1.2 / September 22, 2017
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Blocky Strike Pixel Shooting is one of the best latest firstpersonshooters, packed full of features! Download for free rightnow andexperience combat like no other on the android market! Onceapeaceful place for villagers to live in, now is overrunwithviolent terrorists wanting to wreck havoc and their homes.Armedwith tons of dangerous weapons and truck loads ofexplosivebarrels. Taking control of all of the villages, theterrorists planto take more, but then you and our squad come in tostop them. Youand your fellow special op army soldiers have beengiven orders tohelp the villagers to stop the evil bad guys fromtaking over thewhole blocky world! Make your way through each newenvironment andlevel by taking out each of the tough terrorists andblowing uptheir barrels of fuel. Be careful you get cornered or runintogroups of the bad guys, these terrorists are tough and havegoodaim so watch out for your health and ammo. Take on theterroristsin close quarters combat in intense firefights in one ofthe bestfirst person shooters, equip tactical weapons like Glock18, doublebarrel shotgun, MAC-10, and even more! Use your mini-mapto lookout for health and ammo for your gun, as well as extralives, youmight need them against tough enemies. Explore each hugeblockypixel environment to get the best tactical shot on the badguy,enter each house, sniper tower, tunnels, ruins, climb up anactivevolcano, discover loads more in each detailed world! As soonas thegameplay starts, you're straight into the action of thisawesomefirst person shooter. Complete each level with skill andknowledgeby striking your enemy down which ever you can, beat yourenemy andhelp free the villages for the people. Fight even morestronger,intelligent enemy soldiers the further you progress in thegame andtest your skills as a special ops solider. Use your battletactics,skills, and stealth to get the upper hand in battle and wineachlevel! Try long range sniper shots or close quarters combatwithknives to take down the bad guys in one of the best blockypixelshooter games on the market! Game Features - Easy to useU.I.withtouch pad controls - Ammo and weapon collections - Iconicblockypixel art style - Jump, crouch, and run, full player movement-Immersive FPS gameplay - Mini-map to help find weapons, health,andenemies - Close quarter combat - Intelligent enemy A.I. -Explorehuge, fun environments

App Information Blocky Strike Pixel Shooting

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    Blocky Strike Pixel Shooting
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    September 22, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Game Pickle
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    2 Railway Terrace, South Hylton. Sunderland SR4 0PD
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Like to ride fast motorbikes? get ready to hop on to some seriouspolice motorbikes as you blaze through city streets and jump offhuge stunt ramps! Get all the thrills and action right here,explore all the huge open-world all for free! Be the latest recruitin training to test out the brand new line of police motorbikes.Fast, agile, and equipped with super powerful nitro boosts, a testdrive for as long as you want. With an interactive environment,smash and crash into tons of world objects. Experience fun like:►Massive open world, explore offroad, in the city, airport, ormountains! ►Ragdoll physics, crash your bike and see the rider flyoff ►Realistic motorbike driving simulation controls ►Easy to playgame control, choose from touch or tilt controls ►Hit top speedswith powerful nitro boosts ►Choose from a fine selection ofofficial police officer motorbikes ►Dynamic police lights andsounds Watch out you don't into obstacles to fast, you'll end upfalling off your bike, using real-time ragdoll physics. No in-apppurchases, totally free! Come and join in on the fun and play areal police bike simulator, experience true fun gameplay in PoliceMotorbike Road Rider! Gamepickle Studios have been developingfamily-friendly games to be enjoyed by all, regardless of theirage. We aim to promote responsible social values and healthy habitsin a safe and controlled environment. For more information, pleasevisit our privacy policy:https://www.i6.com/mobile-privacy-policy/?app=Police%20Motorbike%20Road%20Rider
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Like to go fast and fly through the air with total freedom? Thelatest in flying car game simulators has arrived and now you cantransform your sports car into a futuristic flying car. The funwill never end in our brand new flying car simulation! Watch as thewings transform from the car and turn your automotive into aaircraft; you can see all of this in real time with the amazingtransforming animation in this flying car game simulator. Fly,drive, and explore this vast open world environment filled withfun. Take to the skies to do aerial acrobatics through narrow gapsbetween skyscrapers, jump off stunt jumps and ramps, perform flips,barrels rolls; you have total freedom to do anything you want inour flying car game simulation. Easy to play, take off like a realairplane and fly with ease. If you don't want to fly, no problem!switch back to car mode and land back on the road to enjoy the viewfrom below, drive fast, drift hard and have all the fun behind thesteering wheel of cool sports car. Total freedom, unlimited fun,enjoy flying and driving in a high tech flying car. Download forfree our latest car game, Flying Car Driving Simulator! GamepickleStudios have been developing family-friendly games to be enjoyed byall, regardless of their age. We aim to promote responsible socialvalues and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment.Please visit our privacy policy:https://www.i6.com/mobile-privacy-policy/?app=Flying%20Car%20Driving%20Simulator