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BloodBanker.org connects people topreventdeaths and to secure your future blood needs.

The problem we are solving is simple. Blood donations(supply)has decreased significantly, while demand for blood isgrowingsubstantially. The result is going to be deadlybloodshortages.

1 in 4 people will need blood in their lifetime. When thattimecomes...do you want to wait because the hospital is out ofblood?What about if your mom, or your spouse or child needs blood,canyou imagine them having to wait?

Blood has become the 'lubricant of modern medicine' in thesensethat it's used for all type of procedures and to treat a wholehostof diseases. There is no substitute for blood, as it can onlycomefrom healthy donors.

Hospitals only have a few days worth of blood supply on hand.Anykind of increase in blood demand (ie: natural disaster,shooting,big car accident) results as a "run on the blood banks".We need anew way to think about how to connect and rewarddonors.

BloodBanker.org has the solution. We've created apeer-to-peernetwork where people can get compatible blood locallyfrom theircommunity. That way we have a safety net that protects usfromdeadly blood shortages. Also, we reward people that donatebloodwith credits called BloodCoin that can be cashed in when they(orsomeone they know) needs blood.

Think of BloodBanker as the "AAA insurance for blood". Youhopeyou never have to use it, but you are glad you have it whenthetime comes that you need blood. Join us in our quest to createanalternative marketplace for blood to reduce costs and provideasafety net for people to always know they can get blood whentheyneed it.

