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Have you ever dreamed of becoming an ER blood injection doctor?Makeyour dream come true with this kids learning activity in whichyouare the pretend doctor in the hospital simulator in which youcanexperience of being a blood test doctor injection. Use alltheskills to perform the ER blood test in the emergency hospital.Thisis not an ordinary injection simulator hospital game but anamazingexperience for the kids. The best fun learning activity innow onPlay Store. There is a lot of fun in this game for kids whereyouare the surgery blood test doctor in the ER injectionsimulator.Bethe professional draw blood doctor and play withdifferentinjection instruments. Use all the skills to perform thesuperexciting ER emergency hospital doctor treatment. Time tocollectthe blood sample in the test tubes to for the blood testanddiabetes. Start the understanding the patient’s health anddrawblood now. Get to the ER emergency doctor hospital for thebloodtest injection simulator. There are different types ofinjectionsthat you as a pretend doctor will use to draw blood ofthe patientsimulator. Enjoy this fun game for kids and let themlearndifferent techniques about the blood test doctor treatment.TheERinjection simulator emergency hospital game is the kidsfunlearning game and be the professional emergency doctor inthishospital game. There are different scenes in the game inwhichthere are different techniques the doctor uses to test thepatient.You will going to learn everything in detail about the ERemergencyinjection simulator. Let’s play this game to start thesugar testand other tests. Start to draw blood now to see about thepatient’shealth. There is a lot of fun in this game. Experience thebestblood test simulator on the Play Store. Cure your patient withthebest doctor treatment in the blood test injectionsimulatorhospital game. You need to draw blood now fordifferentinflectional diseases. Take the blood sample so that thepatientcan recover from the disease quickly. Practice your ERinjectionskills on the sick patient in this ER emergency hospitalsimulator.Let’s enjoy the detailed game play now to draw bloodtest. This isnot the fun game but also the educational game forkids in whichthe kids learn about the injection doctortreatment.HOW TO PLAYBLOOD INJECTION DOCTOR EMERGENCY SIMULATOR:-Start the injectionsimulator game- Choose the patient character forthe doctortreatment- Time to choose the scene to play- Start thecheckup nowlike body temperature, heartbeat and the blood pressure-Let’s takethe blood test through injection syringe in the testtube- Time forthe drip injection, insert cannula on patient hand tolet themedicine get into his body quickly- Clean away the bloodwith acotton swab- Put the bandage on the injected area for thepainreliefFEATURES:- Kids fun learning doctor games- ERemergencydoctor hospital simulation- 6 scenes of ER injectionsimulation-Use different injection instruments and tools to savethe lives inthe emergency hospital- Detailed game play- In depth ERbloodinjection procedures- Send the blood sample to the laboratory-Stepby step procedure- Unlock next scene after completing theprevious

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    Blood Injection Doctor Emergency Simulator
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    July 16, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Krazy Town Games
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Do you want to learn something new and want some creativity inyourlife? Let’s see how much you want to learn that the sciencehasinvented. Learn to be creative and let your kid makemoreinnovative ideas. Do you want some six gallon slime to playwith?Kids definitely love to learn new things and they want tolearn howto make. Make and play with the fluffy slime. Enjoy thebest kidslearning fun game. This game is very easy to play as youhavedifferent ingredients for the slime maker. Do you want to makethelarge amount of the squishy toy? Yes? Then this is themostappropriate game for you as if enables you to make itwithdifferent colors options.Let’s start the journey of thefunlearning using simple techniques to use. Make the colorfuljellytoy now with the help of the tutorial. You can make therainbowglitter toy. Make and play with the squishy DIY games andenjoy. Bean expert for the six gallon slime. This is the best kidslearningfun activity. Make your kids expert in how to make your ownslime.The best jelly toy has now on the Play Store. There aredifferentgame on the play store about the slime making. Make thefluffy DIYjelly now and enjoy the best slime make here. You can bean expertof the rainbow jelly toy to make and play. Enjoy withdifferentcolors. You don’t need to let your kids to make a messduring theslime maker. You can make it perfectly on the mobiledevices. Ifyou don’t know how to make it. No need to worry aboutit. Justfollow the tutorial in the DIY