1.0.3 / October 25, 2018
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Bombs are a sign on terror but for you and your squad bombs arejustmodern toys, bomb diffusal is your game and survival duringbombdiffusal missions is a piece of cake for you. Being one ofthecommandos you and your squad are now fully trained to face alltypeof major survival, shooting and terrorist missions whereguns,bombs and killing is not considered a big deal. This bombdiffusaland survival mission is here to satisfy your needs of youas asquad to play with extreme weapons, guns, experiment shootingandreal time survival action with your actual bomb squadagainstterrorist. Terrorist and Bomb actions Your base has beenintrudedby thrilling terrorist with modern ways to fight and showactionwith their weapons. They know how the modern time is, howthemodern guns work, how the modern bombs work. They know how tokillwith bombs without letting them diffused and they know as wellhowthey can survive. You along with your squad had a fight withtheterrorists against terror. This mission was more than a squadwar,it was not just a fight it was a thrilling life threateningplay.But did not manage to face all the terrorism, your squadlostagainst the well trained terrorists and they surrendered tothemission in front of all those bombs, modern guns. Your allsurvivaltraining lost resulting in a loss of survival mission. YourmodernSquad and Bomb diffusal mission Now you are back with newandmodern squad, modern weapons, modern guns, advance bombdiffusaltraining. You have more survival spirit this time andmorethrilling actions. Your squad is now one of the best ineverybattle and they always win the missions. They are best knownbombdiffusal squad around the country. Take their assistanceutilizetheir guns and shooting abilities. Let them kill thethrillingterrorist, make their weapons useless and survive amongthem onyour platform. Fight this shooting mission with your gunsandtrusted squad and take your base back. The only problemisterrorists have planted bombs around the base and in order tomakea survival you and your squad has to be pro active. Not onlyyouhave to kill the terrorists but find toolbox to diffuse thebombs,locate the bombs and complete your bomb diffusal mission.Yoursquad is here to help you. Attack and make a survival out ofthethrilling bomb areas. Key Features of Bomb Diffusal Modern Squad1-Amazing sounds and drastic effects 2-Thrilling missionswithsurvival challenges 3- Buy guns, shoot and aim with high endguns4- Eye catching maze based environment 5- Squad goals, takehelpfrom companion in fight

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    Bomb Defusal Modern Squad
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    October 25, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Game Star Sim Studios
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    P.O.Box 124320 Sharjah U.A.E
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Underwater spearfishing 2017 is gamewithfuturistic 3D environment. Purpose of this game is to engageyoupeople with the real life of aquatic animals hunting. In thisunderwater spearfishing game you have to hunt different aquaticanimalsin order to get to know their characteristics anddifferentfeatures.In this under water spearfishing sim your mission is to becomeasecret agent and have to get diving gear, wear scuba divingdresswith oxygen cylinder and diving mask for underwater huntingwithspear gun. Jump underwater deep sea, swim across waterinhabitantslike lionfish, goldfish and more. It’s a hostileenvironment andhungry sharks are patrolling enemy underwaterterrain. Engage insea adventure gameplay on a secret operation;watch out for sharkattack with razor sharp jaws to tear you intopieces. Don’t gethook as bait escape white shark and shoot downthem withspearfishing gun. Take prices aim with spear gun to killwildfishes. Complete secret army’s missions and collect jewels,yousunk the guards on small rafts in this intense survival game.Playin single game modes, put yourself to the test and see how faryoucan go!Plan the best possible strategy, strike with accuracy andcollectamazing aquatic animals in challenging missions using highspeedscuba diving skills Start your objective of targeting andkillingall the sharks in this under water spearfishing game. Thisis oneof the best aquatic hunting games and all the superherosniper killthe shark in deep sea and save the people. This is agame gettingrapid downloads. The best part of this game is it’sfree of cost.Come! Let’s have an underwater fishing battle. Let’sstart thisgame.Key features for Underwater spearfishing 2017 :• Attractive and Realistic 3D underwater environment• Amazing sounds• Futuristic gameplay with a bundle of missions• Attractive background music and sound effect
