2.2.4 / July 24, 2020
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Wild animal adventure begins now with Blocky PandaSimulator!Complete crazy quests, create a panda family and live inwildblocky world. Open the world of wild animal life of blockyChinajungle in our new survival simulator and join a panda bearfamily!Try to bear the panda survival! Blocky Panda Simulatorfeatures:BLOCKY WILD WORLD Explore vast wild jungle of china aloneor withyour bear family PANDA FAMILY Find mates to create a bearfamilyand breed panda cubs BEAR SURVIVAL Seek food and water,fightpredators to keep your bear alive and healthy MULTYPLAYER MODETakeyour friends and see who’s the best panda Make a bear family!Findother of panda bear the wild nature and start a family. Breedpandacubs and explore the wild nature in our simulator together.Thestronger your panda is, the bigger family it can make! Don’tletyour panda bear family go extinct in our bear simulator! Fightwildanimals, seek food and other panda bears - overcome the dangersofwild nature! Some animals you meet are friendly, some aren’t -beator escape them to protect your panda family. Seek food andwater -hungry panda is an endangered panda. Survival routine ismuchfunnier in blocky wild animal world! Plunge into pandalife!Explore big wild world and complete funny missions as youplaysolo, or call your friends take part in panda adventuretogether.Enjoy the freedom of action of our survival simulator andbe a freeand wild bear of China! Get ready for survival in wildnature ofchina with your panda bear family! Survival of wildanimals is likenever before in Blocky Panda Simulator!

App Information Blocky Panda Simulator - be a bamboo bear!

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7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria 1.01 APK
Spend 7 nights full of fear and survivalhorrorwith robots at Blocky Pizza restaurant! Don't allow evilrobots tocatch you at nights. The blocky robots are: Wolf, Bear,Fox andBird. Robots are walking at nights and your survival atpizzarestaurant is hard. Don't let fear and horror kill you atnights!This blocky pizza restaurant has no electricity at nights. And4scary robots. At nights they walk. And you continue yoursurvivalagainst robots at pizza restaurant during 7 horror nights.Theseblocky robots are smart. And your fear is growing atnights!Features of 7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria:- 4 robots- Horror survival atmosphere- Nail-biting survival fear- Lot of fear- Growing horror difficulty- Blocky pizza restaurant graphics- Creepy soundsThis survival horror is so scary, that we stopped eating pizzaatnights and visiting pizza restaurants... Also, we haterobots.Robots at Blocky Pizza restaurant are so nice, but atnights...Check it! Don't fear! A pair of horror survivalminutes...Spend nights at... blocky pizza restaurant with robots, deepintofear and survival! Eat pizza, look for blocky robots, scream,die.It is no blood in this survival horror! Try survival game 7Nightsat Blocky Pizzeria. Or run away in fear.Blocky robots can strike survival fear into anyone! The horrorisgrowing, your survival is hard. Robots at the pizza restaurantareunique. The game is full of pizza, horror and fear. Blockyhorrorgraphics make you fear bigger. Visit pizza restaurant, feelthefear of blocky horror survival.If you tried this survival horror 7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeriaanddidn't fear... Well, write us. Give survival tips againstrobots forothers. Or you are a pizza maker, of a pizza restaurantworker andsomething horror happens at nights. Don't fear, we can'tstop thefear, but we need horror ideas for the new survival horroraboutrobots and pizza...Prepare for the blocky fear! Try 7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria.
Blocky Wolf Simulator 1.02 APK
Be a wolf in Blocky Wolf Simulator! Live the life of the animal inblocky world. Craft, fight and complete quests. Find an animal mateand breed a new blocky wolf. Develop a survival strategy againstwild and farm animals. Level­up a wolf in simulator to improvecraft and survival skills. Or find other blocky wolves and start afamily. Farm next levels to open new survival skills in the animalsimulator. Features of Blocky Blocky Wolf Simulator: - Survival andquests mode - Animal behaviour simulator - Blocky wolf family - Bigblocky world - Craft instructions - Many survival locations - Manyanimal species Craft like an animal. Survival games are so great!Blocky Wolf Simulator has special animal sounds. Run and listen,deep into craft and survival. This survival simulator has a map anda guide inside. Simulator controls allow you to run, fight and ofcourse craft. Read how to ride your animal and many other things.You will meet a lot of animal species in the survival simulator.Have your own blocky animal, that you can feed, ride and craftwith! Choose simulator's mode that you like more - animal survivalor quests. The both are enjoyable. Start your survival and craftright now, with our wolf simulator. We like wolves and do our bestto make great animal games. Create your craft strategy in thesimulator. Blocky wolf in the simulator is better than real animal!Be a good blocky wolf, or evil wolf - it is up to you. Have youever dreamed to be a wolf? In our survival simulator we offer youto craft for the blocky animal. Become a wolf and run across blockylocations! Maintain your wolf health, survival in the blocky worldis not easy for animal. Sneak into a farm. Fight for survival withevery animal you meet and craft. Your blocky wolf can even die inthe simulator. Craft things to upgrade your animal. Finish allquests - in the blocky survival simulator they can be challenging,but funny. Try our Blocky Wolf Simulator, be a wolf and explore abig beautiful world!
