1.0 / January 30, 2015
(4.0/5) (29)


Join the cutie BOMBER FORCE and STOP the Robbers! Are you READYyet? START BOMBING NOW!CONTROL: Time & tap the screen totrigger the bomb while it's getting near the robber'svehicles.Features:- Great retro artwork and musics.- Very quickgameplay but you won't want to stop!- Unlock more bombers by beingawesome!

App Information Bomb de Robber

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    Bomb de Robber
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    January 30, 2015
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    Android 3.2 and up
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    53, Street No.3, Cityland Center Hills, Ward 7, Go Vap District, HCMC, Vietnam
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Welcome to the best Idle city builder game in town! Join the other10,000,000 people in this top rated Century City: Idle BuildingGame! Mine the fortune low underground and build the greatest cityof the century. IDLE MINER AND CITY TYCOON BUILDING COMBINED Gethooked on the adventure with your quirky little miner buddies. Tapto mine for gold, and watch as the money keeps piling up. Slowlybuild up your city with all kinds of different buildings fromhomes, schools, banks to parks and markets. Watch as your city isfunding itself, bringing you the ridiculous billions upon billionsof money. Go see your tycoon unfold before your eyes. CENTURYCITY'S AWESOME FEATURES: ***** * EASY TO PLAY - Tap or Hold to keepdigging. Watch passively as the gold in the mine keeps flying up toyour bank account making you billions of bucks. Use the "AutoMining" tool to dig automatically at high-speed, and sit idly asall that cash keeps stacking up! Get addicted to this satisfyinggold tapping action, as you only need to squeeze in a few minutesto play it each day! You could even go afk. While you are gone, thecity will keep making you some more dosh. * KEEP BUILDING THATCITY! - Make the city grow more and more as it creates even moremoney for you to pile up! *NEVER GET BORED - Century City is packedwith mini games. Those mini games will give you even more money tospend on your beloved city. * PLAY WITH FRIENDS - Show off yourcity to your friends. Help them to build their own, and let themhelp you too. * PLAY ANYWHERE! - This world's best idle city sim isnot only free, but also does not require to be online to be played!GET READY TO BECOME ADDICTED TO CENTURY CITY AS IT COMBINES THE FUNOF GOLD DIGGING, CITY BUILDING AND IDLE CLICKING! KEEP TAPPING!----------- Join our community for more fun/friend/feedbacks:facebook.com/CenturyCityGame facebook.com/Topebox ----------
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Pocket Army 2.1.0 APK
Play with your friends, build your army and lead them in franticreal-time battle against evils of ever increasing power. PocketArmy brings together army-building, RPG elements, hack and slashaction quests, and friend competition, resulting in an engaginggameplay experience. POCKET ARMY's AWESOME FEATURES: * Play onlinewith millions of other players * BATTLE your Google Play friendsLIVE! * Gorgeous HD graphics * Customize your hero via dozens ofunique skills, weapons, armors, shields and rings * Invite friendsto fight for you and make your army stronger! * Build an epic armyof swordsmen, archers, magicians and many other unit types * Planstrategy for each real time battle * Intense battle with BOSS! *Conquer enemies across the vast world map * Dozens quests tocomplete * Join monthly events for rare rewards Make sure you playonline to gain access to the latest content and features, and toensure that your profile is backed up online. PLEASE NOTE! PocketArmy is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchasedfor real money. Pocket Army is published by Pine Entertainment
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Are you smarter than a first grader? If yes, then let's take thatbrain on a test drive.SIMPLE MATH, HUGE CHALLENGEThink you are goodwith first grader math with only adding and subtracting the 3numbers 1, 2 and 3? You think you can handle pressure? Let's putyour brain on a test. Calculate the simple math problem consistingof only additions and subtractions of the numbers 1, 2 and 3, andpick the correct answer before the time limit.BE IT KID OR ADULT,THIS BRAIN GAME IS GOING TO CHALLENGE YOUIt doesn't matter if youare a kid or adult, the math in this game is going to challenge anybrain. By adding pressure, simple math problems will become achallenge by themselves. Are you ready to prove yourself to besmarter than a first grader?A SIMPLE AND FREE BRAIN TRAINING GAMEFOR KIDS AND ADULTSPlaying the game only takes 1 second of yourtime, with a quick and simple gameplay you can test your ability todo first grader math. Then show off your ability to do first gradermaths to your friends and challenge them to do better than you.
Idle Clash - Tap Frontier Defender 1.94 APK