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Way to go to the extreme river road construction mania. Be thebestdriver, show your driving skills, make out a plan forconstructionof this river road bridge, follow the instruction andbecome theultimate constructor ever needed. The excitement train isrighthere, ready to go across the river. You jut gotta constructtheriver road bridge. This road river bridge construction gamewillgive you real feeling of being a truck driver when you movearoundand drive vehicles from shop to the site area. Thisamazingconstruction game will give you real feeling ofdrivingimpressively designed realistic construction andtransportvehicles. Enjoy the feeling of taking a charge of such abigproject as a river road bridge construction thing. Here isyourchance to prove yourself best among all. Your realisticdrivingskills will come handy when drive around raw material fromthe cityto the bridge construction site. Show you remarkabledriving skillsand drive around basic truck and other transportervehicles. Enjoydriving in the city and construction site. This isyour mission tofulfill every task with care, interest and fullresponsibility. Thebest part of this game is you can actually seeyour mission gettingcompleted in front of you. You can view theamazingly designed 3Dbridge elements combine together with yourconstruction skills andgetting completed. This real city has shop,buy transportervehicles, and unlock construction machinery. Showpro working andconstruction skills and make some simulator stunts.Youconstruction mission is a mission of your lifetime. This isnoordinary task. To construct a bridge is a major task forobjectivefor you it is going to connect the two cities. The tradeandbusiness of heavy machinery is soon going to be start throughthisriver road bridge that you are going to efficiently constructinthis Real City Road River Bridge Construction game. Thisamazingriver road bridge construction simulator 2017 game providesyounecessary construction machines and tools to build abeautifulgiant bridge. If you can handle all kinds of constructiontasks andyou can operate amazing machines and drive heavyconstructionmachines with care than this game is for you. If youare also loverof these construction machines come and feel thedriving experienceof different excavators and cranes as a missionin this game andfulfill your construction and driving dream. Becareful with yourconstruction mission as these machines are heavyso driving andcontrolling them is very difficult. Finally, it’stime to put theconstruction hat on and show some pro driving andconstructionskills. Transport the raw material from city to theconstructionsite. Operate heavy machinery; make all your effortsfor thismission. Rush through the city areas and bring backmaterial.Complete all steps of your mission and come up with a realgreat,stupendous, giant river road bridge. It’s time to drive,buildperform and construct!!! Ready? Key Features : 1-Perfectconstruction machinery to operate 2- Amazing 3D cityandconstruction site area 3- Real smooth controls 4-Customizedcontrols for different vehicles 5- Difficult mission butfun toplay 6- River road bridge construction based interesting gameplay7- Crazy and realistic sounds
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Anti-Terrorist SWAT Team FPS is a game trying to portray a storyofan army commando whose mission was to save his nation from alltheevil eyes. Our mission is to take all those responsibilitieswhichare used to be fulfilled by a commando hero. It makes you feellikea sniper. Fight with enemies as the mighty Warrior, crush themwiththe Gunner Shots and rain down fire upon them as the Hellfire,orcharge them down as the imposing Gunner Combatant. Thegamefeatures multiple interesting levels with immersiveenvironmentsand landscapes. The game uses latest 3D developmenttechnologies toprovide you the best gaming experience on mobiledevices. The mainpart of this game is that this game is an actionpacked frontlinewar game. Shoot and kill your enemies with moderntechniques of2017. This simulator is full of exciting levels. It ishavingmultiple levels. And in order to get into the next level youhaveto fulfill the task before specific time duration given ineverystage. And every stage itself is having some tasks fullofexcitement. Fight like a commando and make your fellows safefrombeing killed and extreme fear. If you survive till end thanyouwill be given more rewards and bonus counts after you try torunfrom this evil mania. Download this Anti-Terrorist SWAT TeamFPSnow and start your exciting journey to win all themissions.Experience the thrill of modern terrorist warfare as youfight acritical strike operation as a counter-terrorist or aim tocausedestruction as a terrorist.Anti-Terrorist SWAT Team FPS isashooting where you will fight in with your enemies in everystage.Futuristic environment of this game will take you to the realworldof warfare. This game will make you remember yourchildhoodmemories of playing an action packed fighting simulator.It’s afree game with a bunch of missions. We wish you once again tohavea great time. The main thing about this game is that it’s freeofcost you just have to download it by a single tap. Come! Let’shavea battle with enemies. Let’s start this game. Key featuresforAnti-Terrorist SWAT Team FPS : • Stunning & High Quality3DGraphics • Amazing 3D indoor environment • Easy and fun to play•Interesting Game Play • Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics•Multiple challenging levels
