1.0 / April 6, 2016
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▢ Have the best blue keyboard themes fromthisgallery for FREE! Download Blue Keyboard and set thelanguage,sound and design according to your own taste! Every timeyou type atext message you will look at your beautiful SMS themes!So, goahead and browse through different stylish skins and choosewhichone is the perfect one for you! Install it and enjoypersonalizingyour display!▢

‘゚゚*✧ 。:. FEATURES: .:。✧ *゚‘゚

▢ Easy to use software with special blue themes!
▢ Color your keys with colorful keypad design!
▢ A collection of 6 blue skins for Android phones!
▢ Get your new personalizing app and try it today!
▢ Chat and write messages fast and easy!
▢ You don't have to install Go Keyboard™!
▢ Languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish or French!

‘゚゚*✧ 。:. HOW TO SET: .:。✧ *゚‘゚

▢ “Enable the Keyboard” and pick Blue Keyboard!
▢ Go to “Set the Keyboard to Default”!
▢ “Customize your keyboard” as you want!

△ △ △ Beautify your phones and tablets! △ △ △

▢ Get ready for the best keyboard pro with beautifulbluedesigns! Install and set as default these blue themes and letyourtablet's keys turn all cobalt or arctic! With all amazingshadesavailable you will easily customize your keypads making yourtextmessaging fun! Turn on fantastic keyboard sounds and choosethelanguage you speak to make typing easier for you! ▢

△ △ △ Free mobile app with key pad accessories! △ △ △

▢ Check out these wonderful blue themes and make yourdeviceslook beautiful like the skies and the deep ocean! Customizeyourkeyboard quickly with elegant SMS pro themes! Choose our navyorindigo keypad design to decorate your screens! You will restyoureyes while looking at your display and typing a text message!Tryit today and have fun using this simple app! ▢

△ △ △ Tons of cool blue skins and themes! △ △ △

▢ If your favorite color is blue you must have a matchingkeyboard stylish skins for your Android devices! Get there righthereand choose your SMS pro themes from our brand newcollection!Download Blue Keyboard apk that will leave youspeechless! Go onand master text messaging on your new swiftkeykeypad! You willlove all the amazing features and options this easyto use softwareoffers! ▢