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African Cichlids Book 1.0 APK
60% OFF SALE! - ENDING SOON! Save on thisbestselling book.Those old days of reading magazines are gone. If you want toraise fishes, you can anytime go online and communicate with otherfish hobbyists through forums and blogs.African cichlids are one of the most popular and the mostcolorful fishes in the world. It’s also the most researched fishesin the Internet. You might be wondering how to raise them properlydespite of their aggressive behaviors.In the book entitled “African Cichlids: The Pet of Kings! - Howto tame the world's smartest fish (ISBN #: 9781613230299),” GeorgeM. Fairchild, a graduate in Regis University, covers tips anduseful information any fish lover needs to know. He describes thephysical characteristics of the different types of cichlids, whichcome from Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. The bookalso talks about how these African cichlids live, how theyreproduce, what they eat and how to clean their aquarium.“African Cichlids: The Pet of Kings!” is available direct athttp://ebook.gd/african-cichlids-the-pet-of-kings foronly $4.99. Purchase its app version compatible to Android and youcan get 60% discount. You can also get the book at other retailers– at Amazon.com and at Barnes & Nobles:http://www.amazon.com/African-Cichlids-Pet-Kings-ebook/dp/B005DERMIG/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1312425723&sr=1-1http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/african-cichlids-the-pet-of-kings-how-to-tame-the-worlds-smartest-fish-george-m-fairchild/1104328869A detailed review is written by a regular customer at eBook.GDPublishing. Owen Black says:""One lazy afternoon, I was about to go in the bookstore topurchase a book on fishes. I never had an idea what type of fishbook I wanted but I am visualizing something in my mind. I scannedthe web and the title ""The Pet of Kings!"" easily captured myattention. The book is all about African cichlids and these areexactly the type of fish I want to have. Its price is affordable soI quickly ordered and downloaded it online. I started reading thefirst chapter and I like how it's written. The first chapter openedwith a story of a zoology student and his interest for fishes. Thispage has also a photo of colorful fishes and it's with a captionthat says: ""Fishes are unique."" I continued reading the book andit taught me how to understand their diet, their lifestyle, theirbreeding technique and how they should be properly raised. Afterreading the five chapters and further explored the links inreference section, I immediately recommended it to my family,friends and relatives.""Keywords:african cichlids fish, buy african cichlids, african cichlidsfor sale, african cichlids care, african cichlids aquarium, africancichlids breeding, buy african cichlids online, lake malawi africancichlids, south african cichlids, rare african cichlids, types ofafrican cichlids, electric yellow african cichlid, african cichliddiseases, african cichlid tank set up, african cichlid food,african peacock cichlid, african cichlid substrate, electricafrican cichlid, tropical fish african cichlids, wild africancichlids, african cichlids forum, how to feed african cichlids
Gemstone Guide 1.0 APK
60% OFF SALE! - ENDING SOON! Save on thisbestselling book.Most gemstones are lovely. In this book entitled “Loose GemstoneGuide: Secrets of the Gem Revealed (ISBN # 9781613230176),” PaoNipperkin has explored over seventy-five precious stonesalphabetically. From Actinolite to Zircon, each stone is describedvividly inserted by a picture on the left side.Nipperkin is a student in Ohio, majoring in history & arts.He decided to write Loose Gemstone Guide because he could notforget the moment he saw the gem collection of his great uncle.“Loose Gemstone Guide” costs $3.99 and it can be purchased ateBook.gd http://ebook.gd/loose-gemstone-guide. It canalso be bought in the following websites:http://www.amazon.com/Loose-Gemstone-Guide-Revealed-ebook/dp/B004OR1R16http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/loose-gemstone-guideRowella Evans is the first person who have purchased the eBookand commented:“Wow, this book is amazing! I have been searching over theinternet for quite a while now because I have this school projectabout gemstones and stuffs, and finding this book is such a reliefto me. It presents the complete list of gemstones from A-Z withtheir cool pictures. I also like the fact that it looks clean andthe description for each gemstone is accurate. I didn't know thatthere are actually a lot of gemstones available. This book is veryinformative indeed!”Keywords:Gems, Gemstones, loose gemstones, Actinolite, Albite, Amethyst,Apache Tears, Aquamarine, Calcite, Carnelian, Gold, Cinnabar,Copper, Diamond, Feldspar, Fossils, Garnet, Geodes, Hematite, Jade,Jasper, Malachite, Mica, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Quartz,PetrifiedWood, Pyrite, Crystals, Rhodonite, Silver, Soapstone, Sunstones,Talc, Thunderegg, Tiger's Eye, Topaz, Zeolites, Zircon
Blood Bank Directory 3.0 APK
Give Blood for Money or Glory!Blood bank and plasma center directory. Locate plasma centersand get paid up to $40/hour! Review cordblood storage banks forkeeping stemcell and dna material. Over 3100 locations in UnitedStates and Canada listed with a growing community of over 6800ratings and reviews from our loyal users.Since 2002, BloodBanker.com has been THE resource for promotingblood donation awareness education and providing a volunteer madedirectory.Here are the top 3 facts on blood donation on why it is soimportant:3. A serious car accident requires the amount of blood from 50people!2. Cancer patients need blood from 8 people every week!1. Every 2 seconds someone in the USA needs blood!More on why donating blood is awesome...from author Michael S.Williams.Though not controversial enough to qualify as front page news,sparse blood supply is affecting each person on this planet. Youhave a 25% likelihood to need a blood transfusion in your lifetime.When that time comes, would you want to be on a waiting listbecause there is no blood in stock at the hospital?Despite the scarcity of blood supply in Europe and the UnitedStates, donations make up 48% of the 91.8 million