games and start the kidslearningfun activity now with the process.This game is very easy toplay.You are provided with the appropriate ingredients for theperfectslime maker process. Mix them well with the mixture. Adddifferentcolors to it to make it a rainbow six gallon slime. Don’tlet yourhand dirty because you can play it on your phone easily.Make agiant DIY jelly toy. Enjoy the glitter slime and play withit.Spend time by making something innovative and creative. Enjoytheuseful game with your kids as this one is the best for thefunlearning game for kids. Make the huge jelly toy within fewminuteswith the help of the mixture of the few ingredients. Justfollowthe instructions first and then easily make the squishy DIYgameswith six gallon quantity. Start the jelly making process now.Thisis the best fun game for kids as all you need to make andplay.Start the game and feel free to make the six gallon slime. Youcanadd multiple colors in the squishy DIY jelly toy. Make thesquishytoy also by adding the pinch of glitter for some shiny sixgallonslime.Enjoy the fun activity. Experience the best DIY gamesforkids in which they can learn how to make slime maker and playwithit. The fluffy jelly game is all about make and play. Enjoythisfun game.HOW TO MAKE AND PLAY WITH JELLY TOY:Time to play thesixgallon gameSelect the option from the 2 options: make andplayMakethe dough of the huge fluffy jelly in the making modeAddtheingredients to make the doughPut the dough into the slimemakerAdddifferent rainbow colorsFEATURES:Squishy slime makersimulationBestsimple kids fun learning activityDifferent colors toadd in themixture
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Now a days everyone loves auto. If you really love cars thenyouwill just love to wash them also! Be a cleaning master ofthismotor wash game. Give your auto a good car wash and thebestmakeover! Do you want to do some truck wash or car repair?Kidslove the garage and cleaning games. This clean up game is bestforboth boys and girls who want to do some work at servicestation.Enjoy the best kids car wash game with auto service.Performdifferent auto workshop tasks to become the real master ofwashgame for kids. Enhance your car mechanic skills. Washdifferentvehicles and repair them at the super garage mechanic.Perform yourmechanic tasks efficiently and accurately.Work as thecleaningmaster in the truck wash game where you have to performmultipletasks like car repair, washing, car design. Be an expertcardesigner in the best car service station. You have been assignedadutiful task for clean up process. Kids enjoy these typesofcleaning games. Muddy cars and other dirty vehicles are comingtoyour workshop where you have to first repair them and thentakethem for washing in your service station. You have been achance inthis cleaning game for some driving simulation where youare goingto drive auto. Clean up the vehicle completely with repairin theworkshop and then start driving the auto in this kids washgame.Perform different tasks for makeover and become the masterofvehicle wash. Test your driving skills as well in this motorwashsimulator. Use different techniques for car repair in yourworkshopso that you can then drive vehicle easily. This is yourautoservice station where you are the mechanic. Customers arecoming atyour garage with their muddy car. Start the cleaningprocessquickly.There are various types of auto vehicles formakeover. Farmtractor, ambulance, police vehicles, racing cars,monster truck etcfor cleaning. Repair, maintain and color all thevehicles for drivein the driving simulator. Scrub the dirt andsticky residue fromthe exterior. Use mud cleaner to clean up themud from the dirtyauto, wash the car with the water pipe. Spray itfor more cleaning.Keep on washing until you get five stars. Take itto the workshopfor the repair as your motor needs tire change. Yourauto vehicleis ready now! You can change the color of your autovehicle.Fillsome patrol in your motor from the filling station andtap on theaccelerator for the extreme driving. You will never finda drivinggame like this in which you will wash it first and thenyou willget a chance to show driving skills. This is a funcleaningsimulator game. Get addicted to it and start working at agarage ofyour own. *******Features********Up to 20 auto vehiclestoselectUser friendly service station to for washing and repairBeaninnovative car designerWork at your own garageBrush, waterspray,mud cleaner, detergent and many more equipment forcleaningStartdriving your motor after clean up*******How ToPlay*********Startthe cleaning gameSelect your favorite autovehicle Start thecleaning process in your own service stationKeepon washing untilyou get five stars Drive your vehicle for some timeand enjoy thedrivingUnlock other motor for more fun
