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Every creature in the world has its balanced Body Temperature, ithas to be in balanced state for healthy life. Increased BodyTemperature of humans may cause fever which is not good for health.It can further be cured by taking age-appropriate medicines. Bodyneeds to be in an soothing effect to live healthy life and carryingon the daily activities. There are a lot of ways to check andbalance your Body Temperature for a greater health. Precautionsshould be taken accordingly to the increasing or decreasing bodytemperature. Usually fever is caused because of high bodytemperature and it may increase heart beat which can result intobreathing problems. OximeterSO2 is usually used for checking Oxygenlevel in the body. It may effect Blood Sugar/Glucose level in thebody.How to Use:::: Select Gender.::: Place Finger On Scanner.:::Check the results on the next screen.Disclaimer:This is a prank anddoes not give correct results. It is to be used only for thepurpose of entertaining yourself and others also.

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If you need free WiFi connectivity on the gothen download WiFi Hacker Password Simulator. This application willallow you to access hotspots that have been shared by others.WiFi Hacker Password Simulator tool has WiFi scanner that willdetect all the WiFi connections in the range, either with good orbad signal. The detected connections will be displayed in the formof list.Trick your friends that you can hack into secured WiFi networks.Just run this app in their house and select their wireless networkname. Fake passwords will be displayed, but they will think thatyou have just broken into their network. Remember this applicationis made for fun.Feature :1. Scan for WiFi hotspots around you.2. Search for available WiFi with one-tap3. Safe to wireless network4. Harm nothing.5. Beautiful Fun and Prank Friends.6. Easy to use, simple and real graphics.7. Professional animations and real touch looks awesome.8. Save data costs by connecting with free WiFi hotspots9. Enable your phone as a portable hotspot with one-tap.10. Enables WiFi in your phone.
Thermometer Body Temp. Prank 1.0.0 APK
Body Temperature (Fever) have a lot of causes. Some of themare:-Due to too much cold and flu.-Gastroenteritis stomachbugs.-Biting of mosquito on any of the body part.-infections in theear, skin, throat, etc.-Inflammatory conditions.-Side effects ofthe drugs you take to cure any other disease.There are a lot ofcauses that can be addressed to the fever or Body Temperature. Itusually makes the condition of the person that he may feeluncomfortable or dizzy. Plenty of clear fluid or water should betaken, also iced drinks can be helpful. Lightweight clothing shouldbe used and too much heavy clothes should be avoided. It shouldalso be kept in mind to make the temperature in the roomcomfortable and there should be fresh air all over the room.Complete rest should be taken and heavy activities should beavoided. Depending on the age of the person and the underlyingcause of the body temperature, medical advice from the doctor mayor may not be taken.Heart Rate may increase because of fever.Glucose/Sugar level may get affected because of flu. OximeterSO2 isused for measuring Oxygen Level in the body. You are required tocheck your temperature back and forth and take proper medicationand light diet to prevent it. Making your mode happy is also one ofthe cure which we addressed by developing this app. Prank yourfriends and family with Prank Body Temperature Thermometer byasking them to check their body temperature. How to Use:*Tap theapp icon to launch the app.**Selection of the Gender is compulsoryfor everybody.***You must put any of your finger on the BodyTemperature Scanner on the second screen.****Now, you will beexcited to see the results of the app.Disclaimer:Note this app isfor fun and entertainment purpose only. All the results arerandomly generated and are for fun and excitement. Enjoy!
