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“Block Puzzle World: Classic Game” is a fantastic block puzzle gamein which what you should do is to simply drag the colorful blocksand arrange each block of brick to fill all the empty grids. Withfriendly game interface and intuitive game control, this freeclassic blocks game is well-designed for users of all ages. Are youready to enjoy this funny and exciting brick game? Come on! Be thelegendary player in this block puzzle game!Just play this freeclassic game to relax and have fun. The game is funny butchallenging. Try to get thinking and find various ways to pass yourgame level. “Block Puzzle World: Classic Game” is an addictive,easy and logical game which is free and available for people of allages, from young kids to adults.HOW TO PLAY “Block Puzzle World:Classic Game”1. Drag the blocks to move them.2. Blocks can't berotated.3. Try to fit them all in grids to make a shape. If thereis no space for other blocks, just restart the game the findanother way.4. If you feel hard to pass the level, you can use Tipsto help yourself.FEATURES1. Train your brains.2. Simple rules andEasy control. 3. Funny sound effects.4. Exquisite Game Interface!5.Easy to learn how to play the game.6. Various Blocks and colorfulgraphic.7. For all ages.8. No time limits.Drag the different blocksinto place to match the puzzle. It’s easy to learn and free!Connect the blocks without any spaces left! Just enjoy this simplebut addictive block puzzle game! “Block Puzzle World: Classic Game”will bring you endless fun and relaxation!“Block Puzzle World:Classic Game” is the classic and legendary block puzzle game. Onceyou start, you will not stop playing. Just have a try, and you willlove it! This game is guaranteed to get you thinking of differentways of solving the problems! We will continue to optimize ourgame. If you have any problems, please contact us by the followingways.Customer Service E-mail: wjjcathy@gmail.comLearn more:http://www.hsgame.com.cnFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/HSGame-1614831638741727Twitter:https://twitter.com/2663440918Hs

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    Block Puzzle World: Classic Game
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    December 9, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    HsGame Arcade Dev
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"Brutal City:Boxing Fighter"it is the mostreal fighting game with the superb action fighting effect and theglorious combo hit enables you to experience the real originalarcade fighting. "Brutal City:Boxing Fighter" is a exciting arcadefighting game, it is the amazing arcade game,bring back your memoryof childhood. Enjoy whole game play with nice sound effects andreal fighting skills."Brutal City:Boxing Fighter" was a worldwide hit in the arcades anda blast in the fighting game genre at its release thanks to thehigh quality of its game mechanics and its Boxing Fighters!The epicfighting action game consists of the superb action fighting effectand the glorious combo hit! Super powerful martial arts and flashyskills, destructive guns make you cannot wait to use them todevastate all your rivals. It is such an amazing action game whichcan remind you of the arcade games you ever played in childhood,the memories of exciting combat you have ever experienced, and therivals you have ever defeated and smashed up. Thus don’t hesitateto install “Brutal City:Boxing Fighter”, then start enjoy playingthis free game with nice sound effects and real boxing skills. Allthings you are looking for can be found in this fighting game:unlimited combos, exciting and violent battle, destructive martialarts, exquisite game scene, impressive story and realistic fightingexperience! Once you start this game, you will feel yourself like areal legendary fighter. Want to devastate all gangsters? Just doit!"Brutal City:Boxing Fighter" Features:- Easy sliding and touching screen bring about continuously coolFighting!- The most classical Fighting arcade game Style!- A tiny installation package which ! You can play withoutnetworking!- Attention focused by millions of fight action fans!- Full support on 130000+ android device!- Silky smooth animations & Cool Boxing Fighting skills!- Realistic fighting sound!Destructive Guns Collection!- Experience fighting in a relaxing Boxing Fighter game!plot:Now you are the legendary boxing fighter in this devil city full ofdrugs and crime. The mafia gang here is planing to control thewhole city in violence. And you, as the legendary fighter in thisdesperate city, your mission now is to defeat and smash up all yourrivals in this criminal gang with powerful assault, and rescue therest civilians. Are you ready for the upcoming battle and assaultin this criminal city and start your legendary fighting story? Takeyour guns and prepare for your combat now. Try everything you cando to devastate anyone standing in front of you.Come on, challenge the Boxing Fighter Champion. Punch in allenemies, kick out all other Boxing fighters. Rush into the duelfield and become the King of Boxing Fighter.Punch and kick out allrivals. Battle against them! Defeat and smash up all of them!Prevent their assault! This is not only your combat of smashing upthe criminal gang, but also a urgent rescue for civilians indanger. Challenge yourself in this addictive, easy-to-use,extremely passionate arcade FTG game.If you love this incredibly cool and fun Coin-Op Arcade FightingGame then you'll also want to try your hand at more great fightinggame published by "Brutal City:Boxing Fighter" !
