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The Book of Revelation was written by the Apostle John between 95and 96 A.D while he was in exile on the Isle of Patmos. This is thelast chapter of the New Testament and the last book in the Bible.The Apostle John wrote the Book of Revelation when an angelappeared before him bringing revelation from Jesus Christ which Godgave to show the people of the age and the age to come the eventsthat would take place. The vision that the Apostle John receivedare apocalyptic, prophetic, and symbolic and figurative about whatwould soon take place. The Book of Revelation consists of 22chapters which contain words of encouragements, giving hope to theChristians during its age and the next ages to come about thereturn of the Lord Jesus Christ, the setting up of God’s Kingdomand the victory of good over evil. It also contains warning aboutthe Final Judgement for those who are rebellious and wicked, andwhat would take place to themHere are the chapters of the Book ofRevelation:• Chapter 1 – The introduction of the Book of Revelationand John describing how he has received the vision addressed to theseven churches in the province of Asia.• Chapter 2 to 3 – Containsthe specific letters to each Church in Asia, namely the Church inEphesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, andLaodicea. The letters contained specific messages to each Churchrevealing their works, God’s promises to them, and warnings tosome.• Chapter 4 to 20 – Apostle John’s vision of events takingplace in heaven and in the spiritual realm such as the worshippingand praising of living beings and angels to our God. He also sawvisions of Jesus Christ as the slaughtered Lamb who is the only Onefound worthy of opening the scroll with seven seals; of beastscoming out of the earth and sea; the 7 angels with 7 golden bowlsof plagues; and various events from destructions, harvest,judgement upon the earth; the anti-Christ, Satan, and their destinyof doom in hell (along with the false prophets) after a thousandyears after the reign of Jesus Christ.• Chapter 21 to 22 – the lasttwo final chapters of the book of Revelation, John described hisvisions of new heaven and new earth located in the holy city of NewJerusalem. And the people who are able to enter are those writtenin the book of life. In this place, there will be no more tears,pain, sadness, sickness, etc. The book ends with the message ofJesus Christ to everyone who believes in Him and in the prophecythat He is coming soon.

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King James Bible - KJV Offline Free Holy Bible 161 APK
KJV study Bible and KJV offline with daily devotion for your Bibledevotion, daily reading, daily verses, notepad and notebook forsermons and Bible dictionary for free. KJV Bible or King JamesBible is the oldest translation in History. According to scholarsit is the closest in translation when it comes to the Hebrewlanguage. The translation of the bible was started in 1604 and wascompleted in the year 1611. This King James Bible (FREE) versioncomes with streaming audio mp3 (works offline after downloading itto your phone) or by using the text to speech version". Once themp3 audio bible is downloaded to your SD card or phone's memory,you can always listen to it without any internet. Isn't that ablessing for us as believers? KJV Bible can be saved on your SDCard if you don't have enough space on your internal memory. Itdoesn't also take a lot of space on your phone's memory as it issmall in size so there may not be a need for saving it on your SDcard. If you want KJV audio online then you can connect to 3G orWi-Fi to listen to a clear audio reading of the Bible Features thatyou can find in this King James Bible Version are 1. Daily BibleVerse with notification These are power pack inspirational KJVBible verses that you can meditate on daily. You can easily sharethe verses on any social media such us twitter, Facebook andothers. 2. Daily Chapter - A chapter is always made available foryou to read each day in this King James Version 3. Topical BibleVerses We have chosen a few topics that edifies and encouragesevery believer in the body of Christ in this KJV Bible. There aremore coming soon. 4. History in King James Version Did you forgetthe last Bible Chapter you read. You can always find the history ofevery Bible verse or chapter you read. 5. How to Read the KJV BibleA summary of some tips on how to read the Bible so that you can getthe most out of this. This is being updated so be sure to check infor the new update when it comes. 6. Bookmark Catch up where youleft off with a simple bookmark. 7. Notes Take as many notes as youcan from the Bible. You can take notes in church and attach thesame to multiple verses for future reference. We are students ofthe word so this feature is vital for us, isn't it? 8. HighlightMark favorite verses with all sorts of colors that gives it moremeaning. 9. Quick Search You can quick search for any book or termby using our fast and efficient search system. King James BibleVersion FREE and OFFLINE is more than just a Bible. It is the wordof our Father in Heaven. The King James Bible translation has beenin use for a long time. As believers, we know the Bible is the Wordof God and it brings peace and understanding when we read it. Everyverse is packed with revelation that will only be shown through theHoly Spirit. You are no longer restricted to reading hard copy ofthe KJV Bible with the availability of this app on your phone. Youcan indeed download the latest version of the Bible, that is botheasy to read and understand. Available for free to download onGoogle Play. This KJV Offline Bible can be very beneficial in thecourse of studying the Bible. Apart from the easy to read andunderstand text, you can also share the verses. Reading the KingJames Bible Free version has never been that easy, simple and free.The fact that you can read your favorite verses and study the Biblewhile on the move and be able to share what you learn with yourfriends and family members makes the application one of the mostuseful applications you need to have on your phone. You may howeverneed to determine whether or not you phone is compatible with theapplication. New Features 1. Now Available is Backup and audio inthe Bible Other Features 1.Share with image 2.Free Daily devotionincluded. 3.Bible devotion to make your day great KJV Bible withBible dictionary, personal notepad or notebook, daily devotion anddaily Bible reading.