Army Hero 1896 1.0 APK
It’s the 1800s and there is a war all around. The year has provento be a tough one the noblemen of your country. Army Forces are ingreat rush. Forces of freedom are at an alert for the battlefield.The army attack is ready there is just a need of a signal for thenoblemen to get on the battlefield and start the war. You have anabundance of weapons and attack tactics. Your strategy is strongand your training in combat shooting is marvelous. You have beenwell trained for such needed army attacks. Now what you need to dois wait for the forces of freedom to give you an alert and rushdown with your army into the battle field. Start shooting as soonas you go into this war. There is no more time for makingstrategies. It’s done, the war has started. The warship is readyfor the weapons and the noblemen to come and conquer. Yourcommander and other leader have been fallen. Enemy Army soldierssoldiers are very clever in gorilla war.Your army needs your helpbecause you are a brave soldier. Army forces warrior You arepromoted your job anti-terrorist squad to border army where youwill act as one of the forces of freedom. You are an army modernsniper bravo soldier and ready to play your role in dangerousattacks. This is the time to pay back your soil with your bravopotential and save it from bad terrorists. So Sniper Killer must bevery careful when he is making his first target. The enemy’sdestruction is important because the enemy’s mission is to usethese weapons against your country. Don’t worry about that you haveenough arsenal to fight back them and destroy all those who comesin your way. In this ultimate Army Hero 1896 the Navigator helpsyou in searching of you target. Fight as frontline commando untilyou achieve your target. Don’t allow your enemies to cross theborder and hold control of your base and become the amazing armyhero of 1896. Play your sniper duty, eliminate this terrorist squadand kill them in stealth mode. This operation is like cold war. Actas one of the forces of freedom and win this battlefield war. Be adaring soldier and attack the enemy. Army Hero 1896 is an amazingsniper war simulator, defeat the enemy and save your nation. Alwaysstay calm while you are on the battlefield it is not an easymission as it looks. Mountains will restrict your sight visibilityand time is very short to show a great army attack of 1896 so youwill get no time to waste. Just be ready to shoot your aim and be aphantom in the battle field. Hunt your enemies like a professionalsniper hunter like a true army hero . This complete game is totallyfree for all peoples all over the world. Key Features • Ultrarealistic 3d graphics • Smooth game control. • Efficient controls •Amazing sound effects • Single sniper war • Amazing FPS Game
An achievable prisoner survival adventure! Here you have to hideand get out from a maximum security prison before any police armcatches and shoots you. Come and plan a strategy to escape andsurvive in the mission. Here you are protected by armed soldiers,trained intelligence agents, spy and expert security team. Policearms have caught you along with other prisoners and make youindulge in unwanted habits like drugs making. Now it’s time tostart your operations to get free from this enemy forces jail. Ifyou like gangsters and boxing, the game will be your best choice.Come and play as a gangster and chase your police enemies. Usesuper skill to that effect would win! This jail is all alone nextto an island make yourself out of this place. Move as invisible asa ghost!! You do not have any weapons to use except the chasingpower. Spy the jail guards and fight with them like ninjas and Killthem. Once you kill them you have their weapons and from there onyou would get to the main get to escape. Forces are big in numberand cameras are watching too. There is no point you could getcaught as you have been trained on such skills. Use your old MAFIAskills here by kicking, punching and stabbing these police arms. Asa brave military officer you have been trained to escape theprisons and jails even in toughest of conditions. Cross layers ofsecurity with difficult passcode, strong lockers and patrollingarmed security officials. Fight like a ninja, search for weapons tokill the enemy. Be careful about the security CCTV camerasmonitoring the sensitive areas. Kick, punch, shoot and kill! If yousurvive till end than you will be given more rewards and bonuscounts after you try to run from this evil jail. This game willmake you remember your childhood memories of playing an actionpacked fighting simulator. It’s a free game with a bunch ofmissions. We wish you once again to have a great time! The mainthing about this game is that it’s free of cost you just have todownload it by a single tap. Let’s start this game. Good Luck! KeyFeatures: • Amazing story • Awesome 3D jail environments for you toexplore • Smooth, easy, addictive & intuitive game play •Awesome Fighters to fight with in jail • Amazing attack animationswith advanced features • Surreal visual & sound effects •Amazing flying and jumping kicks with awesome animations
