1.0 / September 21, 2017
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Do you love sea animals transport games on water surfing beach? Arefish transporting games are fun to play? If yes then this seaanimals transport truck simulator game is for you where you have torescue blue shark, whales and other sea animals on beach. Drive,float and surf in super trucks to perform rescue near the beach.The Blue whale is big fish to transport in truck from ocean tobeach water. Be careful while transporting sea blue whale becauseit's a monster fish. Enjoy the underwater life by playing bluewhale simulator 3d game of 2017.As a transporter truck driver ofnew blue whales, dolphin, super shark, sea bream,sperm whitewhale,long finned and aquatic animals transport them to fishpond.Become an expert animal transporter truck driver by loadingkiller whales and sea creatures in the aquarium placed on the 3Dtruck trailer. While driving heavy duty animal carriage truck youneed to transport the sea animal cargo in such a way that won'tcause them injury. Missions for Blue Sea Whale Transport TruckSimulator: - As offroad truck transporter deliver American fishesto boat- Move crazy shark to the ocean- Transport blue whale tofish pond- Supply sick whale to the boat to save its life- Pickcrazy shark from fish pond and deliver it to the fisherman- Deliverkiller whale to aquarium by driving rescue truck- Collect fishesfrom beach and transport it to sea- Pick dolphin from river andtransport it to city boat- Pick fishes from water tank and carry itto ocean- Pick Russian whales from sea and move fast towards theboat- Deliver sea animals to river- Deliver Brazil whales to theseashore- Transport fish aquarium to near by sea- Pick monsterfishfrom fisherman and deliver it to fish pond

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    Blue Sea Whale Transport Truck Simulator
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    September 21, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Game Bunkers
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 Plan:- You can play itoffline and it's free!- Easy controls for driving simulation- Newpolice car driving simulator game of 2018- Pursue and takedown fastspeed chicago city police vechicles- Thrilling crime story for openworld crime simulation game- Amazing stunts including ramp jumping,cross bridges in air and realcar crashing- Variety of luxurychasing cars including american muscle car- Real Car damage andextreme destruction