.0.50 / December 25, 2020
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Block Hit Puzzle is a free classic block puzzle game that won’t letyour brain get bored! It's also addictive: once you play it, you'llnever want to give it up! Game rules are very easy – the Block HitPuzzle goal is complete each level by filling the game field withmany-colored blocks. Drag the colorful block of various shapes tofill up all free space. Blocks can't be rotated. It is simple toplay and fun to keep challenging yourself. So, are you ready totest your wits and smarts? The game has 16 stages – Novice,Skilled, Master, Expert, and others. You can think it's not a bigdeal, but don't jump to conclusions! There are endless variationsof block shapes and game field shapes – try to complete them all!The game has a hint system. If you get stuck you can use hints atany time – they will show you the possible block placements. Gamefeatures: ➜ Free fun game ➜ No time limits ➜ Simple rules ➜ Greatlyaddictive and relaxing ➜ Tests your logic ➜ 4 game modes If youlike block and hex puzzles, Tetris, and Sudoku, then Block HitPuzzle is a perfect option for you! Relax and train your brainanywhere and anytime! Block Hit Puzzle combines simple gameplay andbrain-teasers of any difficulty and scale, so be smart, try hard,and complete lots of tricky levels! Play our game and develop yourlogic and imagination! Questions? Contact our Tech Support atgames.support@roasup.com

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    Block Hit - Classic Block Puzzle Game
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    December 25, 2020
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    30929, Thuraya 1 Building, Premises 1009, Floor 10, Dubai
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AXES.io 2.7.3 APK
⚔ AXES.io is a mobile battle royale where you toss axes like yourlife depends on it to be the last player standing. Winner takesall! AXES.io - Play online and offline - Battle against realplayers - Super easy controls - 2-minute battles - 40+ weapon types- 20+ unique heroes - Different game modes - Lots of maps withunique gameplay You’ll love AXES.io if you already love other ioand battle royale games. io online games are simple multiplayergames where you battle other players on and offline to try andsurvive as long as possible. It’s super fun! Battle royale is a fungame mode where players fight to survive in a limited space and bethe last man standing. Our battle royale games are especially fastand fun to play! Check it out! io games offline are also availableif you don’t have an internet connection. ========================COMPANY COMMUNITY: ======================== Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/azur_games YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames
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Train your dragon to fight against other people! Go and catch yourvery own monster collection: winged horses, cool vampires, unicornsand other fun magical creatures. If your online adventure provessuccessful, you will ultimately be able to tame even the superiorbeasts - the Dragons of Elements! If you’re looking for the bestmobile dragon games to play – this is exactly what you were lookingfor! Go find an adventure or an epic quest in this free-to-playmobile game. Draconius GO is a popular free mobile game in AR thatwill make you addicted more than any other popular GPS games. Haveyou ever dreamed to catch mighty dragons? Can you picture yourselftaming a dragon? It might be a huge dragon or a small drake — noone knows, since all of the creatures in the game evolve andchange, and it’s up to you whether your pet will be a cute littlecreature, a frightening monster, or something completely new. Thegame offers you a collection of about 200 interesting creatures,each of which can evolve. No other popular dragon games can makeyou this addicted! Go outside, find a cool egg, hatch it, and finda monster inside. You never know who will hatch from the mysteriousegg. Evolve and upgrade your mighty dragon to become the bestmonster and fight your enemies online! Various quests to keep youradventure fresh and exciting · Regular quest will allow you to findscrolls for new spells and start your fun quest for the Golden Egg!· Portals to the AR world of Arcana will unlock a new element ofcreatures for you, and help you find the path to the Mother ofDragons. Only she can hatch a cool ancient egg in augmentedreality. · Most spells are unlocked after your character reacheslevel 5. You will be able to enhance your creatures or throw otherpeople out of the arena by using the most powerful spells, togetherwith your best friends! · After level 5 upgrade, you will be ableto fight other people in duels. But you’ll need to catch up andmake sure you’re well prepared. · The Ancient Libraries will allowyou to change and upgrade the skills of your creatures, but beforeyou can do that, you’ll have to fight the opposite faction. · Fightmighty wild monsters online at all times! The winner will get bestrunes for cool spells that you can play. · Catch up what GPS gamesyour friends have been up to! Go on a fun adventure to completeyour collection by finding a rare dragon or some other monster inaugmented reality. Become addicted to the best of all free dragongames online! · Discover all of the treasure chests in augmentedreality (AR). If you’re lucky enough, you might find in theminteresting artifacts that will unlock new options for yourcharacter. Video game or weight loss regimen? GPS navigation and aninteractive map allowing you to meet new people, explore your cityand see it under a completely different light. Ordinary places thatyou’ve walked through thousands of times will now hold magical andwondrous secrets. People on the streets might be your enemies! Thisfree game will make you go outside and enjoy the outdoors, getaddicted, have fun, and interact with your friends a lot more,which is far more exciting and fun than going to the gym. What toplay it on? You can play Draconius GO for free online on yourfavorite mobile device, but you will need mobile phone or otherdevice with Android 4.4 or higher.