KJV Study Bible -Offline Bible Study Free 1.84 APK
KJV study Bible for offline use is the best bible on the app storefor free If you are searching for a way to have a copy ofscriptures always available, a good KJV study Bible which isavailable for offline is a convenient method to be sure of youraccess. Deaf Bible is added. The free KJV study Bible app is oneBible version to download to your mobile device is a tool for studyof the Word. You may just want to read a verse or two daily as away to which you can meditate on during the day to grow in theLord. Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life and no onecomes to the Father except through Him. Choosing a version ofScriptures to study from this study bible is easy today, thanks tothe KJV Bible creators. It is the oldest translation in History.The most common and highly popular Authorized Version dates back to1611 and has a number of factors which make it a good choice forstudy, memorization or a period of personal devotion. With this KJVstudy Bible offline you get to read verses and take notes and alsohighlight verses you like a lot. Devotional use is convenient whenthe student of the Word has an offline version of the KJV or otherversion of scriptures to use during a few minutes which may becomeavailable during the day. Some people choose to spend time inmeditation as a way to reduce stress during the work day. A versefrom the KJV study Bible app version can be read and consideredindividually or as part of a group session. Taking Notes FeatureThe free Bible software app comes with several tools which can behelpful during study times, reading times and even sermon times.For example, when listening to a study speaker or sermon, you mayhave questions about something that was said. The app allows forextensive note taking in the areas where there are questions.Preparation for a speaking presentation on spiritual manners can bedone using only your cellphone as a reference. The note-takingfeature can work as a chain of references to follow speaking pointsyou wish to chain. Bookmark Feature One helpful tool that comeswith the app software is the bookmark. Reading the Bible offline isa positive way to uplift your spirits and to keep your mind fixedon spiritual matters. When you only have a few minutes to read, youdon't want to spend time trying to find the location where you lastread. Placing a bookmark at the end of each reading session, helpsto keep your reading sessions organized. Highlight FeatureHighlighting verses which you want to take note of is anothersoftware tool available with the app. You might want to considerhighlighting verses about comfort in grief, or texts on love. Somepeople highlight verses which they have memorized or which havespecial meaning. Search Feature A quick and easy search feature onthe app is another tool which is helpful for students of the Word.A word of phrase can be entered in order to find the exactreference. Citing a text during a study session is a validation ofa point of view, or may be the means to change the held belief. Youcan search the Old Testament or the New Testament or even just awords search. Free For All When the software app is easy todownload and use, it is even more of a benefit to the user. Many ofthe Holy Bible versions are available at no charge. Videosavailable for deaf people. Audio Feature You can let the Bible readto you through the offline feature or download the mp3 Bible toyour phone and enjoy the nice reading which helps you to understandthe Bible. Share on Social Media In free KJV Bible study you canshare verses on image. You can select the image from your owngallery and use it to share with your friends and family. Yourfriends will be happy to see your image behind the verse which willtell them that you care. Download today and enjoy this KJV Biblefor free Tnx to https://github.com/yukuku/androidbible
Prayer For Healing 2 APK
Prayer for healing is an app which containsmodels of prayer we can pray for our healing. Remember this is nota formula. We receive healing through our relationship with God. InChrist we get to do things. You can't twist the hand of God foryour healing. The health industry is working so hard to get peoplewell, whiles some are also taking so much from patients due to themedicine prescribed.It is God’s will that you walk in good health. He is the God whoheals. Healing is made available to us as children of the most HighGod. In this free bible prayer app for healing, you get to praytargeted prayers which will cause your situation to improve. AsChristian we pray in the name of Jesus so that as the will of Godis in heaven so shall it be on earth.He paid the price when He crucified His Son on the Cross. Theprayer for healing app is not only limited to prayer about yourphysical state but you can apply it to any spiritual thing that ishappening around you. We receive healing through the stripes ofJesus. Apply the blood to your situation and see it changed. God isalways for you. He wants to see you walking healthy.We know that healing has had a bad taste in the body of Christ.Some don’t believe it, and others thing it is not for them. We willencourage you and would like to remind you that God is the sametoday, tomorrow and forever. His word concerning you hasn’tchanged. Pray by commanding that sickness to leave your body. Speakto the spirit that is trying to torment you. Don’t let it take overyour life. You have been given all power and authority which