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Now it's time for Raptor to mutate! The twin evil scientists,Stevenand Alex are experimenting with the velociraptor genes nowto fightagainst other titans. They created a monster! WithDominatorSpinosaur's size and ferocity of Dominator Raptor, itcreated amassive yet cunning weapon of destruction to destroy theblocky cityand the other titans. Immune to tank bullet shots,blocky humanpunches, anti-jurassic missile, this dangerouscreature is basicallya monster from hell, the most dangeroustitans ever created. Fightthe transforming robot that guarded thecity, feral dinosaurs,blocky human and meet the final boss, TitanElephant to complete thegame How To Play: - Use joystick to movearound as the Titan Raptor- Press attack button to bite and claweverything from villagers tobuildings - Press strike skill to usecharge attack Features: -Classic blocky graphics - Destroyeverything you can see - Intensegameplay - Exciting blockyexperience - Great 8-bit sound effectsand music

App Information Blocky Titan Raptor: City Assault

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    Blocky Titan Raptor: City Assault
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    April 28, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Dexus Dinosaur
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    Petemon 3 no 23 Surabaya Indonesia
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T-Rex Fights Dinosaurs - Dominator Edition 0.4 APK
Dexus Dinosaur
The era of Jurassic is a harsh era which the most fearsomedinosaurs roam the earth. The ultimate dinosaur king, theTyrannosaurus Rex, aka T-Rex is the king of all dinosaurs. Heinvade and do some dinosaur hunting every era of the earth fromTriassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous era. From desert, savanna andjungle he invade them all, challenging every apex predator he canchallenge. The native dinosaur apex predator such as Spinosaur,Carnotaurus, Allosaurus and apex herbivore such as the Triceratops,Ankylosaurus and Stegosaurus all want to defend their homeland fromT-Rex invasion. They fight hard to become the dinosaur lord andsurvive in their respective area. The arena has been found. Thedinosaurs found some arena to prove themselves that they are thestrongest dinosaur fighter. Many dinosaurs from many eras andlocations entered the arena, but only one can come as the top dino.How To Play: - Use joystick to move around as the T-Rex or otherdinosaurs - Press four attack buttons to attack enemy dinosaur -Build up combo and unlock special attack - Press special attackbutton to unleash powerful hit and stun enemy dino Features: -Impressive awesome prehistoric graphics - Pick 3 campaigns, fromdesert, savanna and jungle - Amazing gameplay of triassic, jurassicand cretaceous dinosaur park game - Great sound effects and awesomeaction music - Pick up to 14 different dinosaurs from T-Rex,Ceratosaurus, Deinosuchus, to Brachiosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus!Dominator Edition! Pick up to 7 Dominators Dinosaurs, the DominatorT-Rex, Dominator Carnotaurus to Dominator Spinosaurs. TheDominators are mutant version of dinosaurs who are much stronger,faster and more aggressive than normal counterpart. They areinvading the prehistoric jurassic era. Who can stop the apocalypse?Developed by Eric Dibtra
T-Rex Fights Carnotaurus 0.6 APK
T-Rex is rampaging the whole world of Jurassic Dinosaur era! TheT-Rex visited the dangerous primal desert in Jurassic era. He wantto ravage everything on that place. But he met another apexpredator of the desert, the Carnotaurus. Carnotaurus is a horneddinosaur that lives in harsh desert of Jurassic era. They are theapex species of their ecosystem. They constantly doing a dinosaurhunting to eat some herbivorous dinosaurs and content their hunger.The two apex predator are the best of their kind. Will the old dinoking, Tyrannosaurus Rex be able to defeat the desert hunter king ofJurassic era, Carnotaurus in a dinosaur match battle? Let's see inthis awesome games of T-Rex vs Carnotaurus fight! How To Play: -Use joystick to move around as the T-Rex or Carno - Press fourattack buttons to attack enemy dinosaur - Build up combo and unlockspecial attack - Press special attack button to unleash powerfulhit and stun enemy dino Features: - Awesome realistic 2D graphics -Play as two different wild dinosaurs from different era - Feel thethrilling and fun jurassic experience - Realistic sound effects andimpressive action music Developed by Eric Dibtra