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Are your kids bored of their typical toys? Do they wantsomethingnew and want some fun learning also? Let’s dig into kid’sfunactivity that they will not get bored. Teach them how makeslime.Download this amazing make and play jelly toy on yourphonedevices. Teach your kids how the science innovation tells ushow tomake slime. This fun activity game is not only for kids butall theyoungsters can learn from this. So enjoy thiseducationalgame.Learn to make slime and play the squishy slimyjelly toy tohave fun in your life. You have different colors to addup in thegoo maker to make it rainbow jelly toy. This is the funlearninggame for kids in which you will learn how make and play thefluffyslime at home. Make it with simpler ingredients. Make yourlifemore creative and innovative with DIY games. The DIY jellyisreally easy to make and play. Let’s have some excitement inyourlife with this kids fun jelly making game. Don’t worry if youdon’tknow how to make slime. We have the DIY jelly toy tutorial sothatyou can first learn from the tutorial and then you will makebyyour own self. Make and play! Download the kids fun learninggamenow and enjoy making the slime like a shaving foam. This isthebest learning activity of the slimy goo maker in which you usethesimple ingredients. Hurry up! Learn how make your own slime.Youhave the best sludge maker in your mobile devices so makefulladvantage of it. Do some creative tasks in your life thatwillteach you to make hand DIY slime. The instruction of theslimemaking is very easy to follow as you just need to learn fromthetutorial about the handmade slime making process. Makesomethingnew and creative with just few ingredients. This game issoaddictive that you will never find this kind of sludge makerinyour life. Make your kids busy with this fun learningactivity.Let’s start the jelly making process now with shaving foamandother simple ingredients. This is the fun learning process ofhowto make DIY jelly toy. Are you getting bored? Don’t worry wehavesomething out class for you. Just download the sludge makergamefor kids. This educational game doesn’t teach you only aboutthesimple DIY making process but glitter slime also. Select theoptionfrom the easy slime making. Make a glitter one or simple one.Thatis your choice.Get addicted to this game. Just follow thehandgestures to mix the simple ingredients to learn how to maketheslime. Mix different colors for making sludge and make arainbowcolors. Plays with the colorful jelly toy have more fun.Makedifferent shapes of the DIY slime. Make a perfect jelly toy nowandenjoy the fun activity with kids. Experience differentsquishyslime in these DIY games where you will be able to makesquishyjelly from 2 options. A plain one or the glitter one. HOWTOPLAY:Tap to start the slime making process.You have 2 optionsforselection: make and play.First make dough for the jellytoy.Addother ingredient that helps how to make slime.Add someglitter intothe fluffy jelly.Add different colors in to the goo.Nowput thedough into the slime maker for a perfect DIYgoo.FEATURES:Best goomaker simulation.2 game play mode: make andplay.Tutorial about howto make the sludge.Different colors to addin the easy slime.HDanimations and graphics.Different ingredientsto for slime making.
Have you ever thought to become the dental surgery doctor? Hereisyour chance to become the ER emergency doctor hospital. Let’sstartdentist surgery now and become the smart dental surgeonnow.Experience to be a part of the crazy hospital adventure now.Thereis so much fun hidden in this kid’s game. Be a professionaldentistdoctor in this dental surgery clinic. Get a whole newmakeover ofthe teeth now. It is the fun learning game in which youwill learndifferent tools to use for the dental treatment. Becomethe kindteeth doctor for one day and treat the patient’steethcarefully.Give the best treatment of the teeth in thisdentistsurgery game. You were about to visit your friend’s placefor theparty but suddenly you feel the tooth ache and its achingreallybadly. You have now cancelled the plan for going to friend’shome.Now, you need to go to the ER emergency crazy dentist hospitalnowbecause the pain is not bearable now. Let’s get to the ERemergencydoctor hospital and get rid of the entire germ in yourmouth andget all the possible surgery treatment as soon as possiblebecauseit’s getting late and you are not able to speak. Reach tothedoctor hospital and wait for your turn for the oral surgery.Youhave come to the best crazy dentist doctor dental clinic. Nowit’syour turn to start the dental treatment. Become the bestsurgerydoctor in town so that all the patients will come up to youfor thecrazy dentist surgery treatment. You are in the emergencyhospitalnow and you are definitely addicted to this hospital game.You willhave the best tooth checkup. You are the crazy doctor inthisdental clinic. The surgery simulator makes you the bestteethdoctor of the ER emergency dental hospital.Get a lifetimeaddictionto this dentist surgery game and teach your kid how thecrazydentist doctor