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Stack Ball is a 3d arcade game where players smash, bump and bouncethrough revolving helix platforms to reach the end. Sound easy? Youwish!! Your ball smashes like a brick through colorful platformsthat block its descent, but if you hit a black one, it's all over!Your ball shatters to pieces and you have to start your fall allover again. But even black platforms are no match for a fireballfalling at full speed! Choose your strategy: speed up like a madmanor stop and wait for your next chance to roll and jump. Other ballgames wish they were this fun! Why Stack Ball rules: - Crazy fastspeed - Fun gameplay - Bright vibrant graphics - Simple and easy toplay - Great time killer ======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY: ======================== Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/azur_games YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames
Crafty Town - Merge City Kingdom Builder 0.8.470 APK
🌳🏘️New city building & strategy games! 🏡🌲 The newest strategyishere! If you want to build a town or rule your own kingdom, doitright now! Here you can build a house and turn it into thelargestcastle in your kingdom! If you like building, medieval andstrategygames – and I guess you do – you'll have fun playing it!Play newkingdom builder absolutely for free! Make your Empiregreat!Features: 🏰 City Games | Juegos de ciudad | Build anddevelop yourfirst city, construct more houses. Earn money todevelop yourvillage and build new cities. Turn the smallest housein yourvillage into the largest castle of your kingdom! Enjoy citybuildingplaying one of the best city games right now! 💰 StrategyGames |Juegos de estrategia | Each house brings you revenue. Yourincomedepends on size of your construction. Large castles give youmoremoney. Upgrade your buildings to get more money. Earn moneyandbuild cities, become a king and try to rule the whole kingdom!Ifyou like strategy games, you will like this new strategy! 🏡KingdomBuilder | Juegos de construir ciudades | Help your citizensbuild atown. Think how to place houses strategically to keep yourvillagegrowing. There are no limits to the imagination! Upgradeyourbuildings, extend the city boundaries, merge cities intothekingdom. Build a town! Make your kingdom great! The newestkingdombuilder is here! ⚔️ Manage Economy | Estrategia | Do youlikestrategy? Become the real strategist! Upgrade houses andcastles toget gold! Manage resources strategically, upgradeyourconstructions, earn money. Create homes for your citizens,placemarkets and sawmills, explore new lands and regions, and turnyourtown into the largest kingdom on the planet! Try to managetheeconomy of your medieval cities and of the whole kingdom! 👑EmpireGames | Juegos de Imperio | Expand your country and unlockmorecities. Discover and develop new lands, send caravanswithresources, construct castles, earn money. Expand yourempireoverland. Enjoy house building and medieval games! ☝️ IdleClicker| Incremental Do you like idle incremental games? Tap housestomake money, tap over and over! Just tap and grow your empire!YourEmpire keeps growing up even when you are offline. Try thebestidle clicker right now! 🆓 FREE Medieval Games | JuegosMedievales |Are you ready to make something special? Enjoy buildingandstrategy games FOR FREE! Build a town and rule your empire! 🏰Playthe new idle clicker and city building game, craft and build acityof your dreams and rule your own empire! Upgrade your castle!Oneof the best medieval games is waiting for you! Free to play!Enjoycity games 2018! Free Idle Clicker! Craft and build!Intuitivegameplay with challenging tasks, rewards and achievements!Manyhours of free fun! More events are coming soon! Please contactusif you have any suggestion.