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BMI Calculator - Weight Loss & BMR Calculator is the app whichallows user to calculate their Body Mass Index and BMR Index in oneapp. It provides the accurate measurement based on the weight andheight provided by user along with age. BMI - The body mass index(BMI) calculates your body fat based on your weight and height. BMR- Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories your body needwhen it is at complete rest, with no exercise. MAIN FEATURES: •Imperial and metric measurement units are supported. • Record yourBMI & BMR history to track back anytime. • Store History datawith BMI or BMR Index along with age, weight and height inchronological order. • Ideal app for weight loss program if youwant to gain or lose weight. • BMI measurement support for 7 yearsand older. • BMR calculation is based on Mifflin and St Jeor aswell as Harris-Benedict equation. • BMR Calculator calculates thecalories you need to consume in a day. • No internet connectionrequired for calculation. • Free to use. USAGE: • BMI Calculator •Body Mass Index Calculator • Standard BMI Calculator • BMRCalculator • Fitness Tracker & Weight Loss Program

App Information BMI Calculator - Weight Loss & BMR Calculator

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    BMI Calculator - Weight Loss & BMR Calculator
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    January 21, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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    Health & Fitness
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    E-339, Sumel Business Park 4, Amdupura, Ahmedabad-380025, Gujarat, India
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Sikh World - Nitnem & Live Gurbani Radio 8.0 APK
Sikh World - Nitnem & Gurbani app is one of the best app forGurbani radio stations streaming online 24/7. Play world classradio stations and listen live Kirtan, Katha & Gurbani anytime,anywhere. Listen to your favourite Gurbani radio stations live andenjoy the best music online. Get all the Banis at one place in thesingle app now with near by Gurudwara finder feature in the app.Listen live radio streaming from Harmandir Sahib, the GoldenTemple, Amritsar. NITNEM GURBANI: - Single app provide all theNitnem Bani at one place and very useful for Sikh in daily life. -Option to convert the Bani in English, Hindi and Gurmukhilanguages. - Provide following Nitnem Banis in the app: ● Aarti ●Anand Sahib ● Ardas ● Asa Di Vaar ● Barah Mahaa Manj ● Basant kiVar ● Chaupai Sahib ● Dukh Bhanjani Sahib ● Jaap Sahib ● Jap JiSahib ● Kirtan Sohilla ● Raag Maala ● Rahiras Sahib ● Shabad Hazare● Shabad Hazare Patshai 10 ● Sukhmani Sahib ● Tav Prasad Chaupai ●Tav Prasad Savaiye GURUDWARA FINDER: ● Gurudwara Finder to findnear by Gurudwaras around your location and also find the detailedinformation with photos of the places with direction to theGurudwara. ● With the Gurudwara Finder you are now never far fromany Gurudwara whether its a local or historical. SIKHISM REFERENCE:● Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji ● Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) ● AllSikh Gurus with the History ● Detailed info about SIKHISM GURBANIRADIO: ● Stylist playback controls to star/stop player ● Show nowplaying songs with the artist and other information ● Skip toNext/Previous Radio Station in one click ● Updates stations liveover the air ● Auto reconnection when connection fails ● Sharecurrent playing station info with friends via Facebook, Twitter,Email and Message LIVE RECORDING: ● You can record any of the radiostations that you are listening and play them back later wheneveryou want ● Great sound quality with soft Gurbani Kirtan ● Offlineplayer for recorded streaming GURBANI RADIO TIMER: ● Provides sleeptimer option to turn off the radio playing at the given time ●Really useful feature when you want to sleep with soft music at thegiven time it will stop playing automatically ● Radio will stopafter the set time and also show count down timer in the playerscreen GURBANI RADIO ALARM: ● This is a handy tool to be useful aswakeup Alarm in the morning or anytime and live Gurbani will startto play instantly ● Schedule any radio station with the predefinedtiming and it will provide notification at the given time and playthe station instantly on starting the app FAVORITES & HISTORY:● Add & Delete stations to Favourites in one step ● Easy accessto play stations without searching them again ● Store recentlyplayed radio stations in the History for future play ● Easy optionto play the recently played radio stations ● Saves time insearching for the previously played stations We are SHOUTcastpartner and we respect their work. If you want to support us orlisten to radio stations from PC, please visit websitehttp://www.shoutcast.com/. If you have any other questions, feelfree to contact us via email: [email protected]cttechnologies.com