Blood Sugar Checker Test Prank 1.0.0 APK
In any organism, Blood is the main fluid that carries and transportthe Oxygen to all parts of the body. As we know that oxygen is themost important thing for an organism to live and carry out itsdaily required tasks for different purposes. In the same way, Bloodalso contains Sugars and take them to all parts of the body whichneed to perform and action and use energy.We all need Energy toperform activities and this grateful thing comes from the Sugars oralso known as Glucose. But, the level of glucose in the bloodstream should be in normal range and it should not increase ordecrease with very high differences but remain within normal one.Otherwise, it should not be good for our health. Sugar is measuredin milligrams of Glucose per deciliter (mg/dl). A deciliter isabout 3 1/3 ounces. For someone without diabetes, a fasting BloodSugar or the Sugar when you wake up in the morning after sleepshould be in the range of less than 100 mg/dl. This level may varyon the whole day. So, you need to maintain those levels. For thediabetic patients, you must have 80-130 mg/dl sugar levels beforemeals and to 180 after 1-2 hours of the meals you take regularly.Then, you will be easily able to maintain your Glucose levelthroughout your life and life a very great and Healthy life. Sugarlevel may effect your heart beat rate resulting problem in bodytemperature and oxygen level in the body. OximeterSO2 can help inmeasuring oxygen level in the body. You can prank your friends andfamily with Prank Blood Sugar Checker. ***How to Use***::: Selectgender of your choice.::: Place thumb on the scanner.::: Check theresults on result screen. ***Disclaimer***Note this app is for funand entertainment purpose only. It can not measure Blood Sugarlevel in the body with simple screen scanner on phone. All resultsare based on random numbers.
Body Temperature Monitor Prank 1.0.0 APK
A lot of experts have belief that the Body Temperature (fever) is anatural bodily defense against an infection. There is always riseand fall in the temperature of body of person during differenttimes. A temperature related condition known as hypothermia is anon-infectious cause of fever and it cause rises in the bodytemperature. A medical thermometer was always used in the clinicalexamination of a person’s temperature and there are different typesof thermometers available for this purpose.Temperature of bodyshould be controlled and the process is also known asThermoregulation which is a homeostatic mechanism. This keeps theperson at optimum temperature. The average internal bodytemperature of a Human Body is 37.0 °C (98.6 °F), though it mayvary among different individuals and organisms. It should also bekept in mind that no person has exactly the same temperaturethroughout the day. We can say that the lowest temperature is abouttwo hours before the waking up of a person from sleep. Also,temperature may have change according to the activities a person isperforming throughout the day. The OximeterSPO2 levels should alsobe kept in mind and maintained throughout the day to maintain thetemperature. Blood Sugar/Glucose level in the body may vary becauseof body temperature. Heart beat rate can also increase or decreasebecause of Body Temperature. There are fluctuations in everymeasurement over the day. The prank Blood Temperature and BodyTemperature checking application is best for fun and entertainmentpurpose. You can easily do the same things like you do with thethermometer. How to Use:****Start the application.***Choose thegender.**Scanner will ask to put your finger.*Results will be shownin the last if you haven’t mistaken anything.Disclaimer:This is aprank app and does not give accurate results. Body Temperature isalways correctly measured with the clinical thermometer or visitingthe doctor. Entertaining everyone is the main purpose of the prankBody Temperature checker application.
Heart Beat Rate Monitor Prank 1.0.0 APK
Are you having problems in understanding and maintaining your HeartRate of your body? If yes, then you are at right place to calm yourHeart beats and increase your knowledge about your overall body.Our prank application is now going to give you entertaining resultsof your Heart Rate when you use it by yourself or with friends andfamily members. Pulses (Heart Rate) can be high or low and then itmay have effect on your overall body and Health accordingly.Abnormal heart beat rate can effect your Oxygen Level which ismeasured with OximeterSO2. You need to have proper knowledge aboutHeart and pulse and how to prevent the unhealthy things for yourbody. Moderate physical activities you are doing in your lifeusually does not change the normal pulse rate very much. It meansyou are very fit. When Heart is not in a fit condition, its muscleshave to work much harder than in a normal condition to maintain thebodily functions and thus Heart Rate is increased. Following aresome of the factors that may also affect your Heart Rate;-AirTemperature.-Body Position.-Body Size.-Use of Different Medicinesdaily.-Body Temperature.-Blood Sugar/Glucose Level.If you arefeeling unhealthy and uncomfortable with your body, you should haveknowledge that now you have to pay a visit to a good doctor. Advicecan be given by the doctors easily to you about your body and HeartRate Conditions.How to Use:~Launch App.~Put your Gender.~Placethumb on scanner.~See your results on final screen.Disclaimer:It isa prank heart rate checker app which is for fun and entertainmentin the life This application will not give you the exact results.Use it for spreading smiles.
