1.0 / January 21, 2016
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Finger Blood Pressure FHD Prank 1 forandroidis a simple free application, simple and easy to use thatmeasuresyour blood pressure and heart rate.

To use our blood pressure, just press your finger onthefingerprint reader, and expect few minutes, the screenwillautomatically display the results of blood pressure andheartrate.

Note: Finger blood pressure prank HD scanner is anapplicationfor entertainment purposes (PRANK), it can not actuallymeasureyour blood pressure or heart rate.

App Information Blood Pressure Finger Prank

  • App Name
    Blood Pressure Finger Prank
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    January 21, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 3.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Nicolas Apps Free
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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Your application weight machine scannerPrankis a scanner for android to calculate your weight, bloodpressureand diastolic of a human body and the heart beat using onlyyoursmartphone, it is not just entertainment purposes more.The use of this Application:1 - After you enter the application of weight machinescannerPrank, Place your finger on the fingerprint and wait about8seconds.3 - Congratulations, the application will scan your thumb andtheapplication displays the end result of your weight scale.Main Features:- Simple to understand and easy to use.- Joke Application (PRANK) to collect good times with yourbestfriends and family.- Works well on mobile and android tablets- Realistic looking scanner- Totally free for all Android users.* آلة قياس الوزن بالبصمةNote: This scanner scale (weight machine scanner Prank) is notareal application, it is just a Prank.
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قاموس عربي تركي ناطق صوتي HD 2.0 APK
قاموس عربي تركي ناطق صوتي HD , قمنا بتصميمهلكممجانا من أجل الدراسة والعمل,إستعماله لا يحتاج لأي خبرة,بالإضافةلحجمه الخفيف وشكله الأنيق.يُمّكنك من الترجمة بالكلمة وبالجملة أيضا من العربي الىالألمانيومن الألماني الى العربي. يستطيع العمل أيضا في جل أنظمةالأندويدإنطلاقا من متجركم جوجل بلاي.بعض مميزات هذا البرنامج المترجم :* يعطيك ترجمة فورية ونسبة الأخطاء شبه منعدمة.* حفظ ما قمت بترجمته في قاعدة البيانات بضغطة زر* قاموس عكسي (ترجمة من العربية إلى التركية ومن التركيةإلىالعربية)* قراءة الكلمات بالصوت الفوري* قاموس فوري للكلمات المترادفة=> Arabic Turkish Dictionary and translator=> Sözlük ve çevirmen Arapça TürkçeArabicDictionaryTurkish-speaking voice HD, we have designed for you forfree inorder to study and work, its use does not require anyexperience,in addition to the size and shape of the elegant light.You can translator of the word wholesale and also from ArabtoGerman and German to the Arab. Also can work in almostAlonduwidsystems from your shop Google Play.Some advantages of this program Translator:* Gives you an instant translation and the percentage oferrorsalmost non-existent.* Save what you've translated in the database push of abutton* Reverse Dictionary (translation from Arabic into TurkishandTurkish into Arabic)* Read the words Voice Messaging* Instant Dictionary of words synonymous=> Arabic Turkish Dictionary and translator=> Sözlük ve çevirmen Arapça Türkçe
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Our application can recover deleted photosandimages deleted or lost by your internal phone memory or SDcardwith one click. Now, if you have deleted or you have formattedyourmemory card or phone, our application can recover deletedphotosand videos easily.With this application, you can share and send pictures recoveronsocial networks and Dropbox, email, whatsapp, facebook ....The main features of app recover deleted photos :- Restore photos and videos from your phone memory andmemorycard- Send these photos to your email, whatsapp, facebook ....- Quick installation and uninstallation- Automatic backup- Simple and easy to use
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قاموس عربي فرنسي ناطق صوتي HD , إستعمالهسهلوبسيط جدا, يمكّنك من الترجمة في أقل الثانية, بالإضافة لذلكفهذاالقاموس المترجم قادر على ترجمة الكلمات والعبارات والجمل.يُمّكنك منالترجمة بسهولة بالغة من العربي الى الفرنسي ومن الفرنسيإلى العربي.يستطيع العمل أيضا في جميع أنظمة الأندويد.بعض مميزات هذا البرنامج :* بسيط وسهل الإستخدام* يحتوي على أكثر من 80 ألف كلمة.* حفظ ما قمت بترجمته في قاعدة بياناته* الترجمة العكسية (من وإلى اللغة الفرنسية)* قراءة الكلمات بالصوتArabicdictionaryFrench-speaking HD audio, its use is very simple andeasy, you cantranslator in less than a second, in addition to that,thisdictionary compiler is able to translate words and phrasesandsentences. You can very easily translation from Arab to FrenchandFrench to Arabic. Also it can work in all Alonduwid systems.Some advantages of this program:* Simple and easy to use* It contains more than 80 thousand words.* Save what you've translated in its database* Reverse translation (to and from the French language)* Read the words sound