Blocky Dino Park: Apex Predator Arena 0.9 APK
The apex dinosaur predators that has been long extinct fromjurassic, triassic and cretaceous era. This long dead primalanimals then resurrected by some scientist from blocky world withcode name of ALEX and STEVE. This duo scientist use dirty work fromcriminals, mafia, thugs, to obtain the ingredients to resurrect thedinosaurs, the DNA blocks from diamond-like prehistoric mosquitoamber mined from diamond cave tunnel deep down and crafted into DNAblocks. So far their work managed to resurrect 3 apex predators,the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Velociraptor and the Spinosaurus. Thesethree apex dinosaur hunter were contained in several cages forentertainment purpose. They also managed to create a mutantdinosaur from those three apex predators: Dominator Rex, DominatorRaptor and Dominator Spino. These stronger mutanted version ofdinosaur has managed to attract more visitor to the blocky park.But then, a disaster strikes. It was an apocalyptic moments thatthe apex dinosaurs are rampaging the park and start attackingvillagers and visitors. Polices, armies, SWAT, FBI, robots andguards has been sent to contain the dinosaur in a dinosaur huntingmission. The human managed to shoot and capture all the dinosaurs.After being hunted and captured, these dino are put into anotherform of entertainment: the Dinosaur Arena where every dinosaurs areforced to fight each other for human entertainment. Can you survivethe blocky dinosaur gladiator arena? How To Play: - Use joystick tomove around as apex predator - Press bite / claw button to attackother dinosaur and objects. - Press the skill to deal massivedamage Features: - Three dinosaur campaigns with differentdifficulties - Play as 11 different dinosaurs, from T-Rex toDominator Spino - Great blocky 3D graphics - Thrilling gameplay -Experience the jurassic theme in blocky world - Crispy soundeffects and music Developed by Eric Dibtra
Hungry Spino: Coastal Dinosaur Hunt 0.2 APK
The Spinosaurus, the largest predator dinosaur that ever existed.This majestic creature live in watery world and hunt waterydinosaurs. In this tropical islands around the south east world,the Spinosaurus need to hunt in order to survive the jurassic era.There are many options of prey available in this coastal islands,such as Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus and the mightyTriceratops. Aside from preys, the islands also provides challengefor the hungry Spinosaurus, the predators! Running and hunting inthe prehistoric wild, the coastal islands are home to some islandpredators such as green T-Rex, Carnotaurus and Velociraptor. Thetime is nigh, the Spinosaurus is growing hungry. Help Spinosaurusto hunt dinosaurs and fill his ever-hungry giant belly. How ToPlay: - Use joystick to move around as the Spinosaurus - Pressattack button to strike and hunt the predators and preys alike -Press special attack button to dash forward and strike your enemyFeatures: - Beautiful 3D graphics - Up to 3 coastal islands to hunton - Awesome gameplay - Nice music and sound effects - Unlock 4Spinosaurus dinosaur skins - Hunt many different dinosaurs, preyand predator alike Developed by Eric Dibtra
Hungry T-Rex: Island Dinosaur Hunt 0.5 APK
The king of all dinosaurs is hungry! He went on a rampage tohuntevery single dinosaur in the Jurassic to Cretaceous era! Inthisdinosaur hunting simulator, you got to play as a hunting T-Rexwhois ready to face against any kind of prey and apex predatorsalike.Be prepared to meet and fight the fierce Carnotaurus, themightySpinosaurus and the gigantic Bronotosaurus / Apatosaurus inthissavage hunting simulation. The king of dino is on a feedingandhunting frenzy. Feel the thrill of the real hunt! Eateveryprehistoric prey you can find, from Parasaurolophus andStegosaurusto Ankylosaurus and Triceratops. Beware of the dangerouspack ofVelociraptor that roams in the prehistoric Jurassic land ofthisdinosaur simulator game, as they can slash, slice and killthemighty Tyrannosaurus Rex when hunting in a pack. How To Play: -Usejoystick to move around as the T-Rex - Press attack button tobiteand hunt the predators and preys alike - Press specialattackbutton to dash forward and strike your enemy Features: -Beautiful3D graphics - Pick 3 islands to hunt on - Addictinggameplay -Great music and sound effects - Unlock 4 T-Rex dinosaurskins -Hunt 15 different dinosaurs Developed by Eric Dibtra
