1.0 / June 27, 2015
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Simply run with these blocky friends. funny road running adventureawaits you!in the tradition of the block pixel (voxel) games, thisis the latest most fun running road adventure you willencounter.you have multiple characters to unlock along with coolitems to help you set the best record in the whackiest simple lanerunning adventure. but beware of the chasing police car who is outto catch you running on road!game feature- free gems every time yourun 1000m! Unlock special characters for free with gems!- manypower ups to help you run further (shield, turbo, long jump, magnet, 2x coins)- weather effects (rain, snow, night , sun) that can beunlocked- multiple chracters to play and unlock- cute qubicrendered 3D graphics- 8-bit fun sound tracks- Record and share yourbest run with Everyplay !

App Information Blocky Highway Run

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Action Mountain Drift Masters 1.3 APK
Sunny Games
You and the drifting rivals have big wagers to win the race on topof the mountain hill top. Will you be able to slipstream past themand take the spoils of victory in this non stop drifting actionracing? Conquer the mountain side and come out the victor in thedeadly race to finish.game feature- multiple race tracks- many carsto drive and unlock- heart pumping 3D graphics and sound tracks-classic racing action game play
Ninja Slice Dash - Fork Chase 1.0 APK
Sunny Games
Assassin Ninja is not born but made. It takesyears of training to get to the master Ninja level. But first yourtraining starts with ability to run and avoid the dangers!You are encountered with endless series of obstacles during yourtraining session in the secret woods! Run, Jump and get away as farand fast as you can or you will be caught out by the deadly forkingvehicle!This game features- Easy swipe lane control- swipe to jump or down , just like Temple Run gameplay- fun funky sound track- butter smooth 3D graphics on all devices
Cooky Munster Run 2.0 APK
Sunny Games
Warning Kids! This game is bright and fun~Control the cute little cookie monster and eat all the cookiesyou want!!you cannot resist your hunger for yummy cookies.when you are hungry, you get angry and the bad plants in themushroom kingdom is getting in the way!spit the goo and take all the cookies in the kingdom!Run past deadly plants and collect all the cookies you can eatin the delicious Mushroom Kingdom.UPDATED* Lots of bugfixes* two brand new characters* Extra Lives!This games features* Hungry Cute Cooky Munsters* Endless running fun game play* Pro illustration* Plenty of Eye Candy------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Quad Bike Bandit vs Cop Racing 5 APK
Sunny Games
Racing against the deadly traffic and the police patrol cars as youmake a get away collecting all the cash for the ultimate reward inthis endless fun racing game.show off your quad bike fitted withNitro NOS boost as you burn the rival cops and race against all theslow oncoming traffic. A definitive stress relief game in theshortest amount time guaranteed!This game features * Awesome 3Drealistic graphics * Gun and Explosions* Thrilling music score*Intuitive and deadly accurate simple tilt controlDOWNLOAD FREE andFEEL THE SPEED!!------------------------------------------------------------------
City Crane Parking Sim 2015 2.1 APK
Sunny Games
Get set to test drive and build with the ultimate constructioncrane parking simulator of 2015!This is the big 2.0 update withwhole new levels and game play of your favourite Crane Parkinggame~* Whole new game for 2015 updated with brand new 10 Levels!*saves and choose the levels you've cleared* unlock levels byrewarded video* whole new vehicle physics* new rock BGM* Brand newmissions for endless fun~This game works beautifully on both yourphone or tablet!Crane is a type of machine, generally equipped witha hoist, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, that can be used bothto lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. It ismainly used for lifting heavy things and transporting them to otherplaces. It uses one or more simple machines to create mechanicaladvantage and thus move loads beyond the normal capability of ahuman. Cranes are commonly employed in the transport industry forthe loading and unloading of freight, in the construction industryfor the movement of materials and in the manufacturing industry forthe assembling of heavy equipment.The first construction craneswere invented by the Ancient Greeks and were