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Let’s get ready to wipe out the mafia crime! Drive in the crimetownto demolish all the mafia gangsters! is occupied withmafiagangsters, there is crime story in each corner of thecity.Showcase your crime powers to beat all the gangsters. GrandCrimeCity 2018:Fight To Survive is the best crime game in which youcanplunge into the real crime stories that shows the real grandcitycrime missions. Lookout the other mafia gangsters in thestreetsand knock them down with your great mafia powers. Survive inthatis full of mafia robbery, crime mafia and doorslammers.Participate to diminish the crime rate in this grand citytosurvive. This is the best crime game among all best crimegames.There is lot of true crime stories happening in crime townrobbersare robbing the bank, gangsters are killing the innocentlives,save them as a responsible city boy and find the ways toobsoletethe crime mafia concept. Wipe out the gangsters with yourabilitiesto secure, *Key features* Best crime game to demolishmafiagangsters Find the ways to survive in the crime town Stunning3Dgraphics and best audio effects Challenging missions toaccomplishFree to play
Modern Gun Shooter Sniper Killer 1.0.1 APK
The enemy is now advancing. Hide behind real obstacles andshootwhile moving. Slide on screen to move and sight. Changeweaponsfrom store as required! It’s time to show your hunterhootingability, bullets are rare and precious and don’t wastethem.Remember to aim precisely at the target before shooting! You,anelite commando sniper shooter and this battle together withoncedisparate SWAT forces are called for combatingterroristactivities. Sniper, it’s no time for diplomacy. It’s timeto takeaction! You will receive some free war weapons when youfirst playthis ultimate fight game, and then tap on the level tostart theheroic mission. You will receive some mission rewards whenyou killone enemy and if you can complete the whole challengingmission,the more reward you will get! Upgrade weapons will help youraiseyour fight power, gain higher attack score and get richerrewards!Also you can power up your attack by switching betweendifferentwar weapons. You must use all of your war and commandospecializedskills to survive the onslaught of the terror of enemyforces andavenge your fallen soldiers. Faced with this situation,you have nochoice but to grasp the nettle, win the war and show thedefeat.From the M16 to AK47 and sniper guns, as you have access toavariety of light and heavy weapons specially provided for wars,aswell as powerful grenade too! In this battle you will be senttodifferent war locations to perform the difficult task. It's timetoaim down the sniper scope, strike and fire at the enemysoldiersthat have overrun the commando covered tropical islandparadise,once home to a peaceful nation. It is your duty to fightand helpbring the peace back to island and eliminate the enemyarmies thathave taken over. With fun and easy game controls, youcan becomeone of the most lethal commando snipers out there, comeand join inon the action of this new and realistic war snipershooting game.Battle against the warrior enemy in tons of actionpacked missions.Get into the best sniping position and scope outthe under coveredarea for any groups of military that arepatrolling the island,take aim and fire at them, hunt them down andkill them. Onceyou've have taken out one of their comrades, theywill fire back atyou with full power in order to take revenge. Becareful and watchyour health and ammo because if either goes tozero during themission, you will fail the mission, so plan yourattack on theenemies, be brutal and make every bullet count. Youare wellequipped with modern weapons including sniper like shadowpump guns& short gun war and battlefield rifles so as a silentfrontiersharp sniper super shooter battle warrior aim, target &huntlethal criminal & gangster show them your wrath, assaulttofirepower combat shoot battle action royal them. This freebulletaction force battlefield gameplay is full of fast actionthrillingterror free fps gun broker mission & army hot sniperhuntershooting war spree, so use your elite sniper terroristhuntingskills to be a true stealth mutant war warrior hero tohorrifyingthe hardcore runner city terrorist & real gangstercrime. KeyFeatures : • Strategic war game • Complete & unlockchallengingmissions • Intense FPS shooting gameplay • High qualityHD graphics• Hunt & eliminate target • Top-notch thrillingsound effects