treats our own teeth. Now as soon as you getthepatient, you need to start the treatment which includestoothextraction, getting rid of cavity and fungus if any. Cleantheteeth then before they become the decayed tooth again. Nowcheckthe patient thoroughly like check the body temperature withthethermometer, check the ECG and the blood pressure to make surethatthe patient can undergo the major teeth crazy dentistdentalsurgery. As the patient health safety is moreimportant.Noweverything is ok with the patient. It’s time to startthe surgeryof the teeth now. Start the tooth extraction process asthe dentaldoctor doesn’t have any other choice. Before that, givemouthinjection so that the patient doesn’t feel any further pain ofthetooth extraction. Suck the dirty water from the mouth andgermsfrom them. Now pick up the tool to extract the decayed toothfromthe mouth now. Now it’s time to clean the mouth and inject thetubein the mouth to suck any germs. Pick up the decayed toothandreplace it with a new one. Start the oral scaling to giveyourteeth more shine. Now you have healthy and happy teeth. Youcanapply the sticker on your teeth for more makeover. There is somuchfun in this dental surgery game. You will never find this kindofhospital adventure before. HOW TO PLAY THE CRAZY DENTISTSURGERYTEETH HOSPITAL SIMULATOR:- Tap to start the virtual dentistdoctorgame- Select the scene- Choose the ER emergency patient fromthe 7patients- Enter into the crazy dentist hospital- Start thedentalsurgery treatment - Start the teeth checkup first- Clean theteethwith different dental tools- Start the tooth extraction andpick upthe dental tweezers- Decorating the teeth and finishthegameFEATURES OF CRAZY DENTIST SURGERY TEETH HOSPITAL SIMULATOR:-7Character selection option- Different and easy to use dentisttoolsfor the treatment- On screen controls- Easy to play - RichHDgraphics
Are you stressed out these days and really want somethingstressrelieving toy? Are you familiar with the word virtualfidgetspinner? Do you know what is really for? The best stressrelieveris now on Play Store with multiple features. Enjoy thefidget toynow and release the frustration and anxiety now. Thisfingerspinner is the cure for your mental stress. It makes youfeelenergetic as you spin fast. Twist it as fast as you can and getyouenergy level back after releasing the tension. You have seenthesehand spinners on the streets, on your commute and in youroffice.Now this stress relieving toy is available on your mobiledevices.Download this super amazing fidget hand spinner and enjoythesuper-fast spin. For this, you don’t need any realfidgetspinner.This is the best toy that can be played anywhere youwantlike in school, office and at your home. Now this toy isalwayswith you that can cure you whenever you are in stress andtensed.This toy keeps you busy and relaxed at the same time. Useyourfingers to rotate it and spin fast. It’s the fun and addictivegameat the same time. Explore this spinning game with the fidgethandspinner. Be the pro finger spinner and tell others about thetricksof this spinner toy. Do the trick shots now and be the masterofthe best stress reliever game. You will going to love thisspinnersimulator and will definitely addicted to it. Downloadthisbeautiful finger spinner on your mobile phone and enjoy itnow!!You will experience the real and authentic spinning physics ofthefinger spinner. Lower your stress level and boost up yourenergynow with this laser fidget spinner toy. Find out the mostrelaxingfinger spinner toy now and play with it makes the mostscores. Thisis the easiest game to play. This is free to play!!Just enjoy thegame and jump into the newest trend in the market.Download thisfun loving and exciting game now and release yourstress now. Weall know how the fidget toy is taking over the world!Join the funof the amazing fidget hand spinner. It’s the perfecttime to get aspinning toy for you. Experience different fidget toyto get thebest spins ever. The neon fidget spinner is a spectacularsight tosee! Design your own finger spinner with variety of designsandmoreover the neon spinner glows in the dark so turn the lightoffand enjoy the glow in the night! Win the highest scores whenyoustart the competition against your friends. This is the bestfidgethand spinner simulator game that kills time when you getbored.This game teaches you to stay focused!!Spin your wheel gadgetwiththe fast spin and enjoy gaining the highest scores everagainstyour friends. Spin it for the longest time and win thechallenge.Download this virtual fidget hand spinner and keep itwith you allthe time. Best for the tensed people. The best cureactually forthem. The best fidget cube for those who has trouble infocusingand concentrating. HOW TO PLAY THE FIDGET HAND SPINNERGAME:- Startthe stress reliever game- Select the best neon spinneramong 27hand fidget- Select the modes: free mode or time mode- Infreemode, you can play with the spinning toy without the timelimit- Intime mode, challenge with your friends and spin fast toearn thepoints.- Design your own virtual fidget spinner with neonspinnersalsoFEATURES OF FIDGET HAND SPINNER GAME:- 27 Laser fidgetspinnersto choose from- Make your own design with wheel gadget-Beautifulglowing effect of the fidget toy- Relaxing backgroundmusic for thestress relief- 2 challenging modes to twirl thevirtual fidgetspinner- Amazing 3D simulator of finger spinner