❖Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

App Information Blue Keyboard

  • App Name
    Blue Keyboard
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  • Updated
    April 6, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Top Android Keyboards
  • Installs
    50 - 100
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Lavender Keyboard Skin 1.0 APK
✿ Go straight into the scented gardensfilledwith lavender every time you are using your mobile devices!TryLavender Keyboard Skin that will decorate your screen withlilaccolor and beautiful lavender flowers! This Android keyboardchangerwill turn every day into spring and you will enjoy sending atextmessage using your lavender skin keypad! Try it todaycompletelyfree of charge! ✿‘゚゚*✿ 。:. FEATURES: .:。✿ *゚‘゚✦ Put purple flowers on your key boards!✦ Use the designs and themes you like the most!✦ 6 amazing lavender themes for Android devices!✦ Get it for free and install it on phones and tablets!✦ Make your texting experience even better!✦ You don't have to install Go Keyboard™!✦ Use English, German, Italian, Spanish or French keys!‘゚゚*✿ 。:. HOW TO SET: .:。✿ *゚‘゚✦ “Enable the Keyboard” and try Lavender Keyboard Skin!✦ “Set the Keyboard to Default” and continuewithcustomization!✦ “Customize your keyboard” - new languages, themes&sounds!✿ ✿ ✿ Beautify your keys with wonderful colors! ✿ ✿ ✿✿ Choose the best keyboard apk to customize your devices andputbeautiful calming purple themes on your virtual typewriter!Justwhen you though that this was amazing, discover many morefeaturesof this free mobile app! Change language and pick one ofthe fivemost popular languages on the globe or make thingsinteresting withfantastic sound effects this easy to use softwareoffers! ✿✿ ✿ ✿ Free collection of keyboard skins! ✿ ✿ ✿✿ Are you ready to splash your screens with the mostbeautifullavender designs we prepared for your tablets? DownloadLavenderKeyboard Skin and set SMS themes as default to have abeautifulview every time you are chatting with your friends! Thisflowerykeyboard for Android is all you need to decorate yourdevices thisspring! Let your screen bloom with style! ✿✿ ✿ ✿ Make your phones look completely new! ✿ ✿ ✿✿ You will almost be able to smell the beautiful scentoflavender on your screen with these interesting SMS pro themes!Makeyour phone look gorgeous while you are text messaging someoneandlet it give you pleasure like you are sitting somewhere innatureand berating fresh air while chatting! This swiftkeylavenderkeyboard will be your favorite personalizing app and yourwill loveall of its purple stylish skins! ✿❖Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
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Get ready for the Mother's Day and preparethesweetest gift for your dear mom! Download and installMothers Day Stickers camera app that allows you to decoratepicswith photo stamps and different special effects! Trymultipletemplates and options this photo manipulation tool offersto makeyour customized gifts! If you are looking for a uniquepresent foryour mother get this image editing software and startdecorating!✦✦✦ Mothers Day Stickers features: ✦✦✦✦ The best picture editing app with cute stickers!✦ Add more pics and create photo collages!✦ Accessorize images with amazing mirror effects!✦ Correct mistakes by pressing undo and delete!✦ Put some color on the background of your montages!✦ You can draw on pics and personalize them!✦ Add some sweet quotes and text on these collages!✦ Save these images to your mobile devices!✦ Send photos to your mum via Viber, Messenger or other!✦ Share photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!*** Get this photo retouching software for free! ***It is still not late to create the best gift for you mother!Getthis brand new sticker camera app and add personalizedpictureframes for mom to any image! You will love this fantasticpiceditor with mother's day stickers you can add to collages andmakethem look adorable! Try one of the best photo montage appsandenjoy doing something sweet for the person who gave lifetoyou!*** New mother's day stickers collection! ***Make your mother proud of you and create photo manipulationpicsart that won't leave anybody indifferent! Design custommothersdaycards with tons of different picture stickers and freephotoeffects! Let the fun start right now and right here! You canevenput text on pictures and draw on pics with your heart! Ourmothersdeserve this and so much more! Get the award of the child oftheyear!Check out our interesting apps 2016 that bring a lot of fun:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BestLiveWallpapersFreenn/?ref=aymt_homepage_panelTwitter: https://twitter.com/BestLWPFree
Gold Keyboard Changer 1.0 APK