T-Rex Fights Allosaurus 0.6 APK
The Dinosaur King, T-Rex is attacking the new world of Jurassic andCretaceous Park Dinosaur era! The T-Rex visited the ancient aridarea of Cretaceous era. T-Rex want to destroy everything in thatarea. Fate says otherwise, where he met the top predator of thearid area of Cretaceous era, the Allosaurus. Allosaurus is a strongand powerful dinosaur predator that is designed to kill their prey.They do dinosaur hunting as a sport game. Their presence made otherbeasts and dinosaurs tremble in fear. This carinvorous dinosaurpredator can also utilize their arm to slash and dice theherbivorous dinosaurs. These two top predators are really strongcompared to other dinosaurs. Will the dinosaur king, TyrannosaurusRex be able to triumph against the king of arid Cretaceous era,Carnotaurus in a dinosaur deathmatch? Play to see the result inthis awesome dinosaur game, T-Rex vs Allosaurus! How To Play: - Usejoystick to move around as the T-Rex or Allo - Press four attackbuttons to attack enemy dinosaur - Build up combo and unlockspecial attack - Press special attack button to unleash powerfulhit and stun enemy dino Features: - Prehistoricly realistic 2Dgraphics - Choose your side as T-Rex or Carno gang - Experience thethrill of cretaceous and jurassic dinosaur game - Crispy soundeffects and intense action music Developed by Eric Dibtra
Hungry Raptor: Desert Dinosaur Hunt 0.3 APK
The dangerous raptor squad went on the hunt for tasty dinosaurmeat! The alpha raptor, is hungry and try to hunt every singledinosaurs from the easy meal Parasaurolophus to the dangerousdesert king, Triceratops. The alpha alone is not enough, he thengathers his squad, a pack of Velociraptor to hunt with him and takeon larger prey! The hunting pack grows larger as more raptor joinin. They managed to hunt even larger dinosaur prey and it's timefor them to face the prehistoric predators of the desert: theCarnotaurus, the Spinosaurus and the mighty T-Rex. With the packcombined, they will be able to make the hunter to become thehunted. Not so fast! There another rival gang, the red raptor packand the evil alpha raptor. They also hunt the same prey and willchallenge your squad for a battle of survival. Can you and yourpack survive the jurassic era hunt? How To Play: - Use joystick tomove around as the Alpha Raptor - Press attack button to strike andhunt the predators and preys alike - Press special attack button todash forward and strike your enemy - Command your pack, the packwill follow everywhere you go and attack enemy dinosaur Features: -Awesome 3D graphics - Up to 3 desert to hunt on - Smooth gameplay -Great music and sound effects - Unlock 4 Raptor dinosaur skins -Hunt many different dinosaurs, prey and predator alike Developed byEric Dibtra
T-Rex Fights Spinosaurus 0.5 APK
The T-Rex is once again rampaging thru the park of Jurassic andCretaceous Park Dinosaur era! The Tyrannosaurus now arrived in ariver of Cretaceous era. Here he met his long time rival, themighty Spinosaurus, a dinosaur king, largest of all landcarnivores. Spinosaurus is a very powerful dinosaur carnivore.Their large size matters. They primarily feed on fishes, but theyare not afraid to compete with another dinosaurs such as T-Rex,Giganotosaurus or large crocodilian, Suchomimus and Deinosuchus!The two king of dinosaurus is going to fight each other in adinosaur deathmatch! Who would win in this epic dinosaur huntingmatch? The king of land, Tyrannosaurus rex or the king of shallowwater, Spinosaurus. Lets just play this awesome dino battle game,T-Rex vs Spinosaurus! How To Play: - Use joystick to move around asthe T-Rex or Spino - Press four attack buttons to attack enemydinosaur - Build up combo and unlock special attack - Press specialattack button to unleash powerful hit and stun enemy dino Features:- Accurate and awesome graphics - Pick your side as T-Rex or Spinogang - Fun gameplay of cretaceous and jurassic dinosaur park game -Great sound effects and awesome action music Developed by EricDibtra