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Are your kids get bored of the typical toys these days? Let’sgetbusy and make something glittery and squishy that will addictyou.Let your kid learn new things which is a fun learning activityandthey will never get bored. We are presenting you the bestfunlearning educational games for kids in which they will learnaboutthe science creativity and the new invention about theglitterslime making process. Let your kids learn how to make DIYslime.You are welcome into the world of shimmer jelly toy DIY gamesforkids. Make and play with your own DIY fun. The game is very easytoplay as there is only the few simple ingredients to mix andmakeslime without let your hand get dirty. Play these DIY gameswithsome glitter in it. Make the glitter slime and play withit.Stretch and have fun with this kids learning jelly toy. Makeyourslime more shiny and glittery. This is the fun learning DIYgamesfor kids in which you will learn how to make slime and playwiththe fluffy squishy jelly toy at home. Make a rainbow colorsshimmerslime now by mixing different colors. Make your DIY slimewith fewsimple ingredients and enjoy.Make your life more creativeandinnovative with DIY games. Have some fun and get your lifeexcitedwith this kids fun jelly making game. There is an optionofdifferent glitter to add in the shimmer slime that will makeitmore attractive. You can also make the rainbow DIY jelly toy.Startthe slime maker now by mixing the ingredients and then playwiththe DIY jelly toy. So hurry up! What are you waiting for?Getindulge into this fun learning activity DIY games now andforgetabout the real world. Do you want to do some creativelearning?This game will teach you how to make and play slime maker.Make thecolorful glitter toy and be the expert in the slime makerprocess.The best DIY game is now on the Play Store. Do somecreativity andshow others that you are the professional DIY jellymaker. Are youworried about how to make slime? You don’t need toworry aboutthat. We have included the tutorial for the instructionsabout howto make and play the shiny DIY slime. Let’s start the DIYfun nowand make slime with simple ingredients to mix. Moreover, youhavethe option to add the glitter in it to make it more shinyandglittery. You have now the best fun learning game for kids onthePlay Store and you will never going to find this kind ofgameever.Be the professional DIY fun glitter slime maker inthiseducational game of kids. You can become the best jelly toymakerwith simple ingredients to mix. Make and play with thisglitterslime making game. Follow the instructions first from theDIY jellytoy making process and start the hand DIY maker game. Theeasyhandmade DIY games for kids are just loved by the youngstersalso.Spend only few minutes with this squishy sludge maker process.Youcan learn instantly how to make the fluffy jelly toy. In theendenjoy with the handmade DIY slime toy now.HOW TO PLAYHOW TOMAKEGLITTER SLIME MAKER KIDS:- Start the shimmer slime makergame-Select the scene: make and play- Follow the instructionthrough thetutorial- Mix the ingredients to make the dough- Addsome glitterto make it more shinyFEATURES:- Best glitter squishyslime makersimulation- 2 different jelly toy making scenes- Simpleingredientsto make a perfect dough- A tutorial for theinstructions- Kids funlearning activity- Easy to play
Kids Car Wash Garage Auto Service Station 1.0 APK
Kids car wash garage auto service station is a free washinggamethat your kids will enjoy and can play all day long. They loveautovehicles as well as love to wash and clean them too! Becometheauto garage manager where you will start the smart car washcleanin a service station. Enjoy cleaning different cars andvehicles.Download this game car wash auto garage service now andlearn torepair the vehicle. Be the professional car mechanic now.There islot of fun in this auto service station. Perform differentautoworkshop tasks now. Perform multiple tasks like car repair,designand auto wash. Be the expert in the best and simple truckautoworkshop simulator game. Show your washing and repairing skillsnowto become the expert of the car cleaning. You are the carcleaningmaster with the best feature of auto car service andrepair. Youhave different vehicles that come into your auto garageworkshopfor cleaning and washing. Enhance your car mechanic skillsto washout the muddy car vehicles. Clean and repair greasy auto carnowwithin the time limit. You have the opportunity to