1.0 / December 29, 2017
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Boat SHooter uniquely blends the genres of arcade, shooterandrunner games, producing the best game of frantic action andendlessadventures. Help Mambo and his troop of heroes to escapefromhundreds of enemies while jumping and dodging bombs andmissiles.Ride on the backs of some of the most picturesque craftswhilefiring powerful weapons. Do you like running and dashing? Areyouaddicted to jumping and shooting? Then you will LOVE BoatShooter :Extreme Raft Survival. Survive an army of soldiers,paratroopers,rocket launchers and enemy submarines, dodge a hail ofbulletswhile you unload all your artillery on them. During yourrun, getpower ups to increase your firepower and collect coins toupgradeyour guns, ships and statistics. Download Boat Shooter -ShootingJumping game now on mobile or tablet completely FREE! BoatShooterFeatures: *ORIGINAL MISSIONS AND STAGES *POWERFUL ARSENAL*COLLECTALL CHARACTERS AND BOATS *FUNNY GAME MODES *QUALITYDETAILSDownload Boat Shooter : Extreme Raft Survival and startplayingNOW!

App Information Boat Shooter : Extreme Raft Survival

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    Boat Shooter : Extreme Raft Survival
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    December 29, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Office # 208, 2nd Floor, Business Heights, 41 Spring North, Phase VII, Bahria Town, Islamabad
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