C10.2.2 / January 23, 2017
(3.8/5) (33)


Get ready to play the most ultimate game ofrevenge. Fight for honor and avenge the injustice done to you.Trust no one except yourself and your FPS shooting skills.

You have lost everything. You family, your honor and your money.They made you crawl and think they can get away with it. How wrongthey are. You are coming back and you have revenge on yourmind.

You had it all. The owner of a multi-billion dollar corporation,a loving wife and adorable children. Then, they came and took awayeverything. Bankrupted your multi-billion dollar corporation andclosed it and accused you of a crime you did not commit. Your wifekilled herself over an accusation you didn’t deserve. Your childrentaken away. You lost ever everything. But now you sent out on thepath of revenge and make those who made you suffer pay. Big time.It’s the revolution. And you are the judge. Deliver justice.

•Countdowns- Every level has a countdown timer that shows youthe amount of time you have left to complete your mission.
•Radar- Know your enemy’s position and plan accordingly with thehelp of this mapping feature.
•Tips To Win- At the beginning of every game, as the screen loadsget a crash course on al tips and tricks that will help you surviveand win the game.
•Unique Levels-Experience gamming like never before with never seenbefore scenarios for every combat.
•Power-up tricks- When you are out of ammo and health, watch asimple video to unlock rewards and power ups.
•Ease Of Play- Smooth co-ordination and control access that willgive you amazing gamming controls.
•One-on-one Hand Combat- When you have no weapons, engage in one onone hand combat to defend your honor.