unlockothervehicles in order to complete the previous given car washrepair.Download the simple auto service station garage game now.Repairthem with different mechanical equipment and then take themto theservice station in your car garage. Start the clean-upprocess now.Your kids will definitely enjoy this farm tractor motorwashinggame. Enjoy the best kids car wash game with auto service.Performdifferent auto workshop tasks to become the real master ofwashgame for kids. Work as the cleaning master in the truck washgamewhere you have to perform multiple tasks like car repair,washing,car design. Be an expert car designer in the best carservicestation. You are the expert car designer in this autogarageservice station. Repair, design and wash to make it ready forthedrive in the end so that you as the car mechanic can checkthateverything is OK. Fill the patrol when you have complete allthetasks for car wash cleaning. Start the car driving on the roadtocheck if the auto motor still needs to work more for therepair.Use mud cleaner to clean up the mud from the dirty auto,wash thecar with the water pipe. Spray it for more cleaning. Keeponwashing until you get five stars. Take it to the workshop fortherepair as your motor needs tire change. Your auto vehicle isreadynow! You can change the color of your auto vehicle. FEATURES:-Various auto car vehicles for the selection - Interactivegarageservice station for car wash and repair - Addictive andattractivegame play - Brush, water spray, mud cleaner, detergentand manymore equipment for cleaning - Start driving the autovehicle afterthe car design
Crazy Eye Transplant Simulator Surgery Doctor Game 1.0 APK
Do you want to become a doctor in future? Do you like to playdoctorgames? Hey, come and download the crazy eye doctor simulatorgame.You can get a chance to become the part of the ER emergencyhospitalsimulator game. Let’s start the surgery ER emergency nowand becomethe smart surgerydoctor now. Experience to become thepart of theeye transplant hospital adventure now. Enjoy the hiddenfun andthere is so much for the kids learning. Become the crazydoctorsurgeon now and be the professional one also. Start the ERemergencytransplant using different tools for the surgerytreatment. Becomethe virtual eye doctor for one and start theoperation in thehospital simulator. You need to be very careful asthe eyetransplant is the most sensitive treatment of the humanbody. Be theprofessional eye specialist doctor hospital surgeon inthis doctorgame for kids. You are the patient and the surgeon atthe same time.You were about to go to some party but as you get upto ready yousuddenly feel the pain in your eye. And it is achingreally severe.You thought to consult the emergency hospital eyedoctor clinic. Sohurry up and go to the crazy doctor hospital nowand get rid of thepain now. Get all the possible ER emergencytreatment in the carecity hospital. Reach to the doctor hospitalbefore it’s too late.Come to the best crazy eye clinic surgeryhospital. Start thetreatment now. Become the best ER emergencydoctor surgeon. You arenow in the crazy eye clinic surgeryhospital for the treatment.Become the part of the best hospitalsimulator game. Enjoy this gamewith full enthusiasm and the bestgame for kids fun learningtechniques. Get addicted to this eyedoctor hospital surgery gamefor kids. Before starting anytreatment you need to check up thepatient thoroughly. There aredifferent procedures before the actualtreatment of the eye surgerysimulator like the checkup, cleaningand the transplant in the end.It is necessary before the ERemergency surgery for the whole bodyexamination. There arefollowing things that needs to be examinefirst: - Check the oxygenand the heartbeat - Check the bodytemperature with the thermometer- You need to give the electricshock to numb the eye and patientwill not feel any pain. - Time toclean it with tissue - Now cleanit with water and if there arestill germs present then you need topick the tweezer from thesurgical instrument kit to remove thegerms. - Now check the eyesight of the patient by letting him readthe alphabets to test howwell it is. Everything is perfect now butyou need to transplantnow by going through the following steps: -Numb it first by givingthe anesthesia to start the crazy eyetransplant process - Pick upthe liquid pump sucker to suck out thegerms - Kill the bacteriaand other germs by adding the liquidmedicine - Start the lasertreatment now in the eye surgery doctorhospital to clean anyfurther impurities and injuries - Check thevision from the scannercheck - In the end do the finger test forthe success of the eyecare surgery treatment FEATURES OF CRAZY EYETRANSPLANT SIMULATORSURGERY DOCTOR GAME: - Character and sceneselection - Crazy eyesurgery simulation - Different surgicalinstruments for the eyesurgery treatment simulator - Mini games toplay to unlock moreinstrument - Doctor hospital sound effects - HDgraphics eye clinicenvironment