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In this logic puzzle game, you need to find the battleshipshiddenin a grid. Guess the location of the boats with logic only.Norandom moves. Use the hints displayed at the end of each rowandcolumn to help you solve the puzzles. Start with small gridsandbecome an expert to solve huge ones! Can you solve the 720levelsof increasing difficulty? FEATURES: - Free unlimited use ofhintswhen you are stuck - Thousands of levels - No Wi-Fi? Enjoyplayingoffline - Multiple grid sizes for varied difficulty -Collect astar in each level Follow us to get news andupdates:facebook.com/frozax twitter.com/frozax www.frozax.com Termsof use:https://www.frozax.com/legal#tac Privacypolicy:https://www.frozax.com/legal#privacy

App Information Boats Solitaire Puzzles

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    Boats Solitaire Puzzles
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    May 21, 2021
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Frozax Games
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    16 rue Jean Collet, Les Cyprès 69330 MEYZIEU FRANCE
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