App Information Block Wars Pocket City

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Saving Xmas - Santa Vs Grinch C17.2.2 APK
Saving Xmas: Santa Vs Grinch is a fun themedwar stimulator geared toward hunting down the legend of the Grinchand his immortal soldiers who are hell-bent on eliminating theholidays... forever! If you don't eliminate this threat in time,there will be no more sugar plums dancing in anyone's heads.---Deadly Christmas To All, And To All A Nightmare*ishNight---The Grinch has always hated Christmas, but in this particular eve,he's got another reason to be HAPPY about the holiday: he's deviseda way to manipulate the minds of every man, woman and child on thenight of before Christmas, stimulating nightmares so real,Christmas will all but be forgotten as the sleeping try and survivethe world they've been enslaved to. Santa himself has not even beenimmune to this plague, and upon "waking up" Christmas morning,finds his workshop filled with diabolical Grinch soldiers intent ondestroying every toy and elf. With a nose for mischief and magic,Santa quickly discovers the Grinch's scheme, but in order to stopthe Grinch for good, Santa must fight his to consciousness.---He Sprang to His Artillery and to His Rifle Gave a Nod, and AwayHe Dashed, Like a Man on a Mission---Play as the holly, jolly hero of the holiday in this festiveshooting game. First person 3D worlds are crowded with Grinchenemies you must terminate to save Christmas! With six vastsurvival maps to explore, you'll need some help. That's where yourdaily rewards come into play. Collect cool perks like endless printor special bullets to use until you die. The first map is riggedwith a timer that counts down the mere minutes you have toeliminate all foes in order to earn a more permanent perk such asdouble damage or body armor. Collect HP and ammunition as you go,or watch brief video clips along the way to get the boost you needduring big battles. Play how you want with settings controls thatallow you to control sensitivity and difficulty, while touch screencontrols allow you to easily manipulate your character through thelevels. Practice your target skills and take back theholidays!Features:*Map overview*Speed, ammo and health pickups*Unique missions*Opponents with high damage and health*Hand-to-hand battles*Timed challenges*Mission select screen
Craft Attack Survival Shooter C16.6 APK
A high profile scientific mission has pavedthe way for building of the first time machine of the world. Youhave been chosen as the privileged one to test the efficacy of thetime machine. You have been a part of the time travel experimentfrom its conceptualization stage and now the onus of proving thesuccess of the mission is on your shoulders. Once the time machinetakes off, everything seems to be working. But then your machinelands in the midst of a raging war somewhere in the medieval era.Crude weapons, brutality of the extreme kind, and bestial costumes;all the ingredients of a lethal war are present. You have tosurvive through the war as the time machine has run out of naturalfuel and you need to collect it. You have at your disposalultra-modern gun and this is your only support to protect yourself,mow down the enemies, and endure the war. With every level, thefighters hem in on you and you have to exhibit extreme skill withthe gun to keep yourself from sinking. You can’t afford to spend amoment of respite as the tense battle is growing in intensity witheach passing minute. The game will test the resilience of yournerves and the adroitness of your fingers. There is limitless funto be enjoyed. The atmospherics of the game will keep you glued tothe screen. The game is fun playing for people of all age groups.Its appeal is irresistible.Main Features:• Extravagant atmospherics with scintillating sound and top notchgraphics• Automated guns with swift, intuitive controls• Superb performance across all Android versions• Medieval era reconstructed• Multiple levels with unknown and creepy challenges
Block Ninja Mine Games C18 APK
The grisly 19th century west is the venue ofmind-boggling action. Reprobates have a new friend in killer Ninjaminer. He is being hired to execute a number of heinous crimes. Hisgrim appearance would make a chill run down your spine. Equippedwith the traditional Shaolin sword, the Ninja is on the mission ofhunting down the treasure whose whereabouts have been disclosed byhis mentors.The outcome of his mission depends on the agility with which theNinja conducts himself and the combative techniques adopted tocounter his predatory traits. The game engages you to the core withextravagant graphics, strategic ambient sounds, and a volley ofweapons and other attractive prizes at every step. There is nolooking back once you have waged the war. The eerie presence of theNinja and his sinister plotting will keep you on the edge of yourseats.His nimbleness is a matter of worry for you. He scampers away themoment you plan to lay your hands on him. You have to match yourskills and wittily outpace the fierce Ninja. The immersive gametests you wits and challenges you to push the envelope to tame thekiller Ninja. Your combative prowess will be tested. The nimblenessof your finger will decide you fate against the eventful battle tothwart the unscrupulous motives of the killer ninja.A great treasure awaits you. There is too much at stake. You can’tafford to relax. Gear up for the momentous battle. History is goingto be created. Storm the stage and set it on fire.Key features of the game:• Awe-inspiring array of modern and quaint weapons, spikes, trapsetc.• 360 degrees control and viewing provision• Superb graphics, mind-blowing situational music• Intuitive controls• Outstanding performance for all Android versions• Easy to install and maneuver
Dead Walkers Survival Games C16.6 APK
Fend off the multitude of decaying dead inDead Walkers Survival Games. Zombies rule this bleak landscape,making the living the minority, but these few are not about to diewithout a fight. Collect your weapons and make the most out of yourperks as you go head-to-head against these depraved walkers who areout for brains... and revenge against those privileged enough to becounted among the living.**** POWERFUL ENEMIES ****The wail of the sirens pierce the distant horizon, somehow growingin intensity as it falls over the city. The skies were clear. Thestreets quiet, all apparently normal and routine. Unsure of what todo, people began flooding out of their homes and businesses,seeking out the cause of this emergency. A scream sliced throughthe murmured questions of the gathered, and as one, they turned,all unbelieving of what their eyes were beholding...The apocalypse began three years ago. Nobody has noticed until now.Learning how to disappear is easier than actually doing it.However, you have success with the right amount of planning andpreparation. The infection began in areas the world had turned ablind eye to. The countries that were a dumping ground fordangerous toxins and chemicals; the forgotten, deterioratingwastelands of the starving poor-- these were the launching points,where the infection took hold. Disguising itself well, it wove itsterror throughout the world, even into polite society where peoplewere so comfortable in their own safety that anything different wasignored or excused. But now it was here, unveiled and the biggestthreat known to man.... zombies.**** EPIC LEVELS ****Fend off mob attacks and watch out for snipers as you traversedangerous landscapes in a desperate act of survival. Three uniquelandscapes with six expansive and dangerous levels are poised tochallenge you in a variety of ways. Timed trials present a way toearn permanent perks such as cool weaponry, double damage and bodyarmor. Daily rewards are yours to keep until you die. Gohead-to-head on the streets, in the posh mansions of the governmentelite and more! With difficulty/sensitivity controls, you play theway YOU want, with customized settings. The game launches to yourmission select screen with levels to unlock, rewards and ways toearn BIG. Kill the zombies! Be epic!Game Features:Selection of hidden melee and firearm weaponsAerial landscape viewsHealth meter & HP perksPrecision aiming, running, jumpingUser friendly touch-screen controlsSlow and speed actionHand-to-hand confrontations