♛ Feel like a queen or king while youaretyping an SMS text on your keyboard of pure gold! Let yourmobilephone shine with these posh designs! Have royal stylish skinsforyour keypad and be fashionable as always with this brand newfreemobile app! Show the world that you are made of gold and thatyoudeserve these golden themes! Download it and rule the world! ♛‘゚゚*✦ 。:. FEATURES: .:。 ✦ *゚‘゚✦ Change the look of your phone completely!✦ New SMS pro themes with the color of gold!✦ Various designs you can select!✦ Download & install it easily!✦ Send an SMS text and type on shiny keys!✦ No Go Keyboard™ installed is required!✦ Use English, German, Italian, Spanish or French keys!‘゚゚*✦ 。:. HOW TO SET: .:。✦ *゚‘゚✦ First step, “Enable the Keyboard” & select GoldKeyboardChanger!✦ Second step, “Set the Keyboard to Default” & selectthischanger!✦ Third step, “Customize your keyboard” set sounds&languages!★ ☆ ✰ Smart phones will love this new application ! ★ ☆ ✰♛ Match the look of your screen with your devices case andpaintit gold! Set this keyboard background as default and type ongoldenkeypad like every princess should! Now you can have a brandnewswiftkey typewriter that will look wonderful on your tablets!Trythis color keyboard with gold themes and your royal SMStextmessaging can begin right away! ♛★ ☆ ✰ Be the coolest guy or girl with our new keypads! ★ ☆ ✰♛ Rule your own kingdom on your phones and set new goldkeypadlayout of your choice! Make your texting experience evenbetterwith the most sophisticated sound effects! Let your new goldkeyboard splash some carats over your screen and decorate it withthemost precious metallic look! Install it now for free and letthefun start! Check one of the most expensive designs completelyfree!♛★ ☆ ✰ Tons of free golden themes for your tablets! ★ ☆ ✰♛ Feel like you are on top of the world with this keyboardapkwith gold theme! Everyone will be jealous of your gold key capsandSMS pro themes covered with the most precious tones! Use thiskeyboard changer to make your life just a little bit moreawesome!Give it a go and let your fingers dance across the touchscreendevices you use! Download it and make this your number onechoice!♛❖Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
♥ Cute Pink Keyboard ♥ 1.0 APK
❀✿ Be the cutest girl with the mostfashionableand stylish looking phone! Download and use Cute PinkKeyboard andlet your devices be your greatest accessory! Send atext messagetyping on the keys with pink backgrounds! This cutelauncher has themost beautiful kawaii keyboard with differentlanguages! Fall inlove with all these girly SMS themes and sweetdesigns! ❀✿‘゚゚*✿ FEATURES:✿*゚‘゚❥ Personalize devices with this free key board!❥ Collection of pinkish background images!❥ Accessorize screens with this beautiful app!❥ Download & then install it for FREE!❥ Send text messages and feel special!❥ This app doesn't require Go Keyboard™ installed!❥ Use English, German, Italian, Spanish or French keys!‘゚゚*✿ HOW TO SET:✿*゚‘゚❥ “Enable the Keyboard” & check the Cute PinkKeyboardbox-field!❥ “Set the Keyboard to Default” & select our application!❥ “Customize your keyboard” - set sounds, languages,etc!❤ Try the best skins today for free! ❤❀✿ Splash tons of pink color on your screens and improveyourswiftkey key board! All your friends will wish to havethisadorable pink keypad and send “I love you” texts with style!Justwhen you though you should get a new tablet or phone comesthisfree mobile app that will help you decorate them and make themlooklike new! Choose among all these SMS pro themes and usethesweetest keyboard apk! ❀✿❤ Every princess deserves this gorgeous application! ❤❀✿ Go and get cute themes free download with amazing designsyourphone doesn't offer! Enter the world where cute keyboardsounds andstylish skins give you a unique experience! Have theprettiest girlykeypad theme and be proud of how it looks on yourtouch screen!Customize everything starting from pink backgrounds,to languages,sound effects and your own words in a dictionary!❀✿❤ Try this fabulous keyboard for Android! ❤❀✿ Make your keyboard letters look girlish and enjoy typingandsending an SMS text with this easy to use software! Use adifferentkeypad skin every time you get bored with the old one andstaytrendy! Be noticed and in the center of attention with yourbrandnew cute theme! Install it on your Android devices and set itinjust a few seconds! This is just what you needed to be evenmorefashionable than before! ❀✿❀✿ Dress up your keyboard fonts in these princess pinkthemes!Stay in touch with your BFFs all the time and gossip withthemusing this brand new cute sms app! ❀✿❖Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Butterfly Keyboard Theme εїз 1.0 APK
εїз Feel free as a butterfly like youareflying in the wind while you are typing on your new SMS prothemes!These colourful pictures of butterflies on your keypads willmakeyou happy every day! Download Butterfly Keyboard Theme εїз andsetit as default to decorate your screens with the cutestdesigns!Install this free mobile app and start customizing yourmobiledevices today! εїз゚゚*✽。:. FEATURES: .:。✽ *゚゚☺ Let beautiful insects design decorate your device!☺ Butterfly layout with various designs!☺ Gallery of new stylish skins for you!☺ Download this app and install it instantly!☺ Let the new chatting experience begin!☺ No Go Keyboard™ installed is required!☺ Use English, German, Italian, Spanish or French keys!‘゚゚*✽。:. HOW TO SET: .:。✽ *゚‘゚✦ “Enable the Keyboard” & use Butterfly KeyboardThemeεїз!✦ Then, “Set the Keyboard to Default” and try it now!✦ And “Customize your keyboard” with languages &soundeffects!✿ ❀ ❁ Personalize your phones and enjoy! ✿ ❀ ❁εїз Make your devices overloaded with cuteness and chooseyourbutterfly theme from this brand new collection! Use yourswiftkeykeyboard apk with vivid images and special designs fromnature! Letthese gorgeous creatures decorate your tablets and fillyour lifewith happiness! Customize your keypad with sweetbutterflies andflowery wallpapers we selected just for you! εїз✿ ❀ ❁ Download this new keypad layout collection! ✿ ❀ ❁εїз Let your fingers run across the soft wings ofbutterfliesfrom this amazing keyboard changer! If you like spendingtime innature and soothing atmosphere of woods and fields this freemobileapp will be perfect for you! Set new keypad design with oureasy touse software and start text messaging your BFF and yoursweetheart!Personalize it according to your needs and let the funbegin!εїз✿ ❀ ❁ Have the cutest custom keyboards! ✿ ❀ ❁εїз Try out our new girly themes for the keys on yourAndroiddevices and feel blessed while you are using your phonesandtablets! Make a good choice and download butterfly key boardsthatwill make you want to live your life to the fullest! Textyourfriends and family every day and use this new typewriterwithcolorful SMS pro themes! Check it out now and improve yourtextingskills! εїз❖Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Weed Keyboard 1.0 APK