comesthrough Jesus Christ because you are one with Him.There are so many forms of prayers but in this prayer forhealing app, we base it on Mark 11:23 "For verily I say unto you,That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, andbe thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, butshall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass;he shall have whatsoever he saith."This healing prayer app is offline and hence can be usedeverywhere.How the prayer for healing app works1. Every day you get one prayer. After installing only one prayerwill show. The rest will show the next day.2. It has an alarm notification which shows up every morning at8pm3. Every morning you will get a new prayer for healing and you canpray it through the entire day.4. You can share the healing prayer with others by clicking on theshare button for WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media. Letshave fun sharing prayers all over the internet.5. You can set a wallpaper with the prayerGod bless you and let us prayer together for the healing of ourbodies.All the Bible text have been created by the designer Melanie andMuhammed from the Philippines and Pakistan, respectively and can beused anywhere. Some of the image backgrounds are believed to comefrom public domain that have been use for the backgrounds only.They are not identified in any way that states the reservedexploitation of such. Any legal or natural person who claims to bethe owner of any background contained therein, may accredit it bywriting to us.We commit ourselves to the immediate withdrawal of the imageafter verification of the protected background or give credit wherecredit is due.Finally, we have a paid account on shutterstocks.com and haveaccess to 750 images every month that we can use based on thelicenses that we have purchased.
Healing scriptures and verses- Healing Verses Free 22 APK
There are a lot of Bible verses or verses about healing in the HolyBible. This app has a collection of these healing verses which areall promises we have as believers in the body of Christ. Healingscriptures, healing Bible Verses and over 200 healing Verses put onimages for daily use. There is also healing prayers that areconstantly being added to the application. The Holy Bible is a bookof life and it does give life when we meditate on the scripturesdaily. Our God reigns and as believers we can walk in divinehealth. Sickness is not from God no matter the outcome and thisshould be settled in us as Christians. The simply equation to useis this. God is good, devil is bad. So when you put a situationunder these two umbrellas then if it is good, then it is God. Thisapplication has over 100 healing scriptures or healing verses. Theprayer was a recent update to help you pray over yourself. There ispower in prayer. As you pray over your body believe and God willset you free. Are you looking for a quick reference of HealingScriptures in the Bible. Here are a few collection of Healing BibleVerses For Every Believer Today. The verses are updated from timeto time so check the app. This is an online but cached app henceafter opening the app you don't need internet connection. In thefuture we plan to have an offline version. Features of this HealingBible Verse application 1. Healing Verse Category This shows a listof categories that have healing bible verses or healing scriptures.Here you can see several healing verses that you can meditate ondaily. Unfortunately the category has not been named well so it maytake time for you to get used to it. 2. Favorite You can favoriteyour healing verse and get quick access to it. Are you in need ofhealing scriptures and healing verses from the Bible. Then favoritethem so you can easily access them when you don’t want to gothrough all the pile. 3. Healing Prayers There are healing prayersthat is being created at this point. At the moment we have a fewdiseases. We strive to add more healing prayers and if you have anyprayer request, we will be happy to pray for your healing as well.3. Settings In settings you get to set the time you wantnotification from the healing Bible Verse app. Unless otherwiseindicated, all scripture quotations on this page are taken from theHoly Bible, King James Version. Public domain Scripture taken fromthe Holy Bible, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV® Copyright © 1973,1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rightsreserved worldwide. Amplified® Bible, Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962,1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation Used by permission."(www.Lockman.org)
Daily Bible For Women -Offline Women Bible Audio 38 APK