Block Hunter Survival Games C17.3 APK
The world has been pushed again to the brinkof a cataclysmic disaster. After the nuclear apocalypse, the reinsof the world have gone in the hands of a brutal dictator who wishesto wipe out everything humane and establish the rule of bestiality.You were once part of this evil army but now can no longer standthe extent of cruelty inflicted by the dictator’s army on gulliblenatives. You have revolted and your contumacious self is drivingyou to take up arms against the tyrannical army.Block Hunter Survival game tests the resilience of your nerves bypushing you to the limit of gory war. The skill with which youwould wield your weapons and deftly plan your moves by anticipatingthe strategy of the enemies will bail you out of this predicament.Wrong, ill-planned and casually made moves would prove fatal andruin your chances of surviving the radioactive garbage that thewhole country has been transformed into.The game will offer you unparalleled thrill and excitement. Yourpulse would start racing as the game starts progressing. Your heartwould pound in sheer anticipation of the things you are likely toencounter next. Your combative skills and strategic thinking has tooutstrip that of the enemy. The game makes you come face to facewith the forces of the evil dictator. The ensuing game play willmake chill run down your spine. The block hunter survival game hasbeen developed by ace designers who have meticulously attended toeach aspect of the game. Buckle up now.GAME FEATURES:****Authentic post nuclear war scene recreated****Fabulous graphics and cool atmospherics****Quaint settings****Sensational audio****Lethal and diverse array of weapons
Block Soldier War Games C18 APK
Block Soldier War Games is a great war fungame in classic 3D pixel graphics with modern touch screencontrols. Collect cool blocky weapons and necessarypower-ups.EXPERIENCE FUN ACTION SHOOTING ADVENTURESA machine has been created that detects potential future murderers.Those who were tested positive as a potential murderer are sent toa deserted island to fend for themselves. You are one of thosepeople. As the population of these criminals continues to grow, thegovernment plans a massive war between two selected tribes. To thevictor goes the spoils, and the winning side will be reintroducedinto society for a second chance at freedom. You know thegovernment hopes that the war will become so brutal that thepopulace will decrease to minute numbers without the law everyhaving to worry about their own defenses going in to take care ofthe problem. You don't care. You are enthusiastic to take them upon their challenge...TERRORIZE THE BATTLEFIELDExciting first person shooting action awaits you! Collect yourdaily reward by viewing a brief video clip, and the earned power-upis yours to use until you die. The level starts out with anexciting challenge with the clock counting down your demise orsuccess. Your mission instructions at the start of the map includesthe total number of enemies to defeat and the time you have tocomplete this task. Triumph, and you'll gain a permanent weapon towield throughout the rest of the game, fail and you may continuebut at a distinct disadvantage-- or try again to be the champion! Amap overview scopes out oncoming enemies so you can strategize yourplan of attack and go for the kill. Watch for enemies to steadilyincrease in health and attack as you move throughout the levels.Perks and weapons will decrease at the same time, making for abattlefield that only savvy solders will be able to dominate.Features of Game:- Earn rewards-Complete missions in three diverse landscapes-Helpful tips for optimum game experience-Enjoy war stimulator combat action-Cool pixel animations
Cops N Robbers Survival Game C18 APK
Cops N Robbers Survival Game is designed todeliver fun first person shooter action that kicks up the level anotch with timed maps, powerful power-ups and extreme rewards.Confront deadly enemies and tear through vast 3D worlds in aclassic block setting while you collect and wield a variety ofblocky melee and firearm weapons. The stage is set... are yougame?✦Stealthy & Lethal Foes✦13 years ago the world was put on lockdown. Unknown entities haveinvaded. They can take the shape of anything living by killing it.They are very fast and extremely smart. Special agents have been onthe scene, disguised as criminals to uncover information leading totheir capture. After several leads and skilled tracking, the agentshave discovered that these entities have taken the form of cops.Believed to hold power, but not enough to be believed to be targetsfor these beings, they've spent years commanding the bodies ofthese officers, running the city and ruling over the courts. Nowthat this has been discovered, the agents are ready to make theirmove, starting from the inside...✦Extreme FPS Challenges✦Ready to dive right into the action? When you download this classicrunning and shooting game you'll be invited to collect a dailyreward which is yours to keep until you die. These perks up yourgame with such skills and powers as endless sprint, special bullet,double damage and body armor. Sprint through the timed map andblast through a given number of enemies in time and earn evenbetter and more permanent perks! The mission select screen featuressix level, and all are customizable with sensitivity/difficulty andpause/play options. Battle it out under the Big Tent at the world'sfair circus; explore dangerous prison camps and dungeon holds rifewith unknown terrors; and Prowl the city streets in search forenemies.Features:-Wide range of weapons to choose from-Hordes of enemies with high damage and health-Power-ups-Timed death matches-Hide-and-seek levels with maps for surprise attacks
Most Wanted Craft Attack C18 APK
Ancient forces are on the rise. And all thatstands between them and the human race is you. A FPS game like youhave never experienced before!The past has become to destroy the present! The contamination hasfailed and The Ancient One is back. And it’s up to you to stop himfrom annihilating the human kind in this action-packed FPS game.Defeat the evil power to become the survivor of the human race inthis hit FPS game!The thing you most dreaded had finally happened. The Ancient One’scontamination as failed and he’s out seeking vengeance on the humanrace. The Ancient One has taken apart the high security prisons,setting free the evil forces that will shroud the Earth in darknessand destroy the human race. Unless you can stop it.Do you have what it takes to survive in this explosive world?Download this game right now to face a range of challenges andmissions like you have never seen before. And to aid you in yourmission against the numerous enemies, choose a weapon from a wholenew collection of modern weaponry.Features:•Timers- The game has a pre-set timer. To win the game you mustbeat the timer. And to do that you need to think quick and actquicker.•Power-Ups- One of the most interesting features in this game isthat you can get awesome power-ups by watching videos.•Radar- An amazing entity map with aerial view that gives you abigger hand by showing your approaching enemy.•Loading Screen Tips- Get the inside know how’s and do’s while yourgame loads. Watch out for useful tips that might end up saving yourlife.•Choice of Weapons-Get your pick of the litter with modern weaponsto choose from or decide to fight one-on-one with just yourhands.