The kingdom is run over by the orcs and titans. Your mission is todefend the frontier in this masterpiece idle game that has RPGelements added to it. Test not only your defense skills, but alsoyour RPG mechanics to protect the kingdom from the frontier evilforces.THE FRONTIER OF A NEVER-ENDING WARThe orcs are not onlyattacking your kingdom, but also getting stronger and stronger. Doyou have what it takes to defend the frontier? Recruit heroes,train them, equip them with powerful weapons and let them battlethose nasty orcs out of the frontier. Upgrade your fortress,defenses and send those orcs into oblivion.IDLE FRONTIER CLASHCOMBINED WITH RPG ELEMENTSWhat was missing from idle clash gameshave been rpg elements. No more just waiting for the wave to clear.Hold the button and see your heroes fight the enemies even morefuriously. Not only that, you can also level them up, equip themwith powerful weapons and let them unleash their special skills. Nomore is the boring grinder. Upgrade your defenses from walls tofrontier towers. Recruit more heroes. Any many more.IDLE CLASH -TAP FRONTIER DEFENDER OFFERS LOTS OF CONTENT:- BUILD more than 10unique defensive towers with endless amounts of upgrades!- RECRUITover 6 unique heroes each with their own special skills andweapons!- ENJOY 50 beautiful, hand-crafted environments.- COLLECTmore than 100 Relics!- TAP to defeat many types of destructivemonsters ruthlessly outnumbering our forces!- FINISH various questswith awesome rewards.- A lucky Wheel to test your luck with greatitems to win.- Leaderboards.- Achievements.
Politaire - Poker Solitaire 1.18 APK
Politaire is a modern solitaire game playing by Poker rule. Thissolitaire game is exclusively designed by Ell Tee for mobile playerwith charming clean visual and a native feel one handed portraitplay.So far, this is the first solitaire game ever that you canplay easily without focusing too much on many tiny cards like inother classic solitaire games.How to play: * Make winning handswith 5 active cards in your hand. * Choose cards that you want todiscard and swipe it away. * Upcoming cards will fill up youractive hand and score if you make a winning hand. * Discarded cardswill go back to the pile, waiting to come up again.Politaireincludes:* A very detail statistics which you can't find in anyother solitaire games.* Beautiful collection of card-faces andcard-backs.* A Challenge system contents loads of quests to do foreach solitaire game you play.* Night Mode to save your eyes atnight.* Double Deck Game Mode will be also unlocked via In-AppPurchases.Thanks for helping Politaire become a new trend ofSolitaire game in near future.Politaire's Team
Mine Blitz 1.4 APK
The makers of Century City have built a fast-paced platformeraround the story of the beloved miner in a awesome game!This is achallenging adventure inside the gold mine-with traps, bombs, pikesand dungeon creatures-for player to tackle.Getting the timing downwill not be easy. But once you did, you will have a great timepulling off "trick shots" that launched you past traps and intogolds or treasure.Mine Blitz feature one-touch gameplay, stunningvoxel graphic. The wicked-hard will make you smile and come backfor many times.
Fire Frontier: Heroes of Valor 1.72 APK
The kingdom is under fire. Recruit the bravest heroes, train themto new heights, equip them with weapons and items, lead them tovictory and bring peace once again to the kingdom.THE KINGDOM NEEDSYOUEvil orcs are attacking the kingdom. You, as the general need tostand up and push back the frontier. But you cant do it alone.Heroes will come and battle not only for you, but also for thekingdom itself. Progress in the world and continue your journeyeven on the tournamentsSTRATEGY MEETS MANAGEMENTUse your tacticalabilities and build your team of heroes with familiar classes, fromkillers and tankers to healers and supporters, each hero withunique stats and skills. Equip them with the best weapons and itemsyou've got. Attack the forces of evil when you are ready. As youpush back the frontier, the difficulty increases, requiring you touse all your resources to fight them. Get the generous rewardsafter each victory, and use the new found wealth to train yourheroes for lots of exp, level them up to increase their stats andfinally evolve them, ranking them up and turn them into evenstronger heroes.HUGE VARIETY OF WEAPONS, ITEMS AND SKILLSManage notonly your heroes stats, but also their weapons and items. Give thebest weapons to the heroes who need them most. Use the items at thebest moments. Some times like the orb even summons heroes. Eachhero has their unique skills. Pick the set of heroes that fits yourstrategy.CHALLENGE OTHER PLAYERSGo to the tournaments and see whichteam has the best heroes. Win rewards and increase your rank on theworld leaderboard.THE FIRE FRONTIERS ARE CALLING FOR YOU:- Play theperfect game for management and strategy lovers- Choose from aroster of more than 30 heroes, each with unique special skills.-Build your perfect team of heroes with the unique 4 classes:Healer, supporter, killer and tanker- Evolve you heroes to 5advancement tiers- Build your arsenal with a huge collection ofweapons, each with special abilities.- Strategically use items atthe right moment in battle- Complete challenges and defeat insanebosses in the vast world