Heart Beat Rate Scanner Prank 1.0.0 APK
As we grow, there occur changes in the rate and regularity of thepulses and it may signify heart condition or others which need tobe addressed. Following are the best places to find thepulse;-Wrists-Inside of your Elbow-Side of your Neck-Top of theFootMost Accurate Readings may be calculated by putting the fingerover pulse and count the number of beatings in the 60 seconds. Youjust have to remember that your pulse rate should never be too low(i.e. less than 60 per minute) or too high (i.e. high than 100 perminute). Heart Rate above this limit or below this limit can bebecause of abnormal body temperature or blood sugar/glucose level.It can also because of abnormal oxygen level in the body which canbe measured with the help of OximerterSO2.How to Use:-> Launchapp-> Now, you have to enter your Gender-> Scanner will scanthe results after you put your finger on fingerprint scanner.->Results will be shown to youDisclaimer:We verify that the HeartRate prank application is not going to give accurate and correctresults. For real results, you have to consult your doctor. Use itfor fun and entertainment purpose only.
Blood Sugar Test Monitor Prank 1.0.0 APK
What are the normal Glucose (Blood Sugar) levels of a Human Body?They vary along the Day. These are different for normal people anddifferent for the Diabetic patients. Also, they very before andafter eating of meals, in the morning after sleep, etc. Forexample, when a person wakes up who is normal and not a patient,his sugar levels should be in range of 70-99 mg/dl. Diet is thevital part for the health. Diet can effect your body in variousways like your Heart/Pulse Beat Rate may vary because of diet.Similarly it can effect your body temperature. Oxygen level may geteffected because of it. You can measure your oxygen level byOximeterSO2. Glucose level should be kept in normal range forhealthier life. Exercise should be done on daily basis forhealthier life. How to Use:*Launch app***Select Gender and placeany of the fingers on screen scanner*****Here you go with finalresults after calculations on last screen***Disclaimer:It’s a prankGlucose checker app that is not going to give proper or exactresults. Its only for the entertainment purpose. Enjoy!
Body Temperature Scan - Prank 1.0.0 APK
Are you worried about the fluctuations of your Body Temperature?You must know that the Body Temperature of any organism have a lotof fluctuation during the day. For a human, its lowest levels arearound 4 a.m. in the morning and the highest levels in the lateafternoon between 4 o’clock to 6 o’ clock. All of this is assumedif the person start sleep at night and stay awaken during the wholeday. Thus, strictly speaking, 37.3 °C temperature orally will be anormal and healthy one in the afternoon but in the early morning.Temperature of the Body is always sensitive to many of the hormonesproduced by the body. That is why, men and women may have variedtemperature rhythms. Weather also cause the variation oftemperature each year. This pattern is called a circadian rhythmand studies of these variations have produced inconsistent results.So, people living in the different areas having different climatesmay have different patterns of this. If you have a increasedphysical fitness then you will also have the increased amount ofdaily variation the temperature. Oral temperatures are alwaysinfluenced by the drinking, smoking, breathing, sugar/glucose level& heart/pulse beat rate etc.. of person. Breathing problem maybe because of difference in Oxygen Level. For Oxygen Levelmeasurement you should use Pulse Rate Oximeter SpO2. Cold diets ordrinks reduce the oral temperature while hot ones have a increasedeffect. Skin based temperatures have a correlation relatively poorwith the core temperature of the body. The overall core temperatureof the body should range in a normal value. Thus, you will be ableto maintain your health in a proper manner. .How to Use:-Open theapplication for checking the temperature---Tick yourGender—---Place the finger on screen-------Results are now on thescreen just in seconds----Disclaimer:Body Temperature checker is aprank. Do some fun with your friends to check the temperature ofthe body. If you have feeling of fever, see a doctor in thehospital.