Free Bible for women with different reading plans and dailydevotion as well as daily prayers.The most common and highlypopular Authorized Version dates back to 1611 and has a number offactors which make it a good choice for study, memorization or aperiod of personal devotion. It is convenient when the student ofthe Word has an offline version of the Bible for women available onher phone. Some people choose to spend time in meditation as a wayto reduce stress during the work day. A verse from the app versioncan be read and considered individually or as part of a groupsession. We thank God for women. Everyone here on this earthexcluding Adam had to go through a woman for 9 months before beingborn. That is the beauty of God’s creation. This Bible has beenspecifically created for women with colours that are bright andcatchy. Women’s Bible is free for every woman out there. This Biblefor women comes with a few features such as audio that can bedownloaded for offline use.A helpful feature that comes with thewomen bible app software is the bookmark. Reading the Bible offlineis a positive way to uplift your spirit and to keep your mind fixedon spiritual matters. When you only have a few minutes to read, youdon't want to spend time trying to find the location where you lastread. Placing a bookmark at the end of each reading session, helpsto keep your reading sessions organized. This is one of the bestoffline women Bible for your phone today. You don’t need to carryyour hard copy Bible around. All you need is your smartphone andyour ear phone and you can enjoy the beauty of God’s women.Womenare a blessing to us all. We love you all. In this first edition ofBible for women, there are several reading plans you can follow.You can also take notes and highlights text for laterreferences.Let this women Bible be a blessing to you. Enjoy readingthe Bible because it is the word of God. Women Bible makes iteasier to listen to the word of God and to takes notes whilelistening to it.You can share the daily verses on your favouriteimage and also on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.Let thisBible for women inspire you to read the Word of God daily. Faithcomes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Listen to theaudio 24/7 and after downloading it, you can use it offline aswell.Enjoy this free Bible for women. There is more in you than youcan think of.
Audio Bible - MP3 Bible Free and Dramatized Bible 1.97 APK
The Audio Bible free is one the best Bible applications availablefor today &dramatized. As believers the word of God is powerfuland it is what gives life. The Bible says and the Word became fleshand dwelt among us. We know the word was and is Jesus. With thisfree audio bible, you can listen to several Bible versions on yourway to work or when you are driving in your car. The audio versionin this mp3 bible has a continuous play and when you receive aphone call the audio will automatically pause.This Bible versioncomes with over 100 different Audio Bible languages. If you are anEnglish speaker you have the choice to choose between non dramaAudio Bible versions or Dramatized Audio Versions. The differentbetween the two is that in the Dramatized version there isbackground music. This Bible makes it possible for you to have yourown choice.Daily Bible Verses that is sent to you via the dailynotification is one great thing about this Audio Bible. For yourspiritual growth it is important to read and meditate on the versesyou get every day. Many advanced features are coming up with theapplication which makes it ideal for all android mobile phones.Select your favorite translation between KJV or King James Versionand various other traditional versions at ease. The app allowsbelievers to take notes, highlight, and bookmarks at ease. Get allthese options or features from the navigation menu. There is Farsilanguage, ewe language, akan/twi, Awa, Burmese, Cerma,Chigogo,English Standard version, Spanish, frafra, Taiwanese, Kirghiz,Portugues, Brazilian, Thai, Chinese language as well as many otherlanguages. The audio bible or bible audio is the best bible app foryou today. Share with friends and family over Facebook, Twitter,Whatsapp, PinterestFeatures of this Audio Bible Here are someunique features for this Audio Bible versionDownload for offlineuseYou can download the several audio version for offline use. Thismeans you get to listen to the audio without the need of internet.You can listen to it at anything since it is now local on yourphone. Please note that the audio size for the entire Bible is bigbut for offline bible use, download and save it.Daily ChapterReadingEvery day you can read on Chapter of the Bible. We havedeveloped it in a way so that Holy Spirit brings up which one willhelp you. We don’t have to have one general reading chapter becausewe all have different levels of growth. That is why this feature isso unique.Playlist for Audio Bible VersionsThere is a playlistoption for you. You can create a play list and listen to it justlike you are using a normal mp3 player on your phone. Each playlisthelps you to quickly listen to verses that you are passionateabout. It definitely draws you close to God. There are only fewBibles at the play store and you can set Bible verses on the widgetof your phone.Note Taking AvailableIf you have some things to notedown, you can do it in this Bible. The Bible comes with notes sowhen you are reading a verse and feel like you need to take somenotes, you can easily do it in this Bible app.Color highlight forversesTake specific highlights for things you need in the Bible.When you make this feature your friend you will be happy to knoweverything in the Bible. Let Holy Spirit help you to understand theBible. This Bible audio can be used anywhere and has playlistfeature.Absolutely FreeThis Bible is absolutely free. You do nothave to pay any money for it. You are guaranteed the best. TheBible says freely have you received, freely give, therefore we havemade this Bible completely free for your android phone. What ablessing we have in Jesus to get things for free. God is good andwill forever be our Father. Download for offline use.Enjoy usingthis free audio bible for all your bible needs in Jesusname.Permission for audio use is from an authorized source.