donations in theworld. All that blood for people who make up just 15% of theworld's population.Of the almost 92 million donations, only 4.3% donations havebeen reported from the 45 African countries. A blood supply that isscarcer than scarce since these countries make up 12% of the globalpopulation. The low turn-out of donors mean a very low supply fortransfusions.Severe blood loss or hemorrhage is a leading cause of 34%maternal deaths in Africa; this can occur during their pregnantstate, on delivery and post partum. Low blood supply also accountsfor 31% of maternal deaths in Asia and 21% deaths in Latin Americaand the Caribbean.Transfusion is one of the life-saving steps hospitals recommendfor cases of severe bleeding anytime during pregnancy and afterdelivery. Without access to a healthy blood supply, mothers aredying. Access to a safe blood supply and life-saving measures are abig issue in low income homes like the ones in Africa. Not onlyvolunteer blood donors are needed but volunteers for blood banks inthese parts of the world.Many recipients of donor blood have gone on to become donorsthemselves. If not for donors, they would have been dead orsuffered lingering pain. Once an accident happens and it hits closeto home, having life-saving blood available lessens the burden.Blood donation may not be for everybody, there are many ways tomake several hours of your time matter for the community.In 2009, Paul de Gelder, a NAVY diver got fatally bitten by ashark in Sydney Harbor while on duty. He had lost a lot of bloodand the time he got to the hospital he couldn’t breathe properly ormove. He lost his right leg and his right forearm that bledprofusely. He survived, thanks to 300 units of blood and the 150donors who made it possible for the transfusion.In the United States, Brian Boyle had every major organ damagedand bones damaged in a terrible car accident. He died 8 timesduring recovery and had 36 transfusions to replace 60% of the bloodhe lost. For Brian, a single pint from each person can help notonly strangers but loved ones who will be forever grateful. He nowvolunteers his and donates blood to the Red Cross. He is also anIronheart Triathlete.There is NO substitution for human blood when it comes tooperations and treating a whole host of diseases. Don't let bloodshortages become common place, support blood donation because younever know when you might need it!Also, if you want to donate more to this noble cause, pleasevisit BloodBanker.com and find our about us page to learn moreabout how you can help.But, most importantly, spread the word about blood donation andwe all benefit.
RC Vehicles Guide 1.0 APK
There are a few things one needs to know whenpurchasing their very first radio controlled vehicle. RemoteControlled Buyers Guide helps you with every information you needto know before getting into this kind of hobby. Learn thedifferences between Toy-grade RC Vehicle or Hobby-grade RC Vehicle,Kit or Ready-To-Run (RTR)/Ready-To-Fly (RTF), On-Road or Off-RoadVehicles and Gas or Electric-powered so you can finally make asound decision and choose the right kind of RC vehicle foryou.
HortChat Gardening Secret Tips 1.0 APK
Welcome to HortChat, your Horticulture andGardening advice tips & secrets destination!HortChat is an interactive community web site in which you canget information on garden and plant tips, ask questions and makecomments.I would like to personally welcome you to the site. My name isKris and I will be your host. I have a degree in horticulture andhave studied and worked with plants for many years. I have alsovolunteered as a Master Gardener for 17 years.At Hortchat, we share the trials and tribulations of gardeningand growing plants. We may not know everything but we’ll try ourbest to help. If you have a suggestion or solution to a gardening /plant problem , we would like to hear about it. We are interestedin giving folks the best gardening tips and creating a greatcommunity of expert gardeners!Main Topics of Discussion Include:African violetsAmaryllisAnimal repellentsAphidsAvocadoAzaleaBasilBay laurelBlack WalnutsBleeding heartBougainvilleaBrugmansiaBulbsButterfly gardenCalla liliesChoosing annualsChristmas cactusChristmas treesCilantroClematisClimbing hydrangeaColeusConfederate JasmineConfederate roseContainer gardeningCornCosmosCucumbersCyclamenDaffodilsDeadheadDeer annualsDeer perennialsEaster lilyedible flowersElephant EarEndless Summer HydrangeaFlorist HydrangeaFreesiaFuchsiaFungus gnatsGardeniaGeraniumGerbera DaisyGingerGladiolusGloxiniaGrowing Herbshanging basketsHibiscusHopsHostahouseplant carehydrangia careImpatiensIrisIris borerJapanese beetlesJasmineKalanchoeLady beetleLantanaLiliesLucky bambooMandevillaMealy bugsMini roseMistletoeMorning Glory VineMumNorfolk pinePansyPaperwhitesPeppersPineapplePoinsettiaPowdery mildewPrimrose carePumpkinsRieger begoniaRosemaryRosesScaleSeasonal Plant tipsSeedsShamrock (Oxalis)SlugsSpider mitesSpider plantSquash vine borerThripsTomatoTreesTrumpet VineVenus FlytrapweedsWest Nile virusWhite flyWildflowersWisteriaCome check us out at HortChat.com
Closet DeadHead Vintage Shoppe 1.0 APK
Closet DeadHead, Inc. is your ultimate sourceof everything Grateful Dead. Our site is loaded with Grateful Deadmemorabilia and collectibles. We also have the coolest GratefulDead gears like dvds, cds, vinyl records, t-shirts, sweatshirts,underwear, belt buckles, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories,even baby clothes.
Weather Center Experience 1.0 APK
Get the latest weather report of your currentlocation instantly! Also, the weather forecast for any city in theworld! Data includes: Wind Speed in miles per hour, Temperature inCelsius and Fahrenheit, Atmospheric pressure, and relativeHumidity. Use our quick, free, and easy international weatherchannel network service.
Falconry Gear Guide 1.1 APK
Falconry is both an art and sport thatrequires special equipment and other necessary items to ensure safeand effective training of your bird. Before indulging in thishobby, find out the different kinds of equipment that you will needsuch as the Mews, Hood, Bell, Bewit, Ankles, Perches and many more.With Falconry Equipment Buyers Guide, you will also Learn how toproperly take care of your falcon through correct hygiene, food andmedication.