☼ Be a true Rastafarian and match yourAndroidkeyboard with your style! With a perfect weed keypad layoutyouwill be a real pot man! Stay relaxed every time you send atextmessage and type on your favorite keys with “marijuanawallpaper”!Go and download your new ganja Weed Keyboard for freeand make yourdevices look cooler than ever before! Try it today andchill out! ☼••● FEATURES:●••☼ Customize phones and tablets with free themes!☼ Collection of keyboard skins with weed!☼ Make your phone look beautiful with these designs!☼ Download then install it free of any charges!☼ Sending a“text message” becomes fun!☼ This app doesn't require Go Keyboard™ installed!☼ Use English, German, Italian, Spanish or French keys!••● HOW TO SET:●••☼ “Enable the Keyboard” & check the WeedKeyboardbox-field!☼ “Set the Keyboard to Default” & select this app!☼ “Customize your keyboard” - enable sounds, set languages,etc!☮ Set languages and personalize your typewriter! ☮••● Choose your “Rasta themes” we prepared for all thecannabisfans! Enable this keyboard with marijuana backgrounds andmake yourtexting experience completely different! Your new weedkeypad willlook amazing on all your mobile devices! So, go aheadinstall itand have fun using this free mobile app! Turn on ouramazingkeyboard sounds that will relax you just like this fantasticplant!●••☮ New weed background for qwerty and qwertz! ☮••● Get the best SMS pro themes and make your tablets andcellphones look stunning! Decorate your screens with powerfulweedleaves to get high and addicted on one of the best marijuanaapps!Go for this amusing keyboard color changer and try keypaddesignyou like the most! Use these dope app to customize yourmobiledevices with stylish skins! This smoking hot & easy tousesoftware can be yours for free! ●••☮ Super cool ganja weed skins and themes! ☮••● If you like reggae, being relaxed and cannabis this isjustthe perfect free mobile app for you! Browse through all theseganjathemes for key boards and personalize your phone in the bestway!Put some green color on your screens and have fun textmessaging!Stay away from all the stress and install Weed Keyboardcompletelyfree of charge! You will immediately get addicted to alltheamazing designs and sound effects! ●••••● Are you ready to be entertained? Brace yourselves,becauseSMS text messaging is about to become super amusing withthesekeyboard pro cannabis wallpaper collection! Let your fingersrunsmoothly across your touch screen and you will never makeanothertypo with this special app! ●••❖Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
❀Flower Keyboard ❀ 1.0 APK
❀ Spring is just around the corner, so hurryupand decorate your mobile devices with cute ❀Flower Keyboard❀changer and you will almost be able to feel the beautiful scentofnatural flowers coming from your phone! With these keypad skinsyouwill have so much fun every time you are sending an SMS texttosomeone! Download this keyboard apk right away for free and stayintouch with nature! ❀‘゚゚*✿ 。:. FEATURES: .:。 ✿*゚‘゚❣ Beautify your phones with these cute themes!❣ The best collection of girly SMS pro themes !❣ Designs coming straight from nature!❣ Download & install this free mobile app!❣ Send text messages from flowery keys!❣ No Go Keyboard™ installed is required!❣ Use English, German, Italian, Spanish or French keys!‘゚゚*✿ 。:. HOW TO SET: .:。 ✿*゚‘゚❣ Press “Enable the Keyboard” & select ❀FlowerKeyboard❀!❣ Then “Set the Keyboard to Default” & pickthisapplication!❣ Lastly, “Customize your keyboard” turn on sounds,setlanguages,etc!❂❁❀ Choose the best skins and wallpapers for yourself! ❂❁❀❀ Feel like you are running down the field full ofbeautifulflowers every time you are typing a text message on our❀FlowerKeyboard ❀! Reconnect with nature using these SMS pro themeswithdifferent colors and designs! Make your mobile devices lookamazingand decorate them with one of the best key board designs!This isjust what you needed to customize your phone and make itlookpretty! ❀❂❁❀ Enter the world of fantastic key boards! ❂❁❀❀ Maintaining flowers was never easier than now with thisfreefloral keypad layout! All you need to do is install it onyourdevices and set it as a default keyboard! These specialflowerbackgrounds and skins will beautify your screens and improveyourtexting experience! Personalize it in your own way and setsoundeffects as well as different languages you want to use! Goaheadand try it today! ❀❂❁❀ Use this flower keypad to send texts! ❂❁❀❀ Have your own garden full of flowers on your tablet forfree!Choose a pink flower theme or any gorgeous flower keypad toset itas the default one and enjoy it all the time! With allthesestylish skins and keyboard sounds you will love using yourphone!Have the cutest accessories and download this easy to usesoftwareand enjoy all the features this free mobile app offers!❀❀ Get these floral SMS pro themes free and win the mostamazingkeypad design! This is just what you needed to refresh yourstyleand change something! ❀❖Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.