Short Daily Prayers - Daily Prayers For Everything 13 APK
Daily Short prayers are prayers you can pray on the go. This is notsupposed to replace your prayer with our Lovely Heavenly Father butrather to give you the opportunity to pray when you don't have timeon your hands because something came.These are prayer models andwill greatly help every believer in their prayer. There is acomment function that allows you to write your comment when you areblessed by it.It will also help new believers who don't know how topray. Share with new believers so they can learn how to pray.If youhave any suggestions for this app, kindly write in the feedbackbox. We cherish every feedback.These prayers came out of mycommunication with God and also listening to sermons all around theinternet.Credit to all those who have sent their prayers to thewebsite. We appreciate prayers we normally receive.Contact us atwriterslodge2000(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions orissues or suggestions with the app.Removed 10th September
Holy Bible 3 APK
Holy Bible App Available From GoogleStorecomplete offline and with new designIf you are searching for a way to have a copy ofscripturesalways available, a download from the Google Store is aneasy andconvenient method to be sure of your access. The free appof one ormore Bible versions to your mobile device is a toolforstudy of the Word. You may just want to read a verse or twodailyas a way to focus your thoughts on a higher plane.Choosing a version of Scriptures to study is easy today,thanksto the many excellent versions which are available. The mostcommonand highly popular Authorized Version dates back to 1611 andhas anumber of factors which make it a good choice forstudy,memorization or a period of personal devotion. Thereareother versions available in apps, some of which are viewed asmorereadable or easier to understand.Devotional use is convenient when the student of theWordhas an offline version of the KJV or other version ofscriptures touse during a few minutes which may become availableduring the day.Some people choose to spend time in meditation as away to reducestress during the work day. A verse from the appversion can beread and considered individually or as part of agroup session.The free Bible software app comes with several tools which canbehelpful during study times, reading times and even sermon times.Forexample, when listening to a study speaker or sermon, you mayhavequestions about something that was said. The app allowsforextensive note taking in the areas where there arequestions.Preparation for a speaking presentation on spiritualmanners can bedone using only your cellphone as a reference. Thenote-takingfeature can work as a chain of references to followspeaking pointsyou wish to chain.Another helpful tool that comes with the app software isthebookmark. Reading the Bible offline is a positive way toupliftyour spirits and to keep your mind fixed on spiritualmatters. Whenyou only have a few minutes to read, you don't want tospend timetrying to find the location where you last read. Placinga bookmarkat the end of each reading session, helps to keep yourreadingsessions organized.Highlighting verses which you want to take note of isanothersoftware tool available with the app. You might want toconsiderhighlighting verses about comfort in grief, or texts onlove. Somepeople highlight verses which they have memorized orwhich havespecial meaning.A quick and easy search feature on the app is another toolwhichis helpful for students of the Word. A word of phrase canbeentered in order to find the exact reference. Citing a textduringa study session is a validation of a point of view, or may bethemeans to change the held belief.When the software app is easy to download and use, it isevenmore of a benefit to the user. Many of the HolyBibleversions are available at no charge and others are pricedverylow.