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A serious adventure is happening in the brutaland furious street. Are you ready to kill and smash up all themortal enemies and stop their melee attacks? Girls are alsoexcellent as their male colleagues. Just use your destructiveweapons and majestic battle skills to fight for your honor,immortality and the grand prize! Win the battle of ultimatefighting and beat up all your mortal enemies in every level. Startyour experience of beating in “Deadly Angel: StreetFighting”!Only one can be victorious and win; only one can survive from theinevitable death. Will you be the last one standing in “DeadlyAngel: Street Fighting”? Will you have the ability to defeat andsmash up all your mortal enemies? Will you control their destinyand lives? In this brutal and furious street, use your weapons tostop your mortal enemies’ melee attack! Beat them up with thepowerful kicking and punching and let them know who is thestrongest person in this world! Remember, don’t get knocked out onthe brutal and furious street and always be careful because yourmortal enemies’ melee attacks will be fiercer and fiercer everytime.Features of “Deadly Angel: Street Fighting”• Different combat techniques and multiple combat styles includingChinese Kung Fu, Mix Martial Arts, Kicking, Punching, Mega Attackand Combos• More than 60 exciting game levels and adventurous tasks.• Enjoy various lethal ways of combat and furious melee attacksfrom opponents in brutal and furious street combat.• Unique upgrading system• A lot of destructive melee weapons including spear, cudgel,nunchakus, etc.• Realistic combat sound and stunning graphics• Numerous battle strikes and fighting stylesIn “Deadly Angel: Street Fighting”, you will act as an Interpolpolice officer Lin, whose country is under an evil organization’scontrol and damage. In order to save this world, you have to faceyour continuous opponents’ melee attacks and unite with yourcompanions power to ruin this organization’s conspiracy. Now allyou have to do is to use your destructive weapons to smash up andkill your opponents. Beat them up! Slay all of youropponents!What are you waiting for? Come on! Download “Deadly Angel: StreetFighting” now! Enjoy this new style fighting action game and startyour life as a legendary fighter! This is a fantastic fast-paced 2dfighting game specially designed for action game lovers. Try topick up your destructive weapons and become a legendary fighter inthis super action game and teach all your opponents gory lessons inbrutal and furious street battle! Ruin their continuous meleeattacks! You will meet lost of strong rivals and bosses, but nevergive in to them. Just beat them up without a stop!We will constantly optimize the game, but there is a littlesuggestion that a powerful Android device is recommended.We will continue to optimize the game, if there are suggestions,you can find us in the following ways.[Contact Us]Email: wjjcathy@gmail.comLearn More: http://www.hsgame.com.cnFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/HSGame-1614831638741727Twitter: https://twitter.com/2663440918Hs
Street Combat 2 : Fatal Fighting (Free) APK
It’s not easy to be a winner in a brutalshowdown. But now, are you ready to defeat and smash up all theenemies in front of you? Facing your opponents’ continuous lethalattacks, you should pick up your weapons to give these gangstersand villains a gory lesson. The most anticipated fighting actiongame “Street Combat 2: Fatal Fighting” can be downloaded for freenow! Start your gory battles with devastating weapons and flashyskills!“Street Combat 2: Fatal Fighting” is the sequel of "Street Combat:Kung Fu Fighting". We have added more adventurous game levels withnew scenes and new game play which will make you enjoy thisfantastic action game very much. You will find partners and varioustraps and even can use a car to attack your enemies. Just explorethis world and you will find many more exciting game play.You are Ryu, a man whose whole life is full of pathos and stories.You have been put into prison because of your father’s debt. Andthe usurers bullied your sister after the sentence, which causedher death. Now you must take up your weapon and use your fists tokill those gangsters! Start your revenge now!Fantastic characters, stunning graphics, cool weapons, awesomegameplay, “Street Combat 2: Fatal Fighting” brings an unprecedentedcombat experience to you! Do your best—kick, smash up and strikeyour enemies with devastating