powered by men orbeasts of burden, such as donkeys. These cranes were used for theconstruction of tall buildings. Larger cranes were later developed,employing the use of human tread wheels, permitting the lifting ofheavier weights. In the High Middle Ages, harbour cranes wereintroduced to load and unload ships and assist with theirconstruction – some were built into stone towers for extra strengthand stability. The earliest cranes were constructed from wood, butcast iron and steel took over with the coming of the IndustrialRevolution.Building a brand new city is not an easy task. Beforeany building goes up, there are foundations that need to be laiddown.. The task of moving these block are with the heavy industryvehicles..Take the control of the wheels of this huge constructioncrane vehicle and position it to help start with city construction!You will discover a beautiful play scene with tricky parking oneach level as you progress.This game is sure to be come the hitparking game of this year!This definitive best parking simulatorfeatures following.Game Features:• FULL download - tons of contentin game!• Beautiful super realistic crane and environment - feelthe handling and realism!• Multiple driving missions with alternateobjectives - prove your driving skills!• Beautiful rocking ubercool music score.• Real physics and handling - can you handle themighty powerful?!• Amazing 3D world, full of details to explore.•Multiple adjustable camera angles to give you that perfectview.What are you waiting for driver? You got a full constructionsite to help build! DOWNLOAD TODAY and try foryourself.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ice Frozen Bike Ridge Rally LE 3 APK
Sunny Games
Conquer the Ridge! Tackle the Obstacles. Timed Rally!!This is thefastest and most dangerous rally action bike game you will playthis year!High up in the mountain, you are a lone ranger tacklingon the dangerous obstacles in your way.Race your bike to themaximum redline across the frozen ridges of highland mountain andheat up the icy road!Experience the thrill and speed of the hottestand fastest motor cycle game to hit the store!Cruise through thetricky ice bends and engage turbo power to take on the straights!Your riding skills will be challenged as you enjoy the snow racingwilderness!Features:* Multiple game camera angles can be chosen(3rd person, first person, side cam)* Breathe taking 3D ice snowand realistic mountain Ridge environments!* Realistic bike physicsand handling!* Nitro charged Fast action rally action!* Timed rallymission* Serious action and fun!If you are a motocross rider,you'll need to make a few adjustments to highway racing. The driftis less, although snow is more slippery. Also instead of dirt, thesnow often freezes resulting in less drag than motocross racing.Finally there are no jumps so a harder suspension should level outthe ride to be fast and speedy! Enjoy the ice, it's cold andhard!Your motorcycle is a GP turbo powered beast of a machine. Openup the motorbike throttle with care! We love motor sports as muchas you do!DOWNLOAD AND RACE RIGHT NOW!
Alpha Strike Force - Code Red 1.0 APK
Sunny Games
Warning: Alpha Strike Force features realisticviolence and is only for aged 17+.Even though the game works for most devices, the game featuresheavy 3D graphics and only recommended for latest devices with highperformance graphic GPU.In this modern warfare, enemy terrorists have taken over one of thestrategic military operation and you have been sent to take themout in this endless fun shooting game.Alpha Strike Force offers beautifully rendered scene andaccurate shooting game mechanics, this is the definitive mobile fpsthat will have you come back to take out all the enemy targets!your duty calls to take out the terrorists and save theday!!
Rampage Racing - Bandit vs Cop 1 APK
Sunny Games
You are the Bandit doing a getaway with hoardof cash.The only thing that stands in your way is the deadly traffic andthe pesky police cars!This is the real smash action racing game with turbo chargednitro flames motor and getting airborne in extreme manner. Thereare truck, bus and police cars to evade and shoot out. Illegalracing in street, destroying car on the asphalt and making robberyof stock wheel.Luckily you are armed with new machine guns that will destroyanything that stands in your way. Go out and destroy, and wrecksome havoc.This awesome game features* 3D graphics action racing* weapons and explosions!* Endless fun racing gameplay------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------