Craft Island Survival 3D 1.08 APK
Everything you know - you are lost. Face the hardcore survival!Stay here as long as you can. Hunt for animals, craft tools,explore, and try to escape from the lost island. Keep your healthand energy. Find treasures, Craft Island is full of secrets.Features of Craft Island Survival 3D: - You can craft new things -Many lost places to explore - Survival atmosphere - Dangerousanimals - Hidden treasures - Unusual graphics Craft Island Survivalis for real men. Use all your skills for hunt, craft and not to getlost. Maintain your energy to escape from the Island. Watch yourhealth - animals can hurt you. It is an alpha version of CraftIsland Survival 3D. Please, write your ideas below. Any comment isvery important for us. Also, we are working on a multiplayer mode.Tell us what new animals or features you want to see there. Isthere any escape from Craft Island? Or you are lost forever? Earnmoney and craft new tools to check it. Use everything to escape.There are a lot of craft recipes. You need them all for yoursurvival. Being lost it is not your biggest problem. Who are you?How to escape? What to craft? Are these animals bad? Ok, insideCraft Island Survival 3D you have tips how to craft, but you arestill lost. Help yourself to escape from the island or fight!Damned animals are hungry and dangerous. Explore locations - theocean, hills, trees. Walk, jump, kick, swim. Discover all lostsecrets. Be careful. The the ocean is dangerous, it is really hardto escape and craft. Be ready to meet unfriendly animals, they areagainst your survival. Craft to stay alive, escape yourself fromthe island, kill the animals, or the animals kill you. Start yourescape right now! Try our Craft Island Survival 3D, it is so cool!And don't forget to share your ideas with game developers.
Blocky Pig Simulator 3D 1.09 APK
Be a pig in Blocky Pig survival Simulator 3D! Start your survivalright now, with our pig simulator. We like pigs and do our best tomake great animal games. Have your own blocky animal, that you canfeed, and craft with! Choose simulator's mode that you like more -animal survival or quests. The both are funny. Create your craftstrategy. Blocky pig in the simulator is better than real animal!Be a good blocky pig, or crazy pig - it is up to you. Features ofBlocky Pig Simulator 3D: - Survival and quests mode - Many animalspecies - Animal behaviour simulator - Blocky pig family - Bigblocky world - Many survival locations Have you ever dreamed to bea pig? In our survival simulator we offer you to craft for theblocky animal. Become a pig and run across blocky locations!Maintain your pig energy, survival in the blocky world is not easyfor animal. Sneak into a farm. Fight for survival with every animalyou meet and craft. Your blocky pig can even die in the simulator.Craft to levelup your animal. Finish all quests - in the blockysurvival simulator they can be challenging, but funny. Blocky Pigsurvival Simulator 3D has special animal sounds. Run and listen,deep into craft and survival. This survival simulator has a map anda guide inside. Simulator controls allow you to run, fight andcraft. Read how to ride your animal and many other things. You willmeet a lot of animal species in the survival simulator. Live thelife of the animal in blocky world simulator. Craft, fight andcomplete quests. Find an animal mate and breed a new blocky pig.Develop a survival strategy against wild and farm animals. Level­upa pig in simulator to improve craft and survival skills. Or findother blocky pigs and start a family. Farm next levels to open newsurvival skills in the animal simulator. Craft like a pig. Animalsurvival games are so great! Try our Blocky Pig Simulator 3D, be apig and explore a big beautiful world!
Blocky Island Survival 1.01 APK
Start Blocky Island survival!Face the survival reality. Hunt for animals, craft tools, and tryto escape from the island. Maintain your health. Find or craftBlocky Island treasures.It is an alpha version of Blocky Island Survival. We are workingon a multiplayer mode. Write us what features and animals you wantto see there.Is there any escape from Blocky Island? Earn money and craft newtools. Use everything for survival. There are a lot of craftrecipes. You need them all for your island survival.Who are you? What to craft for survival? Are these animals bad?Ok, inside Blocky Island Survival you have tips how to craft, butyou are still lost. Help yourself to escape from the island orfight! Damned blocky animals are hungry and dangerous.Features of Blocky Island Survival:- Survival atmosphere- Craft recipes- Dangerous animals- You can craft new things- Many animals- Unusual graphics - blocky trees, blocky animals, blocky island.And you are a blocky man too!Blocky Island Survival is for real men. Use all your skills tohunt, craft and not to get lost. Maintain your energy on BlockyIsland. Watch your health - animals can hurt you. Try survivaladventures against animals.Explore blocky island - the ocean, hills, trees, animals. Walk,jump, swim, craft. Discover all lost secrets. Be careful. It ishard craft on the island. Craft and fight with animals, they areagainst your survival.Craft to stay alive, escape yourself from the island, kill theanimals, or the animals kill you.Start your survival! Try our Blocky Island Survival, it is socool!And don't forget to send your ideas about craft and animals toblocky... oh!.. game developers.