power! Only the best fighter couldbeat down and smash up his enemies to become the final survivor!Endless combos, continuous lethal attacks and exciting battle willmake you hard to stop playing this game. You must battle with alarge number of enemies with lethal melee attacks. There will beonly one survivor between you and your opponents!Features:● Stunning 2D graphics, realistic combat sound, adventurous levelsand interesting storyline● More than 60 exciting game levels● Killing opponents with cool and flashy skills● Unique upgrading system for your attacking power● Devastating weapons and defensive gear can be used in yourcombat● Simple side-scrolling interface, easy-to-learn and intuitivecontrols.● Offline mode. No Wi-Fi, no problem.● Completely free!Facing different enemies with different fighting styles includingTaekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing, you should defeat and smashup all these gangsters and villains! Upgrade your attacking powerand defensive power or unlock new devastating weapons by the coinsyou have got from every battle. In“Street Combat 2: FatalFighting”you can also train yourself in exercise room. You candefeat and kill endless gangsters and villains to earn coins andother awards! Now, become the strongest fighter and slay all thesegangsters and villains! With simple controls you can performamazing stunts and blows to defeat your opponents lethally.If you like Arcade or Action game, you can not miss the fantasyfree-to-play fighting action game of free combat. “Street Combat 2:Fatal Fighting” can recall your childhood memories of arcade game.Arcade fans will have an blood pumping combat experience whenfacing endless gangsters and villains! Enjoy using your devastatingpower and skills to defeat and smash up all your opponentslethally!【contact us】Any problems encountered in the game, please feel free to contactus.Customer Service E-mail: wjjcathy@gmail.comLearn more: http://game.hsgame.com.cnOfficial Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/HSGame-1614831638741727Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/2663440918Hs
Street Combat Lite: Kung Fu Fighting APK
“Street Combat: Kung Fu Fighting” is theextremely addictive kungfu game, now free for enjoying on AndroidDevices! Come here to enjoy fatal fighting of Ryu and start yourhero legends in this fantastic kungfu game.“Street Combat: Kung Fu Fighting”is a free RPG as well as anoffline RPG. Enjoy the pleasure of killing and slaying all theenemies in front of you! Be the king of Kungfu last one standingover all your enemies! Facing your opponents’ countless meleeattacks and onslaught, you have to battle with them with variousweapons and skills.FEATURES:WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT SYSTEM★★★★★√Fatal Strikes and Gory Battles with Mortal Enemies√Free Combinations of Various Cool Special Skills√Devastating Weaponry such as Sword, Spear and Battle-ax,etc.√Unique Upgrading System for Optimal Fighting Experience√Excitement of Smashing up and Slaying Opponents with the Skills ofMartial Arts Lessons.RPG FIGHTING CAMPAIGN★★★★★√Stunning Scenes with Different Martial Arts√Realistic Fighting Sounds and Battle Effect√Smooth and Flexible Controlling of Kungfu Game√Easy to Play on Mobile Devices√Offline mode. No Wi-Fi, No Problem.You, Ryu, as a kung fu master , have to challenge all your mortalvillains faced with their fatal attack. Whenever and wherever youare, there will be many gangsters continuing their fatal attacks.Your story of revenge won’t stop until you smash up all of them.The martial arts lessons make your body firm like a stone. And theskills you’ve learned from martial arts lessons are so powerful anddestructive.Now, Download“Street Combat: Kung Fu Fighting”is one of the RPG youshould never miss! for free and Enter The Game and Punch to killall enemy!Defeat thousands of enemies with powerful attacks inamazing, non-stop, 2-D action. unlimited combos, and coherent forceeffect, bring you sense a fingertip on enjoyment in this epicaction adventure! Compared with other fighting games, “StreetCombat: Kung Fu Fighting” this kungfu game has been designed to beplayed more easily. Enjoy your hero legends!【contact us】Any problems encountered in the game, please feel free to contactus.Customer Service E-mail: wjjcathy@gmail.comLearn more: http://www.hsgame.com.cnOfficial Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/HSGame-1614831638741727Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/2663440918Hs