War Battles of Blocky Army 1.02 APK
Blocky war is the city!Complete military missions and defend the city with army fromterrorists. Shoot all of them and survive. Deep into blocky waratmosphere in city occupied by terrorists. Win military missionsand earn money to buy new weapon and bullets. Battles in the warare hard, but army needs you.Features of Blocky Army: War Battles- War atmosphere- Challenging army missions- Occupied city- Terrorists groups- Different blocky weapon- Hard battles- Blocky city graphicsCity needs military men.Army is fighting with terrorists. Have you ever been in the warbattle? Imagine that you can be a real city hero! Enjoy blockygraphics and destroy all terrorists, they are blocky enemies ofarmy. Fight all day and survive in the city. Do what army manusually do in war. Do military tasks, terrorists must bedestroyed!Terrorists against blocky army.Who can win the war battle? It is up to you! Don't look forterrorists in the city, they are right here. Destroy terrorists tosave civilians, blocky army is their last hope! So, takepart in war battles, challenge your friends and check who is thebest blocky army man in the city.Enjoy the blocky graphics and convenient controls.Also, we made special sounds to deep you into the military cityatmosphere. Spend your day with blocky army in battle withterrorists.Blocky Army: War Battles is a great war simulator withblocky graphics and easy controls. Be military man is hard. Win ordie. Terrorists are going to beat your army, do it, stopthem!
Blocky City Pig Simulator 3D 1.10 APK
Start your survival right now, with our blocky pig simulator! Don'tbe a human in the animal world. Start blocky city survival, be apig in the simulator, it is much funnier! Finish all pig quests -in the survival simulator they can be challenging, but funny.Upgrade your blocky pig and make mess in the city. Wreck and smashdown fences with your animal. Complete all city missions, do crazyanimal things. Features of Blocky City Pig Simulator 3D: - Bigblocky city to explore - Crazy mushrooms - Animal survival mode -Unusual blocky graphpics - Many city objects to break - People anddogs to attack - Pig quests mode - Bazooka! Become a blocky pig nowand run across city streets. Choose simulator's mode that you likemore - animal survival or quests. In both of them search everycorner in survival simulator, you never know what you may find. Eatstrange city mushrooms and see what happen with your animal in thesurvival simulator. Than - try to hit everything in the blocky citysimulator. It is easy - simulator controls allow you to run, attackand fire! Spend many hours in city survival simulator with yourpig. Don't dream to be an animal, be a city pig in animal survivalsimulator! Run wherever you want in city survival mode, or chooseanimal quests mode and have a fun. Fire a bazooka! Run, eat, crash- be a pig in the simulator is better than real animal. Meet peopleand city dogs and attack them. Try a crazy pig survival in a bigcity with Blocky City Pig Simulator 3D! We enjoy crazy pigs and doour best to make great city animal survival. Everyone likes thatanimal! Feel like a real bad pig in the city. Maintain your pigenergy, survival in the city is not easy for an animal. Explorecity locations with your animal, break everything, even hitinnocent people right on the city streets. Try Blocky City PigSimulator 3D right now, be a pig!
Blocky City Goat 1.03 APK
Start blocky city survival, be a goat in thesimulator!Become a blocky goat today and run across city streets. You canwreck and smash down everything with your blocky animal! Visit allstreets, parks, even graveyard! There are a lot of objects tobreak. Goat’s life is easy - upgrade and make mess in the city. Eatstrange park mushrooms and see what may happen with your animal inthe survival simulator. Enjoy missions and spend many hourshere.Features of Blocky City Goat:- Crazy missions- Blocky graphics- Breakable infrastructure- Big blocky city to explore- Crazy mushrooms- Animal survival mode- Bazooka!Start a crazy goat survival in a big city with Blocky City Goat!Best thing to do - find and fire a bazooka. Run, eat, crash - be anasty goat in the simulator is better than be a boring human.Explore blocky city locations with your animal, break everything,even hit innocent people right on the city streets. Meet enemiesand attack whoever you want with your goat.Don't be a good man in the animal world. Instead, be a city goat inanimal survival simulator! Feel how to be ba-a-a-d, do crazythings. Create your own strategy, survival in the city is not easyfor an animal. Finish all goat quests - they are absolutely crazy,but funny. Feel like a real bad goat in the city.We enjoy crazy goats and do our best to make great city animalsurvival. Complete all city missions, do crazy animal things. Runwherever you want in city survival mode, or choose animal questsmode and have a fun. In both of them search every corner insurvival simulator, you never know what you may find.Start playing Blocky City Goat, forget about boring routine!